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" my young life burnt me alive, the new me came from the ashes, my new chapters from the fire. "

code credit tessisamess

Isidore Rosenberg
23 years old | Human | Detroit, MI
Supernatural Standing: Member of the organization | Organization Status: Member of Fighters Department
Organization Technology: Diamond Edged Weapon, Blinding / Stunning / Deafening Device, Supernatural Detection & Tracking DeviceCODE BY TESSISAMESS

mirror, mirror
Eye Colour: Hazel, blue flecks | Hair Colour: Auburn with light brown highlights
Build: Petite, Slender, Athletic, Toned | Distinguishing Marks: Ying Yang tattoo on wrist, few scarsCODE BY TESSISAMESS

admirable traits: Independent, Driven, Caring, Brave-hearted
Not-so-good Traits: Doubtful, Brash, Guilt Ridden, SecretiveCODE BY TESSISAMESS
Let Me Tell You A Story



The life that Isidore was born into was one of great dangers. She was a child that didn’t know what would happen to her from one day to the next. It was horrible for her to grow up with a father that was always up to mischievous things, while her mother was someone who barely knew how to look after a child. She felt alone and always believed she had to be the strong one in the family and when her mother abandoned her unable to cope with a child that in her eyes needed a proper role model. Isidore began from a young age looking for jobs and trying to track down her long-lost uncle. It was something she knew needed to be done, with her father being unfit to mind her, and her mother no longer being a part of her life.
She felt it was best to leave her father, allowing him to continue with his gangster life, as she preferred to call it, but with her father being such a tough person to escape without one of his goons in one finding out one way or another. Isidore decided to set her father up in order for her to escape with no chance of him finding her and after working with the police for several months to get all the right information needed to get her father locked away for his own good. The police sting went into action; of course, feeling guilty that she’d needed to do something like this to escape. Isidore didn’t stick around to see the man she called her dad get carried away by the police.
It was a moment in her life that she felt like the entire world was weighing on her shoulders in more ways than one, but wanting to better herself and live the life her father and mother had failed to provide for her. Isidore found herself travelling across every state possible, picking up the odd jobs from washing dishes to cleaning. She worked as much as she could before she moved on with further information she collected along the way as to where her uncle had set up home. It was coming up on Christmas when she finally managed to pay her way all the way to Evermore City.
It amazed her to see how different this city was compared to the gangster life she once lived in. It was beautiful. It was a place she would be happy to call home, but first she needed to find her uncle which turned out to be a lot easier than she expected. After asking around the city and finding out what she could about her long lost uncle. She was left shocked when she discovered he was none other than the mayor of this city, but with the shock came fright. She was unsure if this man would even want anything to do with her and knowing that when he found out what his brother had been up to during their time apart he would likely dislike her that much more. Isidore decided to settle into the city before coming face to face with her uncle.
She spend many endless nights living on the streets before finding herself a job, once she’d saved up the money she needed to get herself an apartment, she moved in and slowly began to build her life up. Isidore got herself back into finishing up proper education while working long hours to be sure she didn’t end up back on the streets. It was hard for her to stand on her own two feet in a place where nobody knew her, but when she one day ran into some trouble that she’d tried to break up she found herself sitting in the police station. Isidore felt disgusted with herself. Here she was sitting in a police station a life she’d tried to stay away from now at her feet. She didn’t know what was happening, believing that maybe destiny was getting her back for putting her father in jail. Isidore, who was beating herself up for becoming a disgrace like her father, overheard a police officer talking to the mayor before shortly after being pulled into the interrogation room.
Isidore was stunned to see that none other than her uncle had come to get her from jail. She was shocked to find out that those strangers who were fighting had told him she had nothing to do with the trouble caused. Isidore was unsure of why the police had then brought in her uncle, but guessing that it was probably because of the name she’d gave to them. In away she was glad they had got in contact with him, but in another she was still on edge.
However, after leaving the police station with him only to spend hours speaking with him while telling him who she was and why she came to Evermore. It turned out that Isidore had no need to introduce herself to him. He knew her as if he had been in her life the entire time. When she questioned how he knew everything about her. She discover that her father had already reached out to him. Isidore began to feel bad for setting him up with the police to arrest him, but knowing there was nothing she could do now that she was miles away from home. Isidore knew the best thing she could do now was to prove to her uncle she was nothing like either of her parents.
Returning back to her life and education but keeping close contact with her uncle. Isidore managed after years of hard work and study to get herself back into a proper job, which later led to her moving into a proper home to call her own. Isidore soon later found herself becoming more involved within the community, but when one full moon night Isidore came face-to-face with a werewolf. It seemed to her that not everything was straight forward in this city as people would like her to know and after spending months investigating and watching over those who seemed to act more differently than others. She discovered the city was home to not only humans but supernatural creatures too.
Isidore confronted her uncle with her discovery of the creatures that also lived in the city. Surprised to discover he already knew about them and agreed to meet and talk about what she had seen in more detail. It switched something inside her, she and her uncle grew to have so much more in common than she once believed they could have, after spending more time getting to understand it all Isidore needed to know about the city. She joined an organization that her uncle was in and began to learn how to fight with the help of others involved in the same cause. It was a change she never expected to come to have in her life, but now that she had it she was excited about everything that was happening. Of course, unsure of the days to come, Isidore was determined now to keep those around her safe.
Isidore was keen to continue to prove herself to be a valuable member of the community she lived in, when she later got gadgets to assist her with her fighting and mission to keep everyone in the city safe, Isidore began to feel like her future was set to great things. Looking forward to a new life in a place filled with challenges, one being her cousin Malia who wasn’t for Isdore's sudden arrival into the lives of Malia and her father. It seemed that Isidore would need to convince her cousin she wasn’t here to ruin anything, but with her life now set and challenges to deal with when it came to her everyday life. She wasn’t going to put herself out there just to give her cousin a reason to trust her.
That plan however did not exactly go accordingly when she discovered that there was people out to get her cousin. Isidore didn’t bother telling her uncle but instead went out on her own to make sure Malia was always safe and when she put herself on the line for her it was from that night the two cousin’s relationship became something special.

Alex Brush Regular

adrien rosenberg
uncle; human; 34 years old; mayor of evermore city;
when Isidore came to the city her uncle came to her rescue, when Isidore was arrested, and since then the two have established a relationship that is ever growing...CODE BY TESSISAMESS
nathalia rosenberg
cousin; human; 21 years old;
it was a rocky start for the rosenberg cousins, but when danger struck Isidore was quick to protect her family sparking a bond between them. now the question is can the bond outweigh the doubts...CODE BY TESSISAMESS

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✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Hey Isidore! Welcome to the site! It's good to have you. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I'd be happy to help you join some of the action.

- Caleb 


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