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Come on show me what you're made of

※ Threads are Open.

Nicknames: Holly, Zee, Z
Age: 26
Birthdate: July 23, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Species: Ailward Guard -- Human
Ranks: Active
Marital Status: Try and catch my eye.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Occupation:  Guard (Active), Journalism (Owns a blog)
Birthplace: Slidell, Louisiana, USA
Current Resident: Around the city, Evermore, Colordo
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'2
Weight: tbh
Distinguishing Marks: The Aliward Gard tattoo on her right shoulder


The Goods: As a Human in sociality, Zandra does not show anything that will lead a person to think she is judgemental or will look her species above others. For the eyes of journalism, it's to look at everything without a bias option as well as getting other sides of the story of life.  They all have limits. Zandra is a very Idealistic person. If she sees something and she sees how the ending will come out she will not think before acting in some case that will lead her in a situation she didn't want to be a part of. This does leave Zandra into trouble but if it ends with how she saw the situation ended she find her in trouble worth it. Zandra is also a very Understanding person does not matter what the situation. This is one of the two traits she does that is overlooked at either putting her feelings on the job or it's blind her of the real danger she could come to face on a later day.  Zandra does not believe in punishing the innocent only to protect. That is her strength to get through anything. Knowing she is human,  she put herself in the rank knowing the risks and consequences that will come later.  After her thinking that way she does not find herself to be a hero but doing the job she is supposed to do. The other trait that people might be overlooked is her being  Selfless.  Zandra is really loyal when her mind is made up. She will always be behind anyone's back to protect as well as putting people first before herself. Zandra is not a person to cause drama or trouble unless it wants to find her. She does not mind her being silent knowing people don't need her half the time so when it comes to an opportunity to missions or being asked to do something she will be shocked but will follow through. When it does comes to opportunity, she waits to see if anyone wants the mission before she speaks up, with this trait among her, you can see her walking around the city making sure everything is in order. She does take on police like outlook when it comes to order and balance this is one she got from her father.
~|| _______________________________________________________________________ || ~

The Bads: As to limitations, Zandra can only do or act when she can. Sometimes she is too late or sometimes she is too early this is no such thing as in-between with Zandra.  Someone people like this trait but others who are serious about a situation will not like this trait.  Zandra is has a habit to be Excitable when it comes to being with other people she does not know or anything that sparks her trait on. One of her bad habits is something she is not proud of at all. Zandra can be  Forgettable more than she would like to care to admit. She tries to piece everything together if it's a fast event she tries to remember everything. Zandra doesn't like not being helpful if she can't get anything piece the puzzle together to find the real reason for what happened. Zandra hates to admit she is  Secretive, not just about her ranks and her job but to everything in her life she is used to keeping away. if something is really bothering her it does not come to light. Zandra is good at keeping her mouth shut but she is a very bad liar if she is caught with information that is eating at her knowing it's wrong to keep it away from a person. 

~||  Let's start from the beginning || Zandra's Story ||~

Born in the middle of hurricane weather, in Slidell, Louisiana 1994; a baby girl entered the world along with clear blue skies, birds were singing their song as if It was for the newborn. The little family just lost their house, and most of their belongings but everything changed when Katie Smoke held the newest member of the family. Allen Smoke Jr came in to see his wife and his new baby girl, tears coming into his eyes the closer he walked, and a ray of sunshine warmed his face as his smile became bright, hugging Katie. They never thought of a name while the newborn was in the womb, thinking it would be more special to name her face to face. The night came upon them, so did the rain as Katie thought of the name Zandra. Zandra was her mother’s mother’s name since her mother was a very strong, understanding and wise woman that stood up for her rights. All those traits were everything Katie hopes for her little girl to have. The next morning Katie talked to Allen about the name, and the both of them agreed, Zandra Hollyn Smoke.

The years went by very fast, and it felt like it was only yesterday when little Zandra begin to walk and talk for the first time. At the age of five years old, she began school and met so many new friends, enemies, and boys. During elementary, Zandra noticed most students didn’t know what life was all about, and she told herself to not be in love until she got out of school altogether. She had a good idea what life was all about from a very young age, and never once complained, or let anyone bring her down. She wanted to be a good student with great grades, and be the daughter her parents wanted her to be. Years went by, and at the age of 11, she discovered her favorite hobby, which brought her to her future job, and ideas for her whole life. The writing was her key to unlock a new world, and explore the endless possibilities. Zandra sometimes turned in her stories by accident to her teachers but got great feedback that she’s got talent for words. Zandra didn’t think that her writing could be something she could do for money, and for the rest of her life.

