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Picture Perfect [Kace and Madison]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Madison Black Jan 25. 3 Replies

The familiar clicking and clacking of his Macbook keyboard was starting to become draining. Kace paused, looking out through the glass walls of his CEO office within his company building, seeing all…Continue


Giving a f*ck doesn't really go with my outfit...

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees

Light started to peak softly through Kace’s eyelids. Shielding his eyes with his hand, he opened them slowly, revealing the darkness of some sort of park around him. He pushed himself back, shocked as to his surroundings. He didn’t know anything, not his name nor his beginnings, nothing was in his mind apart from:

“Where in the living f*ck am I?”

Then it came, searing pain started shooting up his arms and then spread to other limbs. Cringing, he looked down at his arms to examine the potential cause of the pain and saw, not blood, not physical injury, just the sleeves of a suit that appeared as if it was from the 1800’s. He raised an eyebrow at the miscenturied garment that clung to his strong figure. He pushed himself up from the ground with a grunt, his bones still burning to their core.

Kace’s caramel eyes darted around the scenery frantically, looking for something that could show him where he was. A street sign, a map, something. He could see across the park there was a Hotel with its name at the top, hopefully that would give some sort of location pinpoint. Kase walked nonchalantly through the park. Head down, hands in pockets, trying to keep as low a profile as possible. He could see lengths of chestnut brown hair falling into his vision. With a wisp of a hand he tucked the locks behind his ear. “Brown hair, interesting,” he thought to himself whilst continuing to walk through the unknown location.

Eventually, Kace reached close enough he could read the sign. “The Palace,” it read in large acrylic letters that adorned the features of the building. “Well that didn’t help,” he said softly before turning on his heel looking for another possible sign. While his eyes were otherwise occupied, Kase smacked his face into a plastic sign, falling to the ground with a thud. Rubbing his forehead, he looked up to the sign to see the words “CENTRAL PARK, NYC” written above a small map of the surrounding area. He traced his memories to see if he could remember where that was, Nothing. Not even a continent came to mind.

Suddenly a brunette darted around the side of the sign, looking down at the strong figured being on the ground with a raised brow. “Hi,” he mumbled at the slim figured woman, making a conscious effort not to lock eyes with the other being. “I don’t know if you got the memo, but slavery has been outlawed,” the brunette chuckled. “Yeah, thanks for that,” Kace scuffed, kneeling to stand in front of the woman who was leaning on the sign in front of them. He dusted off his sleeves, as he did revealing a small line style tattoo on the inside of his right wrist, he paused trying to rub it off. Realising he couldn’t, his mind then pondered how he couldn’t remember etching something at least semi-permanent into his pale complexion. He brushed the thought off his mind, not wanting the female to see his confusion.

Kase raised a single finger and pointed at the words that titled the large board in front of them. “Where is that? Where is this place?” he asked, tapping the words repeatedly, looking towards the brunette for some answers, maybe she would jog his memory. But her eyes were trained on the marking on his hand for a moment longer before she met his gaze again. “You’re in New York City, and the year is 1989.” She appeared to know something he didn’t, but her expression changed into something warmer as she extended a hand. “Call me Fin. I think I can help you.”

Kace looked at the woman, Fin, and opened his mouth to introduce himself, but nothing came out. What? He didn’t even know his own name? Pathetic, he thought to himself. “How can you help?” he said to Fin and that’s when his whole life changed.

Fin returned him to her place of residence. “The guestroom is yours until you find your feet.” He flopped down on the couch and put his head in his hands. He realised a soft glow was pushing light into his eyes. Confused, he opened his eyes to see his skin had an ever so soft glow, something that didn’t look human, well from the few humans he had seen roaming the streets of the surrounding area. Fin disappeared for a few seconds before returning to the lounge with some black clothes. “Here,” she said throwing a band tee, leather jacket, and pair of black skinny jeans at his head. “These will help you blend in.”

Kace looked at her, very confused, “Wha-” was all he managed to muster before she disappeared again. He looked at the clothes in his hand, reading the band name on the teeshirt, “Bon Jovi” it read. “Right,” he said before dragging his hands towards the buttons on his shirt, undoing them one by one. He slipped the white button down off his shoulders, revealing a chiseled frame beneath. He slipped the black cotton shirt over his head and shoulders, messing with his hair as it went. He stood sliding the navy slacks off his thighs and trying to replace them with the black skinny jeans. He jumped to get them over his hips, “Why are they so tight?” he yelled out to Fin before finally being able to do the damn things up. “They’re called skinny jeans for a reason, you’ll get used to them,” she yelled back before returning with some other belongings, placing them all in his lap.

