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Stinging Love Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason Only)

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Jason's eyes slowly began to crack open when the morning…Continue

Imaginations Can Run Wild (Open to Milo and Jason Only)

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It was a Saturday morning and Jason had a shift for the whole day, it had been fairly busy but…Continue

Rough Night Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason)

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It had been roughly around six months since he had been…Continue

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✓ Jason Hills replied to ✓ Jason Hills's discussion Stinging Love Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason Only)
"It had been so long since the last time Jason had accepted someone into his life; someone who he could love endlessly. Love has most definitely scared him as he never experienced what it was like before. His family had abandoned him at such a young…"

✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis replied to ✓ Jason Hills's discussion Stinging Love Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason Only)
"For the first time in years, Baptiste had slept a whole night through after the events of his and Jason's night. Bap had done things he never even thought was possible, he felt things he never thought he'd feel with someone, and Jason had…"

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"I have replied! :) "

✓ Jason Hills replied to ✓ Alyxander Bolt's discussion Concerts and Backstage Shenanigans (Alyxander Bolt and Jason Hills)
"Jason had been listening to Alyxander's music for quite some time now and it had helped him get through some real tough times. Since arriving to Evermore City it has been quite an adventure to say at least; he worked at a counseling services…"

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"Stinging Love Bites Our fresh new forum is finally up!  Enjoy reading :3  ~Jason <3 "

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Stinging Love Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason Only)

Jason's eyes slowly began to crack open when the morning sunshine flickered through the crack of the curtain's that were drawn closed. A groan slowly left his lips as he felt his whole body ached all over, although the pain was rather worth it. The two lovers shared a night together where the two wouldn't never forget; their feelings were rather deep…See More

✓ Jason Hills left a comment for ✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis
"I love the necklace baby! Thank you so much. You mean a whole lot to me as well <3  I can't wait to see what the other surprise is! -Grins and giggles- Forever yours, ~Jason <3 "

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"Giggles, I'm copy righting that as your nickname from me ;) Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know, You mean a whole lot I have another gift, but ill save it for when you're back Yours truly, Bap"

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Evermore's Annual Halloween Party at Evermore's History Museum (Main Chat)

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Oct 14

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Oct 11

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✓ Jason Hills replied to ✓ Jason Hills's discussion Rough Night Bites (Open to Baptiste and Jason)
"Jason felt like that he was dreaming because of how gorgeous this man appeared to be but he knew that this wasn't a dream, in fact, it was very much real and this was only his first time meeting with Baptiste after all those months in the…"
Oct 6

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Name: Jason Hills | Nicknames: Jay, Jace, Giggles (Bap) 

Age: 22 years old | Specie: Human | Gender: Male 

Faceclaim: Troye Sivan | Sexuality: Homosexual 

Nationality: Australian | Occupation: Councilor and Musician 

Supernatural Status: Knows of the Supernatural | Rank: In the human faction 

Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Baptiste <3 

Build: Lanky and thin
Height: 5'9 
Eye Colour: Deep Blue 
Hair colour: Currently Blonde
Distinguishing Marks: A bite mark on his neck from a previous vampire. 

Caring, Creative and Stubborn 

Insecure, Shy and Stubborn 


Trigger Warning - Child Abuse 

Jason Hills was on born June 6th, 1995 to a single mother whom had a troubled relationship with her partner, and that forced her to leave her baby boy behind in an Christian orphanage as she didn’t want to risk hurting the little boy. As one of the staff member’s walked out of the orphanage building, they found him in a small bundle of blankets. A note was attached to the little boy, he had blue sparkling eyes and chocolate-like hair. He was picked up into the arms of the woman who later took care of him from that day.

Growing up wasn’t all that easy for Jason, he didn’t have many friends in the orphanage and most kids were like that as they were distant between one and another. Being abandoned at a young age was heartbreaking and you never know who your real mother and father will ever be. The religious classes that had to attend to at the orphanage was the worst part that Jason hated about the orphanage; all kids were supposed to pray and read from the bible. Multiple times, Jason had gotten into arguments with the priest as he didn’t believe in any of it and that had caused some physical beaten.

At ten years old, he was finally adopted into the Hills family, Mealia and Otis Hills were very loving towards Jason and told them that they weren’t religious and he was glad for that as he didn’t want to have anymore physical beaten. From then, he had been sent to a public school, making some friends in the process. His grades in primary school were quite average, he seemed to struggle with most subjects but the only subject he seemed to enjoy was music and visual arts.

