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Dance Lessons (Aster and Fleur)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aster Gallagher Oct 3, 2019. 1 Reply

Fleur was always so fascinated by how everything was so much different in different countries. How people do things in different ways. From the languages they speak, to jobs and lifestyles that they…Continue

Road Trip Antics (Scorpios and Fleur)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden Oct 17, 2019. 2 Replies

People all say that when once you see a sunrise one morning you’ll see it all from a different light. Making you want to wake up early every morning to see it once again. Fleur always liked to go and…Continue



Name: Fleur Aleida Aarden
Faceclaim: Zoë Love Smith
Age: Looks 22 | Real 34
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nationality: Dutch
Species: Dhampir
Weapon Affinity: Dagger knife
Colour Afinity: Yellow

Engel and Markus were childhood sweethearts, together all the way through highschool. Following each other to universities getting married along the way. Yet both of them were so career driven. Both with high paying jobs, Engel was a well known lawyer in Utrecht. Whilst Markus owned a small record label. Both of them had never thought about properly settling down always going on business trips overseas with their own jobs. Till the day came around when Engel fell pregnant and both of them were blessed with a beautiful daughter. Whom they named Fleur Aleida Aarden. Raising her in their home city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, teaching her English along with her first language of dutch. It wasn’t so easy for both Engel and Markus raising Fleur, both of them weren’t maternal in the least. Sometimes they wondered why they choose to have a child, finding her more of a problem than anything. Stopping them in pursuing their careers. Fleur was all innocent, not having the love and care from her parents that a child should have. Spending most of her childhood being shipped to and from different nannies than she could remember. It was no surprise to her as soon as she turned a teen they decided to leave her behind Leaving Fleur to share a flat with complete strangers so her parents could move abroad for their jobs. Fleur was insistent that she didn’t want to move again feeling she spent have of her childhood moving.

Fleurs parents didn’t do much looking into when finding her an apartment to flat share in Amsterdam. Soon leaving her behind with that they’ll call each day. That was it Fleur was alone just as unusual. Fleur never stopped her unsettling upbringing affect her life. Choosing to make the most out of life with how it comes. Growing up as a strong and independent young woman. Learning from a young age how to look after herself. Soon after settling in Amsterdam, Fleur came to learn that it wasn’t like her old home in Utrecht. Amsterdam was a whole different story, finding herself living in the Red Light District itself without knowing exactly what it was. At night all of the streets along with the riverside were lit up in red, and around every corner too. Soon finding herself getting mixed up in the wrong crowd starting with her roommates. In the Red Light District and in Amsterdam drug uses and different businesses were common and Fleur found herself a part of it. Back then she thought it was a way to fit in. Fleurs roommates soon introduced her to a different life. Swaying her away from the rich and proper life to a whole different one. An illegal and thrilling life. All helping to become a stronger person, someone who knew how to protect themselves and survive living in the middle of Red Light District. Fleur was working in and around the Red Light District. Maintain, selling and receiving different types of drug trades. With weed legal in Amsterdam it wasn’t that bad.

This lasted for a couple of years with Fleur working with dealers and trying to keep high grades in her school work a exams. All so that nothing would cause suspiciousness back to her parents who still rarely checks in. Sometimes she wondered maybe they had forgotten than they had a child, yet Fleur never minded as she knew she was better without them in her life. Fleur managed to graduate from high school with high grades, enough to take her anywhere. Her parents tried institing her to set her up with different music producers with singing as her talent. Yet Fleur didn’t feel that was the path she wanted to take. Not wanting to leave her life back in Amsterdam but she couldn’t exactly tell her parents what exactly she gets on. It was surprising for Fleur to how much money she was able to make from different drug trades, enough to keep her settled for a long time. Not knowing at the time what she may need the money for. Taking a gap year she carried on with her work, finding herself going higher and higher up in the ranks. Gaining many connections along the way. Fleur often sung inside of the local brothels near where she lived, gaining extra money where she could.

One night Fleur was brought along to be involved in two rival drug gangs meeting part of a drug trade. Starting a bit of a turf war causing a lot of uprow and common. With the two rival gangs being ran by two distant brothers who were up against each other of who owned which part of the red light district. Fleur was closed to her gang leader as she was one of the trusted few, thats how she’d managed to go up the ranks so quickly. Much more than she had thought and expected. Fleur choose to stand in the back watching as shit goes down, hearing the sounds of the sirens coming their way. All of them went to flee, running away trying not to get caught. Proving so difficult with police cornering them in each different. Fleur found herself behind caught by the police yet luckily for her she was underaged and had no signs of drugs or alcohol in her system unlike everyone else. Fleur was taken to the police station for questioning choosing to stay quiet and not to say anything. It being the golden rule if one is ever caught. One of the women who was in the room of her questioning noticed and sensed there was something different about Fleur. One they couldn’t put their finger on, Fleur noticed their constant staring. She herself was starting to get irated from it, at the end of the questioned. Blunting asking what she was staring at before she was kept in the room with just her and the room. Where the woman told her many strange and unbelievable things. Thinking that she was crazy why she was being told that Fleur herself was supernatural, Dhampir in fact or soon was ready to become one.

