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Neutral Ground (Irene and Lachlan)

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Moving On In (Ambrose and Lachlan)

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Lachlan Kane RemingtonAiluranthrope Alpha
AppearanceBUILD: Athletic
Height: Six foot Eight
Weight: Two hundred and Ten pounds
HAIR: Black
Eyes: Black
LION EYES: glow pale green, pupils circled by a golden yellow
FACECLAIM: Aldis Hodge
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Faction tattoo on Left pectoral | Gang Tattoo inside his right forearm
DISTINCT TRAIT: Unable to feel physical pain unless shifting slowly becoming numb to that.

Personality and Traits THE GOOD: Loyal, Strong Willed, Highly Skilled, Assertive.

THE BAD: Workaholic, Numb, Emotionally Unavailable, Geeky.

HABITS: Drinking, Sex, fighting, smoking.

HOBBIES: Working out, Hacking, Cosplay, Reading, Programing.

SKILLED AT: Hand to hand combat, weapons training, hacking, programing.
AbilitiesAlpha Strengths
MEMORY PROJECTION: Only during this time will an alpha’s claws extend in human form and can dig their claws lightly into the sides of anyone’s head to allow them to project thoughts and memories that the therian has experienced in front of the target’s eyes, Alphas cannot create false visions, all visions will come from real events.

PASSING OF THE GENE: Ability to turn more than one person on a full moon by not only the venom secreted from their teeth but from their claws as well.

THE CALMING: Alphas have a natural aura which can calm upset or aggressive pack members forcing more aggressive pack members to submit.

TELEPATHY:An Alpha can wordlessly communicate with their pack when in animal form. They can hear the thoughts of the other pack members and send them thoughts, ideas and words

species strenghts
EXTENDED LIFE: All therianthropes have an extended life span usually around 2x that of a human.

INCREASED SENSES:Increased strength, semi heightened hearing, increased healing speed ( Not fast enough to survive a fatal injury like decapitation), increased speed and increased agility.

TRACKING: Using their increased sense of smell Therians are able to track people by their scent and can locate people within a large radius.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: Therianthropes are stronger when in a pack or around other therianthropes, same as they are stronger when working alongside an alpha and stronger when working alongside another subspecies. An alpha’s strength comes from the members of the pack and increases their alpha abilities.

TURNING:A therianthrope can turn at will on any night but a new moon, on a full moon all therianthropes are forced to turn for the entire night. A therians's bite is only venomous on a full moon. All SLs involving a turning will have to be approved by Orion Valkyrie.

Ailuranthrope Strenghts
SHADOWED FORM: Ailuranthropes are able to take on a shadowed form where their form becomes translucent much like the appearance of a shadow, this helps them to move undetected through the night. However this form cannot be used for combat since it's a stealth technique.

BALANCE: Ailuranthropes are naturally gifted in balance and can balance across small surfaces with little hindrance allowing them to escape through routes others would not be able to follow.

CLIMBING: Ailuranthropes have a naturally enhanced grip, allowing them to climb vertical sufaces without losing grip and falling, while climbing Ailuranthropes are capable of moving at enhanced speeds too

RETRACTABLE CLAWS:In their human form Ailuranthropes are able to grow and retract the same claws available to them in animal form, such claws can be used as a weapon or to enhance their grip when climbing.

MAGIC: All therianthropes regardless of their current form are affected and weak to any form of magic.

MORTALITY: Although therianthropes have increased healing they still feel pain and decapitation of the head will result in death. They can also be killed by old age, terminal illnesses and fatal wounds to the chest and head. Despite their prolonged life they aren’t immortal by any means.

SILVER: Therianthropes are naturally weak to silver and having silver in their system will cause the therianthrope to be unable to heal properly, injecting silver into the bloodstream is considered agonizing and has in the past been a popular torture method.

WOLFSBANE:the herb plant can make them physically weak over time and burns to physical touch, Therianthropes who have wolfsbane in their system will not die however they will lose their ability to use their abilities and it will also have physical toll.

Becoming Stone Cold

Born in Compton, California in the middle of an alleyway he was tossed in a dumpster and left to die. He was found by a police officer by the name of Louis Remington. Louis took the infant to the hospital because it was clear he was going through withdraws. After some test were done on the newborn they learned that his birth mother was a heroin addict. The doctors told Louis it was very unlikely that the little infant would survive.

Louis stated he understood but he would come by and check on the infant every day. True to his word for the next few months he came and visited with the infant every single day, His wife and Louis would spend their days off at the hospital with the infant at some point naming the child Lachlan calling him Lock. When it was time for him to be released into the system Louis came to the hospital with adoption papers in hand. Louis and his wife couldn’t have children of their own. They looked at Lachlan as theirs even knowing he may not survive past his early childhood.

Louis and Kimberly Remington took in Lachlan and over the years two more children Lorna and Kevin, raising them as if they were their own, with being an interracial couple it was easy to believe that all the children were their own,, and they never told them otherwise. As he grew up he had a normal childhood, as much as one could have growing up in gang territory.

