Falling Skies Part 1 (Budsworth Prequel Story #2)

This is the second installment of my short story series surrounding my OC David Budsworth. An ex-FBI agent kitsune who is attempting to reach the city of Evermore. Previously Budsworth had been kidnapped by a member of the Anti-Supernatural Association, a mysterious group of people who is bent on wiping all supernatural beings off the map. After he escaped he found that an old friend from Foxvalley, Colorado had found him.   

March 20, 23:43 

North of Pueblo, Colorado  

The Headlight of a dark red Impala lit the deserted country road. A male couple sat in the car. Music played softly over the radio. The man looked at the other in the seat beside him. They held each others hand. “Have you told her yet?” The man in the passenger seat asked. The driver shrugged.  

“Told her what?” the man asked. His eyes glued to the road in front of him as yellow lines flashed by. He could only see that which the headlights lit. The night darkness prevented him from even seeing the fence stretching out beside them.  

“I don't know, maybe, that we're an item?” The man in the passenger seat asked. A look of disbelief on his face. “You're not going to tell me you don't what to go through with this. Are you? Are you afraid of being called gay?”  

“I'm not afraid of nothing,” the driver answered. He held his boyfriend's hand tightly. The lights on the dashboard started to go haywire. “The heck?” The motor died. He rolled the car over into the grass. The flashers blinked. They both stood up out of the car. The chirp of crickets died away. Silence flooded their surroundings. The Driver popped the hood and circled around to the front of the vehicle. He raised the hood, revealing the heated engine below. Steam still rolled off it and drifted into the still night.  

“What's going on?” His boyfriend asked. He leaned over the side of the car, looking in. An odd humming encroached upon them from above. They glared at each other. “Do you hear that?”  

“What is that?” The driver asked, he glanced up at the star-filled night sky above them.  

“How the hell should I know?” His boyfriend glared up at the sky. The sound of the humming increased. Cows in the pin beside them started to panic. They rushed through the tall grass of the field, fleeing away from them. The couple squinted as a beam of light shined down on them. There was an even brighter flash and the two were gone. The humming died away, leaving the car stranded on the side of the road with its hood up.   

~ ~ ~ 

May 22, 15:27 

Kitt's Bar, outskirts of Colorado Springs  

“Man, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you. How long it's been three weeks?” Queens asked. He had thick black hair with stubble that reached down under his chin. A pair of golden edge glasses covered his sky blue eyes. He took a sip from his shotglass and glanced at Budsworth sitting on the stool beside him.  

“When you put it that way, you make it sound like it wasn't that long ago. Normally people say something like that after being away for three years, not weeks.” Budsworth grinned. He emptied his shotglass into his mouth and set it down on the bar counter with a loud CLANK. “So, why are you out here?”  

“I heard of some odd disappearances outside Guffey and decided to investigate. After working with you it's hard to let down old habits, especially when they're so much fun,” Queens answered with a gleam in his eye. Budsworth glanced down at the suit he wore. He could tell it was laced with generic fabrics.

“I even got a fake FBI badge.” Queens pulled out his badge and handed it to Budsworth. He tried to hold back his laugh at the sight of the clearly fake badge. He pointed at the letters “FBI” at the top of the badge.  

“Queens, a sane person could figure out this is fake,” Budsworth gave him a coy smile. Queens frowned and glared down at the card. “This up here is supposed to say Federal Bureau of Investigation. It only says FBI right before it shows your picture. And...” Budsworth dropped the badge to the floor. The commotion of the bar covered any sound the badge made at it hit the bar floor. “If it was a real badge it would've made much more sound than that. Real badges are made of gold.” Queens nodded. “I can get ahold of my contact and tell him to make you a 'real' badge,” Budsworth offered. He picked the disgraced badge off the plain cement floor and handed it to Budsworth.  

“Yeah, but first I found a case for us to work on.” Queens handed him a newspaper. Along the heading read, “Farmer Claims Gay Couple Was Taken by Aliens.” Budsworth glared up from the newspaper to Queens. A grin stretched across his face. “Farmer Kyle Lincoln works on a farm north of Pueblo. Two days ago he witnessed the disappearance of Jensen Dole and Jared Fogle, no relation, two football buddies who work at a Gamestop in downtown Pueblo. He claims he saw a bright light from the sky and they were gone.”  

Budsworth handed him back the paper. He stood up off his stool. “Alright then, let's go Scully, we have an X-File to solve.” Queens followed closed behind.  

