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The Last To Know (Jessalyn + Cedric Only)

Started Aug 30 0 Replies

The youngest of the Reigns siblings, had always been kept in the dark. Wether it was her siblings trying to…Continue

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Bonding Troubles (Jessalyn + Sierra Only)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns Oct 14. 2 Replies

“Sierra...come on. We’re going to be late!” Standing…Continue

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Friends In Need (Jessalyn + Elias)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns Oct 11. 2 Replies

Since moving to Evermore, the young Initia had made…Continue

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Bonding Over Books (Jessalyn + Miyaza)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns Oct 14. 2 Replies

The young Initia, had a few hobbies close to heart as she was growing up. Reading, was one of them.…Continue

Tags: BondingOverBooks

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✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Lucas Holt's discussion The innocent one - Lucas and Jessalyn
"Since finding out that Adolf was back from the dead; now known as Finn. The youngest of the Reigns was struggling a little with the new reality that was setting around her and her elder siblings. Like always, she was the last to find out. But the…"

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"Oh, Lucas is a very persuasive man ;)"
Oct 16

✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Spookfest - Annual Halloween Party (Open To All)
"As she finally got out of the maze; Jessalyn found herself around more people. Able to fully notice their costumes. It was clear, a lot of time and effort was put into them. A lot of people seemed to get very creative with their outfits. A few…"
Oct 16

✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Giselle Stark's discussion Spookfest - Annual Halloween Party (Open To All)
"Since living in Evermore; Jessalyn noticed how many social events seemed to go around. It’s been a little while, since she attended one of them. Due to some personal family things. But she didn’t want to miss the chance of attending the…"
Oct 14

✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns's discussion Bonding Troubles (Jessalyn + Sierra Only)
"Jessalyn didn’t think, she was that early. She was sure, that they had agreed to this time? The youngest Reigns never liked being late; preferring to be early, than doddling and taking her time like her elder siblings liked doing, so. …"
Oct 14

✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns's discussion Bonding Over Books (Jessalyn + Miyaza)
"For a few moments, Jessalyn thought she heard the young woman muttering to herself in Korean? Okay, the young woman before her clearly was foreign. It seemed like she startled her slightly, giving her an apologetic warm smile. Jessalyn nodded.…"
Oct 14

✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns's discussion Friends In Need (Jessalyn + Elias)
"Jessalyn was in the middle of moving a big hay-stack, when the familiar voice at the door made her trip. Almost dropping the bale. Jessalyn didn’t want to tumble down with it. That would be an embarrassing moment. Her head snapping in the…"
Oct 11

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✓ Lucas Holt left a comment for ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns
"Finn has always had little old me, even back in his Adolf days. -Smiles-  The way the SL is going now, Lucas is on the hunt for Finn, he escaped and Lucas wants to find him. So maybe we could still go along through lines?  Let me know only…"
Oct 8

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Oct 7

✓ Sierra Mia Reigns replied to ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns's discussion Bonding Troubles (Jessalyn + Sierra Only)
"Sierra was always the type of person who took on more than she could handle. Thinking that she was able to juggle and manage more than one person. Just who she was. For the last few years she thought of herself of the leader, the head of the family…"
Oct 6

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✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns commented on ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~'s group October Official Active List
"I confirm I am active as Jessalyn Reigns, Species is Initia Jess and Andrew"
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✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns replied to ✓ Andrew Emil Dietrich's discussion Another one to push away (Andrew and Jessalyn)
"The youngest Reigns, hasn’t heard of the species of Niveis much. Not knowing, that some of the tribe members were former Phoenix’s. She was very much aware of the lasting feud between Phoenix and Initia though; the same feud that took…"
Oct 5

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✓ Miyaza Ryou replied to ✓ Jessalyn Desiree Reigns's discussion Bonding Over Books (Jessalyn + Miyaza)
"Before Miyaza was captured, she loved reading anything that had to do with Culture. From country histories due to mystery of her own home countries history.  It was her way into her knowledge department, in school she was more reading and…"
Sep 30

I Can Control, The Air I Breathe. Feel The Ground Move Beneath My Feet.

