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"Arthur’s lips curled into a small smirk when he heard that, he had been through a lot when he was back home and some air really couldn’t knock him back, well he thinks that it won’t be able too. ‘’I see well, I will be…"
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"Arthur let out a small laugh as he heard the small comment of him going flying, shaking his head. ‘’No need to worry about that. I have been training since I was born, I’m pretty sure your powers wouldn’t knock me…"
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"Once Arthur was sprawled out onto the rock and was comfortable enough; the sun rays were soaking through his coat and it was a relaxing feeling. His ears perked up slightly when he heard her voice, letting his head nod once. ‘’Same to…"
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"The female wolf stayed where she was as he approached her, laying himself down on a sunsoaked rock not far from where she sat. His movements were slow and measured, calculated so as not to present any sort of threat to her. His reply brought a very…"
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"Arwyn chuckled, he had been that kid at school that all the teachers hated because he was constantly talking back, making jokes or generally getting himself into trouble. He guessed the school setting had just never really suited him, everything…"
Nov 9

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"Arthur tried not to let his past affect him so much when it came to moments like these, he was still recovering from all the events that happened to him back at the castle and it seemed to be taking it’s time. He agreed that he had a bad…"
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"Arthur had been sitting upon the forest floor as his ears were keeping alert, he had come across an unfamiliar but familiar scent as it was found all throughout the forest area. He had never once met the alpha yet and although he has heard of her,…"
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Only in the darkness can you see the stars.

''Prince'' Arthur 'Dragon' Brynn.

Name: Arthur Dragon Brynn 
Nicknames/Alias: Artie, Art 
Faceclaim: Bradley James 
Age (Age you look & real age. Only if it applies): 34 years old 
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Bisexual - Mostly Gay though 
Date/place of birth: Neath, Wales | October 12th 
Current place of residence: Residing in therianthrope territory 
Nationality/Species: Welsh | Therian; Lycan 
Occupation (Only if applies): Studying to become a doctor 
Rank (Only if applies): A Member in the faction 
Relationship: Single 

Build: Athletic & Buff 
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue 
Distinguishing marks: Markings from old sword fights; tattoo on his forearm saying freedom

Genuine ~ Loyal ~ Perfectionist 
Secretive ~ Moody ~ Stubborn 


October 12th, 1983 the villagers of a small town in Neath, Wales were gathering around the castle as people were excited about the news of a baby boy arriving soon.

After many hours of labor and the son was finally born, the exhausted mother had named him Arthur Dragon Brynn. The king announced that the baby boy was born safely and was in perfect health.

At a young age, Arthur had learned the skills of fighting, horse riding, learning new languages, public speaking and everything that has to do of being a confident Prince.

His father, Wilson had taught them that all magic is evil. They would never allow it in their kingdom and surroundings villages. If anyone was caught using magic, they would be executed.

After many years of training, Arthur was soon the leader of the knights. His father always ordering him around to do more patrolling and searching the villagers homes for any evidence of magic.

At the age of sixteen, his father had died and soon his eldest brother Harrison was crowned the king. Arthur was still the leader of the knights and they had made that all marriages were legal, this means that no matter what gender you were, you could marry anyone you love. It was a relief for Arthur as he admitted to his father not long before he died, that he was bisexual.

When his father was alive and Arthur had told him the news, he was disappointed in Arthur that he shall never be king as he was disgusted that his son was bisexual. It really hurt Arthur and he never forgave his father even before he died.

The villagers were quite happy that the marriage equality was finally happening, some new couples revealed themselves and weren’t hiding their true identity. It was a relief for Arthur as it made him happy for them without hiding in shame.

His brother Harrison married his partner Alexia and had three children all within a small time period which made Arthur an Uncle.

Leading Arthur to be pushed back more to be crowned as king, which wouldn’t happen for many years. It was a good thing too because he didn’t think he was suited to be a king.

It was Arthur’s eighteenth birthday when he finally came of age and was crowned Prince. Even though he was always called ‘Prince Arthur,’ he was an official Prince.

Everyone cheered as he was crowned and they celebrated, his fellow friends were very happy for him. Later that night, Arthur wanted to get some fresh air, he was wandering through the forest that was near the castle grounds.

He had a couple of drinks, so he was quite tipsy from the alcohol intake. He was heading towards a lake before he spotted something in the distance. A ferocious growl was heard and Arthur’s eyes met the wild animals, his eyes widened at the animal although had no clue what it was.

He had no weapon on his side and he began to run away from the animal, the animal chased after him and Arthur ran for his life. Weaving through the trees and shrubs of the forest, he was trying his hardest to see in the dark forest but it was no use. Not watching where he was going, he tripped and scraped his elbows across the grass and whacked his knees into the ground.

‘’Help!’’ Arthur screamed as the animal had jumped onto Arthur, Arthur struggled as the animal hissed and growled down at him, the animal’s sharp claws were trying to scrape at his sides. As Arthur tried to defend away from this animal, the animal had sunk his teeth into Arthur’s right shoulder.

Arthur screamed in pain and continued to fight off the animal, shoving the animal onto its back and kicking it into his ribs. The animal whimpered in pain, growling Arthur before sprinting away.

He groaned in pain as he headed back to the palace, stumbling slightly as the pain was getting too much for him. ‘’Help…’’ He called out and the guards helped him get to his bedroom.

His brother Harrison found out the news quickly, heading to his little brother’s chambers. ‘’Arthur! What happened?’’ He came running in, so did his mother and his other sisters.

