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Nightmare (Winter and Leona)

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If Only You Could Save Me

Then everything would be okay

Full Name: Winter Lysander Cha

Korean Name: Cha Seonghwa (차 성화)

Nicknames: Winnie, Ly, Sander, Seong, ChaCha

Age: 21

Birthday: June 15, 1999

Species: Human

Zodiac: Gemini

Sexuality: Pansexual

Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea

Occupation: Bartender

Face Claim: Jung Subin

Relationship Status: Single and pining

Eye Color: Chocolate Brown (Normal), Grey, Blue, or Green (Contacts)

Hair Color: Black (Normal), Pink, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red and Blonde (Dyed)

Build: Lean but muscular

Height: 5'11

Weight: 143 lbs

Blood Type: A+

Distinguishing Marks: Cat like eyes, arched eyebrows

Tattoos:  Ayno's name on his right collarbone, a dove on his left shoulder, and an infinity sign on his left wrist

Caring: displaying kindness and concern for others

Generous: showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected

Funny: causing laughter or amusement; humorous

Charming: pleasant or attractive

Short Tempered: quick to lose one's temper

Sad: feeling or showing sorrow

Emotional: relating to a person's emotions

On June 15, 1999, in Incheon, South Korea; Hyunjin and Hansol Cha welcomed their new baby boy Seonghwa Cha into the world. He joined a big brother Daehyuk, and an older sister Ayeon. Seonghwa was a happy baby, always smiling and making little noises that were considered cute by his older siblings and parents. Seonghwa’s parents loved to spoil him with little trinkets and his favorite baby food, which was just applesauce but it didn’t matter to him!

When he was three years old, Seonghwa's parents were out on a date for their anniversary, leaving him with his older siblings. Hansol had said they would only be out for three hours to eat dinner and maybe catch a movie at the nearby cinema. When they didn’t come back, Ayeon began to worry and called her mother and father several times. When she got no answer, she scooped up Seonghwa, grabbed Daehyuk by the hand, and stuck them in the car.

For several minutes neither of the siblings said a word, as they went to find their parents. Seonghwa finally spotted the car and jumped up and down in his car seat, making Daehyuk startle and see the car. After the car had stopped, Daehyuk ran toward the car, leaving Ayeon to get Seonghwa out and find her phone so she could call 119 if she needed to. The car seemed to be okay, but their parents were nowhere to be found. Daehyuk finally found them by a dumpster in an abandoned alleyway. They were cut up, but they seemed fine. When Seonghwa asked why his mommy had a cut down her face, Hyunjin told Daehyuk and Ayeon that she and Hansol had got into a fight with a very mad cat.

When Seonghwa turned five, he enrolled in Primary School. He was very shy, so he didn't talk much, but he befriended a girl named Nayeon, she was nice and shared her kimchi with him, so he liked her from the start. The two eventually became inseparable throughout Primary School. But, as soon as they hit fifth grade, Nayeon stopped coming to school. Seonghwa wondered where she had gone, and why she wouldn't answer his phone calls. He eventually found out that Nayeon had died from leukemia, something he didn't even know she had. He was sad all throughout the year and into sixth grade.

In seventh grade, Seonghwa learned how to move past her death as his parents said they were moving to Evermore, Colorado since Hansol was offered a job there. Seonghwa accepted this and as soon as he got to America, he adopted the name "Winter", since it was said he looked like an ice prince. He also started swimming and playing football. Seonghwa became very good at it and was put on the Varsity team. He loved this and also loved English because he could learn a new language. Seonghwa had known a little bit of English in Korea, but not enough to pass the class.

As soon as Winter got to High School, he became more developed in English and in build and height. He started to become more popular and even got Homecoming Duke in his sophomore year. Ace still swam and still played Varsity football. He won the team several games and even fell in love with a boy in his English class. This boy's name was Ayno, a Korean boy with a Japanese nickname. Winter thought he was beautiful and began to question whether he should ask Ayno out. They had become great friends since they were both foreigners and quarterbacks.

Winter finally asked him out when they were in senior year, to the senior prom. To his surprise and excitement, Ayno said yes. So Winter took him to prom and took him out to dinner as well. But, that night, the boys ran into a hungry, and rouge Therianthrope. The therian attacked both boys, but only Winter made it out. This made Winter even more said than he was before about Nayeon. All throughout the rest of the year, Winter refused to talk to people, excelled even more in his work and football, but still wouldn't talk to anyone until graduation.

Winter is still sad about Ayno since it only happened three years ago and he still keeps their photo from prom next to his bed in his apartment. He works at the bar and on his off days is frequenting the mall or cafe.

Ayno Baekhyun Jang

22 | Therianthrope | Presumed Dead | Boyfriend | Choi Byungchan

Tiffany Ayeon Cha

29 | Human | Alive | Sister | Jessica Jung

Joss Daehyuk Cha

25 | Human | Alive | Brother | Heo Chan

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At 2:38 on April 28, 2021,
✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro

'ello Winter!
Sorry I missed your DM yesterday. I'm down to plot too!
Leo's currently dealing with the loss of her husband, so she'll be a little withdrawn for the time being. Perhaps she could find Winter in trouble? She used to be a leader of a flock before, so that protective, nurturing side of her is still there.
What kind of trouble do you think Winter could get into, if any?

At 14:14 on April 25, 2021,
✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Mod~

Welcome back to ECRP Winter! A loving roleplay community! We are happy you joined! Here is a LINK to help guide you in getting a role! look forward to seeing the role you find or create to call your own. If you need any help feel free to reach out to any member of staff!


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"What's it like to be living  in a  Nightmare? -Winter"
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Nightmare (Winter and Leona)

The sky over Evermore was a beautiful inky blue color and there was a warm breeze that stirred the curls on the back of Winter's neck. He wasn't looking forward to going to work tonight, and it was even worse that the weather had decided to be nice. He groaned and started to walk back towards his apartment. He still…See More
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"'ello Winter!Sorry I missed your DM yesterday. I'm down to plot too!Leo's currently dealing with the loss of her husband, so she'll be a little withdrawn for the time being. Perhaps she could find Winter in trouble? She used to…"
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Nostalgic Night (Open to any)

There was a warm breeze that rustled Winter's black hair as he made his way to the bar where he worked. The Azure was really one of the only places that he avoided his hallucination of Ayno, and that was rare, but at least he felt safe making drinks for people and trying to follow the bright and cheery atmosphere. Of…See More
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