For what most people didn’t know, Zandra’s father was an Ailward Guard, as a human himself, he taught Zandra how to be strong and contact with herself on what she wants to lead her life. Following her parent's footsteps was her goal in life. As she went to school during the day, after dinner her father taught her how to fight and train her to be the best she can be. During the day her father is a police officer and then a teacher. Zandra could say it was not easy for her at first as her father didn’t go easy. By the time high school came around, she was one of the lists of students who were on the road of success. Her classmates knew what they wanted to be, and do for the rest of their life, but it was like a million dollar question for Zandra. She kept writing her stories, and post them on the internet, using her middle and last name for her work. A boy named Levi, who was the editor of the school newspaper, found out by students and teachers that Zandra has a gift of writing and decided to ask her to join. He was always looking for gifted people, who can grab people's attention not just by the title, but by the words of the article, and the effect it will have on people.

As they met up in a local cafe, she was on her laptop, opening a blog to write anything she wanted, when Levi walked up and spoke to her. Zandra didn’t know if she wanted to join the paper, but the more she thought about it, the word yes escaped her lips. With all that was going on, she found following her parents was too hard for her to handle so she gave up to follow her first love. After joining the school newspaper, she became the talk of the school and became a star within weeks. Things weren’t always cheerful for Zandra at school. There were days when she was threatened, and bullied by a group of girls, with the leader telling Zandra that she stole her limelight and that she should quit. That only gave Zandra additional energy to write more than ever, and people found her stories online, to be more overwhelming for her to be a normal person.

Zandra had never considered dating during High school, and she made a silent promise to herself, not to date until the end of college. She knew there were boys who had crushes on her, but she never said yes to anyone until prom. She went to her junior prom alone but had decided to accept a date to her senior prom. She knew all of her hard work paid off when she graduated with a 4.0 average and was ready for college life. However, she was still stuck on the same question as she was during her freshman year: ‘What did she want to do with her life?’. She skipped summer and autumn semesters, deciding to sign up for either the spring or winter semester, to give her time to think about what she wanted to do. She decided to visit her parents and ask for advice, but her father told her, “Nothing that is law enforcement or putting you in danger”. That advice wasn’t easy for Zandra to hear, because it put her right back to square one. Being a guard came back to her as an idea but with being of being part of a family with a long history of human guards. She again giving up the idea as she went back to square one. She got herself a job at a local gas station, at the age of 21. Although she didn’t like her job, it gave her time to think about her future. Zandra listened to the news regularly, and she noticed that not everything they said was true, and was poorly written. Zandra worked at the gas station for five months before she had it, she told herself that she will lead her life as a journalist, or a reporter; something that will make her feel like she is exposing the truth.

Through the ages of 21 to 24, she went to college in her state, Zandra was once again at the top of her class, and she got herself into being a rookie trainee at a local newspaper company. Calling of her father and quitting becoming journalism as the life of a guard took over. Everything coming down on her as she stayed home and think about her life but it was clear what her fate chose her to be. Zandra choice to follow her father’s footsteps; to be a guard. Her father trained her again up to the point she was ready to go down the road to keep the human guard tradition going within the bloodline.  On her 25th birthday was not that happy as Zandra wanted, The Smoke family heard the news her mother has cancer and if they treat it now it. They might save her deathbed more than what she had. Zandra’s dad wanted to have his wife around as the same with Zandra herself. Her birthday wish was her mother to life happy within her last days if they could not treat her cancer in time. Admitting her mother into the hospital two days after was a trauma for her to deal with. After the few hours, her father didn’t want to leave the bedside with no call to the work he needed his sleep. “ Do go home hunny, am going to be alive when you come back.” Zandra’s mother, Katie said knowing how stubborn her husband was. Zandra never could go into her mother room as it was not the same as her laying in bed at home. It was too much for Zandra.

Zandra and her father took turns watching over Katie until one night on September 15 many lives ever going to be lost. Her father called her saying he had to leave for an on-call job at the police station and for her to stay by Katie’s side. The cold hair, Zandra run to the hospital but then hearing a fire truck which looking back she watch the bright red truck go back her in the same direction she was heading. “ No, No, No Mom!” she yelled as she ran faster people would think she was a lightning bolt.  Zandra got in view of the building as everyone was running, patients were sitting somewhere in transit to be transferred to another hospital. Zandra looked up at the floor her mom was on as she noticed a black figure jumping out the window and got on the ground looking around. Something about the person made Zandra uncomfortable. She and the person dressed in black made eyes contact as if the person knew who she saw they began to run away from the scene and without thinking, Zandra dropped everything and run after the person. Many shortcuts, gates, and streets in a dark alleyway Zandra caught up with the person and begin to fight with her with a knife in hand. “ Oh come on, play fair. You are disgusting you know. You started that fire that killed many people and came out of my mother’s room. Now you have a knife. You messed with the wrong family.” Zandra never fights what her father taught her as it just came naturally to her and pinned the gun down putting pressure on his point to make him go to sleep. Calling her father checking on an identity as noticed something different about the man. Checking everywhere she saw the man was part of the supernatural world. The world she knew, the stories her father told her has gotten more worst and cruel, where was the peace within the in between. What did the humans do to the species the man was part of.

