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Clueless in Colorado {Riley & Ava}

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It had been a slow morning in the house. Ava though well recovered was still ordered not to exert herself too…Continue

Just For Tonight {Caleb & Ava}

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An assortment of red met her eyes.It wasn’t surprising considering the occasion, but the past month…Continue

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"What started as an awkward step now dissolved into a more comfortable rhythm as she found herself being twirled across the room. Maybe that was just what she needed, an evening of plain fun coupled with whimsical laughter and an experience of being…"

✓ Caleb Eli Segal replied to ✓ Avalon Mitchell-Gallagher's discussion Just For Tonight {Caleb & Ava}
"Caleb was lucky that he was fairly light on his feet and already knew the steps to a waltz. He hadn’t taken dance classes, but his secondary school had plenty of after school activities where kids often got together and dance was one of them.…"

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✓ Riley Adams replied to ✓ Avalon Mitchell-Gallagher's discussion Clueless in Colorado {Riley & Ava}
"It had been a few months now since she first encountered Kaelyn, and since their last encounter, Riley had agreed to remain in Evermore despite every urge in her telling her not to; she wasn’t equipped for the civilisation way of life - for…"
Feb 15

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✓ Avalon Mitchell-Gallagher replied to ✓ Avalon Mitchell-Gallagher's discussion Just For Tonight {Caleb & Ava}
"With the way he had glanced at the door and then back at her made Ava wonder if she would be on the receiving end of a negative reply. She had mentally steeled herself for it, her lips parting to utter a nonchalant “It is okay, no harm…"
Feb 15

✓ Caleb Eli Segal replied to ✓ Avalon Mitchell-Gallagher's discussion Just For Tonight {Caleb & Ava}
"The morning light of Valentine’s Day strummed through his window and he had to resist the urge to stay in bed and hide for the remainder of the day. The day of love really didn’t do Caleb any favors. He wasn’t in the place in his…"
Feb 14

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"You look familiar. I hope to see you around town."
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Under Construction~

:  Ava Lane Mitchell

BIRTH NAME: Avalon June Gallagher

ETYMOLOGYLife of birds the name Ava is a traditional feminine name which is a derivative of the name Eve, who was the mother of life. It is of Latin origin dating back to the Old Testament.|
Roadway, path, direction The name Lane is a unisex name which of English origin. This name was given to her by her adopted parents, Eric and Marigold Mitchell.|
Mitchell is an Old English surname that dates back to the name
Michael from the Bible. She inherited the surname from her adopted parents.|
Isle of paradise
the name Avalon dates back to the legend of King Arthur. Her birth parents chose this name for their daughter believing it would lead her to great things.|
Descendent of a rescuer the name Gallagher is Irish in ancestry and is Ava’s biological surname.

NICKNAMES:  Avie - Eric Mitchell, her adopted father | Ace - Caleb, her fiancé

DATE OF BIRTH 2nd April, 1993 | AGE : 24 years old

ZODIAC SIGN | EXPLAINED: Aries | I’m defined by my curiosity, energy, and upbeat personality

PLACE OF BIRTH: Newhaven in East Sussex, United Kingdom

RESIDENCE: Harper’s Ferry, Virginia childhood | Hampton, Virginia college | Paris, France home | Evermore, Colorado current

OCCUPATION: Former Pilot | Currently working odd jobs around Evermore

SPECIES: Instar Diviner-Light | Raised as a biological human

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Engaged to Caleb Segal | Cannot remember due to her amnesia

FACECLAIM: Sarah Bolger


HAIR| EYE COLOR:  Ava’s natural hair color is a reddish blonde commonly described as strawberry or auburn. It has some slight brown and copper undertones. | Her eyes are naturally greenish blue like seawater. However, when Ava discovers her magical heritage and removes the necklace that her adoptive father used to block them, her eye color begins to change with her emotions.

HEIGHT| WEIGHT | BODY TYPE: 5’4 | 126 lbs | Slender and fit

ETHNICITY: Caucasian | Ancestry of Irish and French. Unbeknownst to Ava, until she comes to Evermore, her family ancestry is touched by magic.

