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Jul 16

✓ Miyaza Ryou replied to ✓ Elias Calum Braelynd's discussion Teaching Moments
"All the younger star could do is to watch. There are so many things she wanted to learn which there is so much time for her to do so. She listened as she understood half of what he said in English as she moved her head on her left side. "A…"
Jun 4

✓ Miyaza Ryou is now friends with ✓ Evalyn Martin and ✓ Ember Rinaldi
May 25

✓ Hanseol Park replied to ✓ Miyaza Ryou's discussion Pick on someone who cares (Miyaza and Hanseol)
"Han wasn't all too used to handling people, not really. So when he saw the way she teared up a bit, the Celestial was quick to go into a withdrawal of panic. What did he do? He didn't cause that, right? But at the same time, he also wanted…"
Apr 26

✫ ~ I might look older but I'll always be FOREVER YOUNG ~ ✫

 Miyaza Ryou
name.Miyaza Ryou
nicknames. Lillipop (Hana), My little shooting star (Only Tae <3),
Starlight, Brownie (Val), Do Re Mi (Josh), Yaza Yay (Ace)
age.{Looks} 27 {Real} 18
date of birth.May 12th, 1999 || (Taurus + Rabbit) 
occupation.Unemployed (Looking)
face claim.Lalisa Manoban 
residence.West of the City, Evermore, Colorado
hometown.Unknown -- In or around Busan, South Korea
status.My Darkness
height. 5'6
hair.Dark Brown
eyes.Dark Brown
Virtues ➠ Youthful, Empathetic, and Friendly

Vices ➠ Hesitant, Delicate, and Paranoid

status.Not Accepting threads
rp style.Forum
plotting.Comments, Inbox, PC
rp length.Multi-para
time zone.PST (GMT-8)
➤ Plotting | ✎ Ongoing | ✗ Dead | ✫ Completed

Tae Cho
Taehyun and Miyaza knew each other before coming to Evermore. Before everything went bad for them both. Though the good and the ugly, Miyaza was the rock for Taehyun after killing his ex lover. Knowing about him being dark she swear to never be scard or turn her back on him. Taehyun given her his dogtag of his time in the miliatry so he can always find her and always be with her. When she was kidnapped, Miyaza lost the tags and speadt 16 years of her live Tae did everything to find her. As the present time, Miyaza found out she is not a Humna but a star of the sky as she remet Taehyun at a park. They are not in good terms as Miyaza is scard to tell him the truth to think she lied to him all these years. Miyaza is still in love with him and it hurts her he sacrficed his life to find her. Miyaza does not know how long she has with him but she wants to save him from his death wish along with telling him the truth.
“Stay on my way, Stay on my time. Only if I can turn back to time, Still in my heart my dream.”

— Without You by Lucia
The Energy of a Star
  Strengths and Powers

Power of Time -  The Celestial are able to pause time momentarily (for between 10 and 30 seconds dependant on practice) enabling them to move without the passing of time, in this state however they are unable to touch anything or anyone around them. If they touch someone else when starting to use this power they can bring the other person into the same state.

Foresight - When a Celestial touches a object or person while glowing they are able to see the most likely path of the future (small glimpses that can change) for that object or person, they can choose to project this into the mind of the person they touch or to keep it to themselves. 

Glowing - A Celestial can cover themselves with celestial energy capable of providing them with pain relief and painlessness, their body will also become a self contained source of light.

A Star's Favor - When a Celestial cares for someone to the point of love (either romantic or platonic), they are able to protect that person from death through means of revival, however using this power can kill them if used more than thrice in their lifetime.

Immortal - Stars do not grow older, they remain the same age they fall at. 

Celestial Energy - Celestials can use the power of Celestial energy to attack and parry blows made at them. Similar to all magic it can overload the Celestial to the point of death if overused. Celestials can also store their magic making it usable by others, it can grant others a single use of a time pause.

Volakiri - Due to the Yin and Yang nature of Valkyr and Celestials a very special connection can be formed between the pair. If a Valkyr and a Celestial exchange blood a bond is created, a link between the two that is forever unbreakable and comes with many benefits for both. Though the Valkyr are weakened by Celestial energy a hit of blood from their Volakiri can strengthen the Valkyr and vise versa. A bonding will only be embarked on when both parties are in complete agreement and a connection is palpable between the pair.


In the beginning there was blinding light, so bright that the girl couldn’t keep her eyes open as she moved through the air, she didn’t know what was happening, only that the air around her was hot too hot. And then suddenly with a crash the light and the heat faded away into one blur into the darkness.

Miyaza found herself in the bottom of a crater when she first awoke, her entire body hurt all over and she couldn’t remember anything about herself, no matter how much she tried to remember anything her mind came out blank.

Passing citizens had spotted the disturbance in the sky and followed it to where Miyaza lay confused and dazed, she was taken to the city hospital where she was treated for the wounds she had received. When the doctors had asked for her name she had been unable to give them one, she didn’t know who she was, where she was from or what was happening to her. Writing “Jane Doe” on her medical cards they had left to allow the girl to recover.

Miyaza didn’t sleep well that evening, instead she watched the stars from out of the hospital window, they flashed one by one and it was beautiful and soothing to her, almost as though they were singing her a lullaby. Watching them allowed her to doze in and out and then suddenly her name returned to her in two spoken words “Miyaza Ryou” it was all she would ever remember of her past, instead she had to focus on her future and where she would go from here.

As she was presumed a minor Miyaza was taken in under a foster family for the first year of her life, they were kind and patient with her, they allowed her to grow into her own person through their guidance and she was grateful for that. She attended school and there was little different in her life to that of any other, aside from the radiant and somewhat unnatural glow to her skin.