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✓ Lucas Holt

Oh, Lucas is a very persuasive man ;)

At 8:46 on October 8, 2019,
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✓ Lucas Holt

Finn has always had little old me, even back in his Adolf days. -Smiles- 

The way the SL is going now, Lucas is on the hunt for Finn, he escaped and Lucas wants to find him. So maybe we could still go along through lines? 

Let me know only when you have time to plot :)

The weird stalker

At 18:17 on September 25, 2019,
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✓ Lucas Holt


I'm Lucas, Finn's biggest stalker I mean fan, Let me know if you want to plot sometime? 

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Jessalyn D. reigns


Full Name: Jessalyn Desiree Reigns

Nicknames: Jessa, Jess, Jessie, J

Age: 24 ~ Looks 18

Birthday: March 18, 1995

Star Sign: Pisces

Species: Initia 

Elements: Air, Earth, Electric

Hometown: Shere, Surrey. England

Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado


Relationship Status: Single

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

For Inspiration, on this character. Click here <3


Eyes: Light Blue. Her eyes turn Yellow, when she's using the element of air. Her eyes turn Green, when she's using the element of earth. Her eyes turn Electric Blue, when using the Element Electric.

Hair: Various shades of Brown. Usually long and straight. Sometimes curls her hair.

Height 5'3"

Weight: 130lbs

Build: Average, Hourglass figure

Complexion: Creamy

Special Markings: Initia tribal tattoo, on her lower back. Jess has markings on her back, for each of her elements in their chosen colors.

Face-Claim: Danielle Rose Russell


Jessalyn Reigns was the youngest of the Reigns siblings and the most innocent one. She had a kind heart and pure soul. She was different to her brothers and her sister, she didn’t hold any hate and grudges to the phoenix’s. She believed that no one was to blame for what happened all those years back, that all should be forgotten. Whilst all other Initia’s thought otherwise. Her sister was too of a kind heart although she still had a little bio of darkness inside of her, mostly all influenced by their parents and brothers. 

She grew up with her family in a small village in England (Surrey), near to London. It was was too a place where an Initia tribe resided. Jessalyn was too young to fully understand who and what her parents were, she was only a mere child. One that believed in imaginary people, fairies, demons and monsters. Her mother used to read her and Sierra bedtime stories about a supernatural species called initia. Unknown to them that all of what they were told was real. Jessalyn believed that it was all make believe a fragment of her imagination. 

Whilst Sierra, and her two older brothers Adolf and Cedric were told that it was all real. Since they were older than Jessalyn and old enough to know and understand all of it. Although they were years from coming of age to be Initia, they were able to know about their species history and of their heritage.

Jessalyn was quite an adventurous and a fantasist. She had a wide imagination, and spent a lot of time daydreaming in a world of her time. She would escape from her family home to a nearby woods, near to their house. She felt a calling to nature in some sense, unware that it was all true. She liked spending time outside by the lake reading a book, studying or just to watch the water’s currents. 

She was more close to Sierra than her brothers, Sierra was 5 years older than her. Jessalyn was looked after by her sister, they played with each other a lot of the time. Whilst Adolf helped Jessalyn with her school work, and Cedric got her to help him with any pranks that he had up his sleeve. They were like any other normal family. 

Although all that was good came crashing down. On the night that her parents were murdered. Jessalyn was fast asleep in her bed when the unfortunate events happened. Not finding out until she awoken from her rest. When she did find out, it was quite devastating and she didn’t know who would do this to her parents other than the phoenix’s, they always seemed to have hated the Initia, however she never really knew why. This is what made her want to delve deep into the history of the phoenix’s and the Initia. Even though she was scared at what she might discover. 

After her parents murder Jessalyn and her siblings were sent to live with their Aunt and Uncle in the South East of England, a couple hours away from where they had lived. Jessalyn and Sierra was the most devastated over their parents death, they couldn’t believe someone would be so heartless to kill their parents who had done nothing to them. Truth be told Jessalyn didn’t know too much of how her parents were murdered as her siblings had covered it all up and kept the truth from her. To protect her. Jessalyn was told that a criminal who was on the loose had broken into their house and demanded money and when their parents said no he killed them. She kind of knew and believed that it was a lie although just went along with it. She knew that one day she would find out. The truth always comes out, one way or another. 