TATTOOS | PIERCINGS: Paper Plane on her right shoulder | Earlobes

NOTABLE JEWELRY: Ava wears an orb shaped necklace on a gold chain which carries a rare red gem inside. Her father, Eric, put it on her when she was adopted. He warned her repeatedly about taking it off and she never did. It glows when her emotions are particularly intense.



A is for adventurous. Ava lives on the move and can’t wait to see what awaits her on the next horizon. It’s part of why she became a pilot. The thrill of life gets her up early in the morning and makes it difficult to go to sleep at night. She would much prefer to be out exploring new places than sitting anywhere, ever.

E is for eager to please. Especially when it comes to her superiors, Ava wants to impress those around her and often looks for ways to make others like her or enjoy her company. She is always the last one helping with clean up duty or turning in extra-credit homework.

I is for independent. Ava is a do-it-yourself kind of girl and likes to figure things out on her own in her own unique way. Instruction booklets be damned! Even if it takes twice as long, she will find her own way to make things work. 

R is for romantic. If there is anything to make this cowgirl turn jitterbug weak at the knees, it’s a blonde haired boy imagewith blue eyes. The first boy she liked was in the first grade and she thought her heart wa exploding and her cheeks were on fire. Her adopted mother, Marigold, would later explain that this feeling was called a crush. It didn’t make sense until a week later when she asked Jimmy Martin to the Valentine’s Party at school and he called her a carrot head. It wasn’t until years later that she met Caleb and understood how vast love truly could become.

S is for spontaneous. Ava lives in the in the moment. She can be forgetful, to be sure, but makes up for it with spontaneous hugs, kisses, notes left on fridges, and overall zest for life that she passes on to those that she is around.  


S is for stubborn. Ava was raised getting most of what she wanted and very few rules. Therefore, her stubborn heart was left without a lot of consequence. However, as many mistakes as her adopted parents made, they did do their best to guide her to use her stubborn shoes to push her forwards in life and not backwards.

M is for messy. With all of the drive she has for adventure and career, Ava’s personal items can become a bit of a wreck and cleaning is often the last thing on her mind. Very often, she tries to keep it out of the way by stuffing mess into closets or drawers, but eventually it explodes and Caleb’s gentle guidance helps her sort through the mess before it becomes a disaster.

B is for blunt. As good as Ava is with other’s emotions, especially when encouraging them, she can be very hard on herself and blunt with her own feelings. She tends to dumb down her own needs often until they are too obvious and appear to be a cry for help. For this reason, she hates being sick or helpless more than anything else and struggles very much with a temper when these circumstances fall into her lap.

MEYER’S BRIGGS | EXPLAINED:  ESFP The Entertainer | I am defined by my confidence and knack at cheering others onwards


Heights  acrophobia is the fear of heights. Ava was once a lover of heights: climbing trees, ziplining, parachuting, and anything that would get her feet off the ground. However, after her plane crashed into the ocean, she much prefers her feet planted on something solid.

Flight  aerophobia is the fear of flying on a plane. Flying used to be one of Ava’s favorite things. She graduated top of her class and then went into the Air Force. It made her feel like she was on top of the world. However, after a storm in the Indian Ocean where she tried to evacuate personnel before a local military base was hit, flying is off Ava’s radar for anytime in the near future.

Storms astraphobia is the fear of storms, particularly large ones with thunder and lightning. Ava has dealt with a fear of thunderstorms since she was a small child and despite that her adoptive parents tried many things to help her through it, nothing fully cured her fear.

Fear of Public Speaking/Performing glossophobia Ava is a good musician and has a knack for picking up instruments, but she struggles with being able to sing or play in public.


The Clair De Lune is Ava’s plane and was named after her favorite classical piece of music. It flew safely with her for three years before crashing in the Indian Ocean. Many, including her fiancé Caleb, believed that she died with it.

Yellow Scrunchies are commonly found on Ava’s wrist. She commonly carries a hair tie with her typically in a bright color, most often yellow.

Pecan Pie is Ava’s favorite dessert which was made by Marigold and she still carries the recipie with her when she travels despite that she is a disaster in the kitchen and her own rendition of the dessert is barely edible.