During her two school years Miyaza took many different classes and did her best to learn the most she could about the world, she loved to read about different cultures in the world and one day dreamed of travelling across the seas and seeing all the places for herself. She also adored sports and dancing and was generally pretty athletic signing herself up to different classes that allowed her to show off her skills. At one point she even joined a dance group which performed at many different small venues across the city.

Generally the years she spent in high school were happy ones despite her not having many friends, she kept a few close friends whom she treasured and cared for. She remained in good standings with her foster parents and did her best to make them proud of the grades she managed to obtain.

Miyaza’s happy normal life however lasted no longer than 2 years before she would find herself the target of a kidnapping. She was walking through the park on the way home when she was grabbed from behind, without even knowing what she was doing she had surged celestial energy in the direction of her attacker but she was untrained and weak and it took little energy for her to be overpowered.

Miyaza feared for her life, she didn’t know why she was taken nor whether she would survive the ordeal she found herself in. Her captors however were not brutal with her, ensuring that she had full meals and was not injured they took her on a journey across the world from her home in Korea to a place she could not name.

The next years of her life were spent in a cell, at first she was unable to communicate with the others in the cells besides hers, she had studied the basics of English during school but she knew very little past that point. She however made friends in a fellow captor Anastasia whom was patient and kind to Miyaza, piece by piece they managed to break the language barrier between them.

Anastasia told Miyaza of how she was a supernatural being, a star with abilities beyond the imagination of humans. At first Miyaza didn’t believe the words she was hearing but then the memory of her capture returned to her and she remembered how some sort of energy had come from her hand, it had almost blown her captor off of his feet and that was enough for Miyaza to believe what she was hearing.

Miyaza spent the next 16 years of her life alongside her fellow Celestials and during that time she learned of everything about their kind, how they were hunted down by greedy people who wished to change the course of time and how they had abilities to protect and care for people. She wished that she could practice the magic her fellow stars spoke of but the cages they were being held in prevented their use of celestial energy, without it, the stars were simply immortal humans.

As the years passed Miyaza began to lose hope of ever being rescued, she heard the others speak of a Wayfinder, a special kind of star usually tasked with leading their people but Miyaza had never met this woman and all she knew was what the others could tell her about them, it was hard to keep her faith when all she had was stories but she did her best to cling to idea of one day escaping and being able to experience the world once again.

Eventually Ophelia made good on her commitments to the colony and came back from them, it had been difficult as the barrier around the Isle kept out all of those that the Ailward didn’t want to enter. The Celestials managed to escape the castle and as Miyaza finally stepped out into the light under the stars she felt the Celestial energy the others had been talking about surround her causing a beautiful flash of light.

Her happiness for her freedom however was short lived as the island was not looking good, it was almost as if there was a self contained earthquake across the island itself, it terrified Miyaza but part of her also felt relief that the place she had spent the most part of her life captive in would cease to exist. Along with the other Celestials she made her way into the boat as it sailed away from the island as it began to disintegrate into the sea.

Ophelia told the Celestials of her plan to take the colony to Evermore, Miyaza was both scared and intrigued by the idea but she knew that she wouldn’t leave her fellow stars, they were all she knew and she knew that she wouldn’t survive in the world they had described alone. She agreed to go with them to America to face their fate against the people whom had held her captive.

During their year of travels Ophelia taught Miyaza how to shoot a bow and wield a gun, to her surprise Miyaza was naturally a very good aimer and able to hit her targets with ease, with practice she became skilled with the weapons, having them helped her to feel safer, she liked to be able to defend herself against those who intended her harm, especially when those people were everywhere.


Ophelia Dreyvalian
Miyaza and Ophelia did not have a lot of time when they meet each other but Miyaza is thankful for the wayfinder to teach her how to fight at the time. Now Miyaza is turning to the wayfinder onces more to understand and to get better at the engery that is inside of herself.

Hana Sae
During the time Miyaza was trying to learn english she meet Hana. The human was very nice to help her around the city translating english to korean so the star won't be lost anymore. Miyaza will always be greatful for hor and hopes to get to know her and become friends.

Hanseol Park 
Miyaza and Hanseol has been each other before they offically meet. It was not an ideal meeting however as they ran into a hunter. To get away from them they had to work together to lose him. Adding more later.




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At 16:35 on December 22, 2019,
Fluid Role

"As a Celestial, i'm sure that more often than not, you think about 'home' aka the sky, and where you fell from. Here's a little something to maybe make you feel closer to home when you miss it"

( a star projector )

And this, it kind of goes with the star projector, but I figured it would be something you could read and find some interesting things out. Hope you like it.!

"And then this little guy. Perhaps he can keep you company, and you him. Name him whatever you like, hopefully you'll keep him"

I hope you enjoy your gifts x)

Merry Christmas little star!

At 21:18 on November 13, 2019,
✓ Taealha Kim

Hi :) Sure, I would love to plot or have a thread with you, if you have anything going on in your mind, just let me know and maybe we can schedule on something :3

At 12:51 on September 30, 2019,
✓ Hanseol Park

Hello there Miyaza :) 

I'm here to let you know that I am always open for plotting, if you would like to discuss some things over, let me know and perhaps we could figure it out. Or if you have something in mind, don't feel shy to tell me. Hope to hear from you too.

- Han -

At 21:11 on August 2, 2019,
✓ Maddison Eliza Garcia

Hello, My new friend :)

As promised, I got our starter up. Click here

I look forward to getting to know you.

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At 17:57 on July 17, 2019,
✓ Elias Calum Braelynd

Hello Little star, Let our Teaching Moments start


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