That time came, when her school hosted a school trip to the library to pick out the book they wanted to read and Jessalyn typically got lost from the others because of her daydreaming. As she daydreamed she was walking around the library when she stumbled across some books of certain species, including one book about the phoenix’s. Jessalyn read this book and found out why the phoenix’s hated her kind and it made her feel sorry for the phoenix’s. Sure, she will never forgive them for their behaviour towards the Initia’s. But their story did seem to be kinda heartbreaking. Obviously the class found her reading this book and found it rather scandalous that she was reading something as dark as that. During her little read-through she noticed the exact same tattoo that their siblings had imprinted on their skin, this was strange to her; she wasn’t told about this. 

It was around the same time. That Jessalyn started to feel an uncomfortable pain. It lasted for a long while. Her Initia Mark forming.  It was when the burn stopped, it all became clear to her. Something has clearly happened to her and she needs to find out, which she did when she was wearing a little black dress for a party of some sort, and there it was… embedded on her soft, delicate skin was a tattoo. Not just any tattoo though, that very same tattoo which was shown on the book. She then discovered her power not too long after that when she was in the party that she was attending. The wind was too strong around her and she feared her dress would reveal the unravelling from the strength, but when she wanted it to stop: the wind did so. That was her power, the power of air itself. 

With this new Discoveries Jessalyn confronted her elder siblings, about the changes to her. Telling them about the pain, even showing them the tribal marking, as proof. Telling her siblings about, how strange things happened, when the element of air was concerned. Like she could control it. Even though she was young, they didn't deny the fact that she was an Initia. As the first signs were there. Jessalyn was shocked at finding out the truth; and a little upset that they had tried to keep it from her, all this while.

When she turned 12 years old. Jessalyn was old enough to go through the first initiation ceremony. Jessalyn gained a second mark; sign of her first element. Air.

After she had finished school she went and left with her siblings to travel the world, instead of staying back to go to university. There was nothing left in England for the Reigns siblings anymore. Sierra had the idea of going to other countries to find other Initia tribes. To find more people like them. To make connections. As well as to see how others lived. They travelled to many European countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain. As well as to other Asian countries like Korea and China. There was so much of the world to travel and explore. They normally tend to spend only a short few months or so in one place. Not spending too long in one place. Whilst Jessalyn had enjoyed travelling and seeing new countries, experiencing new cultures. It also made it a bit hard to train for her first Element. Having various Initia Masters over that time. Jessalyn always felt settled with a master/gotten to know them well, when it was time to move on. Frustrating her a little bit. It was to last year when her older siblings had decided to go to America. They had heard that there was an Initia tribe in a city called Evermore in Colorado. 

Around the time Jessalyn turned 18. It was time to decide what path, she should take as an Initia. The youngest of the Reign Sibling, decided to Diversify. Her Second Element being Earth. Her Third being Electric.

Jessalyn had decided to stay back, and not go with her siblings to Evermore. She spent her life with her siblings. It was time for her to leave the nest and to live by herself. . She always made sure to keep in touch with her siblings even though they were halfway across the world from each other. Yet they all became distant from each other, having less and less phone calls. Jessalyn knew that there was something more happening to them over there. More than they all are letting on, knowing something bad was happening. It weren't till weeks later Jessalyn received a phone call from Sierra who was in brink of tears in distress. It was then when Jessalyn had learnt that their eldest brother Adolf had been killed. Jessalyn was heartbroken learning that they've lost someone else. 

After finishing up her studies Jessalyn returned to her siblings moving to Evermore city. Trying to get all caught up wanting to find the truth. Tired of all the lies and cover ups, no longer was she an innocent teenager they all saw her as. 

After she turned 24, Jessalyn finished her studies for Elemental Control. Now that she was settled in Evermore. She had found two new Masters to help her carry on with her training.  Lorenzo De Rosa, for her second Element of Earth and Rowan McKenzie for the element of Electric. With her staying in Evermore permanently, she hopes that she won't have to be changing Masters any time soon.