Non Magical

READING - When Ava was a small child, her adopted parents could never get her to sit still or calm down and sometimes they often found that their normally sunny child would then disappear into someone with severe anxiety. The only way to calm this was often in books. Ava loved reading fiction. It would take her somewhere else where her life didn’t have to be so intense for a while. Sometimes she could hide in books for hours until the storm (whether it was literal or emotional) was gone.

FLYING  - Before Ava flew a real plane, her fascination took off in kites and remote controlled robots purchased at the general store. Even watching birds was a habit. She loved anything that could take to the sky the same way that she could spring across her yard. It was a daily childhood question why she couldn’t have been born with wings. Ava always wanted to fly. It wasn’t until she was college age and had successfully completed the bores of school that her parents allowed her to attend a flight academy. From there, she went on to do a year as one of the youngest commercial pilots and followed with signing up for the United States Military. Ava was genuinely happier when she was on a plane, in the air, soaring away towards the unknown. She is a skilled pilot certified to fly both commercial and military planes. However, it will be a long road back to becoming as capable as she once was after a traumatic incident.

 RUNNING - Ava always thought that running was the closest she could get to flying and she joined the long distance track team during high school. Despite the fact that she could have been recruited for an athletic scholarship, she had much different plans, and now only uses running as a way to keep healthy.


Ava is a light powered Instar Diviner which means her powers come from the sun. Her family, the Gallaghers, are also light powered Diviners. When Ava was found on the island the gem inside her necklace was nearly crushed from the impact of the plane crash and she reached Evermore after being brought there in a semi-comatose state by her cousin. Aster, being a history buff, recognized the pendent that Ava wore as being a magically ingrained power blocking gem which had been forbidden in all Instar Diviner covens, even the dark ones, over a century ago. After three months in Evermore, most of Ava’s physical body has healed but her memories from before the crash are still fuzzy. Without the charmed necklace blocking her powers, she now has to adjust to an entire new world where she isn’t human.

It starts with the sun.

Jacob and Summer Gallagher were from a long line of light diviners and met while still in their teens, before the ceremony, and long before either considered marriage or having children. They were the best of friends and that was what made them the happiest couple. Friends knew them as the jovial young family who loved to travel, host game night, and never turned away a person in need. It was three years into their marriage when a piece of that light was chipped away at the news it may become difficult for Summer to ever carry a baby. They were devastated having always wanted to raise a family. It became especially hard for Summer when her sister-in-law became pregnant and a year later her niece, Aster, was born. However, the wait wasn’t long, and their miracle arrived. A surprise to everyone, Avalon June Gallagher came into the world with laughter instead of tears. However, as beautiful as the baby was, the birth had been difficult on Summer. To her husband’s protest, the diviner insisted on being the one to cast life protection on her daughter. As generous a sacrifice as this was it slowly began to drain the last of what made Summer Gallagher herself. She never fully recovered. The tiny family of three chose to vacation far from the small town of her birth and move to Lyon, France.

Avalon’s first three years were filled with bright breezy mornings, colorful bouquets, and her own childish imitations of a new language. Her father, Jacob, found work as a carpenter since he had always been good with hands and her mother did her best to conceal her illness around their small daughter. However, Summer’s light was fading, and the toddler was quick to one-up her in energy. Before long, most of the couple’s limited finances were going to a nurse and a nanny. Ava grew bright and enjoyed making her mother laugh, but it wouldn’t be long before her self-awareness grew enough that she noticed her Mother’s laughter typically ended in a blood-soaked handkerchief. Jacob was worked to the bone paying the pills and it wearied him to see his wife slipping from his grasp, day by day. It was then that they decided to return to consult the coven over Summer’s illness. Perhaps, something could be done.

The year was 1995 and the metro in Lyons could not be more crowded. Two and a half year old Ava sucked her thumb as her Mother held her and her Father carried the majority of their belongings stuffed into three suitcases. The train rushed out of the city and towards home when suddenly the lights in the car went black. Everything was still before the back of the train rocked back and forth to a giant boom. The screams of people and cries of children were overshadowed by the blast. Chaos broke out as everyone ran towards the doors. Upon finding them locked and underground silence took hold while everyone trapped in the railcar wondered to themselves how long they’d be there. Eight people died and another one hundred and fifty seven were injured in the attack on the train, but never spoken of was the the little girl who went missing in the bedlam.

