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Mischief Managed (Adelaide and Sunmin)

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The sound of gentle rain echoed throughout the castle. It was quiet, not…Continue

Crash and Burn (Adelaide and Scott)

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If today was the day Addie would finally give up on trying to feed Cai…Continue


Wake me up. Open my eyes. Yeah, wake me up.

I can breathe. I won't die.



canon:  adelaide kaisera huang-jeong

chinese name: huang mei mei (黄美美)

korean name: hwang miyoung 

nicknames: mimi, ada (jaesung), addie, kai, sera, meimei, strawberry shortcake (shinwon), ming xing (yanan), star, starry, 

age: looks 22, really 307

species: celestial

fell in: wenzhou, zhejiang, china

birthday: july 4, 1649

constellation: pyxis

occupation: owns a club named "ming xing" with her husband shinwon

relationship status: married 


eyes: chocolate brown

hair: various colors, currently red

height: 5'3 1/2

weight: 99 lbs

distinguishing marks: the mark of the constellation pyxis on her thigh. there is a total of four different tattoos on her body. on her arm, addie has 4 different tattoo images with different colors and models. the tattoo is circular in red, yellow, green, and blue, like the color of a rainbow. one her inner arm she has a line of words. "for forever and ever". on her elbow is her husband and daughter's initials "s.j." and "c.h.j." while she has a cross and a star behind both ears.

celestial energy: adelaide has a faint silvery glow that other supernaturals can see when she is very excited, sad, or angry

fc: kim hyuna


The way a falling star falls is somewhat fascinating to the person watching it. But, if you could only see the person inside of that falling star, would you be as fascinated as you were?

Adelaide or Addie as she goes by was the sweetest and most affectionate of her constellation Pyxis. She loved to play around with the younger stars and make up stories of the Earth below them. She wasn't expecting to fall, but she did in the summer of 1649 into the very city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China. The pain she felt was the worst pain she had ever felt, even worse than when she had fallen down and broken her arm when she was a little star. It was like flames were burning her to a crisp and she couldn't stop it.

When she woke up, she was very confused and she didn't remember anything about her past. It was like somebody had taken a chalkboard eraser to it and wiped the slate clean. She was lucky though, as a young male who had been playing with a ball in the field she had fallen in found her. Of course, she only appeared as she was a young adult, and not an older woman. The boy felt sorry for her and took her home with him, introducing her as Míng Xīng which meant "Star".

The boy that had taken her in introduced himself as Yanan, and unbeknownst to her, he was a Valkyr, and he had been alive for a very long time. He was polite to her and he even took her out to find clothes that fit her, since she had fallen in a long gown that had fallen off her shoulders as it was too big. The only thing he did that she found particularly odd was sneak off late at night and wouldn’t return until the morning. She wondered what he was off doing but didn’t question it. Then one night, a few weeks after she fell she awoke with a start. She remembered her name! This was so exciting to her that she shot up from her bed and yelled it down the stairs.

“My name is Adelaide Huang! Adelaide!” The brunette yelped and danced down the stairs right into the waiting arms of Yanan, who had just appeared from outside without her knowing. He was cold to the touch and there was blood around his mouth, which scared her so much she ran away from him and the life she had built for two weeks. It was then he yelled after her that he wasn't a monster and that he wouldn't hurt her, but she didn't believe him. She didn't know where she was going or what she was doing but it felt right to run away into the unknown.

A few days later she was found on the side of a street, her dress torn and her cheeks hollow. She hadn't eaten at all and she was very dirty due to running through fields to get where she was. A woman named Soo found her and took her into her home. Soo cleaned her up, fed her and offered to let her stay. Adelaide agreed and stayed with Soo and Soo's descendants for a long time, almost two centuries until she went to the Isle of Skye with a group of friends

Before this, she made friends with several people who said they were Celestials and that she was too. She believed them and traveled with them to the beautiful Isle of Skye, a place where all Celestials could live in peace. Another species lived there as well. A species called the AIiward Aspects. They had guards that followed them everywhere and protected them from any known dangers. They seemed quite friendly to her and she never paid them much attention. On the Isle she met a Celestial that was one year older than her and very friendly. Her name was Artemitra and Adelaide became fast friends with her.

A few years later would prove to be so different. The Ailward Guards and Aspects that she had thought were so friendly and harmless, took over the Isle and locked her and the other Celestials in cages and left them in the dark. She didn't have any hope that she would ever come out of that miserable place that she was locked in. She had many nightmares full of screaming and blood, darkness and chains. This went on for almost a century and she was losing too much of herself to the torture and the pain.

The last day before Ophelia broke down the barrier to the Isle of Skye, she was losing hope completely and she didn't believe that she would survive the madness threatening to plague her. But that all changed, the next morning, when she saw orange fire outside and the prison they were in got destroyed. Everyone was saying it was the Wayfinder and Adelaide was incredibly grateful to her. She escaped to Seoul with two other celestials before she collapsed and was found by Soo.

