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Kana InazumaNAME TBANICKNAMESTennoji Ward, Osaka, Japan
Japanese - Initia (Diverse)NATIONALITY/SPECIES LesbianSEXUALITY SingleRELATIONSHIP WaitressOCCUPATION Fire (Affinity) - Earth (Secondary - In Training)ELEMENTS
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As It's Told

“Where is she!? Where is my wife!?” a frantic Kenji questioned the nurse at the station rather aggressively. He had been in a meeting when he got the phone call that his wife had been shot while out shopping, and she was being rushed to the hospital. The meeting he was at was a rather important one regarding something that had come up with a missing shipment of his more criminal activities. However as soon as he got the call, the concern over the missing shipment, shifted immediately to the well-being of his wife and unborn daughter. Before he even got an answer from the man he was questioning rather aggressively, he pulled out his gun and put a bullet between the man’s eyes. Looking at one of his guys, he told him to find the missing shipment, or he would be the next dead body. After that, he ran through red lights and stop signs; not stopping for cops, until he reached the hospital his wife was at. Upon arrival at the hospital, police entered the area, but only a few entered the building. Those few that entered were on his payroll, and after explaining what happened, they told him they would take care of things and he should worry about his wife.

Kenji pushed his way through doctors and nurses until he got to his wife’s side, and when the doctors told him that he had to wait outside, he said that he wouldn’t leave his wife. Struggling to speak, Kiyomi struggled out the words I Love You, and told him to listen to the doctors. He looked at the doctor and told him, if his wife dies, he dies; and then he left the room. After about five hours in surgery, the doctor returned to Kenji and regretfully informed him of the death of his wife. However he also told him that they had managed to save the life of their daughter, and he could show him the child if he wanted to see her. Despite wanting to kill the doctor for not saving his wife, he decided to let him live because they had managed to save their daughter. Kenji followed him to the nursery, where the nurse showed him the child causing a sad smile to appear on his face. When they asked him if they had chosen a name for his daughter, all he could think about was the argument he had with his wife for over a week. He wanted to call her Aimee, while his wife wanted to call her Kana. “Kana,” he told the doctor with another sad smile.

For nearly the first month of her life, Kana rarely ever saw her father. He was too busy trying to track down the person who murdered Kiyomi, and show him just what happens when you cross the Inazuma clan. Her father had city officials, police, and even some ties to government agencies that reached beyond the scope of Japan on his payroll; and he had them all searching for the person that had claimed the life of his innocent wife. While he was the leader of a criminal enterprise, his wife was not and knew very little, if anything at all, about the illegalities of his life. After tracking down the culprit, he learned that the murderer was a woman who called herself Lily, and discovered she was hired by his long time rival Eiji Matsushita. He thanked Lily for her rather swift confession, and offered her a way to redeem what she had done. He would spare her life, and pay her a quarter of her usual fee; if she murdered the man who hired her to kill his wife. Two days later Lily was found dead in a ditch outside the city, and Kenji couldn’t care less about the outcome. Now one of his adversaries was out of the way, and he would find a way to eventually take care of the other.

Kenji had gotten a terrible fright when Kana was only about 3 months old, while he was playing airplane with her, a loud noise behind them startled her father; causing him to drop young Kana. She landed on her head, cried for a brief moment, then there was silence. His daughter didn’t seem to be breathing, so he rushed her to the hospital as fast as he could. After about a half hour in the waiting room, the doctor told him that she had somehow gotten a marble caught in her windpipe which stopped her airflow; as well as the fact that there would be some swelling and tenderness with the bump she took to the head. So much bad news from having a little bit of fun, but what he couldn’t figure out was where the marble had come from. He knew how her head was injured, yet that marble was a complete mystery to him. From that moment on, he made a silent promise to himself, that he would be more careful with his daughter, and make sure she was safe from any danger he could protect her from. Even if that meant himself, and given his illegal activities, he knew that would eventually have to happen as well. After returning home with his daughter, Kenji tried his best to be more gentle with Kana; and even began to find himself wondering if it was safe for him to pick her up.

