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Homestead {Nathaniel & Valeria}

Started 15 hours ago 0 Replies

It was good to be back home.It was even better walking up the familiar steps of a familiar home. She had, to her astonishment, missed the company of her fellow Dhampirs, their daily routine, their…Continue

Magical Mishaps {Dakota & Valeria}

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield yesterday. 1 Reply

“Not again! This is getting old Memphis!”A disgruntled sigh left her lips as Valeria beheld her husky dashing off into the darkness. It had been a week…Continue

Husky Troubles {James & Valeria}

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ James 'Jem' Chadwick Jan 8. 3 Replies

This dog would be the death of her!Exhaustion and worry evident in her face, Valeria trawled the garden attempting to locate…Continue

Midnight Mischief {Cornelia & Valeria}

Started Dec 16, 2018 0 Replies

It had to be her luck!Winter was her favorite season no…Continue


~I never wish to be easily defined~

~Throwing Sass around like Confetti~

Name: Valeria Yvette Aldridge||

Nicknames: Val, Vally, Riah, Duchess, Leri, Ambi {Nate}, Madame Mischief {Scorpios}, Batmum {Ares}, Rune Girl {Ben}, Vally-Pop {Don}, Cupcake {Willa}, Ikiz {IIyas} ||

Age: Looks 30, Real 45||

Species: Dhampir||

Weapon affinity: Sais Elektra||

Colour affinity: Peacock Blue||

Date/place of birth: 23rd September, Paris||

Rank: Ambassador||

Title: Duchess||

Face Claim: Amber Heard||


Build: Strong enough to take you down||

Hair colour: Changes each time||

 Eye colour: Icy Blue||

Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on the back|| 

Height: 5'8||


Positive Traits: +Smart, Courageous, Observant +

Negative Traits: - Sarcastic, Impatient, Stubborn -



The Aldridge have long since been known in Paris as one of the most powerful and strong Dhampir families. Their main occupation was to be a Vampire protector and they had successfully protected many of the most well-known Vampires in the world. Theron Aldridge the first vampire protector of the clan and was known by everyone as the Pillar of the Aldridge family. He was well-trained and an expert in the art of handling weapon. He was very well-known and many would ask for him to be their protector. One of those who approached him was a man called Gonzales Barques, a very wealthy and influential vampire. Theron worked for him and that was how he met Gonzales’ business partner Edward Bishop, the father of a beautiful girl called Charlotte.

 Though Gonzales tried to hide the fact well, Theron noticed that he was quite enamoured with the girl but never had the courage to approach her and would try to encourage him. Just as Gonzalez was building up the courage, Charlotte was claimed by one of the most powerful and egoist Dhampir that ever existed- Alexander Salvano VI. Gonzalez’s rage could not be described but he couldn’t do anything about it.

 From that time both Barques and the Aldridge hated the Salvano family. They didn’t harm them or anything, but just intensely disliked the way Alexander carried himself off. Both Gonzalez and Theron in a fit of rage, especially on seeing how Charlotte was becoming would think about just destroying the man, but they of course did not carry out any action.

 As the years went by, Theron married the cousin of Barques and with her, he had four children- three sons and one daughter. They continued their fathers occupation of being a protector and were known as the Iron-willed Aldridge. They would attend social functions and be on the top of their game, but their dislike towards the Salvano family still continued and as time progressed, it got transferred from Alexander to his son Raymond and later to Jonathan. They made sure that none of their family or friends had any contact with either of them.

 The Aldridge continued their progress, adding more family and friends to their circle but the memory of their hatred towards the Salvanos was diminishing and as the years progressed the Salvano name was almost ancient history. It was now the fourth generation of Aldridge after Theron lead by Warren Aldridge. In his travels around Europe, he met Esmeralda, the daughter of the local bookstore owner and it was love at first sight. They married three months later and after four years they had twins- Valeria and Florentin. Valeria was the name given by her mother and Yvette, by her father. She was a curious child from the very beginning always eager to learn and laugh. They were quite the happy family but their happiness did not last long. When both Valeria and Florentin were two years old, Floren was kidnapped and despite Warren’s innumerable efforts to find him, he never could be found and it was believed that he was dead.Both the pregnancy and Florentin’s loss took a huge toll on her mother who died a week later. It was then that Warren became distant-unable to look at Valeria or display affection towards her again On the insistence of other family members, he married again and while Madeline was a wonderful person no one could ever replace Esmeralda. He had three children with Madeline and though he loved them all, Valeria had a special place in his heart. However Warren showed his affection is a way, most wouldn’t understand. As the child of his beloved first-wife, he had high expectations of Val and was never satisfied no matter how hard she tried.

