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Raven and Qrow (Clarissa and Isaiah)

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Warning getting involve with Isaiah may result in death. You have been warned.

Name: Isaiah Zuriel Bradford | Assassin Name: Qrow | Nickname: Isa, Issy

Age: Real - 30 Looks - 27 | DOB: April 3rd, 1988 | Species: Pure Nephilim

Current Residence:  Evermore, Colorado. Not in the community, Yet

Hometown: Nomatic life (was tossed from foster home to foster home)

Occupation: Ex Assassin for The Assassins League; Local Psycho

Weapon of Choice: Dagger/Knife

Sexuality: Does it matter? | Relationship: Single, Psychotic, you have been warned

Build: Athletic | Height: six foot | Weight: one hundred and eighty pounds

Eyes: Dark Brown, lavender Nephilim tones | Hair: Dark Brown with other tones

Face claim: Thomas McDonell | Wings: Pure White

Distinguishing Marks: Thick black wing scars on his back, tons of scars grace his flesh as he was tortured through his youth, then became an assassin. Matching Tattoo with Clarissa.

Virtues: Loyal, Strong-willed, Skilled, Sly, Protective (over his siblings)

Vices: Sarcastic, Cold, Manipulative, Short-tempered, stubborn, Violent, Calculating

Isaiah out of all his siblings is the most like his father, not that that is a good thing. Lawful Evil is the best way to describe his actions. As for hobbies or other things that he does unless it involves a weapon and training he doesn't have time for it. Well maybe he sing and writes thing but no one sees that side of him. oh and Alcohol...Lots and lots of Alcohol.

Isaiah was born April 3rd 1988. In many aspects, he was considered a mistake, due to the fact he was the result of a one night stand gone wrong. His mother abandoned him weeks after he was born, as he was the mistake she did not want to keep. She wasn’t ready mentally to look after him, and she believed that she wouldn’t be the best influence on her child. So due to this decision made by his mother, he was put in a foster home.

It was evident that he had a temper, one that he couldn’t contain in certain situations, and ones where he was provoked into acting on certain urges to satisfy that rage. It was the feeling of not having someone to love him, a mother, a father. Nothing, he was alone. That led to him being the cause of many fights, and the moving from foster home to foster home took a mental toll on him.

Being different from other children at the Foster Cares didn’t help control his rage either. Isaiah, at the age of 10, noticed that he had thick scars on either side of his shoulder blades, which was easily noticeable by the other boys. At first, they used to make fun of him, calling him names. However, after one certain incident, they knew that it was for the best that no one talked to Isaiah, or even come closer to him. It was a few weeks after he had noticed his scars, when it happened. Isaiah was sitting on his bed, in the dorm-room when another boy appeared with his gang, making fun of the ‘scarred-boy’. Isaiah sat still, trying to control his rage, trying to not respond to them, have them tease him. Their banter however crossed the line when the boys called Isaiah a mistake; worth abandoning. In that moment, he felt a sudden rage fill his veins, the purple tinge to his eyes gleaming as his hands clenched into tight fists. He glared at the boys as they continued to call him names till he stood up and grabbed a boy by his collar, his fingers wrapping around the kid’s neck. Isaiah remembers the boy screaming for help while the others tried to punch him, beat him, get him to release the helpless child. But, he stood in his place, and with unknown super-strength, threw the boy to the other corner of the room, a malicious smirk curling up his lips.

It was a week later that the ten year old Isaiah was adopted by yet another family. The Foster Care had this time found a rather strict family for him. As far as strictness went, this new family were Hitler-Spawns to the young Isaiah. He remembers being locked up in a dark room, day and night, only let out on Saturdays for an hour or two. He remembers being tortured, left all alone in the dark in bloody clothes and fresh wounds covering the old ones. Isaiah tried to run, use his strength to break the doors, but it never worked. All he could do was curl up in one corner of the room and stay still. He wouldn’t cry; no. He wouldn’t let the family have the satisfaction of seeing him break.

Fate however, keeps screwing up with Isaiah’s life. At the age of twenty, he was still locked up in the dark room, unaware of everything but the scars his foster parents had left on his skin and the pain of broken bones and nonhealing wounds that kept him awake at night. The only thing that kept him going however, was a letter, a note rather, from his anonymous birth mother. He would read it in hopes of getting to meet her one day. Or the man, mentioned in the note, who seemed to reason behind him being different; having super-strength and the ability to recognize a lie.

However, on his twenty-first birthday, when he was allowed to get out of the room for a day, his Foster parents found out about the letter and right in front of his tear-filled eyes, they burned the paper. Isaiah watched the only thing he had of his mother burn in the dancing fire, the flames happily consuming the piece of paper and the last bit of humanity left in the boy. Something flickered in his dark orbs and with a surge of energy, he leaped towards the couple, sending the female soaring out of the window. The male of the family brought out a gun but Isaiah paid no heed to the empty bullets and threats. As he neared him, Isaiah let out a vengeful laughter and held the man up against a wall, his fingers curled around his neck, choking him before banging his head repeatedly against the wall.As the man’s blood flowed down the wall and he let out his last breath, Isaiah knew it was over, he was finally free and so he ran….

The moment he ran, he tried to find information on Abraxas, eventually joining a league of assassins.  He quickly became one of the best there was in the league and he never missed a shot which was good for only being trained upon joining. He did his job properly and that was they wanted. Someone who went in and got the job done. Simple as that. That was all that was needed. Getting the job done and moving onto the next one without anything else involved. It wasn’t long after he joined the league that he met Clarissa, another assassin in the league and the two automatically clicked.

