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✓ Adam Lee's Page

The Basics

Name: Adam Lee

Nickname: None

Age: 25

D.O.B: August 27, 1993

Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario

Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado

Species: Initia

Elements: Water (Primary) | Earth (Secondary)

Occupation: Cook | Restaurant Owner

Relationship Status: Single


The Physical Appearance

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 154 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Distinguishing Features: Initia Tattoo (Lower Back)

Face Claim: Nam Joo-Hyuk


The Personality

Positive: Caring | Courageous | Intelligent

Negative: Assertive | Impatient | Passive


The History

The sound of rain bouncing off metal filled the ringing ears of Lee Seung-Woo. Disoriented, the 32 year old businessman slipped out the window of the overturned car, his pregnant wife in the passenger seat. Seung-Woo and his wife Ji-yoo were on their way to the hospital, when another vehicle slammed into them head-on. Making his way to the other side of the car, he saw other vehicles stopping. “Call 911” he yelled out as he pulled open the door of the passenger side. Ji-Yoo’s luck was much worse than her husband’s. A piece of glass had lodged itself in her stomach, and immediately, Seung-Woo was worried about their unborn child. By the time that the ambulance arrived, Ji-Yoo had fallen unconscious, but was now free of the overturned car. Seung-Woo held the hand of his unconscious wife all the way to the hospital, not wanting the paramedics to check him out until she was taken care of.


Upon arrival at the hospital, Ji-Yoo was rushed to the critical care unit, and Seung-Woo was taken to a separate room to have his injuries taken care of. After his injuries were treated he went to the waiting room where he waited impatiently for answers about his wife and unborn child. An hour later the doctor approached him. He informed Seung-Woo that the glass had caused some major damage, and it was a coin toss whether or not his wife would make it through alive. The doctor also told him that their child was miraculously still alive, and they could get the baby out with a c-section. However, he had to make a choice, because performing the procedure on his wife in her current condition, was life threatening and would most likely claim her life. His heart nearly shattered at the news, but he knew what he had to do. Ji-Yoo would never forgive him if he chose to save her life at the cost of their child’s life, and he told the doctor to go ahead with the procedure.


Another hour passed by and the doctor approached him once more. He told him that he had a healthy baby boy, but his wife had passed away during the procedure. Seung-Woo collapsed to the floor in tears and a broken heart. The doctor told him that they’d keep the baby there for a few days to make sure everything was okay, and to give him time to process everything before taking the baby home. That night, Seung-Woo was unable to sleep, and he found himself looking through old photos of himself and Ji-Yoo together. He had made the choice to sacrifice his wife’s life for their child, and now he doubted himself. The doubts, along with the pain of losing the one he loved was too much, and Seung-Woo decided that he would leave the child on the doorstep of some family friends. Three days later, Seung-Woo returned to the hospital after the funeral service for his wife. The doctors agreed to keep the baby at the hospital until after the service. When the doctor placed the baby boy into his arms, Seung-Woo thanked the doctor for everything he had done, and left the hospital.


When he got home, Seung-Woo packed up his life and put everything he could into his van. When that was all said and done, he placed the baby boy into a wicker basket and brought him to his family friend’s house. He knew that his friend Steven Lee was at work, but he also knew that Steven’s wife Samantha would be home. Placing the baby on the doorstep, Seung-Woo rang the doorbell and hid out of sight until he could make sure the child would be found. When Samantha opened the door, she quickly picked up the child and brought him inside before calling her husband. Steven and Samantha was unsure as to who owned the child, or why he was left on their doorstep but to make everything official, the two of them went into town to sign adoption papers and give the nameless baby a name. From that day forward the baby boy was named Adam Lee, and his adoptive parents loved him. For the Lee family, Adam was a blessing because they were unable to have children themselves.


