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Name: Ahn Mi-Yeon

Nicknames: MiMi

Birth Date: May 24, 1997 | Age: 21

Birthplace: Busan, Korea

Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado

Species: Celestial | Constellation: Cygnus (Swan)

Occupation: Waitress At “The Little Virgin Coffee Shop”

Relationship Status: Single



Relationship Goals



Physical Appearance


Height: 5’5” | Weight: 101 lbs | Build: Athletic

Hair Color: Dark Brown | Hair Style: Straightened

Eye Color: Light Brown - Known To Use Colored Contacts

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Cygnus Constellation

Face Claim: Ha Sooyoung (Yves)


The Personality


Positive: Aspiring | Dedicated | Caring

Negative: Cautious | Delicate | Impulsive


The History


The only thing the falling star saw during her descent was darkness, her eyes closed as if they were glued shut. The rushing sound of wind filled her ears, and she knew that she was falling. What she didn’t know was why she was falling, or how she even ended up in this position. The young female began to believe that this was the end for her, surely she would not survive such a fall, and as she tried to remember her past; she realized she had no memories of a time before the fall. With an enormous splash, her body collided with a large lake below her; and she struggled to get to the top of the water. How she managed to swim to the top was unknown, she can’t remember learning to swim, though it’s possible that she did learn and just couldn’t remember.


After swimming to the shoreline, the young girl lay on her back and looked up at the stars, her body shivering in the chill of the night. No matter how hard she tried to remember, her past was nothing but a blank space, as if she didn’t exist until that moment. Knowing that she couldn’t spend the night there in wet clothes, the girl began walking, searching for civilization. She walked for a good twenty minutes until finally reaching the paved road, now she just needed to pick a direction to walk in. Turning left, the young girl began walking along the side of the paved road, slowly due to the chilly night air causing her body to be cold. She wasn’t sure how much longer that she could stand the cold before collapsing, when she saw the headlights of a vehicle coming towards her. The person that stepped out of the vehicle asked her a few questions, and looked at her wrist where a swan-like figure was etched into her skin. When they saw it, they offered her a ride, as well as a warm blanket. They seemed nice, and offered to help her discover more about her past. She was told that they knew of others like her and offered to bring her to them. The young girl was ecstatic to know that there were others like her, and maybe she could learn more about who she was from those people.


During the ride, she tried hard to remember anything about her past, or even her name; but she had no luck. Everything about her past was blank, including her name. Placing her trust in the people helping her was a huge mistake, and before she had realized the error, it was too late; and she was locked away in a cage with a bunch of other people. The people in the cage tried to comfort her, but the young girl pulled away, not wanting the help of strangers anymore. It was placing her trust in strangers that got her locked in a cage, and even if they were in the same predicament, she wasn’t going to trust anyone easily anymore. The girl had proved to be quite the stubborn prisoner, not eating the meals provided, and remaining to keep to herself rather than interact with the others. She continued to keep up her stubborn streak until one of the others didn’t give her the option to be alone anymore. The other person wasn’t expecting for her to respond, only to listen as she explained to lost star what she was, why she had become locked up in this place, and how everyone in there was the exact same as her. Locked away for being what she was, with no way to stop it, but she was also told that there was hope.


They knew that the wayfinder was out there searching for them, and as long as they held onto the hope that one day they’d be free, they should continue to live. Mi-Yeon looked at the swan marking that was on her arm, and held her hand out to the other female, “My name’s Ahn Mi-Yeon” she stated with a smile. Before she had even realized what she had said, she had just said her name, something she had tried so hard to remember; came forth so smoothly and unhindered. Her name was Ahn Mi-Yeon and she was a Celestial, and now she needed to learn more about what she was and what powers the Celestials held. However learning the powers of the Celestials was all that she could do, due to the cage being made of steel, the powers of everyone inside had been neutralized as long as they were held captive. A week after the day she was captured was when she began to let herself open up to the other Celestials. She was of course weak due to not eating her meals that were give to her, but that would all change now that she was beginning to accept everything.


