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When her wings were ripped from her, she fell far. Learning to live in a new world almost broke her, so she turned cold.

NAME: Aurelia Devora Ivakov
NICKNAMES:Aura, Rei, Lia, Blondie, Fangs, Countess Baltory(AJ), Goldilocks, Mama Vamp (Crane), Fanged Angel? (Davis)
AGE:Looks: 27 | Real: 1143
DOB: October 13th
SPECIES: Turned Valkyr (current) | Pure Nephilim (formally)
OCCUPATION: Angriest Ailward Guard, Argent Personal Guard, Head Trainer to the Guards, Owner and Operator of the Gallery Thorn Ivory
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Lives in the Ailward Manor)
HOMETOWN: Somewhere in Russia
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:Trying things out; Davis Costa
BULID: Five foot six, Athletic, one hundred and seventeen pounds
HAIR:Blonde most of the time. Has gone Brown for missions.
EYES:Electric Blue
FACECLAIM: Laura Vandervoort
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A scar in the center of her chest from being staked and almost killed.
TATTOOS: Guard Tattoo on the lower part of her neck between her shoulder blades

POSITIVE: Resilient - Brave - Patient - Protective - Efficient - Graceful - Strong-willed
NEGATIVE:Aloof-Sarcastic-Insomniac-Alcoholic -Reserved -Stubborn -Raged-filled
HABITS:Drinking, Fighting, Self Loathing, sexual conquest, Blood lust
HOBBIES: Photography, Dancing, Painting, Fighting
SKILLS: Hand to Hand combat, many different type of weapons, Nephilim Fighting style, Valkyr Fighting Style

Aurelia Ivakov was born the youngest of the Ivakov children amidst a great war between the Dragonkin and the Nephilim. The young Nephilim was thrown from her childhood to having to mature from a very young age as her family and those around her were in constant threat from those around them, Aurelia’s parents were raised Dragonkin hunters making their family a target for kill on sight from the Dragonkin. Aurelia and her older sister Octavia were taught how to defend and offend from a young age and each chose their weapon of choice as soon as they were able to properly wield one. Aurelia’s weapon of choice was a bow and arrow which she used with poison tipped arrows, she also learned from a young age to practice in her ability to cause pain just by using her mind and was forced to use it several times throughout her young life.

Octavia and Aurelia were extremely close growing up and often shared tips and techniques with one another, they protected each other and they kept each other’s best interests at heart. They both dreamed of someday being able to get their wings and to be able to fly into the sky, they dreamed of someday becoming immortal. Aurelia was a relatively quiet and reserved person but around her sister she was an entirely different person, she brought out the best in her and she made her stronger.

At the age of 12, Aurelia had been roaming the halls of her home looking for her family when the Dragonkin had attacked, the young girl had rushed towards her bedroom looking to grab her bow and arrow when she was grabbed from behind by one of the Dragonkin, with their hand over her mouth and eyes Aurelia couldn’t see or do anything as she was sped away from her home and her previous life, she was afraid and she was confused and the pain was severe, she was sure if she could see then there would be blood everywhere, she could imagine what her parents might think when they came looking for her. Eventually the pain became too much to bear and Aurelia passed out.

When the young Nephilim awoke she found herself in a dungeon, her wounds had been bandaged and despite it hurting to move, the feeling like she couldn’t breathe was gone, as her eyes fluttered open she found herself across from another cell with another girl who made her way towards the bars. “Where am I?” Aurelia had asked as she looked over at the other girl, fear and uncertainty clear in her expression. “Hell” the other girl had proclaimed before she had turned away and resumed sleeping.

Aurelia would come to learn that the girl across the room was a valkyr named Tiana, she had been captured by the Dragonkin several years back and was being used for experiments on pain tolerance. Despite the two having to endure pain and torment during their time in that cellar with time they became friends and would often talk with one another to pass the time and to help them to cope with the world around them. Aurelia came to really care for the valkyr, she heard of how she had been taken from her family, how she missed the time she had spent with them and about all the small things that she wished for now that all those little things they had taken for granted before were now gone.

After 12 years of hell inside the Dragonkin’s dungeon, one fateful day Aurelia had been taken out to what she had nicknamed as the “pain room” and they had pushed her body further than it had been able to tolerate before, by the time they were done she was a barely living mess of a person who they had left in her cell once more to die. Aurelia doesn’t remember much of what happened or how it happened but she does remember looking up at Tiana who was standing over her and trying to convince her not to fall asleep and then she remembered the sharp feeling of teeth in the side of her neck before she passed out for what she thought would be the last time.

When Aurelia awoke she was alone, her eyes trailing the cell where Tiana had last been saw a dent in the bars and a clear scuffle along the back of the cell, she also felt an intense burning in her throat and she realized that she was no longer a Nephilim, her friend had saved her life and now she was gone. Later Aurelia would come to learn that Tiana had managed to overpower the Dragonkin and escape the hell hole and so when Aurelia managed to squeeze her way through the bent bars and out into the hallway there was no one stopping her from leaving and so she did, she just started running and running, running where no one could stop her, running until her lungs burned and she felt like she would explode.

Aurelia’s first thought had been going home but upon learning that the Dragonkin had taken over the North she couldn’t risk going back and being captured once again so she remained a nomad, she kept a low profile and lived her life simply, being a valkyr was hard for her, she hated the idea of causing others pain but she was able to get through it by feeding on people but using endorphins with her bite which allowed the person she was biting the feel pleasure from the bite, a lot of the time it could lead to more than just feeding but at the very least she felt comfort in knowing that she didn’t need to cause someone pain to stay alive.

