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Drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart.

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Kendall Cavanaugh

Name: Kendall Rosie Cavanaugh
Nicknames/Alias: Kenny, Ken-doll, Doll face etc.
Face claim: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Age: Looks 27, really 30
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Date/place of birth: 14 April, 1988. Georgia, U.S.A.
Current place of residence: Evermore City, Colorado.
Nationality/Species: American Dhampir
Occupation: Veterinarian
Rank: Member
Relationship: Single

Build: Curvy and athletic
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Distinguishing marks: Heart tattoo on her wrist

~Personality Traits~

Postive: Compassionate, loving, and determined
Negative: Emotional, distrusting and hot headed

Kendall had always made her place in this world. In her mind, she knew if she wanted to be in this world, she'd have to make a name for herself and nobody was going to hand her a title. Born on a warm summer night in the beautiful state of Georgia, the town of Savannah, Kendall was born to Leanna and Philip Cavanaugh. The Cavanaughs had been given a beautiful healthy baby but even from the start, there was a distance being created between the parents and their baby girl. Anyone would think with the girl's bright cheeky smile and the head full of golden bouncy curls that the child looked like an angel, beaming with happiness but that was far from what the young girl ever knew.

Leanne and Philip Cavanaugh were far from being the parent types. Everyone that knew Leanne and Philip in Savannah would say that they were unfit for having a child. Leanne, who worked at the bar often earned sneer glances and glares when she was carrying Kendall, Philip would cheat on Leanne around town and was downright distant to both when he came home from either the bar or work. Kendall knew she never wanted her father's love but she felt bad for her mother. She tried to earn her mother's love by working hard and doing whatever she could but that didn't sway her mother. So from when she was a young girl, she learned to take care of herself. Getting herself ready, making her own meals, and walking to school was something she was used to. Even the young girl was an outcast at school; the young kids teasing her about the family she had but even then she'd get into fights as she stood up for her mother.

That's how Kendall's life went, however, what she didn't know was that her parents weren't normal human beings. She had often seen weapons in her house that would emit a colour when her mother held it and being young, Kendall couldn't understand what it was. Kendall had a special love for animals and always wanted to do horse riding. She aspired to become a veterinarian and began studying earnestly for it.

But Kendall also had a rebellious and adventurous side. When she was about 14 years old, she'd sneak out of the house and took the night bus into Atlanta. She dreamt of leaving her horrible home and living in the city, keeping the country roots in her heart wherever she would go through. The trips to Atlanta became frequent and deep down, she knew if she never came home nobody would come looking for her. She often wondered why she stayed but always came back to have a small connection with her mother. She couldn't imagine leaving her mother home with that man but she felt that there was something surfacing or holding her mother back from unleashing whatever it was on Philip. Little did Kendall know that her mother was Dhampir and that made her one. But one trip to an underground nightclub would open up a whole other world for the young woman.

One night, Kendall found an underground nightclub and it wasn't like anything she'd experience. As she walked in, she felt an odd sense of belonging. Especially when she met Pamela Davidson. The woman was the owner of the club and a close friend of Kendall's mother. Right off the bat she knew who she was and asked the security to bring Kendall into her office. The woman pretended to grill her about why someone like her was in her club and with each reply Pamela couldn't help but smile as Kendall reminded her of herself at that age. From then on, Pam made sure that Kendall was treated like royalty in the club. It wasn't until Kendall trusted Pamela, much like a mother figure, that Pam revealed herself to her. Pamela was a Dhampir and the nightclub was a safe haven for other Dhampir and whatever supernatural being wanted to be there. She then explained to Kendall who she was and from that point, she took Kendall under a wing and trained her with combat skills and taught her the knowledge of her kind.

When she turned 18, Pamela held the weapons ceremony in the nightclub. Everyone was cleared out besides her mother and the other Dhampirs.  Pam had found every weapon for the ceremony and set them out for Kendall to train with. She trained with each weapon and when she picked up the majestic Panabas sword, they glowed a rose pink color. She had finally found her weapon. Pamela beamed with pride that night, seeing Kendall as a daughter. She hugged the young woman and Kendall was finally happy. She spent her days in Atlanta, leaving the home in Savannah behind.

Everything in Ken's life seemed to finally fall into place. She had friends and a family in the nightclub. And it was during that time, that she overheard a few people talking about a place called Evermore City in Colorado. Curious about the thriving supernatural community there, and wanting a good change, Kendall decided to travel to the city. She already had her veterinarian degree and with Pam's encouragement to build up her life, she finally reached the city-eager and nervous to see what kind of future it could give her.

Valeria Yvette Aldridge. Faction leader. Femme Fatale.

Kendall has no idea where she'd be if it wasn't for Valeria welcoming her into Evermore. There's no one Ken values and looks up to more than her faction leader. Talk about a feminist icon.

More to be added.

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