Lachlan pushed his body to the limits every day as he ran and worked on making himself stronger not only physically but mentally also, he grew up with a love of technology. His love for technology only grew into hacking, changing grades and other small things to start with. He drew the interest of a local gang at his strength and skills with technology drawing them in. Even though he knew he shouldn’t Lachlan joined the gang. For a few years he ran with them, being the brains of the gang. Lachlan enjoyed being the smartest in the gang, helping them run their business, even fighting alongside of them to quell the anger he held with in. It wasn’t until the gang started running drugs that Lachlan wanted out.

The leader of the gang told Lachlan that if he left the gang he would be putting his family at risk. Lachlan didn’t take this threat lightly and agreed to do one more run with them but after that he was out or he would get his father involved. During this last drug run shots were taken Lachlan ran, and didn’t stop running till he got home. Rushing in the house he found himself weak looking down he noticed that he was bleeding out of his leg and yet he didn’t feel a single ounce of pain. Darkness flooded his mind as he passed out on the kitchen floor.

When he woke up next he was in a hospital room with his mother holding his hand crying softly. He was informed that he had a genetic disorder that caused him not to feel pain and as time went on he would slowly lose all feeling together and then eventually he would be numb to everything. That's when he began to ask questions as being told it was a genetic condition it meant one of his parents had to have it.

Louis finally admitted that Lachlan was adopted and that he didn’t know who is parents were but it would make sense that his mother had the disorder herself since he was born in an alleyway and his mother hooked on heroin. The doctor explained that most with this disorder turn to drugs in order to feel again. For weeks Lachlan wouldn’t speak, he spent his teen years slowly testing his feeling limits.

When he turned eighteen he left his parents home leaving a note behind stating he was going to find himself, for a few years he traveled looking for answers to his disorder and yet it was a fruitless effort. He returned to Compton in his early twenties making his way to visit his family when he arrived on the doorstep knocking on the door. He moved into the home when no one answered calling out as he did so not to be shot by his own father.

As he climbed the stairs a sinking feeling filled him, reaching his parents room he pushed open the door and the scene of blood filled his view. His sister Lorna standing over them ripping into them looked up to him, she growled out before she took off through the window. Lachlan called the police and then stood there staring at his dead parents in disbelief. For the first time in years he felt something and it was sorrow and internal pain, the first full moon after that night called to him, That was the first night he changed he felt pain, even though he shouldn’t have the breaking of everything overloaded his system and it was a release of euphoria. He learned that night he was a Ailuranthrope, a Black Panther. It was the most he had felt in a short few day period he wasn’t sure how to feel of it all.

After his parents funeral his brother moved to London, they reported their sister missing though Lachlan never told Kevin it was their sister that murdered their parents, he vowed to himself to find her and make her pay for what she had done. He made his way to college using the money his family left behind to get a degree and then joined the police academy, after a few years he applied to Quantico once he was accepted and had completed the 20 week program he found himself on a team who handled sensitive unexplained events.

He never told anyone about his genetic issues though he was sure they knew about it because he was forced to be checked out often to make sure he didn’t have internal bleeding, but he was a powerhouse and an asset to his team not only with his strength but with his hacking skills. Years passed and him and his team grew stronger but still the nagging of his family's death filled his mind. It grew to be to much and he began to talk to his teammate about it. His teammate told their superior who took it upon herself to send Lachlan to Evermore Colorado to meet with the Police Chief of the city of the time and look into the towns attacks.

Coming to Evermore he knew this town was different he went into the Therian territory and met Orion, after sitting down to have drink with the alpha ambassador he found himself learning more about his kind then he ever knew he could know. He asked to join the Ailuranthrope pack of Evermore and made the permanent move to Evermore. He moved from the FBI to the Police Department of Evermore, around the time he joined the department the Police Commissioner asked him to leave a special tactical team that would help keep humans and supernatural safe alike knowing his FBI training he would be beneficial to the town.

He agreed to run the team and work alongside the Privy council when needed. When the council itself was formed Lachlan understood the need coming from a human family he met Benjamin Vaughan and the two started to train together to keep their skills shape, Ben was the first person in Evermore to learn that he felt no pain. When Ben and him were sparing and he broke his arm and Lachlan wanted to keep going. Explaining it was lost on him let alone explain the only time he felt true pain was shifting and he enjoyed that.

As Lachlan became more settled into Evermore having a life of his own, Kevin arrived with a warning from their sister, that she was coming for him just like she came for their parents. Kevin moved in with Lachlan in order for Lachlan to keep him safe.

After Krystal Kang left Evermore the Ailuranthrope faction was in need of an alpha, it was a job Lachlan never saw himself having but when the faction needed him he stepped in going from an Omega to a Alpha was strange to him. He was a natural leader, so he let those instincts take over, relying on Orion for any large decisions.

BasicsFull Name: Lachlan Kane Remington
Nickname(s): Lock, Remy
Date of Birth: Febuary 12, 1979
Age: Looks 32; Really 40
Species: Therianthrope
(Pure-blood Ailuranthrope)
PACK RANK: Ailuranthrope Alpha
Occupation: Gang Member(former) | FBI Agent(Former) | Evermore PD Special Tactical team (Currently), tends to go undercover often also a skilled hacker.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Cabin in the woods)
HOMETOWN: Compton, California
Sexuality: Heterosexual
R. STATUS: Tends to sleep around

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