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"The past is a tricky and in depth thing. Where people tries to put their past behind them, to forget all the bad things that's happened to them. Not letting it affect them day to day but the past always has its way to haunt you. Sierra knew it…"
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Adventuring The Past (Open to Sierra & Connor)

Being held in captivity had been tough on the young Initia, he struggled to fit into society as he was raised by Phoenix’s his whole life and only recently escaping even it had been a few years since he had escaped. It had been much harder than he originally thought when he was back onto his own feet, he wasn’t shown on how to handle any of these things, such as bills, buying a house and much more. It was a real struggle…See More

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Adventuring The Past (Open to Sierra & Connor)

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Being held in captivity had been tough on the young Initia, he struggled to fit into society as he was raised by Phoenix’s…Continue

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A New Beginning Can Lead To Great Things.

Name: Connor Fitzpatrick | Nicknames: Patrick or Con 
Age: 25 years old | Sexuality: Bisexual 
Faceclaim: Cameron Monaghan
Date/Place of Birth: 18th May, 1993 / Ireland 
Current place of Resident: Residing in the Initia territory
Nationality/Species: Irish & Initia - Radix 
Rank: A Member in the Initia Faction
Relationship Status: Single 

Build: Athletic, Buff and Strong

Height: 6'0  | Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Red 

Distinguishing Marks: Markings from Phoenix's that have never healed on the side of his back. 

The Good Traits 
Determined, Patient, Protective 
The Bad Traits
Impulsive, Irritable, Stubborn 

It was in the midst of the shadows of the dark forest where the Fitzpatrick family were quietly hiding out away from a group of deadly phoenix’s that were on the way of attacking them. The young family have been in hiding for almost 2 years, constantly on the move and always been watched. Lyla and Kingston Fitzpatrick were going to be having a baby boy soon, if they weren’t going to be damaged and if the baby boy was going to survive.

Both of the parents were Initia’s, Lyla had Earth has one of her elements and Kingston had fire. The two were unstoppable as both worked hard to protect themselves from the phoenix’s. ‘’We have to keep moving and get you to a hospital, Lyla.’’ Kingston informed, concern written all over his face. ‘’You’re going to be giving birth soon,’’ he sighed as he slumped against a tree trunk, as soon as he had said that, a fireball blasted through a bush, the two had jumped back onto their feet and scattered away, panting for air. ‘’We have to keep moving!’’ Kingston yelled, keeping his wife close to him. ‘’They aren’t going to win,’’ he ensure as he used his own powers to keep his wife running ahead of them.

Lyla had fallen onto the ground as a phoenix had stepped in front of them, grinning successfully, an evil grin that spread across the phoenix’s face. ‘’I see you’re pregnant, Lyla. That boy will be useful for us,’’ he smirked as two other phoenix’s had restrained Kingston, struggling against their grip. ‘’No, don’t you dare touch her!’’ He pulled again and again, but nothing seemed to be working. ‘’Shush you,’’ the phoenix spat at the man’s face, glaring at him. ‘’Kill him,’’ One of the phoenix’s ordered to the others, Kingston was screaming. ‘’No, don’t!’’ He yelled as he was trying to reach for his wife but had slipped away from them, his own baby son and his wife. Lyla had now been sobbing, clutching to her stomach to protect her baby. ‘’Now, what to do with you? I think we should kill you once you have the baby.’’ The Phoenix smirked as he kept his eyes on her, Kingston was killed by the other two Phoenix’s and soon arrived back over to Lyla.

‘’Restrain her,’’ he ordered and Lyla didn’t struggle this time and was taken from the forest and into the air where the phoenix’s took flight. Lyla had learned that the leader was named Vance, the other two Phoenix’s were named Lysander and Daxter. Soon arriving to a mansion, Lyla had been placed into cellar that only had a blanket and bucket. Lyla was in mourning that her husband had been murdered by the group of phoenix’s after two years on the run.

It was four o’clock in the morning when Lyla was struggling to sleep as she could feel that labour was soon upon her. She was screaming in pain as she was pushing out her baby boy in the cellar, the phoenix’s had been alert by the sound of screaming and had run down to see her, as the mother had given birth to the baby boy, Vance had taken him away from the mother and ordered Lysander to kill her. Without hesitation, they did so.