Drawing and writing music seemed to help him through some hard times when he was going to school. He kept a sketch pad with him at all times as he wandered the corridors of the school or even just at home; he thought that drawing was a peace to his mind as well as writing music lyrics. As he finished primary school, he was sent to high school and it seemed that high school he struggled with the most. He was bullied quite a lot by the same group of high school kids, typically followed him around and taunted him every single day.

The only place where he could hide was in the music class where Mr Cohen seem to have most of his time there. Mr Cohen thought that Jason was a quite good student when it came to music, he used to help him with the lyrics of his songs that were personal to him and develop them too. Mr Cohen and Jason were getting closer as time went by and it seemed that Jason was beginning to feel something for Mr Cohen, he knew that it was forbidden to have this with a teacher.

In one of the recess breaks, Jason had managed to get away from the bullies as he came inside abruptly the classroom, he was panting and he had a black eye from one of the students that had punched him. Mr Cohen came up to Jason and saw the black eye, frowning at it. ‘’I wish they would leave you alone,’’ he grabbed Jason’s arm and pulled him away from the door, locking it behind them and guided him to the desk. Mr Cohen began to patch up Jason’s black eye as it was bleeding severely down the side of his cheek.

‘’I know but I can’t help it that everyone in the whole school thinks I am gay,’’ he murmured miserably and sat against the chair, looking away from Mr Cohen. ‘’I’m gay, Mr Cohen and people don’t accept it,’’ tears began to stroll down his cheeks and he sniffed, ‘’do you not know how it feels not to be accepted into anything? I’ve been avoided, beaten and everything you could imagine.’’ Jason continued on, the tears weren’t stopping.

Mr Cohen listened and comforted the boy who was fragile at the time being, he knew what it felt like to be avoided and he knew that LGBT kids weren’t very accepted.

Ever since that afternoon, Mr Cohen made sure that Jason was going to be alright through the last year of school. He knew that the kid struggled daily with bullies and made the music room a safe place for him. It had been a couple of weeks since the fight and Jason knew that he was going to be bullied sometime soon.   It was Jason’s eighteenth birthday coming up and Mr Cohen couldn’t bare it any longer for had lured him in for so long. It was Jason’s scent and blood that he couldn’t resist.

Jason had been running from the bullies that had followed him from the assembly, a lot of people knew it was his eighteenth birthday but the bullies didn’t seem to care even if they were in their last year of school. He had been snatched by the collar by one of the bullies from the group and he was pinned against the wall. All the boys laughed at him before spitting on his face and kicked him square in the ribs. Jason cried out in pain and had collapsed on the floor; he was crying on the floor and he felt another blow kicking him on the side before he heard a teacher to leave the boy alone, he knew it was Mr Cohen’s voice.

Jason was lifted into Mr Cohen’s arms and carefully carried him to the music room, making sure not to hurt him. Mr Cohen was struggling to resist the boy as he was bleeding quite badly. ‘’I know I should take you to the nurse; but you are hurt and I’m going to patch you up right away.’’ Mr Cohen cooed to him and he placed Jason on the desk, grabbing his first aid kit once more and checked his ribs that were quite badly bruised. ‘’They look bad but it doesn’t seem anything is broken,’’ he assured Jason.

Jason cried into Mr Cohen’s shoulder and he hated that the teacher’s didn’t do anything and he began to speak, his voice was dry from all the crying he had been doing previously and it just so happened to be his birthday but he was still bullied despite it being his special day.

‘’Sir...I..’’ He tried to speak again but he was cut off by Mr Cohen by his index finger placed upon his lips. ‘’Jason, there’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’m gay as well,’’ he muttered. ‘’Everything gets better - bullies are worthless beings.’’

Jason’s heart was beating against his chest, he was looking into his teacher’s eyes. Despite how wrong this is, he felt happy around Mr Cohen no matter what their age difference was. The two’s lips reconnected and it became very heated after that but they never went further than the kissing. The two broke when they heard a knock on the door, Jason was quickly shoved into the nearby closet in the music classroom. One of the fellow teachers had came in and it was one of the English teachers looking for Jason.

Mr Cohen sighed as he heard the teacher, nodding at her words. ‘’Yes, I’ll be coming to the meeting later.’’ He mumbled, the teacher soon left after that and he quietly shut the door. ‘’Jason, come out.’’ Mr Cohen growled, he walked over to him and felt a shiver go down his spine. ‘’Mr…’’ Jason was pinned against the wall and he watched Mr Cohen’s eyes darkened, was it lust?