Empathetic ~ Intelligent ~ Imaginative ~  Easy-Going ~ Sensitive

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Escapist ~  Timid ~ Insecure 


Air Manipulation: Can create, shape and manipulate the air. This also applies to Atmospheric Gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen. 

Can Manipulate the Gas. (Turning a Clean One into Poisonous and Visa Versa)

Wind Manipulation: Can Generate and Manipulate the Weather. (E.g causing Hurricanes, Tornado, Whirlwinds). They can also use weather change, to help them in combat.

Speed Manipulation: Use air to help them in Combat.  The air around them can help increase speed and agility.

Pressure Manipulation: Controlling air pressure in room. It can help determine how much air, a person can get into their bloodstream, if restricted. They can suck the air out of a room/space. Increasing air pressure, can cause explosions.


Earth Manipulation: Can Create, Shape, Manipulate the Earth and their elements, including most Solids. (Specifically, Minerals and Mineral compositions, regardless of their state)-Mountains,  Boulder, Sand, Dust or Dirt.

Can generate tendrils, to help them in combat.

Plant Manipulation: Can manipulate Plants, Wood, Vines, Moss, Plant Parts like Leaves and flowers ect. 

Can cause Plants to Grow, Move/Attack or Rise from the soil and 'walk.'  Can also Mutate Plants structure by rearranging DNA Structure.  Revive Dead Plants.

Natural Occurrences: User can cause Avalanches, Earth Quakes. Mudslides, Quick Sands ect. They can also stop them.


Electrical Manipulation: Create, Shape and Manipulate Electricity. Can Wrap and Reshape the Electrical charged particals, allowing control over electrical fields. 

Technology Manipulation: Manipulate Technology/Constructs. They can control the flow and assemble/disengage their programming at will.  Can Operate most technology  from a distance.

Electrical Infusion: Can Infuse Objects (Mainly Weapons), Beings or Powers with Electricity. Empowering/Energising them. Can allow them to manipulate their qualities ect and use electricity in various ways during an attack.


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Coming Soon with Ery

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The Prankster/Protector | Elder Brother | Initia

Ced or as she likes to call him, Ceddy; is her elder brother. Growing up, Cedric helped raise Jessalyn, after their parents had died. With Jess still being very young at the time. She relied on her elder siblings. Cedric along with Adolf serving much like protectors to the young Initia. Jessalyn was often amused by Cedric's prankster she grew older, trying to find ways to prank her elder brother back; even if it ended up failing in hilarious moments. After the death of Adolf (Finn), Jessalyn worries for the safety of her brother; not wanting to loose him, like they lost their eldest brother. Anytime she visits Cedric; Jessalyn also pays attention to his cat Persephone. Out of her family, Jess is the only one that gets along with the furball; aside from Cedric of course. Bringing the kitty some treats. As much as Jessalyn adores Ced, she dislikes it when he constantly babies her. Trying to prove to her big brother, that she's not a small child anymore.


The Maternal | Elder Sister | Initia

Sie is Jessalyn's older sister and always has been a role-model for the young Initia. Jess always looked up to and adored her big sister. The two big closer in age; they spent quiet a lot of time together with their sisterly bonding. Just like Cedric, Sierra helped Raise Jessalyn. The young Initia learned plenty of things, from her elder sister. That including a lot of things, she'll always be grateful for. After the death of their brother Adolf. Jessalyn had gotten the news from Sierra and had moved to Evermore. During that time, she has stayed close to her siblings. Just like Cedric, Sierra always tries to project Jessalyn from things..which does make Jess often feel left out of things,that go on around their family. But she still loves her sister dearly, and looks forward to any sisterly-bonding time the two have.


Best Friend | Adoptive Like Brother | Ailward Aspect

After first moving to Evermore. The Aspect of Death was one of the first few people that Jessalyn had met outside of the family. At the time, she was grieving over the loss of her eldest brother. But the two pair quickly formed a close bond and friendship. Ery becoming, like another brother to her. Jess often scolds him for his brooding, drinking ways; looking out for his health mainly. The young Initia also has a habit of getting the Dragon to tap into his more fun side. The two always on a mini adventurous day,when they spend time together. 


Gay Best Friend | Horse-Riding Instructor | Celestial

More coming soon...


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