Dear Journal,

I know it has been a while since I have written, work has kept me busy. Since moving to Evermore I have thrown myself into my job for the most part. I treated a man named Malachi Sommers, a few days later I ran into him at one of my favourite haunts. We got talking about our pasts and hit it off rather well, we tried the dating thing, but we both seemed to be having a rough go with our schedules so we have called it off to be friends. He still holds a very dear place in my heart, I am very glad I met Kai he is a sweetheart.

Gideon has been a pretty close friend and confidant for me I live in the Blood Mansion where he lives, we don't really see each other all that much but when we do he listens when I yap his ear off or ask my millions of questions about our kind. I am curious to know more, and to know the extent of our powers, I have even been practicing more to try and get stronger. 

I have lost a few patients since moving here, I hate losing a patient, it's heartbreaking and the look on the patients face at the time of death, those looks haunt me and my dreams for the rest of my long long life. 

Well, Journal I am sure I could go on forever and ever, but I really should get ready heading out to the bar with some friends.

I know what a foreign concept for us isn't it. FRIENDS. So far ones that don't seem like they are going anywhere anytime soon, it is actually a good feeling knowing there are people I can run to when I need them. Knowing they will listen or hug me or just plan be there when I need, I am glad I came here.

--Love Euphemia 

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