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Drop Dead Gorgeous (Valentin and Tae)

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I'm awakening a different me inside. Banner credit to my Secret Santa

I need to find myself.

Name: Valentin Charles St. Claire

Chinese Name: Zhang Minghao (张明浩)

Korean Name: Jang Chanyeol (장 찬 열)

        Nicknames: Valen, Val (Carmen) Chan, Yeollie, Yeol, Prince Valentin, Valentine, MingMing, Hao, Haoming, Xiao Ming, Cake Pop, TinTin, Tin Man (Clarissa), Vales (Julius), Shortcake and Ming (Tae), Cupid (Ray and Rhydian) 

Age: Looks 19, Real: 24

Birthday: April 6, 1995

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species:  Dhampir

Weapon Affinity: Swedish Zweihander

Color Affinity: Aquamarine

Zodiac: Aries

Ethnicity: Korean-Chinese-French

Birthplace: Paris, France

Residence: Evermore, Colorado

Face Claim: Yoo Kihyun

Occupation: Baker (Owner of Valentine’s) Kindergarten Teacher (Side job)

Relationship Status: Single but looking for his Prince or Princess

Célia St. Claire | Nephilim | Mother  | Amy Adams

Yifan Zhang | Valkyr | Father  | Lee Joon Gi 

Rosé St. Claire | Dhampir | Sister  | Wang Yiren

Camillé St. Claire | Dhampir | Sister  | Kim Taeyeon

Esmée St. Claire | Dhampir | Sister  | Kim Hyunjin

Anton St. Claire | Dhampir | Brother  | Wu Yifan

Leo St. Claire | Dhampir | Brother | Leechaipornkul Chittaphon

Eyes: Chocolate Brown 

Hair: Black (Normal), Orange, Blue, Silver, Brown, and Blonde

Build: Lean and Muscular

Height: 6’2

Weight: 145 lbs

Blood Type: B

Distinguishing Marks: Freckles across his nose and cheeks. 

Tattoos: 我爱你 (I love you) on his left side


Good With Kids



Afraid of Heights


On a cool, rainy April morning, in Paris, France,  a Nephilim named Célia St.Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was beautiful in several ways, with his father’s soft brown hair and his mother’s stunning green eyes. He joined a twin sister named Rosé who was younger than him by two minutes, two older brothers and an older sister. His younger sister Camille came two years later in October. Célia and Yifan comprised and named him Valentin Charles St. Claire, the shortened version of Valentine. Celia also gave him a Korean name and a Chinese name to appease his half Korean, half Chinese father.

Growing up Valentin was a happy child. He had everything he needed and nothing he wanted. His toddler years were full of fun and mischief. Valentin loved to run around and play with his older siblings and was very clumsy. He broke all sorts of things, like his mother’s expensive lamps, some dartboards his father had lying around for no reason. And one time Valentin accidentally ran into the wall and broke it, leaving a gaping hole in the light blue paint. He was certainly a troublemaker and sometimes very confused about why he was in trouble.

Valentin didn’t like being a toddler from the time he was two to when he was four. He thought he was way ahead of his time and was sometimes to smart for even his six-year-old brother Anton to keep up. The two year age difference kept them apart a lot of the time, even though it didn’t with Esmée, his older sister by three years. 

Valentin entered a very esteemed primary school when he was six, due to the fact that his parents were rich and he was very smart. He loved this school, making new friends right and left and passing everything with flying colors. He also talked a lot, which got him into trouble with several of his teachers. Valentin also got lovely comments from his teachers when he did something spectacular. 

When he was eight, Célia introduced him to cooking and Valentin fell in love with it, and the art of making dessert. Sometimes, instead of going out with his friends on weekends, Valentin would stay home and learn how to bake traditional French, Korean, and Chinese desserts. His favorite was  "Nian gao." A sweet dessert made with brown sugar cake and then wrapped in pastry and fried. He could make about a thousand of these and still want to make more, they were that good.

