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Brother of all Issues (Arthur and Cedric)

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Help Wanted (Raven and Cedric)

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People say fire is the most distructive of the elements, they have never felt the earth crack under their feet.

NAME: Cedric Killian Reigns
NICKNAMES: Ric, Ced, Ceddy, Hulk
AGE:Looks: 22 | Actual: 32
DOB: April 20th, 1986
SPECIES: Initia | Radix
OCCUPATION: Owner and operator of The Reigns Cafe | Supporting Sierra’s leadership while serving as protector to Jessalyn.
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Lives above Reigns Cafe | Evermore, Colorado
HOMETOWN: London, England
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
BULID: Athletic but Slim, Five foot Ten, One hundred and sixty seven pounds.
EYES:Normal: Blue | When using earth: Green| when using air: Yellow
FACECLAIM: William Moseley
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Burn scars in the shape of hand mark along his ribs from a Phoenix
TATTOOS: Initia tribe tattoo on lower back

POSITIVE: Grounded, Protective, Brotherly
NEGATIVE:Haunted, Brooding, Stubborn
HABITS:Drinking, Smoking, sexual conquest, Insomina
HOBBIES: Baking, Coffee brewing, Greenhouse work, growing his own coffee beans
SKILLS: Earth Element, Air Element

The Reigns family lived on the ritzy side of London, where wrought iron gates connected to large brick walls that lined the property and the closest neighbour was at least a mile away on either side. It was a posh area where actors, actresses, and wealthy business tycoons could afford the high priced homes and maintain a staff of at least a dozen people. Clarissa Reigns came from old money and being the only child had gotten everything upon her parents passing and once she married Thomas that fortune nearly tripled as he was good at his job. Together the couple had four children: Adolf, Cedric, Sierra, and Jessalyn.

Due to the nature of their jobs Clarissa and Thomas were away from their family for extended periods of time though this was not uncommon for people within their financial bracket. The couple employed a sizeable staff from groundskeepers to cooks to housekeepers to a governess who looked after the four Reigns siblings while they were away. Due to their parents extended absences that Reigns children were close, closer than most would have thought. Adolf, as the eldest sibling, took on the responsibility of keeping an eye on his younger brother and sisters making him more somber and quiet. Cedric was usually the smiling and borderline rambunctious middle child while Sierra was quiet and gentle though always smiling. Jessalyn, as the baby, was fearless and perhaps the most outgoing of the four.

As the four grew older Cedric and Sierra became thick as thieves, their status as the middle siblings forging a special bond. Likewise Adolf and Jessalyn had a particular relationship, as the baby had her eldest brother wrapped around her little fingers and Adolf was enchanted with his baby sister. Cedric would still get time with his brother, being the 2 oldest they often snuck out of the house and frequented clubs using fake I.D.’s and the notoriety being a Reigns afforded them. Even when their parents were home the four of them usually stayed together, only speaking when spoken to and retreating to their own haven at the earliest convenience.

When Cedric was 15 he noticed Adolf, who was 3 years older, acting strangely. His normally open brother became rather closed off and moody, even toward his beloved Jessalyn. Despite his best efforts Adolf kept things to himself though after a few months he mellowed out to a certain degree returning mostly to the brother they knew and loved. Still Cedric couldn’t help but feel Adolf was keeping something from them, hiding a big secret that looked as if it was eating him alive. His best efforts to pry the information from his elder sibling failed and finally he gave up.

At the age of 18 Cedric became slightly withdrawn himself, his body felt as if it was strung too tightly. A few months following his birthday the young lad had been feeling a sharp pain resonating from the small of his back, chalking it up to too much strain in the gym. 4 days after the ache had begun Cedric was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when the pain sharpened to excruciating levels, forcing him to his knees. The moment he hit the ground the entire house began shaking, the very Earth violently roiling beneath his hands. Adolf came barging in the door, his gaze taking in the scene in a moment before his brother knelt beside him talking to him in soothing tones. Using his voice as a guide Cedric pulled himself together, rising from whatever fog had pulled him under causing the tremors to cease.

Terrified Cedric looked up at his brother, all sorts of questions springing to his lip though Adolf’s raised hand stopped him. Turning him so that their backs faced the mirror Adolf pulled up his shirt to reveal a black tribal tattoo in the small of his back, prompting Cedric to do the same. There was a matching tattoo, identical in design and shape as well as in the placing. Calmly Adolf lead Cedric to his room where he extracted an old journal that had been written by their great grandfather. Page after page after page contained the history of their people, musing from their ancestors mind that explained both who and what they were.