“Whatever you say Fox,” Queens rolled his eyes with a smile. He new not to argue with Budsworth over who was who, Budsworth was a true fox after all. They stepped outside the bar. The neon bar sign illuminated the night sky above them. A Haze of purple surrounded the lights. Budsworth pulled out his car keys and unlocked his black Buick. Queens sat in the passenger side seat as Budsworth sat in the driver's seat. He twisted the car key into the ignition. The engine turned over and Budsworth backed out of the parking lot. Queens decided not to bring his own car. Instead he called Hackshaw to come pick it up.  

They'd been on the road for nearly three hours before the dark red Impala appeared sitting on the side of the road. The tow truck must not of been out there to pick it up yet. The two stood up out of the car. Budsworth stepped up to the front of the car.

The hood was still popped. He leaned down under the open hood. The pumps holding the hood up gave out. Budsworth stumbled away from the car just in time for his head to miss being slammed on from the falling hood. He lifted the hood up again and examined the tanks. A black oily residue sounded them. "Looks like our abductees will need new hood tanks when they get back from Venus," Budsworth announced.   He lowered the hood and latched it shut. He strained his ears at the sounds surrounding them.   

Crickets chirped deafening loud around them. Budsworth stared at the lights of a nearby two-story farmhouse. The one which belonged to the farmer that witnessed the disappearance. Queens peeled off a burnt piece of paint on the top of the dark red Impala. It crumbled out of his hand onto the asphalt of the road. “This paint is bridle,” Queens observed. Budsworth stepped up beside him and ripped off a piece of paint. He sniffed it's foul smell.  

“It's burnt. It didn't even melt, just burnt,”  

“How much heat does it take to burn paint?”  

“A higher temperature than it's been lately. Come on, we need to go talk to the farmer who witnessed the incident,” Budsworth explained. They returned to Budsworth's black Buick. He got in and rolled the car back onto the street. Queens opened the passenger side door.  

“So, do you really think they were aliens?” Queens asked as he sat on the leather seat. He slammed the door behind him. The Buick sped off down the road. Budsworth shrugged. He didn't have much of a belief in aliens. He supposed they were possible, but never put much thought into it. Space was a big place after all. They pulled into a gravel road leading to the farmhouse. All the lights were now out. Budsworth pulled over in front of the house. The headlights dimmed away. The two stood up out of the car, slamming the doors behind them.  

A light shined through a window upstairs. Budsworth stepped up the stairs onto the porch first. The sound of floorboards creaking closed on them from inside. A mild gust of wind pushed a rocking chair beside the door. Budsworth pulled open the screen door and knocked. Light shined out through a window in the top center of the door. A lock clicked and the handle twisted. The door creaked open. He could see the head of the farmer, but his facial features were indistinguishable through the darkness. “Who is it?” he asked with a hint of agitation in his voice. Budsworth pulled out his fake FBI badge and held it open for him to see. Queens did the same with his less impressive badge behind him.  

“Sorry for the inconvienence. We know's late, but my name's FBI agent David Budsworth. This is Agent Queens. We're here to ask you about the disappearances of Jared Fogle and Jensen Dhole, the homosexual couple who you claimed to had been abducted by aliens.” Budsworth folded his badge and shoved it back into his inner suit pocket. Queens did the same. The farmer nodded frantically and pulled the door open for them. They stepped inside. The lights inside shined very dim. The farmer slammed the door closed and locked it. He stepped away from them into his dark kitchen. Budsworth heard him pick up a phone. He stepped up to the wall and placed his ear against it.  

“He's here. Come as quick as you can, I'll try to keep him around… but he's with someone else. He claims his name's is Queens. What should I do with him?” He heard the farmer ask. He sighed and hung up the phone. Budsworth heard him step across the kitchen. Queens stepped up to Budsworth. He looked confused. Budsworth jerked out his pistol.  

“What? What is it?”Queens asked, his voice a shallow whisper. His eyes widened with fear.  

“This was a set-up. He's working with somebody and is trying to get to me. I just heard him talking to someone on the phone,” Budsworth explained. A knock on the door caught all of their attention. The farmer headed for the door. Budsworth stepped up behind him and jabbed the barrel of the pistol into his back.

“Don't move, put you're hands up where I can see them!” Budsworth growled. The farmer sighed and put his hands on the top of his head. There was another knock on the door. This time louder. “Queens, answer that and have your pistol ready.”  

