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Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

The CEO of Everectronics

Nicknames/Alias: "RV" 
Date of birth: 4th September 1987
Place Of Birth: Chandigarh, India
Current place of residence: Mansion in Evermore
Occupation: CEO of Everectronics | Privy Council Member |


Build: Tall, Dark and Athletic
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Indian
Distinguishing Marks: A few scars littered across his torso

The Social Bonds

Status: Knows About The Supernatural
Species Rank: Member of the Privy Council
Weapons: Blinding/Stunning/Deafening Device | Diamond Edged Weapons | Automated Health Device

On an early September night, Aarav was born in the biggest hospital of Chandigarh, the city of dreams, to investment banker Jai Raichand, and his second wife Alia. His life had been planned out right from his conception. After moving his first wife, Zeena to the position of a maid after she was unable to bear him a son, Jai married again in hopes of having an heir for his empire. The Raichands were orthodox, to say the least and Jai would rather donate his wealth to charity than let his daughter from his first wife, Elina, inherit his legacy.

Growing up in their family estate on the outskirts of Chandigarh, Aarav was brought up by nannies from all over the country specialising in the little things of bathing, feeding, bedding etc, that his mother was too busy being a social butterfly, to take care of. Alia was never ready for a child, the only reason she bore him was to solidify her marriage to the Raichand.

Zeena, never having a son of her own, often sneaked into Aarav’s chambers and played with him and taught him how to walk and talk. He played with Elina and the two developed a close bond. Aarav often questioned who Zeena and Elina were and why they were treated as servants, but the matter was brushed aside by his parents, who couldn’t care less about who he was hanging out with.

At least not until he was 12 and started seeing Zeena as the mother his own could never be. This came surprisingly as a shock to Jai Raichand, who up until now only cared about Aarav’s grades in school, and his health, both of which were too perfect for any concerns. Alia walked in on Aarav calling Zeena “Ma” one afternoon and immediately took matters to Jai who at once decided to give his first wife and daughter enough money in return that they would leave the country and never look back.

While Zeena was reluctant to leave, the offer promised a bright future for her daughter and it was a bargain she couldn’t refuse. Eventually with a heavy heart, Zeena and Elina were sent away and Aarav lost the only family who gave a damn about him. So Aarav did what he did best, channel all his emotions into his studies, working hard to ace all his classes. He had a particular interest in science and technology, often finding himself in school labs, after hours working on making models and conducting experiments.

Years seemed to pass by in a blink of an eye, Aarav a young lad of 17 who had everything set out for him. His father taught him the ropes of his business, ignoring his plea of turning it into a technology company - something that would satisfy both their needs - Jai’s legacy would carry on and Aarav would be doing something he enjoyed. This friction between the two had Aarav spending more and more time alone until he met Tia Burman, on the local bus, when his car broke down and he had no patience to wait for the driver to fix it.

A very agitated Aarav almost fell on Tia when the bus braked suddenly, causing her to erupt in a fit of giggle. A sassy comeback and an exchange of number later, Aarav found himself constantly thinking of Tia. She was down-to-earth, humble, polite and unaffected by his social status, something not even his “friends” could do. He found her enchanting and despite their best efforts, he found himself slowly falling for the middle-class brunette.

Her class and caste however turned out to be a big issue in the Raichand estate. Jai at once rejected the idea that his son should be associated with someone beneath them. In fact he already had a line of girls for Aarav to choose from, all benefiting the company and befitting their status.

Aarav wouldn’t have any of it. He continued to see Tia despite being warned that he would be removed from the family inheritance if he seeked her out. Aarav was confident about his abilities, he was not only smart and had the best scores in school, but he had recently applied to Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and was offered a full-scholarship. It was the perfect opportunity, the two could get married and then move to the United States where they would get jobs and fend for themselves.

As part of the plan, the two eloped at the crack of dawn and stumbled upon the steps of a temple. The arrangements had been made by the priest who was contacted earlier, and only two of their friends attended the ceremony. Aarav stood under the canopy of garlands, waiting for his bride and the moment she appeared in sight, so did two men with shotguns in their hands.

The sound of bullets rang throughout the temple as the sacred place was tainted with bloods of the innocent. No one was spared, except Aarav who realised that the men were sent by his orthodox father, to stop the inter-caste marriage. After the gunshots faded, Aarav found himself cradling the dead body of his bride, blood as red as her attire staining his hands, completely shattered.

He knew he needed to run.

Away from his family, Aarav recalled how Zeena and Elina were living in the US, and decided MIT was the only way he could escape and build a life for himself. As fate would have it, they were also settled in Cambridge, Elina finishing her degree in law from Harvard. He decided at once, that was his calling and from whatever savings he had collected over the years, bought himself a one-way ticket to America.

Once in the States, things had aligned perfectly for him. He was receiving the best education and was topping all his classes, while managing a part-time job. He refused to stay with Zeena and Elina in case his father found out, and instead rented a flat not too far away and visited them regularly. Jai Rathod never gave him a second thought, or so he hoped. Once he was over his initial heartbreak, he decided to be more social and eventually took interest in a beautiful woman, Amanda and the two began dating.

