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Light shines the brightest in the dark

Thank you so much for the gif Ophelia, I love it~ <3

Nicknames: Argy, Red, Little Dragon, Mushu

Age: 1200

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Southern America

Current Place of Residence: Ailward Manor

Occupation: None

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single

FC: Katherine McNamara

Height: 5'2

Weight: 115 pounds

Build: Athletic

Hair Color: Red, sometimes blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Marks: Dragon tattoo in the middle of her back

FC: Katherine McNamara

In a small rural town which was inhabited by a clan of Nephilim’s in what is now the Southern USA, Argent Delvalle was born where she was raised just like any other Nephilim. Argent was taught to fight and defend her from a young age, improving quickly in all forms of combat she was instructed in. She was also taught as much as anyone possibly could about the species that she was born into, and even though Argent grew up knowing what she was, her family also admired how she would attend school like every other child that lived in the other towns around them despite not having to. However, growing up for Argent was far from easy as her father never approved of anything she did.

Argent always believed that her father favored her elder brothers more than her sister and her but Argent ended up growing up not taking anything her father said to her personally, because even though he was rude and didn’t approve of her most of the time, she knew deep down that her family loved her and to her that was all that mattered. That was until her father told her that she would never grow up to be like her brothers and that all the females were good for was being bearers for the next male generation of Nephilim. From that time on she became distrustful of her father. Argent, having been a member of this Nephilim clan her entire life, wanted to one day be able to lead them to victory should the need ever arise - after all, the clan was everything to her and she cared deeply for everyone within the clan she lived in. However, it seemed that even that dream was frowned upon by her father and one night Argent overheard an argument between her mother and father, the words which left her father’s mouth in that argument was enough to send her over the edge. “She’s useless,” she heard, “she’ll never amount to anything and you know it! I should just kick her out now.” Having heard enough, Argent came bursting through the doors and with rage coloring her vision, she confronted her father. “YOU’RE WRONG! You know nothing about me because all you seem to care about is those precious little boys of yours.” She lashed out, rage fueling her, but not even her sheer strength was able to hold her father off as he had far more experience. He lashed out back at her only much worse leaving a cut across her cheek and throwing her to the floor. Standing over her he spat out that she was nothing but a disgrace before stalking the room, still in a rage. Argent was left hurt by her father’s words and seeing the emotionless man before her and her brokenhearted mother, she rose to her feet and asked why he had been harsh with her and that was when it all seemed to come flooding out. Argent’s father cursed her, saying he wished that she had died in childbirth instead of her twin brother; she couldn’t help but feel the sheer hurt pierce her heart. It seemed to be all clear now, that her father resented her for the death of her brother that she had never met and Argent, not thinking clearly in that moment, threatened to kill her father for all the pain he had caused her over the years.

The aggression just continued to rush through her like a plague; Argent lashed out again only at her elder brothers, threatening with all her might to destroy them and make them suffer like she was suffering at the hands of her father. Her own family was starting to fear her and call her an outcast due to the rage and resentment she showed and the clan was also growing fearful of this once well respected and loved girl, beginning to treat her more as an outcast and child of the devil instead of a girl who was being abused. Eventually they turned to the Nephilim’s leader, begging him to take action against the clearly out-of-control girl, but the leader refused, believing it to merely be a time of weakness. However, that changed the night she made the attempt to take her father’s life, after he had once more lashed out at her for not showing him or her brothers respect, leaving the leader with no choice but to banish her from the clan. Argent was forced out into the world alone to learn and fend for herself, being forced to cut all ties with the family and species that she had been born into and grew to love over the years of living with them. The young Nephilim couldn’t help but feel as if she had lost everything and all because she was angry at how her father was treating her. However, knowing that there was no point dwelling on the life she had now lost, she began to travel the country searching every place she possibly could in an attempt to find others who were just like her. Those who had been banished or outcast from their homes and needed a place to stay and just feel as if they belonged in the world. She then stumbled upon a group of people that were like her and they welcomed her in with open arms, led by a man named Venetus who had rescued others just like her.

Venetus Braithwaite brought the group of people together and created a name for them: the Ailward (Protectors). Argent finally felt as though she was part of a group that wanted her for a change and it was this group of people that became her family, helping her to leave her past behind. The Ailward group grew quickly and had gained many more members since she had joined, people coming from everywhere to join the Ailward as it didn’t matter what gender, age or status you went by you were always welcomed in by the Ailward. It seemed to some people that the group was rebellious and unruly, but it was those who believed that actually envied the group, such as King Mitus who saw many of the people in his kingdom turning to the Ailward and being loyal to them rather than to him. Mitus came up with a plan to destroy the Ailward once and for all, by sending a group of his guards to spy on the group, the guards swearing loyalty to the group so that they could spy on them. Argent noticed that Venetus had been speaking with one of the guards the night of the full moon; she then watched him disappear and thought nothing more of it as it wasn’t unusual for them to travel. She came across one of the guards as well but hadn’t been interested in speaking to him that night. That decision haunts her to this day, even though logically she knows that it was too late for her to do anything about it