However, things started changing for Isaiah, he soon realized, he was now a puppet at the hands of the Leader. He was far away from finding Abraxas Bradford. So he decided to leave, but of course, the exit door wasn't open for him, he would have to work for it.

When Clarissa heard that Isaiah was leaving the organization after finishing one last mission, Clarissa asked him where he would be heading to. So when she got the answer that he was leaving to look for his family, she really didn’t expect it; knowing him to the be the person who did what they were told and when to do it. Upon saying that she also wanted to leave the league to find her own family too, Clarissa pulled a particular picture out to show him, telling him it was the only thing that would lead her to her family. As Isaiah looked at the picture he had seen so many times from his own copy, he looked from the image to Clarissa before asking her how she got the picture and with her answer of telling him she’d had it forever, realisation struck as they added it all together. Isaiah was Clarissa’s twin. They weren’t alone because they had each other.

After that moment, Clarissa agreed to help Isaiah on his last mission so they could both be released from the organisation and start looking for their family together. So that was what happened. After killing the leader of the assassins league, they were released from their jobs and off they went, on the search for their family.

All the leads they got, led to people, associates of Abraxas. When they asked for their father’s whereabouts, and they didn’t agree to co-operate, that’s when the twisted side of Isaiah's mind consumed him, and he would torture them with Clarissa's help, until they finally agreed to reveal some sort information that would lead them to their father. Of course, by the end of his torture sessions, Isaiah would kill them. He was rather enjoying the power that he had, and the things he could do. Even killing seemed fun to him, though Clarissa somewhat controlled it. Finally, all that information led them to one particular city, Evermore City.

Arriving in the city, Isaiah discovered he had a half-sister named Cornelia Bradford, a detective who was also the ambassador of the Nephilim community. The first time the two met, she had gone to the cemetery to honor the fallen and there he was, in his all psychopathic glory. The young detective had immediately recognized him to be a Nephilim, but the fact that he was more closer to home was something she found only after their meet in an alley where Isaiah was choking a mortal and she held a gun to his chest. A perfect reunion, they say.

Now Isaiah and Cornelia have somewhat repaired their relationship. He is often faced with protectiveness when it comes to his half-sister and although he on more than one occasion tried to push her over to the dark side, make her kill, he now is trying his best to be the kind of brother both Clarissa and Cornelia deserve - a fearless protector and as caring as a psychopath's son can get.

Cornelia Hael Bradford || Nephilim Ambassador || Nephilim 

Younger Half Sister || Detective || Lia, Corn

Cornelia seems to put up with Isaiah more then anything, While Isaiah feels like he should protect his younger sibling he can't help his dark nature that wants to turn her to the dark side. Maybe they need each other more then they know in the long run.

Clarissa Lailah Bradford || Nephilim

Twin Sister || Assassin || Clary, Rissa

Isaiah Twin, Isaiah fellow Assassin, No one can dare hurt her. She is the first person he has let get close to him after everything he has been through. Though they don't talk about emotions and prefer to out drink each other. He would do anything for her weather she knows it or not.

Jonathan Elijah Bradford || Nephilim

Unknown Older Half Brother || Moral Compass || Jon

Unknown to him Jon had been keeping an eye on him since he had come to  Evermore. Though maybe Jon doesn't go as unnoticed as he thinks he does.

Abraxas Lucifer Bradford || Nephilim

Father || Psycho on crack || Daddy Bradford

Isaiah is the one child that is most like his father. After watching how the man tried to rip apart Cornelia he vowed within himself not to be full like him. Though that thought was easier said then done.


Blood Bound - Bradford family thread -REPLY FIRST THREAD-

Psycho Leads - Cornelia Bradford

Malevolent Calamity- Malva Ailward

Psychotic Answers - Zenith Loho

Psycho Down - Sierra Reigns

Raven and Qrow - Clarissa Bradford

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At 12:19 on December 29, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford ~Mod~

Merry late Christmas, Twinny!

First, a double skull bracelet to remind you that no matter where I am, I will always be with you. 

A dick mug, but I am the only one allowed to call you that - anyone else will feel my wrath

Two shot glasses with some weird but also enjoyable looking tequila. Invite me round so we can top up our bad idea list 


At 20:10 on December 27, 2018,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

Merry Christmas, brother.

Alas, your brief kindness in giving me gifts is not gonna change the fact that this is all you get for Christmas this year


Your baby Sister

At 16:00 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford ~Admin~

This is your secret santa here wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

While we haven’t  formally met, I figured no one can go wrong with a bit of whiskey. And hey! it’s in a cool bottle! x) 

Your next gift I figured an ex-assassin can never have too much of and that’s some cool looking blades. Check them out at your own risk! 

And lastly is some baked goods. Becaaaaause you have the honor of having my famous homemade Christmas cookies that everyone loves. 

This fallen star couldn’t help but put her own special Christmas cheer and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as I had had making them! 

Hope you like your gifts and have a wonderful holidays! <3 

~ From a bubbly Secret Santa

At 14:00 on December 17, 2018,
Fluid Role
✘ Abraxas Lucifer Bradford

Here's an early Christmas Present, son. Enjoy!

Click me

At 14:36 on December 5, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford ~Mod~

Raven? Hm, I'm sure I can live with that, besides, I have been called far worse ;)

You have a reply, Qrow. -Squawks.-

At 9:07 on November 24, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Malva Ailward ~Mod~
said… here.

I might, or might not have done a mistake. But..all is done. No take backs.

Look at all those graves.. 

At 21:10 on November 22, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford ~Mod~

And you definitely need more time

At 19:24 on November 22, 2018,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford ~Mod~

Well well well, look what the cat dragged in.


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