There was something off with Amanda, she had admitted on their third date. She believed in the supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, witches, the idea of them fascinated her and she wanted to travel the world to find these creatures. Though startled at first, and thinking it was a joke, Aarav eventually came around to the idea that it was possible that humans weren’t the only inhabitants of this vast world. The jury was still out on the existence of vampires and werewolves, but he was open-minded enough to let Amanda carry on as she wished and get his endless support as long as she wasn’t involving herself too deep in dangerous territories.

Time seemed to fly once again, the two moving in together, Aarav began to see her as part of his family - with Zeena and Elina. He was fiercely protective over them and they loved him with all their heart. Soon Aarav graduated from MIT and while he wanted to start his own company, he needed money to do so and decided to take up the job of a part-time lecturer while he worked full-time under many investment bankers, using his previously learned skills to charm his way up the ladder. Once settled, he asked Amanda to marry him and a year later the two had a baby girl together. Everything was blissfully perfect.

It was during his tenure as lecturer that Aarav met Sariah, a cheery blonde with the greatest skills around technology that he had ever seen. He at once saw her potential, often giving her extra notes, knowing she was more than happy to learn more than what was required by the syllabi. But it was when her grades took sharp fall that Aarav grew worried for the female. He often asked her if something was wrong but she never said a thing and Aarav was saddened to see his favourite pupil lose her way.

When news of her taking her then-boyfriend Noel to court broke out, Aarav immediately seeked her out, offering his help and support and even talking to the heads of the college to install a safer environment for students, encouraging discussions and counselling for anyone who needed it. He was glad that once the vermin was out of her life, Sariah began to excel once again, though he worried she was displacing her emotions, he knew no better way to cope, choosing work over emotions plenty of times himself. Even after graduation, he kept in touch with Sariah, as a professor who took pride in what his star pupil was doing.

On homefront, things were beginning to escalate without Aarav realising. Amanda began to come home late and often had no explanation for her strange behaviour. While Aarav was concerned, he had no answers and hoped it was just a phase. He even asked their mutual friends but nobody could account for Amanda’s behaviour.

It was on one of the nights he returned after working late in his office when he found the door slightly open and the cries of their child. He quickly ran inside to find no one and the baby alone in her cradle.

Amanda was missing.

A month of police investigation later, no evidence was found of her disappearance and the case was eventually closed. Aarav was heartbroken, not knowing whether to believe she had truly left him or something had happened to her. Zeena and Elina often came around to take care of the baby while he was out running around precincts, and trying to earn money to keep his family going.

Another month of dejection later, Aarav found himself walking up the steps of his apartment, only to notice a trail of blood leading through the doorway. Worried, he instantly rushed in and the sight in front of him haunts him to this day.

On the living room carpet lay Zeena, and his half-sister, Elina, dead, drained out of blood by two gaping wounds on their necks. Panicked, he ran inside the nursery to find his wife, hunched over the dead body of their child, blood all around them and on her lips. He didn’t know what came over him but Aarav found a wooden shard from a broken chair and lunged forward, hatred filled in his eyes as he rammed the stake into her heart, Amanda choking out a series of breaths before falling limp in his arms.

He was completely shattered once again. His whole family lay in front of him, dead. He didn’t feel like he had anything worth living for. The grief of losing everyone close to him and murdering the love of his life was too much. But in it all shone a great distaste for supernatural beings, now that he knew they were indeed real.

His last moments in the apartment was with his ‘’mother’’, crying his eyes out as he realised he needed to escape once again, he needed to forge a new identity and leave his sordid past behind. Aarav picked up the last name Saxena, after Zeena, and left the shell of a broken Rathod behind in the fire that he had started in the apartment, to cover up the trail of bodies.

Aarav threw himself into his work once again, resigning as guest lecturer and solely focussing on making enough money so he could start his own company. On the side, he had retrieved a journal from the fire that belonged to Amanda and detailed on the lores of the supernatural. He trained to combat these beings should he ever come across them and work out places where there were suspicious activities that could be attributed to the supernatural.

Finally, he came across The Eternal City, one he knew Sariah had recently settled in. He at once wrote to her, indirectly asking about all the “suspicious” crimes that happened in the city. She confirmed his doubts, and with enough money to buy a scientific and technology company that was on the verge of bankruptcy, Aarav moved to Evermore, Colorado.

Once in the city, he quickly realised things weren’t black and white when it came to the supernatural, so he decided to turn the company around, forging an alliance with the humans who were part of the many species that lived in a faction-based society. He renamed it “Everectronics” and used its resources to build the largest scientific laboratory and tech development company in Evermore, two causes that were close to his heart right from childhood. Finally, he was satisfied with what he had, though still healing from his past.

As the CEO of his dream company, he’s sworn to ensure Everectronics offered enough support to the Human Organization in making technology that is beneficial to the mortal kind.






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Hello, thanks for accepting my request!

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But that idea might actually work. Tay doesn't want a job but she goes to him in hopes of getting one anyways so she can get her hands on some documents and such.

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Idea wise, Tay is a thief, swindler, pickpocket, everything in the book and I feel like I keep doing the same thing with my rps involving her stealing from someone or their company.

If you wanna do something like that, we totally can or we can do something where the two are old friends? She wasn't a thief as a child obviously so maybe they were childhood friends?

Let me know what you think!

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And you know what this calls for? An rp! -she sang.-


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