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Memory Lane [Ben & Mal]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Malva Ailward 35 minutes ago. 5 Replies

It had only been a day or so since Malva Ailward had visited his office. His temporary secretary hadn’t come back into the office after the tongue lashing he had given the temp company. Plus Malva…Continue

Slightly Defensive Favor [Benji & Sariah]

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Staring at the phone in his hands he had no idea how his mother had managed to get this number…Continue

Break in the Case or Accidental Suspect? [Benjamin & Valentine]

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Benjamin sat in his office chewing on the cap which…Continue

Family Isn't Just Blood [Benjamin & Malia]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Benjamin Vaughn Jun 7. 8 Replies

There were countless things that kept Benjamin busy in his every day life and family wasn’t one of them. His father had passed on years ago and his mother wasn’t someone he even spoke to, the woman…Continue


Eh, doing the thing, come back later

Coding credit not mine

Name: Benjamin Vaughn | Nicknames/Alias: Bennie, Benji (Giselle), Bennie and the Jets, CapCake, Bunny, Barney, Hamin, Ben 1.0, Burro -.- & Jam (Val)
Faceclaim: Chris Evans | Age: 34 Years Old
Gender: Male | Sexuality: You wanna find out?
Date of birth: March 3rd, 1983 | Current place of residence: Evermore City
Nationality/Species: American/Human | Occupation: City Defense General
Rank: Member of The Organization Privy Council
Relationship: Single

Build: Muscular | Height: 6 Feet Tall
Hair color: Light Brown/Sandy Blonde | Eye color: Sea Blue-Green
Distinguishing marks: TBD

Positive: Fearless, Accountable, Trustworthy, Optimistic
Negative: Short-tempered, Compulsive, Impatient, Pompous

After Damien and Nicolette Vaughn married in 1979, they had dreamt of starting a family together and after years of trying to conceive, they began to lost all hope since it yielded no success. Doctors wrongly theorized that the young couple could never start a family of their own like they’d been wanting to but in reality, it was just going to take time and painful patience. Four years later, Nicole was running to her husband with a positive pregnancy test in hand, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks the excitement clear after so much heart ache and pain of being unable to conceive. It was the best day of their lives and on the evening of March 3rd, 1983, the couple welcomed their first born into the world who, after much consideration, they named Benjamin after his late grandfather who lost his life fighting for their very own country in the military.

The little boy was cherished by his entire family, his parents spoiling him all throughout his childhood since he was a blessing they had believed to be out of their reach. He had a life most people would die for with the love and devotion of both parents, the two supporting him in anything he wanted to do and denying him little if anything. However, his happy childhood would sadly come to an end as most things do, when he reached his teen years. His father left to join the army in order to follow in his own father’s footsteps following a family tradition though it broke Ben’s mother’s heart since his father had left a good and safe job. Basic training was short lived and instead of being put through the entire process thigs were rushed since the country was entering into a war and needed all the able bodied men they could get. With only simple basic training experience, Damien fought until a bullet flying his way would take his life short before his deployment was going to be over.

News of his father's death took quite the toll on Ben as well as the rest of his family. When the uniformed men came to the door with the news and a folded flag was the day that Ben became the man of the house and he was far from ready for that responsibility since he was just cresting into manhood. His mother mourned the death of her husband for months and there was nothing Ben seemed to be able to do in order to help or soothe the ache of her heart. She missed first birthdays Ben’s and her own and swore to do better, however when his graduation came and she was nowhere to be seen he realized exactly how far she had fallen, curling into herself and seeming to forget the world and her own son.

Things truly took a turn for the worst as his eighteenth birthday rolled around, after all according to his mom at this point he was a man and could care himself like one. Which was ironic since his parents had always taken care of everything for him and being an actual adult was an intense struggle. His mom started to stay out all night and return home as the sun began to rise. His mother worrying about nothing and acting in the way Ben should be instead of the much older woman with no coping mechanism. She’d stumble in and knock a few things down as she drunkenly made her way through the house, waking him from his deep slumber. He’d be forced to help her to bed and listen as she threw a series of insults his way, breaking his heart into two since she was the only parent he had left. He’d tuck her into bed and she’d be out cold within seconds. By the time lunchtime rolled around, she’d leave the house without uttering a single word to her son, repeating the night before all over again. The two living off of his father’s life insurance policy along with the money from the government due to his father dying in active duty. Unbeknownst to his mother he began setting money aside so she didn’t drink it all away since their landlord and friends were beginning to lose patience with her antics and in truth so was Ben.

Benjamin soon realized he’d lost his mother just by the way she spoke and looked at him as if he were the sole reason all their misfortune had occurred. Which was insane since Ben hadn’t wanted his father to leave anymore than his mother had but his father’s mind had been made up. It hurt him and when he couldn’t take the verbal abuse any longer, he took what he had saved and moved out. He’d already found a decent paying job months prior and with the money he’d saved up, he was able to rent a decent apartment of his own. Sometimes the hot water didn’t work and the carpet was pulling up but he didn’t care because he was away from his mother and on his own. As his two year lease was coming up Ben wasn’t sure he wanted to stay, his mother sometimes banging drunkenly on his door and disrupting himself and his neighbors which cause him to make a drastic decision.  Ben decided to enlist in the army like his father had and this time around, he’d gone through all the required training before things were made official. There had been times he wanted to give up and just go home but despite the yelling of his drill sergeant it was nothing compared to the words his mother spoke to him, so he kept pushing forward.

