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Claudia Delaney King

|| Claud || 23 years old || May 9th, 1994 in Napa Valley, CA
|| Heterosexual || Cottage on the mountain base of Evermore City, CO || American Initia ||  Ice & Gravity || Freelance Hacker || Single

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FC: Marilyn Lima  || Female || Build: Petite, Slim & Slender|| Hair colour: Brown || Eye colour: Blue & Brown || Distinguishing marks: Few little tattoos ||

Aurella Script

Amelia King labored from sun up till sun down, struggling with every fiber of her being to bring her children into the world. Ever a steady constant, her husband Jack stood by her side, speaking words of love and comfort while offering a hand against the endless sea of pain. At long last she gave her last push, the pain ebbing as two distinct wails echoed around the white walls of the room. Wringing wet with sweat and utterly exhausted she took the two babes in her arms, a little boy and a little girl, smiling down at their perfect little faces with tears in her eyes. Even as she held the two lives she had helped create her own was slipping away, complications mixed with the extended labor taking its toll on her body until her heart finally gave out.

Claudia and Travis King were born on May 9, 1994 the first pair of twins that the California Initia clan had ever seen. The King’s had been a prominent family within the clan for nearly 4 generations, their positions as leaders and dignitaries within the community were uncontested. They came from old money, their fortune traced back to the California Gold Rush in 1848 where their grandfather had panned a small fortune from the rivers. Using the money he traveled south settling on a large piece of property where he seeded grapes and harvested wine by the case. Through his efforts that area would come to be known as Napa Valley, the Golden King Vineyard the most prominent and successful among them.

Over time other Initia had gathered and settled down there, creating a safe community for their kind away from any and all strife that other clans had to contend with. Jack King carried on his family traditions proudly, despite his heartbreak he brought his children home and raised them in the best way he could, teaching them the old family traditions and educating them in their heritage. The clan came to adore the twins, their curious and outgoing nature’s making it easy to love them.

Claudia quickly established herself as the more outspoken of the two, often being the mouthpiece of the pair. Travis was more reserved though his connection with his sister ran deep, the pair were joined at the hip up until they turned 5. At the age of 5 Travis started showing signs of gaining his power, discovering his control over fire quite by accident. While his father was proud it was evident that he had wanted his son to specialize in Earth with the rest of the family. Even more disappointing was that little Claudia didn’t show any signs of gaining a power at all.

As a result their father became more withdrawn from his children, providing for them but never taking an interest past that. Claudia was happy for her brother despite her apparent status as a human, she’d sit and watch him train with the fire specialists amazed at how quickly he picked things up. While he trained Claudia taught herself, reading every book she could get her hands on as well as tinkering with technology and machinery. The little wiz was able to fix, repair, and upgrade equipment for the vineyards, quietly contributing to their legacy even if it wasn’t in the way her father wanted.

On their 7th birthday Claudia got up early and fixed a special breakfast for herself and her brother complete with all their favorite foods. Ever since learning that his children weren’t taking after the family name he instead focused the day on the loss of his wife, not paying his children any mind. As Claudia pushed through the door she was greeted with her brother’s bare back, angry red lines snaking across his shoulder blades before he quickly covered them with a shirt. Thinking he had been abused or beaten the little girl nearly went into a rage, her brother’s calm interference the only thing that kept her in check.

She listened intently to his explanation, the fear that he would be found out evident in his voice. They had grown up hearing horror stories about the Phoenix abominations, the scourge of the Initia that needed to be eradicated at all costs. Travis was struggling to keep his powers in check, to make it look as if he had less ability than he really did. A fierce protectiveness bubbled up in the young girl, swearing that day to help keep her brother and his secret safe.

From then on they proceeded with caution, little Claudia constantly looking out for her brother especially at home under the watchful eye of their father. As careful as Travis was the fire of a Phoenix burned hot, the fire specialist wondering how a boy of such a tender age could master the things he was. In response Claudia became ever more impulsive, acting out in order to draw attention to herself and away from her brother. Her antics quickly gained her the label “brat” though she wore it proudly. She took her role even further, developing into a punk rock outlaw that was sarcastic and dry to the extreme. Her antics kept things focused on her instead of her dear brother.

When the twins hit 10 their father remarried and nine months later had another daughter, Myka. Jack doted on his youngest daughter, who showed signs of her Earth abilities almost immediately further alienating his older children. What would have broken any other young minds only drew them closer together, Travis and Claudia’s bond growing deeper as they relied completely on each other. Even more amazing neither Myka nor the twins grew to resent one another, their father’s favor only an unfortunate part of their lives.