Found on the scene of a terrorist bombing with no identification, Avalon Gallagher had little chance of ever seeing her family again, even as they searched for her. Her life was quickly a question of who was she was, but one man made sure they never found out what she was. With her blue eyes flashing between a terrified white and an angry red, it was clear to Eric Mitchell that Ava was no normal baby. As a CIA agent, it was his duty to protect both foreign entities and and his own country by turning in anything that may be dangerous. For all he knew, this baby could have caused the explosion; but as he he held the child and calmed her cries, Eric could not excuse handing her over to the authorities. He knew that any kind of foreign being, whether it was alien or something else, would be tested and imprisoned. This was a baby and he couldn’t have blind faith in any organization that would treat a child with such cruelty. So, doing the only thing that felt right, he brought her home to his wife. It was easy for Marigold to notice that Avalon wasn’t a normal toddler. The toddler’s prompt dislike for peas made her eyes turn green. After spending a week buried in the deepest of locked up files (plenty of which were illegal for him to access) Eric Mitchell found hope. He believed that small ‘Avie’ as she called herself was a magical being of some sort and her powers were controlled by the sun. It took another few days of research and a clever contact in the black market for him to come upon an antique silver necklace with a red gem inside. They placed it on the baby and from that day on, Ava’s magical colored eyes disappeared only to rainbow into her jewelry. Eric had no joy in taking away what he knew could make her so special, but if it was to keep her safe, he believed his new daughter could never know what power was underneath her fingertips. Neither could anyone else.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Summer searched for their daughter who had disappeared on the day of the disastrous train trip back to their coven. Summer’s health was still weak and losing her only child did not aid her. Jacob continued to work so that they could afford rent, but France was no longer the safe haven it once had been. Slowly, grief began to take its toll on their relationship and losing Ava was all that they could think or speak of to one another. It was as if the sun had faded behind a dark cloud which did not cease. Eventually, despite that her health hadn’t improved, Summer packed her bags. She couldn’t remain in the home where her baby girl had taken her last steps and had given her last hugs to her parents. It was too painful. In the middle of the night, she boarded a taxi and left Jacob. There was a letter pinned to the fridge, but all it really said was goodbye.

Ava Mitchell grew into a spunky, bright, opinionated child who treated the world like her wheelhouse. She knew the names of the neighbors and their dogs and exactly what time the bus left for school, but even with all the reminders she was always five minutes late to class. Over time, it became part of her charm, but school was difficult for her. Easily distractible, she liked to dream during lectures and study periods and never found Maths and English interesting, but more frustrating. Science was the one class she enjoyed, but only the chapters on birds and clouds. The rest of the year passed by in a dredge of education and extra tutors and always trying harder to seem like she fit into a school that just didn’t fit her. Ava was always too loud when she needed to be quiet and too quiet when she needed to be loud. She simply didn’t tick the boxes of elementary school. However, in the midst of it all, she did find that despite her family’s strict rules, they were kind. Many times she wondered where her bright colored hair and eyes came from when both Eric and Marigold had dark eyes and brown hair. Her parents simply told her she was unique, but for Ava it was more than that: struggling to feel like she belonged.

Curiosity and questions are all well and fine in an eleven year old, but as she aged, her grades and her “lack of trying” at school became came an issue for her parents, but Ava did try despite her dislike of school. Only now, it was with an end goal in sight. She wanted to get out of Harper’s Ferry and attend a Pilot’s Academy. There was much tension for several months and she often awoke to hearing her parents argue in whispers about the necklace she’d worn since long ago. Could they trust her to keep it on? It was all for her own protection. These things worried Ava, but she did her best to push them to the back of her mind and sleep through the conversations she was never meant to hear. Her senior year was ripe with growth, good grades, and a gift. Instead of buying her a car for graduation, Eric Mitchell brought his adopted daughter down to the old military consignment lot and helped her choose her first plane. It was small, lightweight, and fit two people in the front. Retired, but in excellent repair. Ava’s eyes glowed when she saw it, though purely from excitement. Before the afternoon was over, she was the proud owner of The Clair de Lune. The sight, the feel and just the emotion of running her hands through the mechanisms of The Clair, reinforced the idea that had developed since she had first stumbled upon a tattered copy of The Red Fighter Pilot. Filled with the intriguing tale itself and the accompanying comments in the margin, Ava knew without a doubt that this was her path in life.