Growing up in the Lee household was interesting for sure. Adam always found himself in one type of adventure or another. Whether it was crawling around furniture, or getting into places he wasn’t allowed to go; he seemed to love to cause his parents worry and grief, but to him, he was just playing a game with his parents. By the age of three, Adam had begun to speak in full sentences, and he questioned his mother why he didn’t look like her. Samantha knew that they would have to explain the circumstances leading up to him being part of their family eventually, she just hadn’t expected it to be so soon. Taking him into the living room, Samantha began explaining to him about how he had been left on their doorstep as a baby, and how they adopted him to make everything official. Whether it was just his age, or his kind heart; Adam walked over to Samantha and hugged her before saying thank you to her.


After telling him the truth about his adoption, Samantha decided to take him to the park to play before his father came home from work.While they were at the playground, Adam was playing on the swings when he saw two boys in the sandbox picking on a young girl. Getting off the swing, he went over to the playground and stood in front of the girl. “Leave her alone” he said firmly to them, however all he ended up doing was switching their target. Adam got his first black eye when he was three years old, and he wouldn’t have changed a single moment. When his mother brought him home, she asked him what he was thinking, and he told her that he wasn’t just going to stay there and let them pick on that girl. Samantha was proud of what he had done, even if it wasn’t the wisest decision, but she knew she still had to tell her husband about what happened.


Although he was in refusal to the option his father gave him, Adam knew that his father was only trying to keep him safe, so he decided to follow through. Everyday when he got home from work, Steven would teach him how to defend himself, should he find himself in another tough situation. While he did learn what his father taught him, Adam had no plans to implement it during his daring rescues. If he hit back, it would only cause trouble for himself as well. When he started school at the age of five, he ran into another pair of bullies on the school playground. Two larger girls, possibly a grade or two above him, was picking on a girl from his class. Adam marched right over to the two girls and put himself between them and his classmate. “Go back inside” he told his fellow classmate and she quickly made her way towards the school. When the girls went to intercept her, he cut them off allowing his classmate to get back inside unharmed.


Angry with him, the two girls started hitting him repeatedly until the school teacher approached. The bullies were expelled from the school, and Adam was brought to the school nurse. Most of the damage was just superficial, such as bruises, but there was one spot on his side that had been cut. It wasn’t a deep cut, and probably was more along the lines of a scratch that went deep, or maybe one of them were wearing a ring. Either way, he got it cleaned up and luckily enough, it wasn’t bad enough that it needed stitches. When he returned to the classroom, the girl he had protected came up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before thanking him for protecting her. That was his first kiss, but what he didn’t know was that girl he had just protected, was the same girl he had protected on the playground two years before. Although his parents were concerned for his safety, they were proud of the brave young boy he was, and they hoped he kept his kind nature all through his life.


By the age of ten, Adam had received many nicknames from his peers, and the bullies in school. Those nicknames often varied from rat to hero, but he never once let the nicknames get to him, good or bad. He knew that if he let them get to him, he would either get really low and lose his helpful nature, or he would get over-confident and his ego would swell. His popularity had increased drastically since first arriving at the school, and it was mostly due to his kind nature, though some argued it was because of his looks. With all the bullying he stopped by taking a beating, Adam found that his tolerance of pain had increased as he grew, and despite how bad it sounded; he had those beatings to thank for it.


While outside one day having his lunch, Adam noticed there were a group of older kids huddled around in one area. Given his past experiences, he knew that it wasn’t a good sign when that happened. Placing his lunchbox to the side of him, he stood up and made his way over to the crowd. “Is there a problem here?” he questioned them. As the older kids turned around, he saw Evalyn on the ground with a busted lip. Normally he had gotten to someone who needed help before anything happened, but this time he had gotten there late. Pushing past the bullies, he went to her side and helped her up, asking her if she was okay. Putting her behind him, he stood in front of the bullies, his anger rising. For the first time in his life he fought back, and this time, he had dished out just as much as he was receiving. When he made an opening through the group, he told Evalyn to run and she did. She ran to the school and got the teachers as fast as she could.