The guard which had been speaking with Venetus must have followed him and then returned to Mitus to tell him of his findings, and it wasn’t that long after that she along with the other members of the Ailward were called before the King and named abominations as none of them were actually human. The King ordered that they were to be executed, each of the Ailward were taken one by one to meet their deaths and each of them had their own reactions to this sentence, Argent never showing anything other than a straight face as she looked into the eyes of her killer. After the axe fell, she woke up somewhere unknown to her and surrounded by unfamiliar faces, there were many thoughts rushing through her mind, one being that these people were clearly very important. Argent curtsied in a sign of respect toward these gods she had been placed in front of; she listened carefully to their words as they explained that they’d be sending her and the others that had been killed back to earth, however not as they were before where they were just a species of outcasts. Now they would be able to help change the future of the supernatural, Argent named the aspect of light, she was the only one able to watch the sun and moon, astral events and the power to bring light to the world and species allied with the light. Argent gracefully accepted their proposal and in the few moments before she was resurrected she was presented with a silver staff, the gem glowing with all the light of the stars which followed her and enabled her to take the form of a dragon

After Argent awoke in her new body as an aspect she and the other 7 aspects fled America to a safer land where they were able to find the Isle of the sky. Venetus lead her and the other aspects into the Isle where they began to create a home for themselves and using their combined power they were able to create a spell which surrounded the entire Island. The spell only allowed the aspects to enter, as well as those who are truly loyal to them and the spell was the perfect protection for them all. Over the years as Venetus lead the aspect council they all came to a decision to allow outsiders to join the council and become members of the guard, and they slowly began to grow once again. This time was different as they kept their efforts quiet while each of the aspects served the world, it was only those of a supernatural nature that ever really knew of their existence. Argent felt as if she’d made a new family within the aspect community, she knew that they - unlike the clan that she had been banished from - wouldn’t turn their backs on her. The aspects supported her and helped her find who she really was again, and it was thanks to these people believing in her that she is who she is today

Argent finally had a purpose - maintaining balance and helping the other Aspects in their goals, knowing that there’s no need for hate between one another. Her newfound powers granted her the ability to lead others, guide them into that same path. With their new mission of restoring peace between two factions in a city called Evermore that calling came flooding back to the forefront of her mind and Argent went into the city with her eyes wide open, knowing that hatred as deep and long as that between the Initia and Phoenix wouldn’t be an easy fix

The peace talks were a stressful time for them all, leading to Argent having periods of very little sleep and existing purely on coffee and determination but she was determined to help the others through this, negotiating talks and being present to help keep the atmosphere calm, always there to provide a calm and kind ear to anyone who needed it. Her temper also meant that she had no issue stating her disapproval of something, no matter who was present, though she always tried to do so in a respectful way to keep the talks from deteriorating. Finally though, the talks were over, the peace treaty signed, and a celebration was to take place. Venetus stepped down from being their ambassador, turning the mantle over to Aureus, and Argent was looking forward to going home, but unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be.

The night of the celebration pain ripped through all of the Aspects, pain unlike any they’ve felt. Argent and the other Ailward knew immediately what it was - their home, now reduced to nothing more than rubble falling from the sky. Panic was the first thing she felt as they had left people there to guard the Isle and the others that stayed there, having no idea what happened. The Ailward all scurried to find out what had happened, all of them officially in panic mode as they dealt with the aftermath of their home now being gone. What had gotten through the barrier, were there any survivors, what were they going to do now that their home was gone? It took time but eventually they had to come to terms with the fact that no one who had been on the Isle - not one - had survived. They also had to deal with something else - all of the Celestials, who had been on the Isle, were gone with no trace. For Argent that was at least a small blessing, as she had advocated for a different solution to their plight from the beginning, something other than keeping them trapped on the Isle, and when that failed had made a point of visiting them whenever she could. That small relief quickly turned to boiling rage when she learned the truth though, that it was the Celestial’s leader who had caused the loss of so many lives. Filled with a rage the likes of which she hasn’t experienced since so long ago when she was still a Nephilim, Argent practically went on a warpath, making no secret of who she blamed for the events. The other Aspects - especially Aureus and Venetus - for keeping them trapped and not considering another option, the Celestials for the loss of all the people that she considered her family, but most of all she blames herself. She should have seen it coming, should have fought harder for what she knew was right, should have kept the others safe. Still wrecked with grief, she’s trying to come to terms with all that’s happened.

Good: Brave - Strong - Kind

Bad: Short-Tempered - Easily Frustrated - Loner

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Powers and Abilities

Nephilim Training: Argent was trained from a young age in combat per Nephilim customs. Thanks to this she's a skilled fighter in many different weapons and she trains often to keep herself sharp

Aspect of Light: She keeps watch over the sun and the moon, astral events and the power they bring to the world, and species aligned/allied with the light

Dragon: Argent takes the form of the silver dragon and can fly faster than any other species can follow in this form. She cannot breathe fire

Aura: Being in her presence is naturally uplifting and calming, helping to bring out the best in those around her

Blessings: The Aspect of Light can bless items such as jewelry, though this only works on those of a light nature

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