It took a long time and a lot of convincing for Fleur to come to terms with it all. Being offered to be bailed out and taken under the wing of Annika. Soon after her arrest Fleur’s parents were contacted, finding out all that she had been doing. Fleur’s parents were more worried about their reputation, disgusted by it all. Choosing to disown, the young teenager, wanting nothing to do with her. Fleur wasn’t too bothered with her parents disowning her, as she rarely saw them or felt any connection to them. Deciding to follow through with her training and leading her up to her weapon ceremony that happened with Fleur turned 18 years of age. Where her weapon of choice at the ceremony was a sharp dagger blade small enough to keep in her pockets yet one to do enough damaged. A total badass. It wasn't till a few years later Fleur was undecided of what she wanted to do with her life. Leaving her old life of drug dealing behind her moving away from all of it. Deciding for herself that it may be better to have a fresh start. A new life in a different city and country yet one far away from her parents. Choosing to move to America hearing people from the Dhampir fraction speak of a city in America that live Supernatural beings. Choosing to move and seek it all out. Soon moving to Evermore City starting an organization that picks up troubled youth, training them to be stronger and do better. Away from the dark path that she followed at that age.

Positive Traits: Confident, focused, Rational

Negative Traits: Skeptical, blunt, stubborn

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✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Marcos Ecanus Moretti's discussion Lies Or Truth (Marcos + Fleur)
"She’s always felt a bit paranoid most of the time. Always feeling uneasy and uncertain. Probably having to do with where she grew up. Feeling that you have to always look over your shoulder, be aware of people being out there to get you. Fleur…"
21 hours ago

✓ Seniah Rose left a comment for ✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden
"Let the Healing begin"
Mar 25

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Kaven Tyler Jacobs's discussion The Internship - Kaven and Fleur
"At first she didn’t think to look too much into all the job entails. Seeing it more of her community service of giving back more so. With how she has yet to figure out her future. Never sticking to doing one thing after quitting and leaving…"
Mar 20

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden commented on ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~'s group March Official Active List
"Fleur is the type of person who doesn't often take help of others with her stubbornness wanting to do things herself. It took till someone like Nora came about to tell her that her training techniques were all wrong.  Happy that someone…"
Mar 13

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March Official Active List

For this month's OAL we'd like to show some appreciation for the best friends out there. So post a gif of the role (or roles) on site which your role is closest with and describe their relationship! Maybe even provide a link to their thread so people can read it. Please no ships for this one, we know you love one another but let's show our other RP partners some love <3See More
Mar 13

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Marcos Ecanus Moretti's discussion Lies Or Truth (Marcos + Fleur)
"Lately she’s been feeling that she’s at crossroads with everything going on in her life. Resizing all the mistakes and years spent she’s just wasted away not making most in her life. With having no proper stable jobs soon thinking…"
Feb 25

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)
"Fleur knew that she’d be up against many people who were stronger than her because they were bigger than they are. That she’d have to think more tactically when fighting someone else something she’d have to work on.…"
Feb 19

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Kaven Tyler Jacobs's discussion The Internship - Kaven and Fleur
"Fleur knew soon as she was questioning if she had to read it all that it was a stupid question. By the looks of it from his reaction she was right to how he reacted. Slowly looking down back to the piece of paper with how she knew she’s messed…"
Feb 10

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)
"She’s always been inexperienced in how things work whether it was for training or her language stills. Both things she was working on getting better at. Starting off she was wrong and needed help from someone who knew what they were doing.…"
Feb 4

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)
"Fleur knew she was more behind than others when it came to her Dhampir training. With that being the lack of it having never properly been part of a community of people who were all like her. Too not spending much time around Dhampir since back when…"
Jan 30

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)
"Fleur was still trying to get used to how things in the Dhampir Community was like. Never really living in or spending too much time in a place like this. With how she’s not one to spend much time in one place for too long. Prefering to keep…"
Jan 24

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Marcos Ecanus Moretti's discussion Lies Or Truth (Marcos + Fleur)
"For the last few years she was trying to get her life back on track. Well trying was the word. With how she’s not really got anywhere just cutting ties with her old like and the life of crime was far as she’s gotten. Being disowned by…"
Jan 19

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"I have our forum up. Click Here"
Jan 9

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem's discussion Walls Up (Open to Nora and Fleur)
"She was used to being by herself. Mostly because when she was young she wasn’t used to being around other people her age. With how her parents tried to keep her from other children. Prefering to keep her homeschooled thinking it was the way to…"
Jan 7

✓ Eleanora Riley Nordstroem left a comment for ✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden
"Hey! Here's the thing as promised  LINK"
Jan 7

✓ Fleur Aleida Aarden replied to ✓ Kaven Tyler Jacobs's discussion The Internship - Kaven and Fleur
"Fleur was a little intrigued as he spoke of something affecting the city almost able to tell that he was saying that it was something more to the supernatural side of things. “That's a little early” She laughed softly. Already…"
Jan 6

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✓ Seniah Rose

Let the Healing begin

At 16:41 on January 9, 2020,
✓ Marcos Ecanus Moretti

I have our forum up.

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At 4:16 on January 6, 2020,
Instar Diviner
✓ Audrina Kensington

So, after reading your bio, and your OAL reply for this month, I have an idea for a plot we could maybe do. I was thinking, since Fleur spends time, taking in troubled youth, and Audrina works for her mothers law firm, perhaps Audrina ends up with a case involving a teenager who's on the way down a really dark path with selling drugs and such, perhaps we could have Audrina and Fluer work together to keep him out of trouble and in the midst of that, a friendship blooms between the two? 

We can of course add some dramatics to the SL if you'd like, and any ideas you have are welcomed too. Let me know what'cha think! Hope to hear back from you soon :)


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Santa C

Ho Ho Ho,

Merry Christmas to you my friend.

With some festive treats and presents, here I come. 

Hope you have a frosty Christmas, and enjoy what's left in your Christmas stocking.

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From your Secret Santa.

At 9:03 on September 26, 2019,
✓ Kaven Tyler Jacobs

Dear Miss Aarden,
Congratulations, You have been chosen to take part in Evermore PDs Internship program. Please meet a Mr. Kaven Jacobs at the main entrance of the Police Station at 7.30am prompt. 

Please don't be late. 

Evermore PD 

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