When the teachers arrived, Adam was the only one of them standing, but there was visible blood on him. Despite his good intentions, Adam did get reprimanded by the principle, resulting in a one week suspension from the school. He knew that he was in the wrong fighting back, and accepted the punishment, requesting that his school-work would be able to be brought to him so that he didn’t fall behind. The principle was happy to fulfill that request and Adam then went home. He was sporting a busted lip, more bruises than he could count on two hands, a cut on his forehead, and a black eye. That was the third time he had saved Evalyn Martin, and yet he still only knew of two because he didn’t know the girl’s name that he saved on the playground when he was three. When he got home, both of his parents were waiting for him, and despite what had happened, they were proud of his noble gesture of wanting to protect his fellow classmate.


At the age of twelve, Adam got his first girlfriend. His popularity as a local hero in the school had increased even more drastically, and the girls in his class all swooned over the possibility of being in a relationship with him. The first to succeed was a girl from his class named Elena. She was smart, talented, pretty, and the first girl to ever ask him out on a date. He was caught off guard by her date proposal, and of course he said yes. The two of them were dating for nearly a week, and they had already become a well known couple throughout the entire school, sort of like when the captain of the football team dates the head cheerleader. However, their love had only lasted a week before Adam broke things off with her, and surprisingly enough the two of them remained friends. A week later, he was dating another girl from his class, but this one turned out much differently. While he was dating Nikki, he also began dating another girl named Brie, but what he didn’t know was that the both of them were sisters. He never knew their last names, but not long after he began dating Brie, both girls came up to him in the classroom and slapped him in the face telling him to never speak to them again.


By age thirteen, he had already dated half of the girls in his class, and he had even gotten lucky enough to date a couple girls in the grade above him. None of the girls had lasted very long though, and some of them ended badly, however he was still on good terms with most of the girls. One day, Adam decided to walk home from school rather than take the bus. He had informed his parents prior so that they wouldn’t worry about him too much. As he walked home, he caught a glimpse of someone running into an alley with a pack of dogs chasing them. Once again he wasted no time hesitating and chased after the pack of dogs and the person they were chasing.


When the dogs came to a stop, Adam saw the person they were chasing in clear view. It was none other than Evalyn Martin, but she didn’t look as scared this time until she saw him standing there. Although he was curious as to why that was, he slowly made his way past the dogs, trying not to startle them into attacking. Before he could make it fully past him, one of the dogs bit at his ankle causing him to stumble forward and collide with Evalyn. In that brief moment, the dogs began to attack and Evalyn curled up in the corner, with Adam shielding her from the dogs. He didn’t let a single one get to her, and when they finally gave up, there was a lot of blood by his feet. When he stood up, he staggered and Evalyn caught him. He had lost a lot of blood and she knew she needed to get him to a hospital. When they got to the hospital, Adam had gotten a rabies shot, and thirty-five stitches in his back from the claw marks left by the dogs.


When his parents came by to pick him up, Evalyn had already gone home, her parents arriving about ten minutes before his. When they got home, they asked him what had happened, and he explained to them about Evalyn. He didn’t know why he always found himself in those situations around her, perhaps she just had bad luck, or perhaps it was something bigger trying to push the two of them closer together. Either way, she had become the girl he saved the most in all thirteen years of his life. When he went to school next day, Evalyn came up to him and introduced herself to him officially and thanked him. “I already know who you are Evalyn, we’ve been in the same class since kindergarten, and I’ve saved you from bullies, and now dogs three times” he replied with a slight laugh. “Four times” was all she replied which caused his slight laughter to stop. Curious about the fourth time he asked her, and she explained to him about that time on the playground when he was three years old.


Adam dated every girl in his class, with the exception of Evalyn, by the age of fourteen; as well as a dozen girls from classes above him. Out of all the girls he dated though, he didn’t ask a single one of them out. They had all come to him requesting a date, and he had said yes to basically everyone that asked him. Evalyn however, wasn’t like the other girls. She didn’t bother asking him out, even after he had saved her life four times, so he figured it was time to ask her. As he made his way towards her desk, he found himself getting nervous, and he couldn’t understand why. However when he got to her desk, he found out his answer; he loved this girl. Clearing his throat, he followed through with asking her out, and she said yes without hesitation.