She wasn’t entirely sure how many years she had been captured, it was easy to lose track of time when you’re trapped in one place for too long. By the time the wayfinder had finally came to rescue them, the young girl had spent nearly 19 years imprisoned in that cell. Mi-Yeon wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the outside world, especially after being locked up for most of her life, but she knew that it had to be better than spending her life in a prison cell. She followed the others out of the prison area, and off the Isle of Skye where they all watched as the island crumbled. With nowhere better to go, Mi-Yeon decided to stay with the other Celestials as they made their way towards Evermore City. The young brunette began to wonder what her next step would be, the world around her was unknown, and she didn’t know where she fit into it. The one thing she did know, was that she needed training in her Celestial abilities. With that, she figured the best thing to do would be to spend a year focusing on her Celestial training, and then from there decide what to do next.


The young brunette did surprisingly well with her training, and by the time the year was up, she excelled in a good many aspects of the Celestial abilities. Now it was time for probably the most difficult thing she’s ever done, job searching. It wasn’t going to be an easy search, after all she had no work experience in any form of job, and she also had no schooling. Difficult could be her best hope for the job hunt, because it would probably be impossible for a person with no schooling and no experience, to get hired. Days turned to weeks, and she still had no luck. Taking time out of her searching schedule, the young female sat on a bench in a nearby park, holding a warm coffee in her hands to help her feel warm. An elderly man was sitting on the bench beside her with his dog, and it wasn’t long before she heard him speak to her. “Something wrong?” was his question to her. Mi-Yeon didn’t exactly know why she did it, but she began telling the elderly man about her difficulties finding a job, and how she had no schooling or training to back her up, so it was beginning to seem impossible. The man told her that she should never lose hope, and gave her a business card from his coat pocket. “Check out that place. They’re not big, but they are more welcoming than most businesses. Make sure to tell them the old coot sent you” he spoke with a laugh as he raised from his seat on the bench.


Mi-Yeon held the card in her hand, and stared at it for about five minutes before getting to her feet as well. Without any further hesitation, she headed in the direction of the address on the business card, though she wasn’t sure why the old man had told her to call him an old coot, rather than just tell her his name. After walking for about ten minutes, she arrived at a small family-owned coffee shop, and stopped to double check the address and name of the shop. This was the place, and with a deep breath she walked into the building and up to the counter. At the counter stood an elderly woman with a bright smile who asked her what she’d like to order. “A man gave me your business card in the park and told me that you might be willing to hire someone like me. I have no training, and I have no schooling, but I’m a dedicated person, and will give 1000% to any job I find” she stated in a somewhat desperate tone. Mi-Yeon didn’t like to show desperation, but she was losing hope for finding a job. The elderly lady asked her what the man’s name was, and the young brunette explained that he didn’t give her a name, he just said to tell the person that the old coot had sent her. The elderly lady laughed and introduced herself as Mary, and the old coot was her husband Joseph, and that they named their place ‘The Little Virgin Coffee Shop’ as a joke because their names were the same from the christian bible.


She couldn’t believe that the elderly man in the park was actually one of the owners to the shop, but she was very happy to have met him. Mary told her that they’d hire her, but only if she ordered something from the menu. Mi-Yeon happily agreed and ordered a latte, salad and a blueberry muffin. She wasn’t exactly a health freak, but she did enjoy a salad from time to time. When her order was ready, Mary set her up at one of the empty tables, and smiled at her. “We’ll start training you this weekend, and then you’ll start on monday” she stated happily, just before her husband returned from walking the dog. Joseph gave Mi-Yeon a wink before bringing the dog upstairs to their apartment, above the coffee shop. After returning home to the Celestial mansion, an ecstatic Mi-Yeon told their leader about her new job, and about the elderly couple who was generous enough to help her. Since Mi-Yeon didn’t have a mother figure in her life growing up, she looked to their leader as a mother figure, without actually calling her mom.


Mi-Yeon currently works at ‘The Little Virgin Coffee Shop’ with Mary and Joseph, and still lives at the Celestial mansion. She has aspirations of becoming a homeowner some day, but she finds it hard to save money because she keeps spending her money on new clothes. Shopping is definitely one of her biggest weaknesses, and maybe someday she’ll overcome that.

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