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A Lesson in Customer Service (Allison & Zandra)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Zandra Smoke May 18. 3 Replies

The day was bright as Allison stared out the window of her class. The courtyard before her eyes was filled with students in tank tops and shorts. Glancing back at her professor, she noticed him…Continue

Attempting To Train (Nova & Allison)

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The sun was hidden by dark clouds as Allison sat meditating in the park. The quiet was a change of pace from her class earlier. The smell of lemons still cling to her no matter how much perfume she…Continue


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Profile Information

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Name: Allison Lynn Granger

Nicknames: Allie, Lynn

Age: Looks 26 Real: 40

Date of Birth:  July 16th, 1978

Ethnicity: American

Species: Dhampir

Status: Loner

Birthplace: New York

Residence: Evermore City

Occupation: Head Chef at Luigi's Italian Eatery / College student at Evermore University

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Emotionally Unavailable

Faceclaim: Emma Roberts




Eye Colour:  Green

Hair Colour: Currently dark brown, but she changes it often

Build: Athletic & Slender

Distinguish Marks:



Virtues: Protective, Intelligent, & Honest

Vices: Secretive, Distrusting, & Blunt


Likes: Coffee shops, Cats, Blankets, Oreos, & Racc***s

Dislikes: Storms, Snakes, Spiders, Loud Noises, & Wet Weather

Hobbies: Meditating, Yoga, Training, Playing the Piano, and Photography


Lola couldn't tell you what her life was like before she was born, how she was brought into this world, what her mother or father were like. But, what she could tell you is that as soon as she was born in New York, a nurse was tasked with deciding the poor newborn baby's life. The nurse would have loved to take in the infant, but she was in no place to do just that, she did however know from experience that there were families out in the world who would love a child. So Emma took an infant Lola and left her at an adoption facility, Bernadette's Home for Wayward Girls, and the rest Lola could tell you was filled with turmoil.

As Lola grew, she was fostered by numerous families, all were good, some not so good but that was to be expected. Lola was a peculiar child, she liked to be outside, she loved animals, birds especially. She fancied the idea of how the can fly off to faraway places, and for a child to think such things made people question the girls mindset. Her appearance played a factor in it as well, her raven hair, skin perfect and porcelain, eyes clear and bright. That is when Lola was put through vigorous training to be a proper lady, the headmistress had it out for little Lola. The woman, cut off Lola's hair, made Lola write for hours until her cursive was neat and her hands shook in pain, practice needle point until her fingers bled.

Lola hated that place, she never saw the light of day or felt the fresh air on her face, Lola began to lash out at this point, she hit and shoved other kids. As she got older her will to fight was more and more prominent. It wasn't until Lola was viewed as threat that the Headmistress finally sent her away to an orphanage in West Virginia, a farm of sorts; there Lola was left alone. She became your typical street kid, pickpocketing, shop lifting, causing fights, running from authorities. Lola was lost, it wasn't until she finally met her match, a young boy just about her age; Charles. He had a large home and a family, Lola hated him already, envied him mostly. The boy took pity upon Lola and followed her every time his eyes laid upon her, giving her food and warm clothes. 

Slowly Lola opened up to him, allowing him to take care of her, she shared her life with him and he did the same. He spoke in trust with Lola, saying he was a part of pack, a pack of Lycans, he spoke of their close knit ways and how an old couple would take her in if she paid her dues in labor. Lola knew the harsh ways of winter and took the offer, the boy was right, she had a warm bed just above the little diner, hot meals, and hot water. Lola was grateful but the day she turned seventeen is when a shift over took Lola, she began to fight with customers and break things, one night when she was closing up a drunk truck driver tried to get handsy with Lola. So Lola took a bat and fought him off. the old woman Greta whom had been around for sometime had seen things, and knew Lola was out of the ordinary when she took on a grown man half her size with poise and ease. Greta asked Lola of her past and when Lola said she knew nothing of her parents, Greta called a man named Neil Granger, he was a dhampir. He put Lola through some tests before making her pack her things, and going to a home just like Bernadette's in Canada.

