Hello all! I wanted to do a little blog introducing myself because I saw a few of them up. So how to start well I guess  we should start with my name: Lindsay (my father named be after the bionic woman; Photo on the left, I miss my red hair )': ) Age: Currently aging every year on July 22nd since 1993 Making me 24 currently. What am I doing with my life: I am a full time Wife to a man name Grant and Mommy to a little boy name Leonardo (picture over on right, Yes I dressed him as a ninja turtle this year for Halloween), Work full time as a Medical Records Tech, and Go to school full time to become a Nursing Home Administrator. Well my hobby is role play sites, I have account on LIT(Head Admin there). ECRP (Trail Mod) has become a nice addition to the list and I am enjoying my time here and hope to grow and become a bigger part of the community.

Roleplay history: I have been on these sites since I was around 15 years old back in 2010, I stared out on The Twilight Saga site and yes I was and still am a fan of Twilight among many other things :) I love role playing I think it is away for one to express themselves, get lost in a fantasy world full of action, romance, and drama. I feel my role playing skills have evolved massively since I first started role playing. I use to be a one-liner now I am on average writing at least 3 paragraphs, I think part of my improvement has to do with the people I role play with who made me want to be better. I love everyone who role plays with me and creates stories with me giving me the action and adventure I need in my life. and I thank those who have become good friends that I can talk to when I am having a bad day because that is rare for me, I am use to being the girl who is there for others but others are never there for them, these communities seem to be filled with such big hearted people and I am glad to be apart of them.

If anyone wish to talk to me off site please reach out and let me know I love all my role play friends, Or can go to my ASK I think that is enough about me for now, may update later on down the road. 

-Much Love Lindsay

Roles: Siobhan Leslie, Logan Reeves, and Aurelia Ivakov

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