Queens stepped up to the door and pulled it open, a pistol resting in his other trembling hand. A young man stood on the other side. His dark brown eyes widened, full of panic.

Perspiration poured down his forehead from his thick oily black hair. Queens stared back at Budsworth. "I need help," the young man blurted out. "I can't find my friend, Jared." Budsworth and Queens exchanged glances. Budsworth still held his pistol towards the back of the farmer's head.  

"What's your name?" Queens asked. He cocked an eyebrow.  

"Jensen, Jensen Dho. W-what's going on?"the young man asked at the sight of Budsworth holding a gun to the farmer's head. Budsworth sighed and reached into his inner suit pocket. He pulled it his FBI badge. "Woah..." Jensen stood dumbfounded.   "I'm FBI agent David Budsworth. This is agent Steven Queens,"

Budsworth pointed at Queens who reached into his pocket and pulled out his fake badge. Jensen glanced at both of them, too overcome with fear to notice the obvious false details of Queens badge. They folded up their badges. Budsworth grabbed onto the back of the farmers shirt and lifted him up off the floor. "As for you, come on, were going to take a seat." He pushed the farmer onto a grey couch up against the wall in the living room. Jensen stepped in behind them. He plopped down in a recliner sitting in the corner beside a pair of screen doors. 

The farmer sat on the couch. He gulped at the sight of Budsworth's pistol directed between his eyes. Queens stepped up in front of Jensen. "Do you remember what you saw?  Where you were?" He asked. Jensen shook his head.  

"I remember my car died. When we got out we heard this strange humming and this bright light.  I remember a little bit in between, mostly test. The last I can clearly remember is awaking out in the cold forest outside your house," Jensen spoke fast. Budsworth felt he was hiding from something. 

"You sure you didn't see anyghing else. Anything, no matter how crazy it sounds," Queens said. Budsworth glanced back at Jensen for a second. His trust for the farmer still thinned.  His stern gaze returned into the frightened eyes of farmer. Jensen nodded rapidly.  

"I-I saw these people. They were wearing white, like a-a hazmat suit. I was heavily drugged, b-but I think they were doing test," he explained.  A puzzled look appeared on queen's face. 

"They were human?" Queens asked.  Jensen nodded. Queens's gaze turned back to Budsworth.  They were just human.  One organization came to Budsworth's mind... the ASA. He met a member of the group previously.  She kidnapped him and trapped in a steel jail cell. Luckily he was able to talk her out of killing him. His hateful glare focused on the farmer. No doubt he had something to do with all this. Budsworth brought the pistol closer between the farmer's eyes. The farmer flinched and tried to back up as far as he could against the couch, which wasn't much space. Budsworth rested the barrel of the Paul between the farmer's eyes. The scent of fear rolled off of him.  

"It's the ASA, isn't it?" Budsworth asked, his finger wrapped tightly around the trigger of his pistol. His hands gasped the farmer by the shirt and lifted him off the back of the couch. Queens cocked an eyebrow. He clearly knew nothing of the mysteries organization that hunted Budsworth.

"You damned supernaturals," the farmer mumbled. His voice almost inaudible. Budsworth strained his ears to hear him better. "Think you're all high and mighty," the farmer continued to mumble. "The entire human race could extinct and you self-centered bastards wouldn't bat an eye.  I know what you really plan to do. Starting a war against humanity that will assure our destruction." Budsworth lifted his head. His troubled eyes met with Queens's. This farmer must've been confused. Maybe he was given false information. Could the ASA be planning to start a whole war between the supernaturals and humans.  Surely they must know how much of a foolish attempt that'd be. 

"Wait," Queens interrupted. He looked confused.  "What in the Hell is going on. Who the Hell is the ASA?" Budsworth glared back at him and let out a sigh.  

"I'm not entirely sure, but it appears to be a terrorist group Hell-bent on killing as many supernaturals as they can. The last member I spoke to said they were planting bombs in Evermore," Budsworth explained. Queens's eyes widened with terror. His gaze drifted back to Jensen. Jensen shrugged, he clearly had no Idea what they were taking about. If the ASA was involved  with the so-called "alien abductions" why would they be doing it. Why would they bring Jensen back, unless he didn't have something they want. What if they're looking for supernaturals? What if Jared was a supernatural? Budsworth glanced back at Jensen.  

"Jensen, tell me about Jared.  Did you even notice anything strange about him?  An oddity in the way he acted," Budsworth asked.  His eyes dated back to the farmer.  He still held the pistol with a firm grip. Jensen shrugged.  