This frightened Lola, making her throw herself from the car as soon as the large mansion came into view and she read the sign, taking off in a full sprint. Two men tried to grab her and reason with her but a switch ignited a fire in Lola and she defend herself by any means necessary. Neil watched in awe at how Lola was quick to fight, the natural flow she had with each strike, her calculating steps. Neil called out to Lola and explained in a short detail of what she was, how she must go through a claiming to begin a chapter in her life of book that was closed. Lola craved for a life she was not given, and if this was the way then Lola knew she had to follow. 

Lola trained with Neil, learned how a dhampir came to be, how she was possibly born, what she was capable of. Neil took Lola under his wing and place everything he knew into Lola, the two creating a bond, Neil had seen himself in Lola when he was a child. And as for Lola she saw someone who actually cared for her future and well being. When her eighteenth birthday came, it was time for her Claiming Ceremony Lola walked into a room filled with various weapons, she walked around the room, in awe of how many different swords and knives existed. She walked past a wall of swords and in a instant one glowed brighter than the sun, Lola naturally drawn to it lifted it from it's spot and felt secure. Looking to Neil who proudly smiled, told Lola what she held, a Double Sided Katana, Lola spun it with a confident grin feeling like she could take on the world.

Over time Neil adopted Lola, whom agreed to continue with her training, the two packed up and moved to Evermore City, Colorado where Lola could be surrounded with people like her. On their journey there, Neil stopped to get some fuel for the car and snacks per Lola's order, when a robbery gone wrong took place. Lola had heard gunshots from the car and got out running inside when Neil laid on the laminate tile, two masked men ran from the scene as the clerk dialed for an ambulance, Neil struggled to heal and Lola did her best to help stop the bullet wounds from spilling out blood. It took four police officers to pull Lola away from Neil, she kicked and screamed, to much in pain to fight. Lola was held at the station until a man named Donovan Hendrix and a woman by the name of Valeria Aldridge came to pick up Lola and take her to Evermore City.

When she got there Lola was back to isolating herself, she stayed alone, trained alone, lived alone, but yet she tried her best to learn all she could from her mentors and teachers. Lola even enrolled in the community college like Neil and she had planned, but Lola felt out of place, she wanted to run and hide away. That was hard when Evermore was the closest thing to Neil she had left, so Lola stayed and began a new chapter in life.


Positive: protective, intelligent, honest

Negative: secretive, distrusting, blunt


Reading, piano, cooking,baking, meditating, training, martial arts, yoga


Coffee, penguins,



Neil - Dhampir- Father Figure - Deceased

"Everything's going to be alright. No matter what, I'll always be with you."

Charlie - Lycan - Best friend - NPC

"You know you're always going to be my favorite Allie Cat? Love you kid."

Greta & Craig - Lycans - Caretakers - NPC

Greta - "Whatever happens, don't lose hope." 

Craig - "Young lady, you've got this strength, this fire, that I've never seen."

The Dhamp


Valeria Aldridge - Dhampir - Ambassador - Amber Heard

Donovan Hendrix - Dhampir - Faction Member - Charles Michael Davis

The Fur balls:

Roleplay Tracker

Zandra - A Lesson in Customer Service - Active / Waiting

Nova - Attempting to Train - Active / Replying

Zephyr - Unknown - Plotting

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At 2:52 on May 15, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Zandra Smoke

Hey Allison,
Don't worry about it, always take your time to reply to me. I love him so much and I will accept him.
~Zandra H. Smoke

At 2:40 on March 30, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Dominic Howlett ~Mod~

Scuze me? That was never in the agreement -___- You take this devil

At 16:38 on March 29, 2019,
Instar Diviner
✓ Malachi Sommers

Hey dear!

I'd love to roleplay.

Shoot me a message next time you're on.



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