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€ " you tell me to fight like a girl, i will, i will show no mercy and reign havoc on everything. i will rage and burn. after all you asked for it. "

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular

Name: Elysium Dina Kenelm
Nicknames/Alias: Elle, El, Ely
Status: Immortal
Age: 34 years old | Appearance of Age: 31 years old
Gender: Female
Date/place of birth: August 19, 1983
Current place of resisdence:
Nationality/Species: American Pure Nephilim 
Occupation: Therapist
Rank: Headteacher/Guidance counselor & Archivist
Relationship: Single

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular

Build: Slender & Petite
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Light brown with Purple tint
Faceclaim: Lily James
Distinguishing Marks: 2 thick scars on her back for her Pearl White Wings
Tattoos: Just a couple hidden ones
Height & Weight: 5'5 & 145lbs

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular

Positive Traits: Loyal, Intelligent, Compassionate, Selfless
Negative Traits: Over Emotional, Trust Issues, Introvert, Secretive
Habits: Lip biting, fidgeting, Digging her nails into her palms 

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular

Parents: Beatrice Kenelm (deceased) and Ezekiel Kenelm
Siblings: Baldemar Kenelm (Brother), Siobhan Leslie (Half-Sister)
Spouse: No one yet
Current partners: Single
Ex partners: Meh
Friends: Tatiana Ivakov
Enemies: Whoever killed my mother

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular


Born to Beatrice and Ezekiel Kenelm, Elysium became the apple of her mother’s eye. Her mother could feel the power this young baby had even from birth. She knew that she would need to be trained and hone her gifts. Elysium grew up following her brother around like a puppy, she looked up to Baldemar as they grew up. She took the training he offered her very seriously, fighting him as best as she could though her skills laid more with her mental gifts. She could drop Blademar to his knees even at a young age with her her pain inflection.

Being skilled with her mental gifts came at a cost though, if someone angered her in a rage she would turned to hurt them. This caused Beatrice grave concern for the other children around her daughter, so she put an end to her long training sessions with her brother Baldemar taking Elysium to work in the shop training her to calm herself. Though her mother was not the best to judge what was calm and not. Elysium from a young age could see the anger behind her eyes at Ezekiel.

Elysium missed spending all her time with her brother but working in the shop came with a plus side, watching people as they came in, watching their emotions. Emotions fascinated this young Nephilim, she wanted to understand why people felt what they felt. Elysium grew to understand emotions better and learned how to control her own anger so not to hurt another person unless needed.

All Elysium remember was their father was very unhappy with their mother and he would drink a lot to mask his emotions. One morning when she was 10 she woke up with Baldemar sleeping on the floor next to her bed and when she woke him up, he told her that their father was gone. He never returned, leaving Elysium and Baldemar with a mother who check out of reality the moment her husband bailed out.

Baldemar kept Elysium from slipping through the cracks, he got her up walking her to school every morning making sure to be there to walk her home from school, making sure she was feed and clothed along with getting good grades in school. It was because of her brother she got straight A’s despite his young age, she didn’t want to let him down.

At the age of 14 she returned home and went to find family no one had picked her up from school and she was panicked that they left her behind but what she came upon was her mother dead on the kitchen floor a knife ramped onto her chest. She let out a blood chilling scream, from that night for weeks all she could do was walk around like a shell of herself. All she had felt from her mother and father for years was anger and spit towards each other, then that turned to her father leaving and her mother slipping into a depression, and now her brother has shut off his emotions to any normal Nephilim he would seem fine but to her sensitive to emotions she could feel the pain he refused to talk about.

These events lead her to trust anyone but her brother. She placed space between her and the people she had come to treat as friends introverting into her studies. Her studying paid off though she was accepted into every college she applied too, even earning money from scholarships so her brother wouldn’t have to pay a dime. She hated leaving her brother behind but she need to place space between him and his emotions. She attended Yale and after getting a duel doctorates in Psychology and Education she returned to the clan.

Her brother had taken up teaching the younger members in the community about weapon. She did not inform him she applied to be the head teacher along with guidance counselor in the community until she was offered the job. Baldemar disapproved of her staying with in the clan he wanted her to be better than their parents but he also knew he couldn’t stop this Nephilim she was a force of nature.

Her skills were quickly noticed throughout the Nephilim community as she could seem to know what a person was feeling even when they didn’t. Though her weapon and hand to hand skills could use much work, she made up for that in her mental ability becoming useful among those in the community.

Though her return came at a downfall between her brother and her she hoped to one day fix back to the bond they once had. She cared deeply for him wanting to help him heal from his brokenness and help him no longer be the Ghost Smith.

Monsieur La Doulaise Regular


Davina Sterling :; Plotting :; Active

Baldemar Kenelm :; A Family Reunion :; Active

Wyatt Brookes :; I Know You :; Active

Nathaniel Leight :; Waiting for a starter ;: 

Erythreus Ailward :; Plotting ;:

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