Five days before their three month anniversary, a transfer student had been introduced into their class, and nearly everyone found her quite attractive. On the day of their three month anniversary, Adam called Evalyn and told her that something came up and he wouldn’t be able to make it out for their anniversary dinner. The truth of the matter was that Adam had forgotten to get a present for her and so he called up his new friend for help. His new friend was none other than the transfer student, who he had help get settled into their school. She had a special talent for knowing the ring size of a person just by looking at their fingers, and Adam had hoped she’d be able to help him pick out a ring for Evalyn. He met up with Mina at the jewelry store, and together they picked out a ring for Evalyn. Adam thanked her with a hug, and she kissed his cheek in return saying that it was no problem. What he didn’t know was that Evalyn had been walking by and saw them in the jewelry store.


The next day, Evalyn sent him a text with a picture attached of him getting kissed by the transfer student on their anniversary. The text message told him not to talk to her anymore and that they were through. She didn’t want to hear any excuses that he wanted to tell her, and she was deeply hurt by what had happened. When he tried to text her back, it came up that she had blocked him from messaging her. When he tried to confront her after school, she slapped him in the face, kicked him in the shin and went home. It was just a complete misunderstanding blown completely out of proportion, and he was unable to explain that to her.


During his fifteenth birthday, it was revealed that Samantha had become pregnant. From that moment forward his parents argued a lot. Steven accused her of having an affair because the doctors told them he couldn’t provide her with a child. The days only got worse and worse the closer she got to her due date. The strain on their relationship was causing health issues on Samantha, and when the baby was finally born, a dna test was performed at the request of Steven. It turned out that the baby was in fact his, and he apologized for all the strain he had caused on their relationship. She quickly forgave him, but an hour later she was fighting for her life on a hospital bed, her heart failing on her. Upon her passing, it was revealed to Steven that she had a heart condition that she had been fighting for nearly three years, and they could only suspect that the pregnancy had pushed her pass her limits causing her heart to fail.


Two weeks after his mother passed, Adam was out with his friends trying to take his mind off things when his friends noticed a tattoo on his lower back, which had appeared a couple days prior. One of them said to him “Nice ink man” to which he only responded with a simple thanks, not putting much thought into the matter. However when he got home that night, he went into the bathroom at the top of the stairs and removed his shirt. Turning around so that his back was facing the mirror, Adam saw the tattoo that his friends had been talking about. As soon as he saw the tattoo, a searing pain burned through his lower back, and a piercing scream bellowed from his mouth. Turning around, he gripped the sink and looked into the mirror, sweat rolling off him from his increased heart rate, and his eyes flickering from a deep blue and then back to their chocolate hue over and over again; his true family heritage caught up with him.


As the screaming continued, Adam’s father came running up to the bathroom, and when he opened the bathroom door all he saw water floating all around the room. That was when he looked at Adam and saw his eyes shifting from their natural color to a deep blue. Steven was frightened by what he saw, and backed away from the bathroom door, only to trip over one of baby Eliza’s toys and fell down the stairs. Just as his father reached the bottom of the stairs, Adam passed out and the water landed on the floor around him. An hour later, the sound of a crying child woke him up. His baby sister was crying out, but nobody was gone to check on her. Adam went to his cousin’s room and calmed her down before going to look for his father, all he could remember in that moment was the look of fear on his father’s face.


When he got to the stairs leading down to the first floor of the house, Adam saw his father at the bottom of the stairs, not moving. Rushing down the stairs, a horrified look on his face, he tried to get his father to wake up. When he realized that he wasn’t breathing, Adam rushed to the phone and called for an ambulance. However, it was already too late, the fall had broken his Steven’s neck, causing him to die before he even reached the bottom. After everything was done at the house, Adam and baby Eliza was brought to the police station, where he found out that himself and his sister would be put into foster care. Adam knew then that he couldn’t have a repeat of what happened to his father, so he asked the officer to hold his baby sister so that he could use the bathroom, and then he slipped out into the night, and ran away. He didn’t want to leave Eliza behind, but he knew that he was nowhere near capable of caring for her. He had to find out what was happening to him, and learn to control whatever it was. If he couldn’t control it, then somebody else close to him may die.