 From her very childhood, Valeria felt the burden of both her her mother and Florentin’s death and her father’s expectations on her and though she did try hard to please him, it was never enough. If she got good grades, instead of appreciating her, her father would be displeased as she did not surpass everyone else. Madeline would try to soften her father’s words but it was never enough. She pushed herself again and again and again to excel in all that she did, but the words of appreciation or affection never came. Valeria was 13 when she finally came to the realization that no matter what she would do, she would never be able to fit in with the ‘happy family unit’ and would always be a disappointment to her father. Warren did not see her as a daughter, rather as a project he wanted to accomplish- to turn Valeria into this perfect version of a Aldridge.

 This angered young Valeria greatly and she vowed that when she would be 18, she would leave the house and never look back. She had no fond memories there, nothing she could think back on with happiness. There emerged in her a deep desire, a desire to prove how wrong Warren had been about her and with this intensity of rage, she began concentrating on practicing her weapon skills day in and day out, trying to perfect  the weapons as each year went by.

 On Val’s 18th birthday, as was the custom, a weapon claiming ceremony was arranged for her and all her family members and friends came to see what weapon would claim her. The ceremony started in the morning with Val handling weapons of various shapes and sizes. It was only at dusk, just as she held the Elektra, that she felt the connection and the runes appeared, glowing a beautiful hue of peacock blue shade. All her family and friends rejoiced with Madeline and her siblings coming forth to congratulate her but as her eyes rested on her father, she knew that it wasn’t what he had wanted. ‘Elektra is fine, but I wish she had been claimed by the Tensen, now that’s a weapon of beauty. It was her mother’s weapon too.’ was what she heard her father say.

 Something snapped inside Valeria at those words, the feelings from when she was 13 came rushing back and she knew that if she was to progress at all in life, she would have to get away from this stifling place. The day after the ceremony, she packed her bags and without a word of goodbye to either her parents or her siblings, she left their ancestral home in Paris and began travelling around and working as a bodyguard for the rich people and during her free time, she would teach fitness and fighting skills in a studio she would rent at each place. The venture was very successful and she lead a comfortable and adventurous life.

 But a certain incident would definitely change that forever. At her 25th birthday, she was out to have a few drinks. It was around 2:00 in the morning when she left the club and began driving home. Halfway across her journey, she noticed a car left abandoned at the side of the road. Unable to suppress her curiosity, Valeria got out of her car and walking towards the abandoned car saw that three of its tires were flat. As she looked around for the passenger, her eyes fell on the figure of a girl hiding amongst the bushes. Slowly walking towards her, she spoke her own name and assured the girl that she wasn’t going to hurt her. After inquiring if she had called for help, Val was pleased to know that someone from her family would be coming along.

 Not willing to leave the young girl unattended so late at night, she simply leaned against a tree, not even asking her to come out. Not long after, Valeria heard the sound of an approaching car which stopped at the spot. Before she could react, the girl and left her spot and flown into the arms of the man. Feeling glad that all was well, she was about to turn around and leave, when the man called out to her. Apparently the girl had informed him about his choice of staying there with her and the man was expressing his gratitude. His name, Valeria learned,was Maximilian Salvano and the girl was his youngest sister Emmett. That incident was like a catalyst in the tentative friendship that formed between the two and they began spending time with each other and with his family.