The Reigns family came from a long line of elementalists, supernatural beings known as Initia. Initia had the ability to control aspects of nature: earth, water, fire, and air. Their great grandfather laid out instructions for each, including how to control each element and how each element worked. As he detailed, Jedidiah Reigns possessed a rare trait within the Initia, a gene that marked them as a potential leader and gave him access to a fifth element, spirit. Through his teachings Cedric learned and discovered his talent for Earth, his connection to nature grounding him in peace and tranquillity two things he had been missing dearly in his life.

In time Sierra too went through her transition, her brothers watching her closely so as to help her through the confusing and shocking discovery. Much to their delight Sierra was talented with fire, the irony of their quiet and gentle sister controlling such a volatile and destructive element was not lost on them. They often teased her that she was hiding her violent nature and needed to cut loose a little more. So the journal passed to Sierra who entrenched herself in the pages to learn everything that she could.

For four years the eldest Reigns siblings kept things hidden from their little sister though as her 18th birthday approached they waited anxiously to see if she would prove to be an Initia like them. Unfortunately tragedy would strike late one night that would forever change their lives. Cedric had drug Adolf out for a much deserved night on the town, Sierra was out at a friends house, and Jessalyn was being looked after by their governess. Their parents were home, an odd occasion in itself as it was party season which meant they should have been in Paris or Milan. Passing it off as some flook the siblings went about their business, occupying themselves with their normal routines.

Severely smashed, both brothers called for a cab and sang obnoxiously on the way home, pulling up in front of their mansion home to find blue and red lights lighting up the neighbourhood and a long line of cop cars crowding the drive. Adrenaline burned through the alcoholic haze as both brothers raced inside to find a pair of sheet covered bodies being carried outside. Someone had entered their home, slipped past every defence and every staff member and their sleeping sister, to murder their parents in cold blood. Both bodies were heavily marked from an assortment of weapons before being soaked in accelerant and set on fire.

Adolf shared a look with his brother, both siblings immediately remembering the small passage their great grandfather had written about the Phoenix. Off shoot abominations that had mutated from fire specialist to creatures that could both wield and create fire. While they had no proof it was obvious in their minds that their parents had been targeted by these creatures and killed. Both boys agreed that it was time they left, leaving the carnage behind. While they hadn’t known their parents very well the loss still stung, leaving an inevitable mark upon their psyche’s.

Adolf commanded that Jessalyn be kept in the dark, in order to protect her he concocted a story that would satisfy the youngest Reigns. Cedric collected Sierra and together they liquidated their assets and went travelling across the globe. For a year they drifted from one place to another, engaging in the antics that trust fund babies were famous for. It was Sierra who final called a halt to it all, stating that she was tired of the travelling and parties and wanted to find a permanent home. She had done her research, and with Cedric himself backing her they moved to Evermore, Colorado.

Evermore hosted a large population of supernaturals beings, all living in close quarters and in relative peace. The moment they arrived the leader gene that was inherent to their family became active within Sierra who immediately gained control of the other three elements as well as gained the fifth element spirit. Several days later Jessalyn showed signs of her own element awakening, the power of wind completing the sibling circle.

The Reigns went through a rough transition period at that point, as Sierra was made Ambassador of the Initia following the death of the previous Magister. Cedric did his best to help his sister, integrating their faction back together after such a jarring situation. Adolf had his hands full with Jessalyn who with the arrival of her powers and her tattoo uncovered the truth about their parents deaths and was angry at having been kept in the dark. While they had no proof their parents had actually been killed by Phoenix it was what had taken root in the eldest brothers minds.

Discovering that a faction of the Phoenix resided in the city tainted Adolf’s mind, shifting his personality perceptively though Cedric was loath to admit it. It seemed as if Adolf’s grief was twisting his heart with hatred and aiming it toward the only targets he had which in their case were the Pheonix. It didn’t help that Cedric uncovered evidence that the previous Magister had been murdered by the Phoenix Ambassador Leona d’Fierro. Unfortunately Cedric became sidetracked from his quest to help his brother by the arrival of the Gemini Comet, as it passed overhead in a fiery display the entire Initia faction was knocked unconscious.

When Cedric awoke from the pain and blackness he became aware of a new power surging within him. In counterpoint to his home element he found he could control the winds, the very air around him bending to his will. It seemed the entire faction was experiencing similar reactions therefore Cedric at the behest of his sister became entrenched in helping his people learn their new elements. Neglecting Adolf proved a fatal mistake, a mistake that both he, Sierra, and Jessalyn took responsibility for. Adolf slowly slipped into madness, his unchecked anguish warping his mind with hatred that he aimed at the Phoenix faction.

