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Meeting The Artist (Open to: Arken Hazard & Carmen Macmillan)

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An extended hospital detoxification finally came to a…Continue

Old Habits Die Hard [Euphemia Wells & Carmen Macmillan] *Trigger Warning Drug Relapse & Overdose*

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Therapy Group Sessions [ Open to Zeus McCartney & Carmen Macmillan]

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After speaking with her primary car physician she had…Continue

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"A scene began to form upon the dimpled canvas, each stroke had a smudging quality that rendered like a reflection in a rippled pool. The painting was a scene opening up beyond a rain spattered window, rivers of tiny people moving in every direction…"
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Meeting The Artist (Open to: Arken Hazard & Carmen Macmillan)

An extended hospital detoxification finally came to a close for Carmen; While detoxing in hospital Carmen had time to admire the art that littered many walls throughout the hallways and rooms of establishment. Each beautiful painting Carmen was able to establish a powerful meaning in almost every single one of the works. Before departing the hospital…See More

✓ Carmen J. Macmillan replied to ✓ Kane Logan Crawford's discussion The Pure Country Den (Open to ALL)
"Carmen smiled weakly in the males direction as he spoke about how fear was a rather powerful emotion. “The fear is rather powerful.. It definitely takes more control of my emotions than I have over them sometimes.” She muttered to…"
Mar 18

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"Carmen had gone through two group therapy sessions with several different groups within the last four months. Many of the others suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder seemed very judgmental about what Carmen suffered with.  Even some of…"
Mar 11

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Why is everything heavy?

❍ Name: Carmen Jaycee Macmillan

Nicknames: Car', C.J, Caramel {Kane, Morri & Artie} Lil' Bat {Arken} 

❍ Birthday: March 26, 1994 Age: Twenty-four years old Zodiac Sign: Pisces

❍ Species: Human Supernatural Status: Knows about supernatural beings

❍ Birthplace: Appleton, WI  Residence: Evermore City, CO  Occupation: Cosmetologist

❍ Sexuality: Heterosexual ❍ Relationship: Single , lost in emotions 


Carmen is the only child of Jonathan and Lauren Macmillan; with the being said most would have thought that genetics would have split almost evenly. Carmen's genetics favored her fathers appearance all except for her height and her weight. When standing straight up Carmen stands at five feet and four inches tall and weighs in at one hundred and forty three pounds. As said before other than the rest of her features mimics her father such as; his dirty blonde hair and his beautiful diamond blue optics.  Carmen ethnicity is Caucasian; which means her skin tends to be rather pale, but due to certain part of her heritage Carmen's skin tone is rather darker than both her mother and father. Segments of Carmen's tanned skin tone is rather lightened due to scars from signs of self harm cause from her post-traumatic stress disorder. The self harm markings are reminders of the regret Carmen feels for sneaking out and being the reason her father is now deceased. 


Since Carmen was about sixteen years old when she developed PSTD or Post-traumatic stress disorder. After watching and listening to her father burn alive in a turned over vehicle the scene began to haunt Carmen; which caused panic attacks along with severe depression. Her depression only rares it's ugly features around the time of her father's death anniversary, other than than she is normally well-balanced and well rounded. Things that spark or trigger Carmen's post-traumatic stress or panic attacks are the sounds of men screaming, sounds of what are to be cars crashing and fires. 

Positive Traits

Independent - Carmen has learned she can only rely on herself and that she can't depend on anyone else. Even when she was at her worst her mother was never there for her and Carmen learned to survive and depend only on herself. Which can cause problems in relationships for Carmen as most partners want her to be dependent upon them for helping her channel her PTSD. 

Passionate -  Since Carmen was little; Carmen was always passionate about cutting hair and dying hair of her dolls without her parents permission. Her mother always knew that Carmen's passion was Cosmetology, however her mother never helped Carmen feel she was good enough to conquer her goals; instead her mother would put her down and say Carmen would never make it. Which is why Carmen is now passionate about being a Cosmetologist.  Carmen is also very passionate in relationships, but still has her struggles. 

