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Meetings before Dawn { Sebastian and Kailani}

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Blood on my shirt, Rose in my hand.

What the lion cannot manage to do, the Fox can

“Goodbye. said the fox.” And now here is my secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Full Name * Kailani Tabitha Mavros

Kah - Lah - Nee

Nicknames * Kai, Lani, Kali {Spades}, {More to come}

Age * Appears 23 • Real 30

DOB *  01/16 • Capricorn

Species * Therianthrope • Kitsune

Residency * Evermore City, Colorado

Occupation * Owner & Head Veterinarian of The Blue Collar Pack

Relationship * Unattached • Straight

~ • ~

Build * Five foot Seven inches, Slim figure, Weighing in at one hundred and nineteen pounds

Hair * dirty blonde

Eyes * Natural ~ Hazel • Kitsune ~ Golden Yellow

Face Claim * Hailey Bieber

The Mavros family was born into the Therianthrope gene or Kitsune, both Emily and Alaric had a daughter named Kailani. She was a beautiful bold chubby baby who loved to play outdoors and get lost in woods. When Kailani was young they lived in Springfield Massachusetts where the open land was perfect for the pack. Fresh air, hot days and large lakes for the little girl to play in. Alaric’s a handy man, he went to school for carpentry, landscape, electrical, and mechanics. Emily’s a nurse working long hours of the day bring home more than her husband. As Kailani got a little older around the age of seven, she began to be courteous about where she came from and whom was in the family. Certain blood relatives do not keep in contact for one big reason: Alaric. The tail goes Therianthrope’s have increased anger during animal form and not. Only Alaric’s side of the family have disconnected themselves because of the accident. Uncle Sam and Alaric were messing around playing a harmless game of catch until things got rowdy. There was a time where Emily wasn’t faithful to her husband - but only when they were kids - Uncle Sam mistakenly brought that up leading Alaric to quickly form into his animal side biting off an arm. This was not only the last time Alaric has transformed but was also the last time he’s ever seen his brother. Of course their marriage is fine but there will always be a scare left over.

“New Jersey here I come.”

The ride was only ten hours but the ride seemed like thirty six. Kailani has a scholarship at the New Jersey City University for Veterinary, begin a so called animal herself, she had a passion for helping them. This was where she and her family could start over begin their new lives with a clean slate. Her father made her promise not to tell another sole about the boy back home and to never reveal her animal side to any human under no circumstances. Agreeing to his terms it was the last time they spoke of home or Therianthrope.. until the next evening. Kailani locked herself in her room as there was a big test the following morning that costed half her grade. Even though she knew she was prepared, you can never be too cocky. As the sun set her eyes were focused on the words, reading from left to right - “AHH!” Loud screams came from upstairs, both Emily and Alaric jumped from their seats knowing exactly what was happening. Rushing into her room as Kailani lays in the fetus position her father picks her up bringing her to the basement. Luckily for them the previous owners were in a band leaving the room to be sound proof. There was nothing her parents could do but sit back and watch the transformation become. Her screams seemed louder each time as each bone in her body broke and her skin shredding open as claws come from her fingers. Her back opened first then behind then front until she had completed. Standing before Emily and Alaric was a gorgeous Kitsune Fox. Her fur matched the color of her eyes; gold. She had a long wispy tail and big ears.

By now, Kailani was twenty and she know it was time for her to start her new chapter. There was an opening at a veterinary’s office, the owner was retiring and was also impressed with Kailani’s high scores and dedication to animals. He offered her the job and of course she couldn’t resist. It was called Blue Collar Pack located in Evermore City, Colorado. Tears fell down her mothers face once she saw her daughter bring down all her packed bags, Alaric was holding back tears but kept a warm smile on. “You’ll do great things out there. We’re so proud of you.” Emily stated before bringing her only child in for a big, warm hug. She didn’t want to let her go but Kailani was impatient to start her new life. Turning her head towards her father that was when the water works appeared. Kailani was a daddy’s girl, so of course this was going to be the hardest goodbye. The hug only lasted for a few seconds but it was the best feeling she could have ever felt. Lani jumped into the car and waved her parents goodbye.

New Jersey to Colorado only took a day and half drive, Kailani loves to travel and seeing each state for its own was a treat. She wasn’t definitely one of those girls that grabbed a couple souvenirs, a bite to eat and kept moving. Once arriving into the new city she couldn’t believe her eyes; from the colors, to the people, to the energy bouncing off one another. Lani knee this was the place to be. She pulled up to her new apartment and rushed in. It was a modern home mixed with a cabin vibe. The floor had wooden tiles, the frames had oak shelving and her room had a giant open window with the perfect view of the forest. Home sweet home was an understatement.