When she was two years into living in Korea she met Shinwon Jeong. Shinwon was a beautiful man, and he was even more beautiful in personality since he loved her so much and was willing to do anything for her. She didn't marry him for that reason, she married him because she loved him. They moved to Evermore, Colorado and Adelaide enrolled herself in college, studying Chinese, Korean, and English and dancing. She eventually opened up a club with Shinwon named "Míng Xīng" after her old nickname.

A year later she gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Cai Hóng, meaning rainbow in Chinese. She is still a mother and is still married to Shinwon. She runs the club on nights and weekends as she has a one-year-old who needs all the attention she can get. She still has an extreme fear of the dark and small spaces and hopes to meet her friends from the Isle again.

Adelaide is very caring and motherly as well. She won't hesitate to give people food or clothes when they need it, and she is often spotted making food for the other Celestials in the castle. She is very loving in the fact that she won't give up on someone even if they want to give up on themselves. Addie is very affectionate and loves hugs and cuddles. Since she was deprived of it for so long, she wants all of it back. She isn't afraid to just tackle hug someone or give them kisses on the cheek. She is very loud, to the extent she might just scream for the fun of it. She likes blasting music and dancing around as well. Addie is very clumsy and damaged since she was locked in a cage for so long, and tortured and beaten up. She has an extreme fear of the dark and small spaces. She is also very motherly, so she most likely will almost always tell you what to do, beg you to put a coat on if it's cold and will also make you tons of food. She loves to make anything with peanut butter in it, so if you love peanut butter she's your girl. Shinwon's stomach is a bottomless pit, so she almost always cooks too much food.
Over time Addie has learned several different things and has gained several different skills. She knows a lot of languages and definitely loves to cook. 
  • Addie knows four different languages. (Mandarin Chinese, Thai, English and Korean) She is currently learning French, Italian, and Spanish
  • Addie knows ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. 
  • She knows how to make everything glitter.
  • She loves to bake 
  • ★ Power of Time
  • ★ Foresight
  • ★ A Star's favor:
    When a Celestial cares for someone to the point of love (either romantic or platonic), they are able to protect that person from death through means of revival, however using this power can kill them if used more than thrice in their lifetime.
  • ★ Celestial Energy
  • ★ Glowing
  • ★ Volakiri: 


Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon: Best Friend from the Isle. 

Shinwon Jeong: Husband and Co-Owner of Ming Xing


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"He shifted a little on the spot almost caught off guard by the way she was so friendly towards a complete stranger because it wasn’t something he was used to and it set him on edge a little. He was doing his best to play the role of the…"
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""A little lost? You look like you're a lot lost, honey." Adelaide said and gave him a worried look. What was he doing in the castle? Did he belong here? Or was he a new Celestial that needed a home? She looked over at him and…"
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"She couldn't believe that she had dropped the baby shoes. If the lady hadn't been there to pick them up, she would've definitely left the on the floor or something and that would've been very, very, bad. "Ah yes. It…"
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"Sunmin had been watching the Celestial castle for many weeks now, he usually just stayed from a distance and watched the place, arguing with himself in his mind about what was stopping him from going up there and getting all the answers he wanted.…"
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"Christmas. A holiday where family time was expected, and hearts were aglow with love. A time of laughter, a time of joy and most importantly a time where everybody could be together. Adelaide loved this time of year and would be bustling around the…"
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"Here you go sweetie. Hope you like it. Mischief Managed -Addie"
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Mischief Managed (Adelaide and Sunmin)

The sound of gentle rain echoed throughout the castle. It was quiet, not something the star was used to since there was usually the sounds of laughter and other Celestials chattering or doing other things. The quiet made her feel like something was up, and she wasn't quite sure how she should feel about that since she didn't like suspense. It was almost like all the others had…See More
Dec 3

✓ Adelaide Huang-Jeong replied to ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon's discussion Starlit Festivities (Artemitra + Adelaide Only)
"Winter was one of Adelaide's favorite seasons. It was the season of giving and having family time, which she needed desperately needed. There was something about the snow on the ground and icicles hung on roofs and balconies. It was a beautiful…"
Dec 3

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"Adelaide certainly wasn't expecting it to be one of those nights. It was packed in the club, and music in her native language was booming from the speakers. She was sure that no one could understand it, but she felt like Mingyu was just having…"
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"Hey Addie :) So I've written up a starter for that forum we've discussed last night.  Starlit Festivities  I look forward to this reunion. Hope you enjoy"
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At 12:37 on November 28, 2019,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Hey Addie :)

So I've written up a starter for that forum we've discussed last night. 

Starlit Festivities 

I look forward to this reunion. Hope you enjoy

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At 16:58 on November 19, 2019,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Once you're online again, give me a pc...or if you don't see me online, Send me an Inbox so we can plot ideas for the girls :)

At 18:28 on November 16, 2019,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Hey Addie,

Just wanted to say hi and to let you know, that since I lost a sl on this role. I am accepting one more sl for Mitra. If you want to plot for the girls when you get on :)

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At 23:13 on November 15, 2019,
✓ Scott Alexander Parrish

Hello Young Star,

I've had a few replies to catch up on a few other roles. But I promise to get to our thread asap. Hopefully tomorrow :)

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