They carried on as best they could, Travis struggling to keep his fiery secret while pulling his weight in the bookkeeping. Claudia became a tech wiz, building websites while maintaining the equipment and becoming a skilled hacker in her spare time. Myka did most of the growing with their father, her skills as an Earth Initia raising her in rank quickly though she involved her half siblings in everything even at their father’s insistence otherwise.

On their 18th birthday everything changed, the morning began same as it always did, Claudia made them a big breakfast as the three King children sat down to enjoy. After Travis vibrated with a barely contained excitement excusing himself and Claudia for a few hours. He dragged his curious sister out to the bluffs, proudly displaying his luminescent wings that glowed with deepest jade green she had ever seen. Filled with wonder and delight she watched as her brother took his first flight, dipping and gliding over the landscape with ease.

Upon their return hours later their father was waiting, his suspicion having led him to following his children on their jaunt to the coast. Anger and disgust was written all over his face as he stared at Travis hurling all sorts of curses upon the young adult. An anger built up in both siblings as the murmur of the clan escalated around them like the buzzing of an angry beehive. The clan seemed split on the matter, many believing that they were above such prejudices while the other half was determined to destroy the species. Much to everyone’s surprise Myka stepped forward trying to quell the rising tide of hate that Jack was trying to stir up, earning her a punch to the face from the man who had adored her from birth.

It was in that moment that chaos ensued, the vindictive half of the clan attacking poor Travis and the twins themselves exploded into violence. Claudia’s normally warm chocolate eyes glazed over to pure white, an icy blast of air rolling out in front of her. In counterpoint Travis erupted into dark green flames, steam hissed wildly as extreme heat mingled with intense cold, the twins wiping out every threat that came at them including their father. Confused and scared Travis swept his sister into his arms and took to the skies, flying away from the devastation and hatred they had wrought.

The pair ended up somewhere in the Canadian wilderness, in a small town that they could blend into. Claudia’s usually flippant demeanor was gone as she tried to process just what it is she had done. She’d never heard of an Initia being able to control ice as she had, and the idea of having killed her father was tough to swallow. That night they slept fitfully, nightmares plaguing their minds till rest was but a distant memory. When dawn broke news of what they had done was spreading, a short voice message from Myka confirming they were wanted fugitives and that they should stay away. Both Claudia and Travis agreed that staying together presented too much a risk that together they would be spotted but alone they would have more of a chance to start over.

With lots of tears Claudia left her brother, promising that if she found a safe place she would send for him. For the next few years she traveled around, her skills as a hacker getting her the money she needed to survive. Eventually with her technical skills she was recruited by the FBI as a private contractor, they paid her to break into systems and report their weaknesses. She was also paid by private companies to do much the same, while her status gave her free run of the net so long as she reported any suspicious activity to the right authorities.

She’d heard rumors of a place in Colorado that was home to all kinds of Supernatural beings and the lure of Evermore proved to be too much. The night she arrived a large comet came streaking across the sky, a searing heat blooming across her body till she passed out. When she woke the next morning she groggily made her way into the bathroom for a shower, grunting in pain as her head hit the top of the door frame, which way odd given her short stature. Frowning she looked at the ground only to realize she was floating.

Panicked she scrambled in midair before falling back to the ground with a loud thud. Scared beyond beliefClaudia sought out the clan that resided in the city, meeting first Sierra and then Rosalyn. Rosalyn and her sisters were like herself, explaining that they were a different kind of Initia with a whole new set of abilities. Ice and gravity had been gifted to the astounded Initia, her understanding bringing a peace that was freeing.

She kept the majority of her past a secret, including the fact that she had a twin brother who was a Phoenix. She knew the prejudices ran deep though she didn’t understand nor did she care. Claudia enjoyed being around others of her kind and trained with them to master both her body and the abilities she had been gifted with. All the while she searched for her twin in secret, desperately needing her other half back.

Over the next year she worked, amassing a reputation as a technical wizard, hacker extraordinaire, while also looking for her brother who had disappeared and refused to come out of hiding. As they peace treaty was reaching its 6 month mark with a successful following Claudia hopes to bring her brother to Evermore so that they may start their lives over. Together again.

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Parents: Jack & Amelia King 
Siblings: Travis King
Current partners:
Ex partners:

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Great, I'll start asking around, and when I have what I need, I'll write the starter and send it to you.


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Hey Claudia,

I'm thinking that maybe we could meet at a book club or maybe the mall. (I'm thinking I could use a new pair of sneakers) 


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