There was one thing he had to do before he left though. Using a friend’s phone, Adam sent a text message to Evalyn asking her to meet him for ice cream. He also told her that he had something important to talk to her about before it was too late. He wasn’t too sure if she would show up, given their history together, but surprisingly enough she had. As he was about to cross the road and make his way to the ice cream stand, he lost control of his powers once more, and a fire hydrant exploded upwards in a geyser, the top of the hydrant slamming down onto a moving car. Luckily enough, nobody had gotten hurt, but it was enough to tell him that meeting with Evalyn would only put her in danger. Quietly whispering out a goodbye, Adam ran off into the night, unsure if he’d ever see her again.


A week later, Adam found himself wandering through the forested area of the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. While wandering through the forest, he came upon a cabin hidden in the forest and surrounded by trees. When he walked up to the cabin door, looking for a place to spend the night, an older male opened the door. What caught Adam by shock, was that this man knew his name, and said that he even knew his biological parents. Adam asked the man if he knew what was happening to him, and he told him that he knew everything. He explained to him that he wasn’t a normal human being, in fact most people would label him as supernatural. The man then used his own abilities over the water element to display his understanding even better. Adam asked the man if he would help him learn how to control these powers, because he had already caused the death of one person.


Three days later, Adam found himself back in Toronto, just in a different part of the city. The man had agreed to train him control over his powers, but as part of the deal, Adam had to return to school. The man, now known as Arthur, used his money to get Adam into a private school because he wanted to avoid his old friends. Everyday after school, Arthur trained him how to control his element. He taught him how to call upon it whenever he needed it, and he taught him the basics of how to use it. He also taught him how to shut the power out if it ever got out of control. Adam’s new school was much different than his previous school. There didn’t seem to be any bullies on the premises, nobody there seemed to be interested in dating him like his previous school, and everybody seemed to be extra smart, which made him feel less special. Perhaps that was the reason Arthur had sent him to that school, so he would feel less special.


Now at the age of seventeen, Adam had graduated school and received his diploma, he had his driver’s license, and even his first car which Arthur bought for him for his graduation. He had his first part-time job as a cook for a local restaurant, and was preparing himself for college. Despite everything that happened in the past couple of years, Adam seemed to finally have things on track, and he hoped to keep it that way. While out for a drive after a hard day training, he witnessed a car going off the Cherry Street Bridge, and he immediately went to help. Diving into the water, he swam down to the car, and when he looked inside, Evalyn Martin was inside passed out. Wasting no more time, Adam used his abilities to move the water away from her car door allowing him to open it with ease. He then pulled her from the car and used his powers to give him an extra boost to get to the surface faster.


When he placed the unconscious girl on the ground, he realized that she wasn’t breathing, and he knew most likely that her lungs were filled with water. Once again he accessed his powers, and he slowly and carefully brought the water up from her lungs to her mouth where it could spill onto the ground. When she began coughing, Adam stopped using his abilities, and jumped into the water. He wasn’t ready for her to see him just yet, but what he didn’t know was that accident had caused Evalyn to lose fragments of her memory. When he got back to his car, he called an ambulance and the police, letting them know where to go for the girl, and where the accident took place. He watched and waited for the ambulance to arrive, so he could make sure that she was taken care of, and then he returned to his new home.


When he turned eighteen, the man who had been teaching him told him that he had taught him everything he could. He wasn’t sure why the man had been so kind to him, or why he gave him everything he had given him, but he thanked Arthur very much for everything he had done. When he prepared to go to college, Arthur told him about the city of Evermore, and how it contained others like him before giving him one final gift. The gift was a bank card with his name on it, and a pin code to go with it. Adam wasn’t sure why he was doing it, and said that he couldn’t accept it, however Arthur said that he owed his family a lot and doing this was to help him atone for what he had done. Since he wasn’t going to take the card back, Adam accepted the card and left for college, not spending a dime of the money in the account unless he needed to. He never even bothered to check the account to see how much had been in it.