Maximilian's last name, though, sounded rather familiar to Val and out of curiosity she looked it up, in her family history and her great great great grandfather’s diaries. The written words made her a bit wary of this new acquaintance but as she began to interact more with Max, she realized that he was nothing like his father..In Maximilian, Valeria found a brother and a best friend she never really had and she valued his friendship immensely.

 Val continued travelling about four more years, till she reached his twenty-ninth birthday.All through those years, she and Max kept in touch with each other, discussing their travels and experiences. In his latest phone call to Max, Val had asked his opinion about the next place she should go to and without a second thought, Max had invited her to Evermore, also known as Eternal City.


 In two seconds was the invitation issued and in another two seconds it was accepted. Valeria was eager to see her friend again and a brief stay at this apparently unknown place wouldn’t hurt. She began preparing for her journey with excitement and curiosity. She would stay there was some time, learn about the place, improve herself, establish a studio to teach defense and leave soon. It would all be easy and she could then travel somewhere else, maybe Japan or Canada, she wasn’t sure.

 And in this way Valeria landed in Evermore, quite clueless of how her destiny would change and how once here, she wouldn’t wish to leave. On reaching there, Maximilian informed her that he had received an emergency call from his family who needed him back in Spain and he was officially handing over the reigns of the Dhampirs in her hands. He had seen her train and he trusted her judgement in handling the responsibility. Though hesitant at first, Valeria finally accepted the offer and began the process of making Evermore her permanent residence.

Perhaps here she would finally find a home and a family that her heart unknowingly had been longing for all these years and she could finally be able to become more stronger and powerful just as she had desired long ago. Whatever it was, Valeria knew that this place would an immense effect on her and she couldn’t be more eager to start this new chapter in her life.

It was afterall never the end, just a new enigmatic beginning.

Valeria's famed husky puppy, well-known for her penchant for howling on hearing the word 'Speak' and chewing on everything available 


Scorpios D' Angelo II Dhampir II The Bestie

" There is no 'we' in fries "

Nathaniel Leight II Dhampir II The Walnut Club

"You are the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo"

Clarissa Lailah Bradford II Nephilim II The Double-Ended Sword

"Real Queens fix each other's crowns"

Florentin Aldridge II Dhampir II The Long Lost Twin

"And what a plot twist you were"

Ares Junior Deo II Dhampir II The Meme Bob

"Sometimes its only madness that makes us what we are"

Aurelia Ivankov II Ailward Guard II The No Club

"Well-behaved women seldom make history"

Donovan Hendrix II Dhampir II The Partner-in-Crime

"I meant to behave but there were just too many other options"

Benjamin Vaughn II Human II The Prickly Jam

"If Ben is short for Benjamin, is Penjamin the short for Pen?"

     (Credit for this image goes to Ophelia <33)


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At 2:51 on January 17, 2019,
✓ Josefine 'Fin' Dietrich

I am! Missed everyone too much. <3
How could I ever forget you?? 

At 20:55 on January 7, 2019,
✓ Cecilia Laterza

Click here~

As promised before <3 Let us begin a journey and finish it with me being hopefully intact, please. I don't feel like stitching any parts up xD

- Celia -

At 14:07 on January 6, 2019,
✓ Ilyas Enver

The Journey of The Duchess and The Pirate begins

At 3:00 on January 1, 2019,
✓ Kendall Cavanaugh

Femme Fatale Valeria! 

Sorry I missed your message but yes we need a role-play pronto. Would a forum work for you? Either way, can't wait for some queen time.

Talk soon :3

At 11:23 on December 31, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

The Scotsman knows his place when you are involved. I have trained him well, don't ya worry! 

I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER, I will say this is from Halloween way back when we tagged teamed to protect your person thingy. 

But look at all those pretty shoes! So high, so pointy, all the better to get stabby stabby with someone -Coughs- 

In case I don't catch you this evening, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

This year will be better than the last, it has to be. If not, I'll punch it in the face >,>


(I've also inboxed you a picture of that dress I wanted your opinion on!)  

At 20:33 on December 30, 2018,
✓ Scorpios D'Angelo

To my Madame Mischief, the royal pain in my ass but also my best friend

Clarissa who? 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and didn't get into too much trouble without me?! 