Zandra’s father found her as they took the man in custody as her father looked at Zandra with a shock but proud smile on his face. “ My Daughter took down the supernatural. The Guard blood is strong within you.” Zandra smiled but in the back of her mind, she knew there has to be a reason for the man to kill innocent human lives in a place that is helping the sick and the weak. ”Dad, everything that happened I don’t think I can let it go. There is no peace within species like you said there was. It’s gotten more cruel and cold. Where are the rights and wrongs?” Zandra asked knowing her father could not say. Days after that she got worked her mother died in the fire and buried her, Zandra was not holding the regret of never seeing her mother or said goodbye in person. This angered her as Zandra was that close or just been in the room she could have stopped all those lives. From hatful to a clear mind, Zandra trained herself in the home’s basement with her father’s voice talking to her again about the guards and the bloodline history. “ It’s your turn to keep the bloodline going. Only you.” Zandra stopped and thought. Ever since her mother’s death more people were killing others human or supernatural the world to Zandra is unrecognizable to her nothing was blinding her. “ I will not let anyone get hurt anymore. I know my place now. Peace needs to come back.”

Zandra made up her mind to and choose to be part of the guard, saying her farewell to her father was very hard for her. One thing her father gave her was a locket, within the locket was her mother closest to her heart. “Make the bloodline proud, it time sweetheart. Follow your heart.” She never looked back as her travel to the Isles of the sky was short latest. Standing outside of the barrier, she closed her brown hues and made the oath to the aspects. Within seconds she felt a burn on her right shoulder, she didn’t know if this was to tell her to leave or she became a guard. Zandra allowed the burn until it stopped, making herself look at what happened as she looked and saw the tattoo of the Guards. For that forward Zandra’s destiny came within her life now she had to complete it and protect. Keeping up with her duties as a guard, she trained harder than her father put her thought. Months after her joining she got the word about her father coming to Evermore, leaving everything she asked to help her father. When the permission she heads back to her hometown and helping. Zandra was a changed woman from the last time she was there. She left without knowing the event leading up to the Isle of the skies downfall.

They both will go back to the isles together and be together. Zandra thought she was going to be alone but it didn’t look that way. The travel back that felt forever, they arrive at Evermore. The lsle of Skye was gone.  Feeling hungry, Zandra and her father decided to stop at a restaurant in the city. Seeing a new face was no shock to anyone when a friendly face came up to them asking if they were doing ok. Zandra asked her questions about the city, and the girl was more than happy to provide her with answers. What they didn’t know that girl was from the guards herself happy to see they were out of the city before the event happen. They sat there and eat while making sure no one heard what they were talking about. After that day she lived within the Manor. She did return to journalism but is now doing her first love on the side when there was free time to spare. She dedicated her work as a guard as nothing came in between, for love and a first boyfriend she put that on hold until she was read but when will that be? Her story has just started.


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✱ Plotting with|| ➺ Ongoing ||  ✖ Dead || ◛ Complete
Relationships With Others 
The Smoke Family 
Father- Alive (lives in Evemore) || Mother- Dead || Brother- Unknown

Zandra and her father have a close relationship with each other. As the Guard run thought the family bloodline Zandra knew it is her turn to follow.  Her father told her it would be tough but it was not her father at motivated her to become a guard. It was the murder of her mother who was coming out of cancer in the hospital. As Zandra thinks she was too slow to without knowing what happened she is happy she got the man in jail. She does not want to disappoint her father and carry her mother's legacy by living and fighting for what is right.   
Svetlana Vasilyev | Nephilim | The broken Angel who needed protection

Relationship Information coming soon


Erythreus Aliward | Aspect 

Zandra and Erythreus meet each other for the first time by his requesting her to look into the disappearance of one of their fellow guards. As Zandra did think no one noticed her but as words came out of the bag about her work that might catch his eye.  Zandra was shocked about going on a mission with someone but she didn't say no at all. 
(Storyline is being told. Will update when more comes out.)
First meet: Is This Really Happening?
Coming Soon.


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