With his F-1 Student Visa obtained, Adam boarded a plane to the United States to attend The Culinary Institute of America. His plan was to learn everything he could about the culinary world, and then move on to open his own restaurant. While going through college, Adam had applied for an American citizenship for when he finished his schooling. He had been intrigued by the city of Evermore that Arthur told him about, and considered it to be his new home when he finished college. His American citizenship had been approved by the time he had finished school, and now that he was an American citizen, he wanted to explore the United States before settling down in Evermore. With his own money depleted, it was time to see what Arthur had given him. When he checked the account, he nearly went into shock at the amount. There on the screen read two million canadian dollars, which would be less now that he was in America, but it would still be a great deal of money. Once he got the money transferred over to American currency, his bank account was just over one point six million.


After traveling through the US for about two years, Adam was working as a chef in a high-class restaurant in California. He wasn’t planning to settle down in California, but when the job opportunity presented itself, he wasted no time in accepting it. Working there made him really happy, and he had even found love in California with a girl named Sahara. She was a co-worker at the restaurant that he worked at, and the two of them hit it off famously. His personality had changed a lot since high school, and he had matured better when it came to women. He swore he’d never lie anymore after what happened with Evalyn back in high school, so he decided to tell Sahara the truth about who, and what he was. Surprisingly enough, she handled it really well, and didn’t call him a freak or anything. Instead she asked him if he could show her his abilities, and he happily agreed.


The two lived together, and worked together happily for two months before something unexpected happened. While at work, Adam’s lower back began to tingle, right where his Initia Tattoo was located. Reaching his hand back, he scratched at the tingling sensation thinking that it might only be an itch that needed scratching. However, the tingling sensation increased in volumes and once again a searing pain burned through his lower back. Adam collapsed to the floor in pain, and screamed out in agony, his eyes once again flickering, but this time to a vivid green rather than the deep blue of his water element. Not long after the screaming began, the earth beneath them began to shake, and an earthquake began. Sahara came rushing to his side, and saw how his eyes were flashing colors from their normal chocolate hue to a vivid green. Immediately she remembered the story he told her about the night his father died, and quickly tried to help him get in control before something bad happened.


The longer the pain went on, the stronger the shaking got, and that was when it knocked the young female off balance and sent her backwards into the steel cupboards. As she collided with the cupboards, a knife that was resting on the top of the cupboard, flew forward and impaled the back of Sahara’s head. Adam’s heart sank as he saw her lifeless body collapse to the ground, and the earthquake stopped as soon as she collided with the floor. Out in the dining area of the restaurant, there were injured civilians, and some had been crushed by pieces of the building that fell in the earthquake. When the police, and emergency services, arrived on the scene everyone was questioned about what happened; and those that were severely injured were rushed to the hospital. Adam was obviously the cause of what happened there, and wanted to tell the cops that he had caused it, but knew that if he told people he had ‘abilities’, they might try and dissect him or something.


After that event, Adam quit his job at the restaurant, and remained in California only until after the funeral for Sahara was over. Knowing that what had happened to him wasn’t normal, Adam decided to seek out the city of Evermore that Arthur had told him about. However, he didn’t know where the city was located, just that it was in the United States. He searched days and months, but couldn’t find any mention of a city named Evermore anywhere. He couldn’t even find it located on the map, or at least the map he was using anyways. On his twenty-fourth birthday, Adam finally found a lead on the city of Evermore. He met with a man who told him that Evermore was a city in Colorado, and how it was home to things you couldn’t even imagine. Now that Adam had a lead, he planned to follow it right to the very end, and hopefully find answers as to what happened to him.