It was one of these feeding sessions which had led to her becoming pregnant with her daughter Tatiana, at first she was afraid of the idea of becoming a mother but at the same time she couldn’t bear to give such a precious gift up and therefore she had decided to keep the child. When she eventually gave birth to her daughter, she made a promise to the young child that she would always protect her from the world and from everything her mother had to go through, no one would touch her child.

Several years later once Tatiana was older, the two were reunited with Octavia whom had been searching for Aurelia ever since she had gone missing all those years ago, the two sisters were happy to have found one another again and it was then that Aurelia had decided that her nomadic life could finally come to an end and she decided to accompany Octavia back to the Isle of Skye where she would meet her brother in law Vladimir and his son Gabriel. It shocked Aurelia to see that her sister had created a whole life for herself but she was happy for her, Aurelia had all she needed in Tatiana and living in the guard would give them both a place where they would belong, she pledged her allegiance to the Ailward Guard and so did Tatiana, they both took roles protecting the Isle of Skye itself rather than outside missions and were one of the few left behind when the guard first left for Evermore, but have since found their way to the city to help with the investigations underway.

Guard (Dhampir)
Tatiana Ivakov


Guard (Nephilim)
Octavia Ivakov-Dimitreu


Guard (Phoenix)
Vladimir Dimitreu


Guard (Initia)
Theodor Dimitreu


Guard (Diviner)
Gabriel Dimitreu


Guard (Therian)
Valentine Dimitreu


Guard (Nephilim)
Illiana D'Fierro


Guard (Phoenix)
Draco D'Fierro


Celestial (Guardian)
Atticus Thornbrook

Father of her Daughter

Ailward Aspect
Venetus Ailward

Aspect of Realms

Ailward Aspect
Argent Ailward

Aspect of Light

Ailward Aspect
Aureus Ailward

Aspect of Time

Ailward Aspect
Malva Ailward

Aspect of Magic

Ailward Aspect
Erythreus Ailward

Aspect of Death

Ailward Aspect
Aurantia Ailward

Aspect of Elements

Aliward Aspect
Virindeus Ailward

Aspect of Life

Ailward Aspect
Cora Ailward

Aspect of Darkness

Tatiana Ivakov Dhampir
Nicknames/Titles: Little One, Tati, Ana, Little Artist, Poppy Painter
Relationship: Daughter
Tale: All Aurelia life has been darkness, Every lover she has had as scorned her. The moment she became Pregnant wiht Tatiana she gave up finding love and devoted her life to her daughter. For years it was just the two of them, never needing a man to take care of them as they roamed the world. Reconnecting with Aurelia sister, brought Tatiana and Rei to become Ailward guards and for years they were the best team the guards had. Till Aurelia began to fell lost in her life after the fall of the Isle. Tatiana turned to Aureus making Rei feel like her daughter wanted a father figure in her life, it stung. So distance was created as Aurelia felt like a failure at being a mother among other things. Now the two are working on repairing their relationship.

Davis Costa Initia - Privus
Nicknames/Titles: Magnet
Relationship: Boyfriend
Tale: Davis is an interesting man to her, he works with the underground fight club patching up players making sure they heal correctly. No one has ever called her out on her anger quiet like this man has. What turned into him telling her she need to find an new outlet for her anger, turned into them going back to her place. She wondered if this would become a more often thing, but her wondering came to a halt as she was called away on a mission that took her away for over a month or more almost costing her, her own life. As she returned to town she wondered where he was, if he was still helping out with patching up fighters. What she found returning to town was Davis shot, leaving her to face realities.

Image here

Argent Ailward Ailward Aspect
Nicknames/Titles: Argy, Lightening bug
Relationship: Personal Guard To
Tale: Argent is the exact oppsite of Aurelia. Being the aspect of light she has an innocences about her. Though they both have lived long lifes already. Being around Argent is calming to Aurelia which at first she didn't think would be the case. The two are growing close now that they have been paired up as guard and aspect.

Image here

Ares Junior Deo Dhampir
Nicknames/Titles: AJ, Van Gogh
Relationship: Ward
Tale: AJ or Van Gogh as Rei calls him, is a man she was asked to keep and eye on when he came to Evermore by this Grandfather. Someone who Rei trust greatly as he was the one to help Tatiana with her weapons ceremony when she came of age. When first meeting AJ, Rei felt only light within him which caused a fear within herself that she was not good enough to protect him. So she invited him to see her true side at the fight club she fights in. Ares chose to stay in her life and now Aurelia knows she must keep him safe while he finds a forever home in Evermore.

Image here

Valeria Aldridge Dhampir
Nicknames/Titles: Val
Relationship: Friend
Tale: These two seem destine to be friends as it started with a text from a bathroom stall. To Be Continued...


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At 16:46 on March 2, 2019,
✓ Kane Logan Crawford

Plop this here

As promised, and our unlikely duo starts!

At 5:10 on February 14, 2019,
✓ Davis Costa

Happy Valentine's day or whatever.

At 3:07 on February 9, 2019,
✓ Kane Logan Crawford

Free drinks I can do for my hunting pal

At 21:35 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Ares Jr Deo

Merry Christmas!! 

Do not tell Tati>,>

At 20:41 on December 25, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Argent Kara Ailward

Rei, it was amazing to let you in on a little bit of my light this year. 

The sun's to remind you that even in the darkest points you can always find light. 

Merry Christmas - Argent


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