For a time they tried to funnel his fervour, hatching a plan to overtake the Abominations by kidnapping a few of their members to force their leader, Leona into surrendering. It was Cedric and Sierra’s plan to use her to find out for sure if their parents had indeed been killed by a Phoenix. Cedric himself let his darker nature loose upon their prisoners, torturing them as a release for his own anger and heartache. They became complacent however, underestimating the Fire Lords power and steadfast loyalty to each other. In a single night both of their prisoners were rescued, ripped from their clutches and leaving a bloody mess behind.

War was brewing, the deaths of their people fuelled the hatred that had become an inherent part of their nature though both Sierra and Jessalyn were attempting to curb the blood lust. Adolf had bitten off more than he could chew however and that mistake cost him his life. His brother attacked a pregnant Phoenix, the girlfriend of the factions most deadly member leaving the mother to be bereft of a child and Adolf murdered in his own home.

His brothers death jarred the entire family, leaving Cedric the now eldest child and immersed in his grief. He had come to a cross roads upon which he could follow in his brother’s footsteps and most likely end up dead or he could rise above the hatred to help his sisters move forward. So with a heavy heart Cedric forgave his brother and the Phoenix for whatever part they had to play and joined his sisters in working to forge peace among the species. Evermore was now their home and he was determined to make things work, supporting the peace treaty that we being proposed by the other leaders of the city.

That planned seemed to be working beautiful until some mysterious entity erected the barrier that was now keeping them all prisoner. Cedric stands beside his sisters, supporting Sierra’s leadership while serving as protector to Jessalyn.

Eye Color: Green

Earth Manipulation - User can create, shape and manipulate earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, minerals and plant-life. They can create an earthquake and also liquefy the ground for a short amount of time, resulting in a quicksand effect.

Enhanced Strength - Users are able to lift heavy objects such as trees, huge boulders, structures, etc. with ease. Although, constant lifting can weaken an Initia, most use this trait  as a weapon to throw heavy objects at their enemies.

Earth Attacks - Users can manipulate the various forms of life and elements on earth to attack their enemies. Earth attacks are most effective when surrounded by nature and are less effective when the user is surrounded by only synthetic materials or metal.

Types Of Earth Attacks

Plant Attacks - Manipulate plant life around them to hold back enemies.

Poison - Fill plants with poison

Earthquake generation - Make the ground tremble for a few moments

Force-Field Generation - Create a shield to protect themselves or keep something from entering or leaving a place. However, the field becomes ineffective once the user loses concentration or is weakened due to prolonged use of powers.

Eye Color: Yellow

Air Walking - Able to walk on air, treating it like a solid matter. They can run and move across air, the same as if they were walking on the ground. Although concentration need to be used to walk on the air.

Manipulate Air Form - Initia’s can create and manipulate air to create different forms of winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, micro-bursts and other forms of wind. Although they are not allowed to use air to cause destruction.

Deflection - The ability to deflect forms of attacks by projectiles force away from the user creating a barrier. The is usually a defensive move although it can be used as an offense with sufficient capability. Although they are only being able to deflect projectiles with their hands and may not being able to work on assaults from behind if it was at a low level.

Air Attacks - The ability to release and use air to various attacks, an initia can use air to various shapes it can intensify when projected. Although it can require a source of air to be able to create blasts, they may not be immune to the effects of their own blast. They can use up a lot of energy if used at once, users can become exhausted if this happens.  

Types Of Air Attacks

Air ball projection - Being able to create and launch spheres of wind

Air beam Emission  - Release beams of air

Air Blast-  Release air over to a specific target area

Air Vortex Creation - Being able to create a spiral/vortex of air.

Sierra Reigns Initia
Nicknames/Titles: Sierra Bug, Sie, Sia
Relationship: Sister - Ambassador
Tale: Cedric and Sierra have always been close, as the middle children of the Reigns they bonded. That bond is still strong even to this day, Even if Cedric has just returned. He hopes in time things between the Reigns will returned to normal but nothing is ever normal in Evermore.
Jessalyn Reigns Initia
Nicknames/Titles: Jessa Bunny, Jessy, Jessa
Relationship: Sister - Protectee
Tale: Jessalyn has always been looked at as the baby of the family and in a blink of an eye she grew up on Cedric. He knows that he must take his brothers place in protecting her but not only that, he needs to teach her how to fight and hold her own, cause he may not always be around.

Arthur Brynn Therian
Nicknames/Titles: Dragon
Relationship: Friend?
Tale: Cedric attacked Arthur when he was seeing a vision of his dead brother, Arthur knocked him out and carried him home. TBC...
Raven Linwood Dhampir
Nicknames/Titles: Rav
Relationship: Employee
Tale: Cedric was working one day short handed as he just opened and in walked Raven, he told her if she got to wokr she could have the job. TBC...


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