Now a few years later, Kailani had settled in quit nicely and made a bang at her new job. The supernatural and house let’s always went to The Blue Collar Pack. She handled each animal with care and as if they were her own. The business finally got its recognition and won a few awards for being the best veterinary hospital in town. Kailani took pride in her work and enjoyed every second of it. Evermore City was home sweet home.

The Good * Ambitious, Loyal, Authenticity

The Bad * Bad-Tempered, Anxious, Impulsive

Hobbies * Photography, palm reading, gardening, and collecting spiritual rocks/crystals.

Likes *

Dislikes *

Jumping • Kitsunes can jump higher than their lycanthropes and ailuranthrope counterparts while in kitsune form, almost as if their center of gravity is lowered, they can use such abilities to jump distances normally unreachable.

Ability to lie • Kitsunes can lie without fail, they can also focus their mind to nullify tells which might normally catch others in a lie, Kitsunes also have immunity to all lie detection abilities including those of the Nephilims.

Blinding others • Kitsunes can blind a target temporarily with their mind, however they must always remain eye contact on their target, breaking the contact will cause the target to regain their sight.

Razor Sharp Tail • While in kitsune form, the kitsune’s tails are razor sharp which can cut even the hardest of diamonds with a simple whip of their tail. The older the Kitsune and the more it’s been through in life the more tails a Kitsune will have.

~ • ~

Extended Life • All therianthropes have an extended life span usually around 2x that of a human.

Increased Senses • Increased strength, semi heightened hearing, increased healing speed ( Not fast enough to survive a fatal injury like decapitation), increased speed and increased agility.

Tracking • Using their increased sense of smell Therians are able to track people by their scent and can locate people within a large radius.

Strength In Numbers • Therianthropes are stronger when in a pack or around other therianthropes, same as they are stronger when working alongside an alpha and stronger when working alongside another subspecies. An alpha’s strength comes from the members of the pack and increases their alpha abilities.

Turning • A therianthrope can turn at will on any night but a new moon, on a full moon all therianthropes are forced to turn for the entire night. A therians's bite is only venomous on a full moon.

Mother; Emily {Black} Mavros

Little Info Here

Father; Alaric Mavros

Little Info Here

Friend of a friend; Ace "Spades" Kang

Little Info Here

Jogging Friend; Leighton Kingsmen

Little Info Here

Who they are; Full Name

Little Info Here

Who they are; Full Name

Little Info Here

Who they are; Full Name

Little Info Here

Who they are; Full Name

Little Info Here

For plotting and OOCC • Comments or Inbox. Rarely ever PC since I’m always on mobile.

Sebastian McKinnon • Meetings before Dawn ~ Ongoing

Ace Kang • Death Is Not The End ~ Ongoing

Leighton Kingsman • Eye of the...Fox? ~ Ongoing

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

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Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

Name • Title ~ Ongoing/Complete

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At 19:58 on October 2, 2019,
✓ Seraphina Valkyrie

Sorry for the long time to reply to your comment. I have one opening for threads and am willing to reserve it for you. Let me know when your free to talk I would love to hear your ideas :D

~ Seraphina V.

At 21:35 on September 15, 2019,
✓ Thaddeus Ufford

hit me with some ideas.


At 14:55 on August 30, 2019,
✓ Ace Kang

Oof. I loved the reply!

You ghosted in Ayno in exactly the right way

And you were right, Ayno didn't know that Ace was alive.

So thank you for that!

I'll reply soon.

I've got one for Lyra and then on to yours!!



At 20:12 on August 28, 2019,
✓ Leighton Seth Kingsman

Hey! I decided the idea was good enough to make the thing


At 22:30 on August 23, 2019,
✓ Sebastian “Bash” McKinnon

I like my new nickname, thanks cutie, I will be here the rest of the evening, hope we get to chat :)

At 19:09 on August 23, 2019,
✓ Lyra R. Melior

Hey, I'd love to plot with you! Let me know your thoughts,



At 19:06 on August 23, 2019,
✓ Orion Valkyrie ~Admin~

Of course we can plot, the best way to reach me is usually through inbox since my work schedule tends to be all over the place.

At 12:21 on August 23, 2019,
✓ Ace Kang

Thanks! took me an hour and rewriting it, but I got it done!

I'm glad you like it!


At 22:55 on August 22, 2019,
✓ Ace Kang

Oi Kali! You have a starter

A very long starter at that.

I hope you like it!

Death Is Not The End


At 22:52 on August 22, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Hi, Kailani. Welcome to ECRP.

Feel free to approach my inbox or PC anytime.

I'll be happy to help you around site!


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