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..."No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."...

Name:  Dorothy Crane

Birth Name: Dorothea Craciunescu

Other Names:
- “Dotty”
- “Nurse Crane”

- “Miss”
- “Nurse”

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Marital Status: Single

Significant Other: N/A

Birth Date: 4th April 1892

Birth Place: ‘Sighișoara, Transylvania, Romania.’

- ‘‘Sighișoara, Transylvania, Romania.’
- ‘Tintagel, Cornwall, England.’
- 'London, England'

Current Residence: Evermore, Colorado, US

Death/Change Date: 1918

Age: 126

Age Appearance: 25 - 30

Age at Death/Change: 26

Death/Change Place: London, England.

Created by: Unknown

Nationality: Romanian

Accent/Dialect: The Queens English

Known Languages:
- ‘Romanian’
- ‘English’

Zodiac: Aries

Occupation: Nurse at Evermore General Hospital

Height: 5 ft 3 in or 160 cm

Weight: 51 kg or 112.5 pounds

Scars: Non

Abnormalities: Non

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: Non

Hair Colour: Blonde

Hair Length: Shoulder

Eye Colour: Blue

Somatotype: Slim

(Face Claim: Sarah Gadon)

Personality: Empathetic, Brave, Compassionate, Graceful, Selfless, Caring, Sweet, Outspoken, Curious, Stubborn, Kind, Polite, Headstrong, Rebellious, Relentless, Illogical





Favourite Flower(s):
- ‘Lily of the Valley’
- ‘Daisies’

Favourite Colour: White

Favourite Book: "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley

Favourite Song: "And The Waltz Goes On..." by Andre Rieu and Anthony Hopkins

Dorothea Craciunescu was born in Romanian Transylvania, she lived a simple life, along with her brother Stefan. She grew up kind of heart and strong minded, she exceled anything she put her mind to leading her to become a talented nurse at a young age but in 1916 she was compelled to flee the country when civil unrest spread its way through Romania, some of her family were killed, but she escaped with her brother Stefan and his wife Maria. They fled to England and ended up in Whitechapel, London.

Changing her name to the more English-sounding Dorothy Crane, her knowledge of medicine helped her find work at Pembroke Hospital. After the first wave of Spanish flu struck London, she opened a back-alley medical clinic in Whitechapel with the help of her brother. She was one of the very few providers of medicine for those who could not afford the basic treatments.

Stefan and Maria decided to return to, Transylvania, in October of 1918. Stefan wrote a letter to Dorothy instead of directly saying goodbye, knowing that Dorothy would not have approved of them going back.

She continued to operate her Whitechapel dispensary in secret and alone, while also continuing to work at Pembroke Hospital. She often gave away medical supplies and prescriptions for free, and distributed vouchers for free medical examinations. Her activities gained her reputation in Whitechapel, with some appreciating her help, and others (particularly those of high class) finding fault with her handing out medicine without charge.

However, during the worst months of the Spanish flu epidemic she struggled to keep her dispensary running, and as drugs were in short supply even in the hospitals, she often didn't have necessary equipment such as antiseptics or anesthetics. To finance the dispensary, Crane stole, bribed, and blackmailed the wealthy for large sums of money.

During one of her underhand deals she came up short with payment and therefore suffered the conscience, for unknown to her, her supplier that days was a particular hot-headed vampire and, in his rage, due to her failing to complete her side of the arrangement he decided that her life was payment.

She awoke, the day after, abandoned among the filth that laced the streets of Whitechapel, distorted, confused… a vampire.

Through out the century she has managed to gain a level of control over her bloodlust and still helps those in need, though finding her medical skills are somewhat outdated she has ventured to evermore where she hopes to learn what the modern medicines have to offer.

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