A little bit after this Valentin began to notice that he was different from the other kids. That he was stronger and faster than them. While a part of him was excited by that knowledge, another was confused. He didn’t know how to understand the strange power he possessed. It was only after accidentally breaking his father’s wooden case that he decided to do something about it. In a fright, he ran to his dad and began crying, asking what was wrong with him. Yifan calmly tried to get his son to stop crying and gently explained why Valentin was like this. Yifan said that since he was a child of a vampire and a Nephilim, he was a species they called “Dhampir.” Dhampir children shared similar traits with the vampires, but their teeth didn’t kill, they healed and they dealt with runes. Something about this made Valentin calm down.

His middle school and the first two high school years were filled with the constant yelling of his soccer team when they won games, his swim team when Valentin won a match and his sisters and brothers arguing as they hit puberty and didn't want to do anything with each other. They were also filled with the sweet aromas of different desserts Valentin made and let his siblings try. 

In the year before he left for Evermore, Valentin got his cooking certification from his high school. He was overjoyed and wanted to start a bakery, but those plans were foiled when his mother and father decided to move to Evermore the next year. Valentin didn't like this at all, and wouldn't talk to his parents the whole year, burying himself in his baking and writing up new recipes. 

When he was seventeen, Célia and Yifan moved them to Evermore, Colorado. A place where different species could live together in peace. Since he was a Dhampir, he immediately went into training to ensure that he could protect himself.  Valentin thought this was stupid since he was so gentle, he wouldn't hurt a fly. His parents thought he needed it since he was, in fact, a Dhampir. Dhampir's usually trained in the Dhampir dojo, but Valentin hated it there. It was stuffy and filled with other Dhampir kids. He wasn’t shy, but he didn’t like crowded spaces. 

While at Evermore High School, Valentin took cooking classes and got accepted into the swim team and the baseball team. He didn't know much about American football so he never tried out. He also made several new friends here, including an Alluranthrope named Michaela. She was perfect in all the ways Valentin liked. She loved cooking, animals and even swimming. Valentin took this opportunity to ask Michaela to be his girlfriend but was kindly put down as he would say. Valentin took this to heart and began to think no girls would ever like him. 

On his eighteenth birthday, Valentin chose his weapon. He wasn't really sure what the heck he was supposed to be choosing since his mother had said that the weapon chose him. But, he had to train with the other weapons. So he did, picking up different swords and taking a slash in the air, shooting different bows and arrows, and trying out several daggers. But none seemed to fit him, so Valentin wandered around until he saw a pretty sword that looked smaller than him, but that was natural. Being 6'0 meant a lot of things were smaller than you. As soon as he picked the sword up, it began to glow with aquamarine runes. Yifan and Célia smiled at him and nodded that this was his weapon. It wasn't heavy, to his delight. Valentin was strong but generally didn't like heavy things. 

After completing his training that same year, Valentin graduated high school and went on to college. There he studied how to be a baker, and how to be a teacher. He loved kids and wanted to teach them all he knew. College wasn't hard for Valentin as he was very smart and didn't get distracted easily unless you put a puppy or kitten in front of him. Then he'd get distracted. In May of 2016, he graduated with his bachelor in Education and Masters in Hospitality. 

From here he went on to cooking school for two years, as he already knew most of the stuff. He whizzed through and graduated at the top of his class. Valentin then opened a bakery named Valentine's in downtown Evermore and spent a lot of time there perfecting many different desserts and bread. His customer favorite was the chocolate pie he made from scratch. It wasn't a traditional dessert to suit his heritage but he liked it anyway.

In the fall of 2018, Valentin got a job as a Kindergarten teacher at Evermore Elementary School, something he had been dreaming of for a while. He loved this job and even made the children snacks every once in a while, making sure that none of them were allergic before he did. 

Valentin keeps his bakery open and has a great business. Since he was raised Christian he does not keep the bakery open on Sunday but opens back at night. On school days he lets his brother Anton, who he surprisingly reconciled with, run it. Esmée and Rosé keep it stocked with some of their own treats. 