"I got no goddamn clue.  Maybe. He never stayed at my house.  Sometimes he'd be a bit secretive.  His skin feels a bit cold, like colder than skin supposed to be. He'd always just joke about being cold-blooded. That's just about it, why?" Jensen asked. He cocked an eyebrow. Budsworth glanced back at queens.  

"Queens, you heard him. What do you think about it?" Bosworth asked.  His eyes dated back to the farmer. He still sat on the couch leading back as far as he could. Budsworth could hear his rapid heartbeat.  

"Let's see we have cold skin and introversion. Sounds like to me we have a secretive vamp who probably separates himself from others to hunt and suck animal blood. It's his way of handling the bloodlust-" Queens guessed. Sounded plausible enough. That'd explain why the ASA would want anything to do with him. They kidnapped him and Jensen. When they learned Jensen was human they returned him, but kept Jared. Why? Testing?  

"Hold up, what Hell it's going on here.  You like X-Files or something. Calling my boyfriend a vampire is BS and you knew it.  That type of crap doesn't even exist," Jensen retorted.  Budsworth rolled his eyes.   Of course, it all boils down to this, the skeptical and small minded idiot.  

 "Queens hold my pistol. Keep it on the farmer.  If he moved blast open his kneecap first. I need to show our friend something," Budsworth handed queens the pistol and stepped up to Jensen.  He grabbed into his arm and pulled him up off the chair. "Common I want to show you something." They stepped into the dark kitchen. Budsworth flicked a switch beside the archway. The ceiling lamp kicked on. The darkness rushed out through the windows. Budsworth stepped up to the knife collection on the counter in the corner of the room. Jensen followed close behind. Budsworth pulled out the longest of the knifes. The edges rigid.  The sharp top of the black shined in the light.  "This is silver," Budsworth announced.  

Jensen nodded and took in a deep breath. The scent of fear emitted from his fragile body. "Don't worry, this is for me," Budsworth assured, raising the knife with a gentle smile.

Budsworth sucked in air. He was ready to prove the existance if his kind. "Watch my eyes," He ordered. Budsworth set the sharp edge of the knife on his skin. The silver already stated to burn through his skin. He held his breath and sliced the knife through his arm.  Blood rolled out, but that wasn't the only thing. White fur fluffed up on his arm around the wound. Jensen stumbled back as he saw Budsworth pupils dilate into slits. Blood rolled out over his iris, straining the green color of the iris a luminous orange.    

Budsworth rolled his first into a ball and flexed his arm muscle the fur starred to sink into the skin. The slit already begun healing. "You see, not everything is as it seems," Budsworth smile. He still gritted his teeth from the pain surging through his arm. Jensen stood with his back against a counter. His eyes bulged of terror. Budsworth could hear his heart beat pick up in pace. 

"W-W-What are y-you," Jensen stammered. Budsworth covered a sleeve over his bloody arm.  

"I'm what's called a kitsune.  Basically I'm a werewolf who turns into a fox with multiple trails instead of a wolf," Budsworth answered. He could still smell fear pouring out of him.  "You're going to be fine. I help people. Not all monsters are bad.  In fact I've met plenty humans who are worse. Before you ask I'm not going to shift into my fox form and eat you.  For one thing I don't like to kill people, for another I make it a priority not to transform in front of people." Jensen took a deep breath.

Budsworth twitched his ear at an odd humming sound. It would be too far away for a normal human to hear it. Whatever it was approached with great speed. The humming got louder, finally to the point where Jensen could also hear it. His eyes bulged wider.  

"Oh no..." He mumbled. Budsworth glared back at him.  "Not again." 

"You know about this?" Budsworth asked. Jensen shook his head. His eye bugged from their sockets.  

"I-I-It happened when we disappeared last time," Jensen answered. Budsworth nodded and rushed out of the kitchen into the living room. A bright flash of light blinded him. Budsworth's eyes shoved shut, blocked out the brilliant white light.  

The light died away. Budsworth opened his eyes. A pistol laid on the ground in place of Queens.  The couch the farmer sat on now sat empty. Budsworth's eyes widened. His picked up the pistol. Who ever it was took Queens and the farmer. "They took them too. Are they also werefoxes?" Jensen asked. Budsworth shook his head.  