Fin picked up the items one by one telling him what to do with each of them, “This you use to brush your teeth, this you use to brush your hair, and this you use to keep it that way, this will make you not smell like sh*t, now go into the bathroom and use them,” Kase reluctantly scooped up the items and headed into the bathroom. He placed them all on the counter looking up at the reflective surface pinned to the wall in front of him. He locked eyes with his own chestnut orbs and his tongue started flowing unconsciously, “Krisztián Breccia Armitage.” That was his name. Fin peaked her head around the frame of the bathroom door, looking towards him, “You remember your name?” she said with a raised brow. Kase turned and looked towards her shocked, “Yeah, I-I do…”

Fin and Kace had fallen into a swing of things, him living off the Danish family and having their home to himself when they parted ways for work in the daytime. The odd night shift would come up for Fin especially, seeing that she worked with the CIA and FBI frequently, but during her free time, she’d educate the Celestial on the supernatural world. He learned what she was, a Phoenix turned into a Nivies, and what he was. He learned what the markings on his arm meant: Aquarius, the constellation from which he had fallen from.

During the months he spent with her, Kace couldn’t deny, he felt a spark between them. But Fin, she always seemed so distant. She always claimed it was the strain of work, but he had a feeling that she had her regrets and ghosts. So he never pursued that one spark, instead, burying it up sarcastic remarks and witty banter. She’d never feel the same, so why will a heartbreak?

It was one day when everything fell apart. It was the summer of 1992, and Fin was running late on a lunch the two were supposed to have. So she had a message sent to him, telling him to head down himself to the place they knew. So he got dressed in a nice-fitted white buttoned-down shirt and a pair of tapered navy slacks, something he knew Fin would appreciate. But as he walked through the streets, he was pulled into an alley. Two men stood before him, clutching him by his shirt and pressed him against a wall. “I believe you two have me mistaken for someone else,” he tried to reason with them, but they pushed up his sleeve to reveal his constellation, and malicious smirks peeled upon their faces. “No, you’re who we want.” There was a crack, and then all went black.

He suddenly felt a sting against his ribs and his eyes shot open. The same two male figure who grabbed him in a New York alleyway were now standing in front of him, one holding a lashing whip in his hand. He raised an eyebrow at the male before being slashed again, the stinging sensation burned his flesh like nothing he had ever experienced. Kace then realised what surrounded him. A completely white room, only containing the three bodies and his was tied by his wrists to the ceiling. Oh, and he was shirtless--go figure.

The pair spoke to each other in a tone Kace couldn’t quite make out before leaving the room. He was left there alone pondering thoughts of how in the living hell did he get here? Where was here? And why? There were so many questions that scattered through his brain like raindrops on a country field. The rough fibered rope was tearing the skin around his wrists, he knew if he was there for much longer, he would end up breaking the skin. Suddenly a new body walked through the door. “Name,” it spat out in a hard to understand accent. Kace ignored the figure. It approached him rapidly, “NAME,” they yelled in his face, “Armitage, what’s it to you?” he spat back. “Oh we’re going to have some fun, can’t you tell?” the guard pulled harshly on the rope holding Kace up, if his skin wasn’t broken before it definitely was now. “Welcome to the Skye,”

At this point, he didn’t know how long he’d been imprisoned for. All he knew was, it was her fault. Fin, Josefine. She’d tricked him, got him into trusting her till she was sure of what he was. Then she’d surrendered him. That’s what they told him, the guard. They sneered it at him, to put it more accurately. He didn’t want to believe it, but the facts seemed undeniable. The timing was too perfect. And so he hated her. With every slash the whip broke upon his back, he despised her. He only had one wish, one goal that got him through the pain: if he ever got out, he would kill her.

One day, his wish came true. The Isle of Skye, where he was imprisoned, came tumbling down to the Earth below them, and he found himself in the presence. of the Wayfinder, Ophelia. She brought them to Evermore City and gave him a home and protection.

Kace started from the bottom in Evermore, couch surfing his way to his own place and then eventually to a penthouse apartment. He worked for himself and had people underneath him. He saw his future as successful but never forgot about Josefine. She was always a background though, something that was always there in the back of his mind. Everyone has a thing, a thing that pushes them to be the best person they can be in the sense of I’m better than you.

He found his passion for sports in sparring with weapons. The blades reflected has as his true self. He was in control on the blade and what happened, unlike when he received the scar he has hidden just under his belt line on his hips. Kace learned how to deal with weapons, as well as fight without them, so if anything like that ever happened again, he’d be safe, protected, he could fight for himself. He knew he’d never let another person into his life. He’d never hold a friendship, relationship nothing. No one would ever use him as she did ever again.

-Josephine 'Fin' Dietrich-

Josefine was the reason behind Kace being sent to the Isle of the Skye. Booking him for a lunch date and then having him dragged into an alleyway and taken away with a crack of thunder. He spent the rest of his time training and planning for the day he would finally see her again. What was his plan? Her death. But that didn't really go according to plan...

it wasn't me

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it wasn't me - Josefine Dietrich

picture perfect - Maddison Black

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Picture Perfect [Kace and Madison]

The familiar clicking and clacking of his Macbook keyboard was starting to become draining. Kace paused, looking out through the glass walls of his CEO office within his company building, seeing all the other staff busily performing the mundane tasks that ensured the day to day operations of his company ran smoothly. He would probably never see the results of many of these tasks but none the less he always congratulated his staff, he wanted them to feel valued by his company. Washe a sarcastic…See More
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