It took a lot of convincing, but eventually Eric and Marigold allowed their daughter to move into the dorms. They were a wreck of nerves her first day on campus and could barely leave in the car once she was settled in with her roommate. However, Ava was walking on air. Finally, she was free to explore her interests without an angel and a devil on her shoulder, constantly reminding her of the rules. Unlike a normal college, flight academy only lasted a year and a half. Her classes were not only oriented in logic, brain training, and geography, but also mechanics, emergency safety mechanisms, and finally piloting a plane. She dove into her studies head first for the first time in her life fascinated enough to be focused, and energized. The next year and a half passed by faster than she anticipated and Ava graduated with honors.

Like all newly graduated students, Ava decided to fly commercial planes. It wasn’t hard to find a job and soon she was being swept off her feet-quite literally in the whirlwind of her training and certifications. 100 hours of pilot-in-command time, 50 hours of cross-country flying and the realisation of finally living her dream had Ava beyond happy. Once the newness wore off and the experience became a regular routine, she started to feel like she was missing something. Coming home to Virginia and sinking into the old sheets of her bed, Ava wondered if having waited  for so long that this was all it felt like to have finally achieved her goal. She cuddled up next to her parents and confessed her struggle. Her father was encouraging, for once, and her mother baked a pecan pie; but it was really a single documentary about a military pilot that showed Ava why she’d been feeling so trapped while flying in the air. She wasn’t content shuttling discontent passengers from place to place. She needed a purpose. With a skip in her step, Ava Mitchell signed up for the United States Air Force. Eric and Marigold, worrying her secret was only one accident from being released into the world, feared the worst.

Only the worse did not come in the form that they had anticipated. It was no secret that Eric and Ava did not see eye to eye on her joining the Airforce. Having been a CIA officer for a large part of his life, Eric felt that world to be too grim and too unpredictable for his daughter and they argued many times in person and on phone. Ava defended  her passion and dreams fiercely, but it wreaked havoc on their already rocky relationship and though Marigold tried to be the buffer, things never really improved. It was near the end of her second year of enlistment that Ava found herself again on the on the end of another troubling conversation. She bluntly stated that being a military pilot was what she wanted and   he’d simply have to accept it before ending the call and sending her phone flying across her bed. Eric Mitchell was a stubborn man and she anticipated another call from him soon. It came seven hours later, but it wasn’t her dad but her mom. While it was difficult to decipher the sounds of choked up sobs, Ava could hear enough to tell that her father had died in a car crash. Her whole world came down crumbling at that news.

There wasn’t much she could do, but power through the rest of her enlistment, but afterwards, Ava didn’t choose to sign up again. After all, it had been her father’s one wish that she never fly an army plane to begin with. Truthfully, despite, that she knew he was trying to keep her safe, Ava couldn’t help but wonder if he’d been hiding something more. After the funeral, she chose to take some of the money that she’d earned and vacation in France. Eric had always spoken of retiring there and despite his many faults, she preferred to remember him as happily as she could. Her time in Lyons and Annecy was therapeutic, but eventually, Ava grew to truly love living in France. She picked up the language much easier than studying Spanish in school and living among the locals made asking for advice on what she missed a pleasure instead of a chore. Eventually, she moved inland towards Paris and began renting a small apartment on top of a flower shop and working for a non-profit for veterans that ran out of the American Hospital of Paris.

It was while organizing a charity 5k for her job that she met Caleb Segal while he signed up for the race and two weeks later came in third place. The job earned her a lot of commendation from her superiors and her first friend in Paris. While it took another few months for Caleb and Ava to begin keeping each other regular company, he began tutoring her in French almost immediately and non-stop teased the redheaded lass over her terribly American pronunciation of over half her vocabulary words. Conversations soon blossomed into hours of dialogue and nights spent watching movies glued to the floor with popcorn and grapes. His energy was infectious and they were never not laughing. It was always fun, but Ava was starting to believe he was only interested in her as a friend. And she was starting to see him as something more. Maybe for the first time, her heart felt a sense of warmth and belongingness she had never experienced with anyone before and though a part of her was still fearful of rejection, Ava, who had never been shy of going after what she wanted, decided to make her feelings known.