Arthur sucked in a deep breath, ‘’I was attacked by an animal… I couldn’t see what it was but his eyes were glowing…’’ Arthur coughed, his forehead sweating.

‘’I don't know what it was. It… Just came after me.’’ A physician came into Arthur’s chambers and began to work on his wound. His brother gasped at the sight of the injury.

It was a deep wound in Arthur’s right shoulder, if there was going to be a broken bone, he may not be able to fight with the knights ever again.

Arthur had fallen asleep with complete exhaustion; he slept for the whole night. The physician fixed up the wound as best as he could but he had no proper cure for him but to rest.

The next morning Arthur had woken up, his head pounding with a headache. He groaned as the sun shined into his eyes through the cracks of his deep maroon curtains; sitting up slightly, he screamed in pain as the pain soared in his right shoulder.

His brother and two sisters came hurrying in, ‘’Arthur, don’t get up!’’ They ordered him and pushed him back down gently. They gave him a glass of water, ‘’you remember what happened?’’ His brother, Harrison asked.

Arthur nodded, drinking from the glass and he tried to look at his injured right shoulder. The animal really did sink his teeth into him; groaning with pain as Arthur tried to sit up again but gently.

‘’You need to rest Arthur. I’ve called of your duties once you are feeling better.’’ Harrison said as he patted Arthur gently on his left shoulder. ‘’Rest and you’ll feel better.’’

It was about two weeks since the animal had attacked Arthur, it healed very fast for some strange reason. The physician checked on Arthur’s wound nearly every day since the night of the attack.

Arthur was doing basic duties but his knights were having some days off before they could be trained again. He felt useless since his arm was in a sleeve as he had to rest it in a right position.

Over the next couple of days, he had been feeling even more weird. He wasn’t thinking straight as he could hear more clearly than ever, it felt strange and he couldn’t tell any of the others.

Another week had passed and a full moon was dated a week after his eighteenth birthday. All week Arthur had been strange, he wasn’t eating properly nor talking to anyone. His siblings were growing worried.

As night was nearing, he dropped everything and began to sprint out of the palace grounds and into the forest. He don’t know why he was doing this but he was feeling strange, more strange since the beginning of the week.

Soon enough, when Arthur went missing for a few hours the guards had been ordered to find him by Harrison. Arthur was at least quite a few hours away from the palace and found a cave nearby. He was deep into the cave as well, it was cold and dark.

The moon was shining through the tiny cracks in the cave, and Arthur’s body began to shake and started to transform into an ugly… Beast.

Arthur had transformed into something he could never believe he was, he was a werewolf. Something that was going to change his life forever. And he would never be proud of it. His coat was varied in colours, white, black and mixtures of different colours of brown.

His ears flickered and his hearing was stronger than ever, his eyes glowed in the dark. He howled towards the moon and huffed at himself. He didn’t know what he was going to do now that he is a werewolf. He wouldn’t be able to live in the palace. He had to get out of here.

He knew he had family here but he didn’t want to disappoint them, instead he decided to be brave and head back to the palace. Limping slightly due to his muscle aches. It didn’t take him long as he found the palace in no time.

‘’King Harrison, your brother has returned!’’ They all gasped as Arthur had came into the throne room. He bowed his head and looked up to meet Harrison’s worried eyes. ‘’I am sorry for my disappearance last night, Sire. Please forgive me but I do not belong here anymore. I must leave at first light tomorrow.’’ The king frowned upon him, shaking his head.

‘’You have duties here, why do you want to leave?’’ The king ushered the audiences out of the room for some privacy including his wife, kids and siblings.

‘’I do not belong here Sire, please. You will not forgive me and you might have me killed.’’

‘’I order you to tell me what you are hiding.’’ The king spoke loudly at Arthur, arching his brow. ‘’Now.’’

‘’No. It’s too dangerous.’’ Arthur backed away, his hands clenched at his sides. ‘’I have to leave, I’m going to America.’’ He said as he swiftly turned, heading towards the doors. ‘’I will wish you luck for Neath.’’ He spoke in a soft voice before he left the room. The brother stunned in silence.

Overnight, Arthur packed all his belongings, booked a plane ticket and made sure he found a hotel. He was heading to Colorado making sure he was far from Wales. He didn’t want do Prince duties anymore.

It all went well as everyone said goodbye to Arthur.

After ten years, he was settled into an apartment by himself in a small town called Evermore. There were other species just like him and he was soon to meet the alpha of the werewolves. He had a tattoo for his loyalty for the pack. He really couldn’t wait to make friends here; he was scared, nervous and excited all the same.

He hoped nobody would ever find out that he was a Prince but maybe someone will, someone who he could trust. He was a wealthy young man now and still kept in contact with his brother but not very much. He hoped for peace, love and maybe a family of his own someday.

Arthur and Cedric met in the alley way near the bar in town, where he was having a massive melt down. Arthur had bashed a sign upon his head & carried him back to his house to take care of him. Arthur hopes to help Cedric with his problems and hopefully, he allows him too. 

Arwyn and Arthur met through the woods in the therianthrope territory where Arthur had been trapped under a hunters trap. He was glad that Arwyn was around the territory in that moment of time as it was pretty painful for Arthur, from there, they had become close friends. 

Brother of All issues(Cedric) 

A Run In to the Alpha (Harper) 

Plotting with - 

Sierra Reigns 

Jordan Castwell-Laveau 

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