Tom-boy -  Carmen isn't much of a girly girl and she tends to be accepted as one of the guys. She had always showed signs of this personality trait even as a little girl; Carmen was daddy's little princess and spent most of her free-time in the garage next to her father. She was and is always trying to be one with the guys. 

Negative Traits

Sarcastic - Carmen gets her sarcasm from her father; times when she was child her father would speak sarcastically and she couldn't tell if he was being serious or not. Which is exactly how Carmen can be at times with her sarcastic tendencies. However her sarcasm can be used as a fighting technique which normally gets her into trouble. 

Rebellious -  Carmen is an absolute rule breaker and tends not to be obedient in any way shape or form. Her heart beats to the rhythm of her own drum. Unfortunately due to her rebellious ways her father was killed after she snuck out and went partying with a friends. Still even with the regret of killing her father Carmen still rebels. 

Shy - With being socially cut off from the outside world of her home at a young age; Carmen tends to be very shy and closed off with strangers. However Carmen does open up over time with those who gain her trust, because she doesn't trust easily. 

Twenty-four years ago on March 26th 1994; A couple by the name of Jonathan and Lauren Macmillan had been celebrating the arrival of Carmen Jaycee into their lives. The now family of three were located in Appleton, Wisconsin which was a larger city, but seemed like a safe city for their family to reside in and raise their beautiful daughter to her best ability. Until one night while Jonathan had been out running the town for a mid-night jog. Jonathan noticed he was being followed by someone; his gaze averted towards the male whom was following him. The stranger soon pulled a knife on Jonathan and threatened his life if he wouldn’t have given him the cash he had on him. Jonathan was robbed of his cash and credit cards that night, which forced the Macmillans to restart their bank accounts in case of a fraud. After that night Jonathan demanded to his wife that they uproot from Appleton, Wisconsin and relocate somewhere else. However Lauren and Jonathan were worried about losing their jobs and having to start all over. A miracle happened and Jonathan was offered a position at a company in Evermore City, Colorado. With that being said the family uprooted their entire lives to Evermore City, Colorado and began raising their daughter there.

The Macmillan’s were accepted into the friendly community of Evermore City; the family purchased a home in a popular subdivision. Carmen was quickly coming upon her schooling years and the family had a decision to make. Carmen was beginning Elementary school the next fall five years after the family relocated to their new forever home. Carmen started kindergarten with those she used to have playdates upon starting school. Carmen was friends with about every child in her class; however her schooling years were about to be cut short. In about first grade a member of the community exposed the Macmillans to the supernatural beings that lived among them to Jonathan and Lauren. Immediately Carmen’s parents were horrified by this information. Her parents thought Carmen was no longer safe going to school with the other children. Carmen from that day on would no longer attended public schools. Her parents began sheltering her from the world around them, due to the over-protectiveness both of her parents possessed. The Macmillan’s didn’t realize by sheltering their child they were asking for her to rebel against their wishes for her to stay away from those of the supernatural status as her parents didn’t trust them. Why? Carmen would never know. Poor young Carmen was forced to live a life of solitude without friends in her younger years.