Fast forward a year into his service and there was still no contact between himself and his mother which was no real loss to Ben. Sure he wanted his mother to get better and move past his father’s death but he wouldn’t be her verbal punching bag in order to work out her issues. Benjamin was given the opportunity to be stationed out in a city called Evermore in Colorado which he’d gladly agreed to since he’d never been to Colorado and he didn’t mind cold weather. It would give him a fresh start away from the life he had been born into and away from the tragedy which had destroyed his mother. There was little that Ben knew about Evermore City other than it was going to be what he needed in his life and the idea of being stationed there for a few years actually made him happy since he was able to see more of the world even if it was just one very large and seemingly legendary city.

He lived on base with his fellow military members as well as the city general but they were all able to enjoy the amenities of the city which there were a lot of. The City General was an older man who reminded him so much of his father and the two soon grew close. Benjamin learned more from the General than he ever learned in basic training or any other training. At times when Ben would be down like his birthday or his father’s the General would do small things to remind him there was still good and bright things in life and to continue on. The past not being the end all be all unless you allowed it to and Ben appreciated that advice. Which was why Benjamin took the news of the generals death quite hard since it was like losing another father but he remembered what the General had told him and he refuse to allow this to break since, he would continue and do what the General excepted of him.

At times, he’d blame himself for not sticking by the man’s side when he was obviously going through things but the General had never been a man to be babied and often sent people away so he could breathe. Despite the General’s death still being fresh in everyone’s mind the position couldn’t stay opened for long since the city still needed someone to take up that mantle. Despite feeling like he was stepping into shoes far too large to fill, Ben took the position in order to honor his former General and friend. Ben had been ready for an uphill battle but despite the struggles of his youth, leadership came easy to him and those under him respected him because he took the position for the right reasons. In truth he could see Evermore becoming his home even after his time of enlistment.

The former General had told him of the supernatural before his death but not much had truly been explained and his first instinct had been to kill them for the protection of humanity. However once the Peace Treaty had been signed by all the faction he began to realized the error of that train of thought. He found that some species were harmless while others might be darker and dangerous but they held to the treaty which had been signed even if they didn’t believe in it. Benjamin’s sole focus became the safety and peace of the entire city, not only species above the other since each faction was what made Evermore City such a unique place. Everyone who came to Evermore often did so for the safety the city provided and that made them all equal and wanting the same thing.

He’d be lying if he said his job was easily in the beginning since it was a lot to understand and take on. However with the help of The Organization he began to learn and understand more taking his place on the Privy Council with other city officials. Instead of merely just having a seat and voice in the Council he’s chosen to work closely with The Organization and the projects they take on in order to protect the city. A stance both he and The Organization leader, Sariah Holloway, take very seriously and so fair their efforts have helped to make the city the safe place it is today along with making sure all stick to the treaty which was signed.

Sharing is Caring - Ben & Val

Family Isn't Just Blood- Ben & Malia

Teach Me- Giselle & Ben

Break in the Case or Accidental Suspect?- Ben & Valentine

Another Day Undone- Malva & Ben *complete*

Slightly Defensive Favor- Ben & Sariah

Memory Lane- Ben & Malva

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✓ Malva Ailward replied to ✓ Benjamin Vaughn's discussion Memory Lane [Ben & Mal]
"Malva reminded herself to send Benjamin her address on the number that was written on the card she received a day ago. It probably made her phone number available too. She didn't even realize that the hour has passed while she was busy burying…"
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"As promised I got the thing done because well it’s a really slow day in real life. Memory Lane Lets find out where all these magical memory doors take us."

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Memory Lane [Ben & Mal]

It had only been a day or so since Malva Ailward had visited his office. His temporary secretary hadn’t come back into the office after the tongue lashing he had given the temp company. Plus Malva had already called him with an address and time for them to meet. The better part of his day had been unproductive despite being in the office all day but he did have to cancel some appointments for the new few days unsure how long the trip down memory lane with Malva would take. Taking a half day he…See More

✓ Benjamin Vaughn replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Another Day Undone (Malva and Benjamin)
"Benjamin had to admit that it was nice to hear someone talking about his father and grandfather and the added benefit of Malva boosting his confidence was great. The fact of the mater was that no matter how confidence he acted, it was almost all for…"

✓ Benjamin Vaughn replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Another Day Undone (Malva and Benjamin)
"Ever since his father’s death Benjamin had been living in the shadow of dead men, first his grandfather and then his father. His mother had always made it clear he didn’t stack up to his father and the old Defense General told Benjamin…"

✓ Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu and ✓ Benjamin Vaughn are now friends

✓ Benjamin Vaughn replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Another Day Undone (Malva and Benjamin)
"“Hesitancy and caution must run in the family I guess. Though ironically it was my mom who taught e not to trust easily.” Though that was a subject that he would rather shy away from, a small chuckle left him in regards to her comment…"

✓ Benjamin Vaughn replied to ✓ Malva Ailward's discussion Another Day Undone (Malva and Benjamin)
"Accusing a supernatural of potentially being malevolent in spirit was not a wise misstep to make but he couldn’t help but wonder. After all she herself had pointed out that people knew very little about the Aspects and Guards and he had never…"

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