"No," he answered, "they came for me, but obviously their aim was off." Budsworth stepped up to a screen door leading out onto a deck in the back. Stairs led down off the deck towards a crop field. Not a breeze blew through the corn stalks. Everything stood still.  Darkness flooded the field. Budsworth turned back to the front door.  He grabbed Jensen from the arm and dragged him outside to his black Buick.  

"Woah, what's going on?" Jensen asked, his eyed widened. The scent of fear pour out of him again.  

"We're going to find out what happened to your boyfriend and my partner and you're going to help me," Budsworth answered. He loosened his grip around Jensen's arm.  

"I am?" Jensen asked as Budsworth popped open the passenger side door. He nodded.  Jensen took a deep breath. Budsworth knew what made him nervous.  God knows how long this poor man would be with a "monster." Jensen sighed, "alright." He say for in the passenger seat. Budsworth slammed the door shut and circled around the front of the car to the driver's side door. He pulled it open and door inside,  slammed the door behind him.  

The headlights flashed on as the motor rumbled to life. The car  backed out onto the gravel road. Dust spewed out beneath its tires as the car sped off onto the county road. "Where are we going now?" Jensen asked. Budsworth rolled down his window. Wind rushed in, blowing through his hair.  

"We are going to meet a new contact  of mine. She's part of the ASA, but now she's more of a spy for me," Budsworth answered. They continued driving for the rest of the night. They didn't even stop at a hotel for sleep. Bags hung beneath Budsworth's tired eyes. He'd been awake for two days now.  Exhaustion reached for him, but he had to keep awake if he had any chance of finding queens.  Jensen was on full alert. His huge eyes glued to the yellow lines they passed on the road. The sun was only starting to rise by the time they reached the women's house. Queens car wasn't no longer there. He called Hacksaw to come pick it up earlier,  the only other person to have keys to the car. 

Budsworth pulled over where he did yesterday and stood up out of the car. Jensen joined him. He gazed into the forest beside the road.  Even though the sun arose darkness still occupied the woods, surrounding every tree.  "Her cabin is through here, " Budsworth said.  They descended into the darkness. Budsworth flicked on his flashlight. The beam of light split through the darkness, illuminating the leaf blanketed forest floor. The lights of a house appeared in the distance. They followed a dirt path they found that lead to the cabin.  

The crickets ceased to chirp as light started to fill The forest. Budsworth approached the cabin with caution.  He stepped up to the front door. Jensen exchanged a look with him before Budsworth curled his fist and knocked on the door.  The door sprang open.  The women stood on the other side.  She held a rifle in her hands.  "Who its it?" She asked. Her eyes widened at the sight of Budsworth and Jensen standing in front of her. She lowered her firearm. "Oh, won't look at this.  It's the fox. What? Need me already?"  She asked. Budsworth heard a phone ring.  Jensen reached into his pocket and pulled out his ringing Samsung.   

"Excuse me, I need to take this call," Jensen said.  Before either one of them could respond Jensen stepped away. Budsworth's gaze switched back to the women.  

"You know, even though you left me a key to let myself out of the cage, I sill didn't appreciate that you didn't let me out. Anyway, that the gay boy Who got abducted by aliens?" 

"Yeah, do you know anything about it?" 

"Trust me, I have no idea why the Vulcans would be interested in those young degenerates. It might have something to do with the ASA. That is why you're here, is it not?" The women asked. Thunder rolled as dark clouds descended from overhead. Budsworth nodded. "I don't know much.  Mostly rumors.  Some people say the ASA is testing on supernaturals.  No one's quite sure.  Some believe they're creating a biological weapon as insurance in case they fail in their mission of destroying Evermore. These 'alien' abductions could be hoaxes created by the ASA to keep the government off their backs." That'd make sense.  It'd be sick, but it'd make sense.  Something made Budsworth wonder why the ASA hated supernaturals so much they'd try to wipe them all out with a disease. Budsworth glanced back at Jensen who slipped his phone into his pocket, heading towards them. 

Budsworth turned back to the women. "Can you tell me where they might be doing this?" He asked. She pulled out a small piece of paper and pen out of her pocket and wrote down an address.  

"This isn't the place that's doing it, but it's where I work.  It's in Canon City. They are still the ASA, so if there's anyone who ought to know about a secret research laboratory it's them, but I would suggest you go in there. Everyone in the ASA had seen your face before and knew exactly who you are. Supposedly, The stuff Sunukkahka did its what inspired the organization to be started," She explained.  BudsworthBudswortho took the note from Hart and froze.  Could that be Tue?  Could the start of the ASA be because of him? Was all this his fault? 

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