Javier Cohen | Friend | Valkyr | Jonathan Rhys Meyers

MingMing met Javier at his bakery, and of course,  when people are too nice you become friends. He often teases Javier.

Tae Cho | Friend | Instar Diviner-Dark | Kwon Jiyong

If things were bound to go this way, they did. Valentin had a fling with Tae, but they broke it off. He is much happier to see Tae with Miyaza, since he had lost her so long ago. Now Valentin is looking for love of his own and he hopes that Tae can help him.

Mia and Millie | Bunnies | 2 months old

Mia and Millie are Valentin's bunnies. Mia is a rambunctious one, while Millie likes to sleep a lot. They usually accompany him everywhere he goes, and they entertain the bakery guests.

Sunshine | Yellow Crested Cokatiel | 1 year

Sunshine is Valentin's cockatiel. She likes to mimic people and fly around people's heads when they walk into the bakery. When she is not doing this, she is either asleep or bugging Anton. Leo loves her. 

Dadamato | Black and white bunny| 5 months

Dadamato loves attention and will do anything to get it. He loves to play with his sisters and almost always falls asleep on the doll bed near the fireplace. 

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Valentin and Tae)

Baking Lessons (Sapphire and Valentin)

★ Chaotic Beginning's (Javier and Valentin)

Dance, Like There's No Tomorrow (Chansol and Valentin)

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At 10:04 on January 17, 2020,
✓ Chansol Kyu

Hi Val, 

Sorry for the delay in our replies lately. Trying to catch up with all threads currently. <3 

I hope you like the reply for our thread. 

Hope to talk to you soon.


At 9:12 on January 1, 2020,
✓ Chansol Kyu

Hey hot stuff ;] 

Happy New Year <3 

I hope you had a good Christmas  as well! I hope to see you more throughout this new year. Looking forward to roleplaying with you :] 


At 16:28 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role
Santa C

Hey Valentin! 

Hope you have an amazing Christmas!


SS xx

At 12:15 on December 5, 2019,
✓ Chansol Kyu


Here is our thread! I hope you enjoy ^_^ 

-Chansol :3 

At 1:07 on November 22, 2019,
✓ Javier Cohen

*Knocks on the door, twice, maybe three times.* Haven't seen you in a little while. We must keep missing each other... Hope you are ok man. 


At 10:31 on November 14, 2019,
✓ Javier Cohen

Hey Hey, stranger. 

Long time no speak. 

Sorry for not responding to our forum for a little while. But I finally got around to it today. Hope you enjoy :) 


At 2:47 on October 12, 2019,
✓ Lydia Cassidy

Thank you for the welcome! I am so stoked to be here. >.< 

At 17:19 on October 9, 2019,
✓ Elenyel Linwood
Hello. Valentin St. Claire. Thank you for such a cute comment on my wall. Thanks alot for greetings and warm welcoming. I hope to create alot roleplaying threads with you

❤ Thanks alot
At 1:08 on October 9, 2019,
✓ Javier Cohen

Hey hey. 

Sorry I have not been answering your PC's, normally on mobile it's the worst. But do not worry! I did start our thread and hope to have a reply from you soon ;) 


At 3:59 on October 7, 2019,
✓ Javier Cohen

Chaotic Beginning's

Our thread. Enjoy. 


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"Chanyeol noticed that she seemed happier while getting the apron. Her face was lit up and she looked like she was having a great time standing in the kitchen waiting for him to tell her what to do. "That would be better than looking for…"
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"He decided that the smile looked great on Sapphire's face and it made her look more friendly and approachable to other people. "We're starting with cookies today, little one. It's easier than a cake and it's shorter…"
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"Winter. Valentin's favorite season and a time for cheer and joy since Christmas was around the corner. The bakery was always filled with patrons wanting the hot cocoa that his little sister Camille was so fond of making for this yearly…"
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