Three months before his twenty-fifth birthday, Adam finally arrived in the city of Evermore. To him it looked just like any normal city, but from what the man had told him, this city was far from normal. Knowing that if he planned to live in Evermore, he was going to need a house, or some form of lodging; so he began looking at houses and apartments in the city. Nothing in the city grabbed his attention though, and for some unexplainable reason Adam found himself drawn to the outskirts of the city, near the base of a large mountain. After an hour of searching, he found a place near the base of the mountain that placed a feeling of home deep in his gut, and he knew then that he was home. After purchasing his new home, Adam then went into the city to look for a place to open his own restaurant.


As he drove through the city, he found a restaurant that had a for sale sign in the window. Curious about why the for sale sign was there, Adam went inside and spoke to the owners. They told him that they were retiring and moving away from Evermore, and that the For Sale sign was put up because the building was for sale. A bright smile crossed his face and he asked the couple if he could buy the building. He told them how he planned to open his own restaurant, and he was looking for a place to do so. That evening the couple had their real estate agent meet them and Adam to hammer out the details of the purchase. Due to the building needed to be updated, he had gotten the building for just under four hundred thousand; leaving him enough cash left over to get everything started.


Within a week he had a construction crew in to make repairs to the building and make sure everything was up to code. He replaced the old appliances with new ones, and made sure to restock the kitchen-ware with new stuff as well. He went through the food that was left there and he threw out the bad stuff, and what was good was donated to the local food bank. He wanted to have fresh supplies for his restaurant, which meant out with the old and in with the new. It took a few months to get everything ready, but he had finally gotten everything prepared, and he was ready to open his doors by September 1. The first day had gone a little rough due to a shortage of staff, however Adam was determined to make his business work. Despite the rough start, the customers seemed to enjoy his food, and he received many compliments from them with each passing day.


Adam is sure that his business will be able to flourish well within the city, and still seeks answers as to how he was able to control a second element. From what he understood from the man who trained him to control his powers, the supernatural species known as Initia, were only able to channel one of the Earth’s natural elements. What will come next, not even he knows, but he will face everything thrown at him head on.


The Friends


That Special Someone

| Evalyn Martin | Instar Diviner - Light | 25 |

Eva and Adam have a long history together, dating back to when they were only three years old. As they grew with age, they began dating, only to have their relationship end after three months. The reason behind the ending of their relationship was a mistake that was blown out of proportion, and Adam still holds feelings for her. After leaving Toronto though, he is unsure if he'll ever see her again.


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At 1:42 on January 4, 2018,
✓ Jadis Anderson

Thank you so much for the presents <3 

Terribly sorry for getting back to you so late. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Years!<3

At 4:14 on December 26, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

Thank you for the gifts I hope you enjoy your Christmas Gifts!

At 19:27 on December 25, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Evalyn Martin

Hello Handsome! <3

I would love to thank you for the presents you sent me from Santa Claus and I wanted to let you know that he sent me something for you as well. He asked me to tell him if you love them so, let me know. 

Here is the surpise!

And also..

Hope to see you soon Handsome!


At 21:14 on December 24, 2017,
Fluid Role
✘ Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

~From Santa 

At 21:04 on December 12, 2017,
✓ Dyllann Schuster

Hey Adam,

I was wondering if you still needed employees at your restaurant? I have an idea about it that I'll discuss with you when I get back.  :)
It's nothing special so don't hold your breath. xP

Dyl c:

At 7:55 on October 9, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Evalyn Martin

Dear Adam, I enjoyed your reply and in return, I finished mine. Your page needs my cute gorgeous face on it more often so here it is. Se you soon! <3


Eva <3

At 9:58 on September 22, 2017,
Instar Diviner
✓ Evalyn Martin

Dear Adam,

I forgive you this time but only this time* Gives him a warm smile and started to chuckle softly* I enjoyed your reply <3 I guess I shall see you soon? 

~Eva <3

At 10:06 on September 17, 2017,
✓ Ophelia Dreyvalian ~Admin~

To celebrate the site turning 3 today! Thanks for being a member of ECRP and making this community a wonderful place!


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