Carmen was no longer Elementary school years, but was now transitioning into her Middle/High school years. Carmen became very closed off from her parents where she was once fairly close; she was no longer. Evenings after dinner Carmen found herself locked away in her bedroom with her own thoughts; as she stared out the window of her bedroom wondering what her parents were truly sheltering her from. Her chance came through though one night when her parents had fallen asleep earlier than normal. Quickly Carmen escaped from her second story window and slipped into the night without a sign left behind on where she was going and who she was meeting. Turns out the next door neighbor’s son had coaxed Carmen to come to a party with the rest of the high school teenagers. Carmen consumed alcohol at the party and when offered to be driven home, she agreed for one of her drunken friends to take her home. While Carmen had been out partying her father had been out searching for her; calling her name out into the night as he searched endlessly for his daughter. While being driven home her drunken acquaintance swerved into oncoming traffic; hitting another vehicle head on. The other vehicle overturned on the shoulder, Carmen was strapped into her seat as her own vehicle came to stop next to the other vehicle. Her optics soon glance upon the other victim in the other vehicle. It was her father in the other vehicle; Carmen quickly began unbuckling herself from her own overturned vehicle. ‘Dad! Daddy’ She yelled from the other car as she began crawling out of the vehicle. Her father’s vehicle soon burst into flames and soon Carmen was pulled away from the scene on a stretcher watching and listening as her father burned to death in the other vehicle.

Carmen could hear her father screams as his vehicle burnt to the ground in front of her eyes as they loaded her into the back of an ambulance. ‘You have to help him!’ She screamed from the back of the ambulance. The paramedics placed an oxygen mask over her mouth as they quickly closed the doors of the ambulance as they held her down onto the stretcher as she attempted to escape to save her father. Carmen cried the entire ride to the hospital, where she was greeted by her distraught mother. ‘Carmen Jaycee! How could you? How could you sneak out like that!’ Her mother cried as she followed her daughter into the emergency room. Carmen began violently shaking in her hospital bed as she began hearing her father’s screams. ‘I’m sorry daddy!’ She began mumbling under her breath, but then after awhile screamed at how sorry she was. Her mother clutched her closely as she attempted to calm her daughter. Carmen for the first time in her life had, had her first post-traumatic stress break down. Months after the accident her mother began forcing her to see a therapist for her newly developed mental illness. Car’ now had to live with the regret and relive hearing her father’s scream as he burned alive inside of his vehicle.

Two years after her father’s death Carmen graduated from Evermore high school at the age of eighteen years old. Due to her mother grieving and anger she had against Carmen for practically killing her own father; Lauren couldn’t bare to teach their disobeying daughter anymore so she was sent to public school to learn and graduate with the rest of her class. After graduation Carmen arrived home; she arrived home to her belongings out on the front porch her mother had kicked her out of their family home at only eighteen years old. Carmen had no job and no money; where was she supposed to go? None of their family lived nearby and after what happened no one would take her in. Gathering her belongings without a fight Carmen was forced to live out her newly found adulthood on the streets of Evermore City, CO. How could her mother do this to her? Kick her out with nowhere to go? No money for her to fall back on? Living on the streets was fairly rough and weighed more and more on her post-traumatic stress with her living with the thoughts of how her mistakes ended up killing her own father.

While attempting to cope with her post-traumatic stress disorder Carmen resorted to street drugs that she became dependent upon to cease her episodes. Carmen began using Valium in large doses in which was a way to get herself high and stay high. Any little bit of money Carmen received went to pay for her addiction, however her addiction soon turned to selling her addiction drug. Carmen created quite the reputation for herself as she began getting arrested for selling the illegal product in large quantities, and being publicly intoxicated. Carmen was truly a twenty-one year old mess and she needed major help. Carmen needed rehabilitation for her addiction, which one of the police officers who had grown close to Carmen convinced her to go to drug rehabilitation and to set herself straight. This police officer saw the potential in Carmen and he wanted her to shine and wanted to see her succeed rather than struggle in life. Carmen took initiative to get the help she truly needed to be cured of her addiction problems.

A year after taking time clear herself of addiction and any charges she may have racked in her high intoxicated state. Carmen enrolled herself into the local community college; where she began studying for Cosmetology. At the age of twenty-four years old Carmen graduated at the top of her class from college and later that year she began working in one of the local salons as a hairdresser. Where she became one on of the most popular hairdressers in Evermore City Colorado. Carmen has come a long way since her struggles with addiction; she had yet to have relapse, but at times her post-traumatic stress disorders makes it nearly impossible for her to avoid using her addiction once again.


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