The film was called Amélie and it was one of Caleb’s favorites. He seemed fairly engrossed and despite enjoying the movie, Ava truly even more wished, she could be enjoying him. She had tried subtle hints, but they hadn’t seemed to work. Finally, when it was over and the two lay side by side, underneath the skylight, she pointed upwards at the stars and told him the legend of Altair and Aquila, the Romeo and Juliet of the constellations. Caleb laughed for a solid three minutes because he thought Aquila’s name sounded like Tequila. Irritated that even romance wasn’t getting through his ability to laugh at anything, Ava reached for his shoulders, climbed across his lap, and kissed him, while whispering. “I don’t BS about stars.”

Their life together in Paris was happy and filled with so much good. For Ava, her volunteer work with veterans was enough for a while, but it wasn’t long before she had the itch to fly again. That led her to a second non-profit that licensed pilots to help families escape from impending disasters, such as tornadoes, and tsunamis. It made Caleb happy to see her pursuing what made her shine. In their downtime, they spent weekends in the French countryside. It was on one of those many that Caleb proposed and Ava happily said yes. She believed that she would live the rest of her life in Paris, but only a few months before her scheduled wedding, there was a giant storm spotted off the coast off an island in the Indian ocean. Few people lived there, but those who did would lose their homes and their livelihoods if they weren’t escorted out in time. They didn’t need more than one pilot, but everyone knew that Ava was the best at what she did. It was one of many reasons Caleb had taken to calling her ‘Ace’. He kissed her goodbye and watched as the plane flew off the strip in the Charles De Gaulle Airport. If anyone could navigate an incoming storm, it was her.

Despite having a fear of storms ever since she was small child, Ava knew that what she was doing was more important than being afraid. Still, she couldn’t help but feel the hair on the back of her neck raised as she flew closer into the grey clouds that loomed ahead and sported purple tendrils of electricity like an angry jellyfish that belonged somewhere deep in the ocean. With a gulp, the young woman angled her plane towards the island and the local people in need of aid. However, out of nowhere, the storm raised her one. She had to act fast as a coil of sparks nearly hit her tail. She took a deep breath, thankful to have dodged it. The sky was darkening around her and Ava could feel nerves creeping in as she watched people gathering on the shoreline. She could smell oil from the tank; perhaps that brush with the lightning had been closer than she thought. There was no way everyone got out safe, not with the wave of water gathering behind them. Why hadn’t they sent her earlier? Was she ever going to see Caleb again?

There was the soft, persistent beep of machines as Ava’s eyes opened to fluorescent lighting. Her head hurt. Her mouth was dry. As she blinked into the strange surroundings, there was the hazy longing for a person that wasn’t there. Someone she couldn’t remember. Instead, a group of strangers peered back at her. “Avalon? You’re awake!”

A strange place with even stranger people who claimed to be her family. A name which sounded foreign to her own tongue a mind which was blank like a canvas, but a heart which called to it. It was now all up to Ava to figure out who she was and where she belonged.

Caleb is Ava’s fiancé and before that long term boyfriend. They were in a relationship for two years before he proposed eight months ago. Their relationship has been positive and filled with both healing and adventures. Their favorite thing to do is go on weekend trips together, after a long work week in Paris. He still believes her to be missing, but, she has been in Evermore for three months with her biological family working on recovering from her injuries, although her memory of things before the crash is foggy.

~More to come~

PARENTS: Jacob and Summer Gallagher biological | Eric and Marigold Mitchell adoptive
EXTENDED FAMILY: Aster Wren Gallagher, cousin   Joshua and Wilhemina Gallagher, Uncle and Aunt

Just For Tonight ~Caleb

Clueless In Colorado ~Riley

Starter for Rosalyn

Plotting with Kaelyn

Profile Content and Character Creation Credits- Caleb Segal

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