‘’Call me Tim,’’ Mr Cohen said to Jason as he gripped the side of Jason’s neck, his eyes narrowing as he heard the beat of Jason’s heart going fast. ‘’Tim… I…’’ Jason tried to talk to him but he was cut off as he felt Tim’s hand wrap around his throat, causing him  struggle to breath. ‘’S-ir!’’ He screeched out as he tried to gulp for air, he whimpered and he saw Tim’s eyes flash a different colour before he leaned forward to sniff at his neck, his teeth lengthening. Jason tried to get away from him but he was way too strong. ‘’Ever since you started at this school, I cannot pretend anymore.’’ He growled as he leaned forward to his neck, sinking his fangs into the side of Jason’s neck.

Jason screamed as soon as the scream was heard, Tim covered it with his strong hand. Tim… Was a vampire?! He thought to himself and he didn’t want to pass out or die for that matter. Tim let go and he had blood stream down his face, smirking at the boy. ‘’I’ve been wanting to do that for a -’’ he was cut off as he was kicked hard into his crotch, he stumbled back and held himself there. ‘’Jason --’’ Jason screamed and grabbed his school bag, his vision blurred for a moment and he tried to run before he slammed into the wall again. ‘’No, you aren’t leaving me.’’ How the hell did he manage to recover so quickly?

‘’Sir...I…’’ His voice broke off as tears began to roll down his cheeks, Tim sighed and engulfed Jason into a tight hug. ‘’Don’t worry, I’m here.’’ Tim said in a soft voice and he kissed the side of his face with his blood stained lips. ‘’But...You’re a vampire…’’ Jason muttered, he was still scared and he didn’t know that creatures like this were real. ‘’Yes, I am but I don’t want you to leave me.’’ Tim said as he cupped Jason’s cheek smiling at him. ‘’No matter what, you are mine.’’

Jason didn’t know what to think and he shook his head, he was no one’s object. ‘’I own myself and you don’t own me!’’ He hissed as he used his strength to get out of his arms, his eyes narrowing at him before he turned to leave for good. Jason returned home later that evening, his bite on his neck was still bleeding, thank goodness that his mother and father weren’t home and he quickly went to the first aid, grabbing some bandages to put around it.

He winced when he was putting the bandages on himself, the wound was pretty deep into his neck. He wasn’t sure what to do with Mr Cohen now, he said he was his? He didn’t want that though, not now that he's a vampire.

A few months had passed since the incident had happened and he graduated from high school, excelling in his music and visual arts subjects. Since he was over eighteen and managed to find a small part time job in Sydney, he had managed to save up quite a lot of money and he was accepted into a university in Los Angeles where he could possibly find a music career and music labelling company.

So with that, he packed his things and moved to Los Angeles, America. He found a small apartment and decided to record more music, producing it with a friend he made in college. As 4 years passed, he graduated from music college, for a couple of months, he travelled around and experienced a few gigs where he was recognized for some of his songs, he gained more followers on social media.

He saw a job advertisement on his phone as he saw that there was a counselor position and he knew he’d be very good at counseling kids because of his past. He saw where the job was located and again, he moved to Evermore City. He had found a small apartment and decided to apply for the position in person and he was later, offered the job. He thought that Evermore City was a good town to live in, so from now, he was going to make a new life here. He had new goals where he wanted to help the LGBT community and help other kids who were struggling in life.

 Everything about him is deviously handsome and all I want is to be yours... To be the one to fall into your arms

''You don't have to say that twice; you're mine.'' -Baptiste  


Jason met Milo quite some time ago where he was struggling through his anxiety at a bad state. Milo was there for him through the hard times he had experienced, he appreciated that he had helped him and recently the two reunited and hoped to become even closer to have a stronger friendship. 



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Stinging Love Bites (Baptiste <3) 

Imaginations Can Run Wild (Milo Stokes :D) 

Concerts and Backstage Shenanigans (Alyxander :D) 

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Rought Night Bites (Baptiste <3) 

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At 14:02 on October 16, 2018,
✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis


I'm copy righting that as your nickname from me ;)

Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know,

You mean a whole lot

I have another gift, but ill save it for when you're back

Yours truly,


At 14:31 on September 27, 2018,
✓ Milo Stokes

No problem, you deserve it!

We shall catch up.

Catch me when you're on!


At 12:39 on September 27, 2018,
✓ Milo Stokes

Hey there, Jason

Just a few bullet points on how great you are.

  • You're so sweet. 
  • You have awesome blonde hair.
  • Where did the nose ring come from? It's cool!
  • You don't care about stereotypes
  • You are just great!

Your friend, 

Milo Stokes!

(This is the only gif I could find with Liam Attridge in it.)

At 3:49 on September 25, 2018,
✓ Baptiste "Peto" Dupuis

Welcome to ECRP Jude,

Hope to get to know you, we should plot when you get setttled!!




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