1. Please be respectful of our time and the life we have outside of this site. 

2. We have three male characters. They are all multi-verse so all of them are available at any time. 

3. We will not add characters to please anyone. We are comfortable writing what we have for now. Later we might add more. 

4. Only one character per thread, please. It makes it easier for us to give you the replies and detail you all expect from us. 


6. No unplanned pregnancy, abuse, suicide, or anything that can trigger the creator. Communication is key.


7. Be kind. We don't judge how long your reply is as long as you can hold conversation/keep the thread going. 

8. I cannot stress this enough, do not be pushy about replies. I might have muse for our thread one day and a different thread the next. 

9. The boys are straight and I will not change that for anyone. They will not have a gay relationship, it is not who they are, do not try to force that.

10. DO NOT FORCE KINKS ON US!! We don't like X-rated, especially not when it's all based on kinks we are not comfortable with. 

11. We require at least decent grammar and punctuation. 

12. No unnecessary drama. 

Failure to comply with these rules, unless specified and cleared by the writer, will result in the discontinuation of our thread and removal from this page.

Thank you so much for reading! We hope you enjoy your time with us. 

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