Being held in captive for many years for the young initia had been horrible; they had tortured him endlessly with their powers and made him to unforgivable things; even from a young age. The mansion he was living in was huge and was forced into slavery while he was held captive, if he had tried to escape, things would only get worse for him. The young Initia who had now turned eighteen years old, was still held in captivity. He hardly spoke to anyone and when he did, it meant that he had to for his own safety. Another person roughly around his own age had been captured and he too was an intia like himself although he hadn’t known yet.

Overtime, the two had grown close and hung out secretly away from the phoenix’s in a small room where they could only be themselves. His name was Silas, a boy his own age and who had the element of Earth. One day, they were both in the room together away from the phoenix’s; Connor had tried not to like the boy too much but since his feelings had been getting in the way of his own survival, he had fallen quickly for the boy and so did Silas. The two were inseparable but they couldn’t show it towards the phoenix’s, hiding what they had only met something to Connor and it could keep him sane while he was kept in captivity.

As the two had admitted their feelings for each other, Connor couldn’t be happier but as the afternoon had soon arrived, a horrible pain soared through the lower part of his back, he fell onto the ground with a grunt as he tried to hold in his screams. ‘’Si-Silas!’’ He screamed out in pain as he clutched his lower back with his hand, his eyes began to flick in a green colour and his hand was slowly sinking in the ground. ‘’S-Silas-- What’s going on with me?’’ He asked helplessly as the power was becoming stronger as the minute ticked by. ‘’You’re getting your first element which means you have the same as me, Earth.’’ He explained as he knew how painful it was to receive the first element.

‘’E-Earth?’’ He stuttered, shocked on how this was possible. ‘’Your parents never told you?’’ Silas asked, his brows raised as he kept his eyes on the boy. Connor shook his head and the pain had slowly died down after a couple of hours, he only remembered the slightest memory of his own mother’s face and he tried to keep it in his memory as it was the only memory he had of his own parents. He had a feeling that his parents were murdered by the phoenix’s that kept him here.

As night fell over the mansion, he was dragged towards the cellar and was beaten multiple times as the word had gotten out about his first element. ‘’We killed your parents and now we are going to kill you - or maybe we should just keep you here until you die.’’ Lysander hissed out as he slammed his foot on the side of Connor’s face, soon after that, Connor had passed out from the blood loss.

Finding out the truth of your parents didn’t sit well with Connor and he had planned an escape route with Silas and hoped to survive it all. ‘’We are going to get out together,’’ he held Silas’s hand in his before kissing him gently then went ahead with the plan, they had lived here for so long now that he knew the ins and outs of the mansion itself, he had mapped it out in his head. As it was night time, they had used their powers to advantage, using their Earth powers as the two Intia’s fought together to get out of here. They had finally killed out off all the phoenix’s in the mansion, as they were exhausted to the point where they wanted to sleep but it was impossible, they stole some food and ran for it, hand in hand as they escaped.

After so many years of being held in captivity, he never felt so free and proud of himself as well as Silas. They had travelled to Dublin, Ireland and managed to find out a small home for themselves and soon started to plan their normal lives, where they had to adjust for quite some time as it was hard for the two to get used to.

After a couple of years of saving money and living a normal life, the two had split ways and wanted to do other things. Even though the two loved one another for so long, it was time to end the relationship they once adored for so long. Connor had packed his belongings and headed to America where he had once about a Supernatural city in Evermore, Colorado. The flight had been smooth and well and he had stayed in a hotel for about 6 months before moving into his own apartment in the Initia territory where he had soon to meet Sierra Reigns, The Magister.

It was February, 2015 where a comet went over the city, crashing into the Earth and had sent the young Initia flying backwards as he had soon received his second element, Air. With much practice and determination, he wanted to perfect his elements as much as possible.  As the young Initia settled a new life here in Evermore, he hoped to find friends and meet other Initia’s like himself, maybe even get some help from the magister as the memories of him being held in captivity, it was hard for him to cope with the horrible memories and that he had to at least tell the story of his own to her..

Adventuring The Past (Sierra & Connor) 

What's Wrong With Being Confident (Nathaniel & Connor) 

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Looking forward to it handsome :)


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✓ Alyxander Bolt

Hello, fellow intia!

Love the page.

Alyx also controls air.

Hope to plot!


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In response to the ending of your bio > 


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