Thank you for your gifts, but just having you back is a gift itself! 

Hopefully I will see you soon and tell you, you are doing your job wrong because, boy have I missed that! 

Enjoy your prezzies! I got Memphis some squeaky toys to annoy you in the middle of the night. You're welcome :D

At 19:39 on December 29, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford


I hope you had the most amazing day, and ate your way into a food coma, much like I did. 

I miss you, we need to plan our schedules again so I can spam you with my rambles. <3333

But for now, here is a fine picture of us before we ate all the turkey. You are the best dance partner I have ever had the pleasure of dancing with ^.^

Yes, I can be real smooth

At 2:16 on December 29, 2018,
✓ Ares Jr Deo

I MISSED YOU TOO!! So glad you are back!!! T.T I hope all is well! (I will message you >, >) 

Did you want a new plot or continue this one? 

At 20:32 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Ares Jr Deo


At 20:07 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Hey Valeria!
Here is your christmas prompt, sorry for it to be very short I promise replies will be longer than this. 
~ Click Me~

Sera V

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Homestead {Nathaniel & Valeria}

It was good to be back home.It was even better walking up the familiar steps of a familiar home. She had, to her astonishment, missed the company of her fellow Dhampirs, their daily routine, their dojo and just Evermore in general. If the time apart had taught her anything, it was that she had finally found a place to belong, a community to belong and hence instead of the agreed six-eight months of vacation, Valeria had come back in four.…See More
15 hours ago

Instar Diviner
✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~'s discussion Magical Mishaps {Dakota & Valeria}
"The diviner didn’t feel like herself. Since the moment that ring had shattered into pieces, everything had come seeping in bit by bit, her powers were unruly and seemed to have a mind of their own, they kept showing up at the worst moments and…"

Instar Diviner
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✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~ posted a discussion

Magical Mishaps {Dakota & Valeria}

“Not again! This is getting old Memphis!”A disgruntled sigh left her lips as Valeria beheld her husky dashing off into the darkness. It had been a week since her return from the impromptu trip she had taken and it comforted her in a way to notice that nothing really had changed around the city. While her old self would have found that…See More

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"I am! Missed everyone too much. <3How could I ever forget you?? "

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✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~ left a comment for ✓ Josefine 'Fin' Dietrich
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✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~ replied to ✓ Cecilia Laterza's discussion It Wasn't Me (Cecilia, Valeria, Malva, Benjamin)
"It had been a busy day at the dojo- between training, overseeing the new members and looking over the faction report in general Valeria was exhausted. Since returning back from her impromptu trip of four months, she had relished being in a place…"

✓ Valeria Yvette Aldridge~Admin~ replied to ✓ Ilyas Enver's discussion The Duchess and The Pirate [Ilyas & Valeria]
"All her life Valeria had felt a burden- a heavy burden of her father’s love for her mother Esmeralda. Love wasn’t often seen through that lens, but having experienced what it did to her, of all the unrealistic expectations and standards…"

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Nova Rose Cross

Name: Nova Rose CrossAge: Looks 27, Real 30Weapon Affinity: Artisan broadswordColour Affinity: MaroonFaceclaim: Emmy RossumNova Cross was born into an Elite family of Dhampir's, Although her father was a vampire he knew about the customs and rituals of the Dhampir world. Her mother was a fighter, one of the best Nova has ever seen. All her life her mother has been teaching her and showing her…See More

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"There was certainly something to be said about the magic of winter. While most of her acquaintances preferred the warmer climates and professed their love for the spring, Val had always been fond of the snow, to the point that during one of her…"
Jan 12

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Blaize Vervante

Name: Blaize VervanteAge: Looks 21, Real 26Species: DhampirWeapon Affinity: Samurai swordColour Affinity: RedFace Claim: Chloe MortezOn a warm start to January 3rd 1992, Blaize was eventually born. Her Dhampir parents Christina and Marcus Vervante were the best anyone could ask for, providing foundations of support, love and guidance that would help greatly in years to come. Being half Italian also made things exciting,…See More
Jan 12

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Jan 11

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