Eventually Kenji hired a nanny to look after his growing little girl, as well as take care of things around the house. The last nanny that was here, he had killed after he found her listening to music on her headphones while his daughter was crying in the background. When he first hired this girl, he made sure to give her a warning of what would happen should he find her neglecting his daughter. Emiko was a recent college graduate, mid 20’s, and looking to start up her own daycare; and she considered this nanny job as a trial run for when the day comes she brings that dream to reality. Kenji told her that if she can care for his daughter, without any errors, he would help her dream to own a daycare come to reality. Things went surprisingly well with Emiko, and nearly every time he saw his daughter from that day forward, she had a bright smile on her face. However that peace of mind was soon ruined by nobody but himself. He had come home late one day, and saw Emiko putting Kana to bed, after saying goodnight to his daughter; Kenji made an advancement on Emiko, which led to him getting smacked in the face. While Kenji was upset by the fact she had just hit him, he apologized for what he had done; but it didn’t change the fact that Emiko left. Back on his own again, he decided that he would take the responsibility in his own hands. He would work from home, and raise his daughter how he wanted her to be raised.

Kana was a rather bright and cheerful kid growing up, and she was extremely playful. No matter what her father was doing, she would always get him to play with her. Whether it was ball, or tag, or even dressup; he did whatever he could to make his daughter happy. Her smile meant the world to him. With the way that he acted around his daughter, one of the men working for him began to doubt Kenji, and called him weak to his face and in front of the rest of the men. Without hesitation Kenji killed the man where he stood, telling the rest of his men not to let the way he acts with his daughter fool them. He was still the same ruthless man he was when they met him, he was just disguising himself while around his daughter. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone that ever stood up to him like the fool he had just killed, and he wouldn’t tolerate any doubt against him. His minions must have heard him loud and clear, because he never received a complaint after that day, and when some of them came to his house and saw how carefree he seemed with his daughter, they still looked at him as if he was the man who would kill without hesitation.

Kana found school particularly hard, not because the work there was difficult, rather because everyone was afraid of her father. That alone caused the people in her class to stay away from her and not want to be friends with her, no matter how hard she tried. Seeing her father in the evenings was usually enough to put a smile on her face, but one day she was frowning when her father came home and he asked her what was wrong. When she told him that nobody wanted to be friends with her at school, her father wasn’t exactly sure what he could do to help her out. He hated to see her frown, but making kids be her friend wasn’t something that he could do… or was it? He remembered then that one of the men he had hired, had a daughter about Kana’s age, that went to a public school. Kenji then hatched a scheme in his head, one that his daughter would probably hate him for if she ever found out the truth. That night, when Kana was asleep, he reached out to Hiro Miyashita and told him to enroll his daughter in the same school as Kana. He told Hiro that he would pay for everything, and as long as his daughter was friends with Kana, Hiro would receive perks at work as well. It didn’t take long for Kana to come home from school with a happy smile on her face telling her father that she had made a new friend. When he asked who her new friend was, she told him her name was Rika Miyashita, and he smiled at her. “See I told you everything would be okay. Just keep on being yourself Kana, and you’ll make tons of friends in time” he said with a smile.

As the years passed, Kana began to make more friends with the help of Rika, and she began to enjoy school a lot more. Her grades weren’t perfect, but she did receive passing grades, on her exams. Kenji did believe that his daughter could do better, be better; yet he didn’t want to push her too hard to the point that she would think badly of him. Of course, if she failed, it would be a different story; and he wouldn’t be afraid to discipline her if she did something wrong either. He didn’t want her to be like him, he wanted her to be more like her mother, kind, caring, and innocent. During her primary school years, young Kana learned Calligraphy, and discovered that she was allergic to pollen. When she reached the age of seven, Kana awoke from her slumber screaming in pain in the early hours of the morning. As her father came to her side, he knew right away that she was receiving the tattoo of the Initia tribe. That was when he remembered that he had forgotten to tell his daughter about the supernatural status she held in her blood. When the pain finally stopped, Kenji held his daughter and began to explain everything to her. At first Kana didn’t want to believe him, at least that was until he showed her his control over the fire element. She didn’t want to be supernatural, she wanted to be normal like the rest of her friends.

Since the arrival of her Initia tattoo, her father made sure to keep a close eye on her, for any signs of her affinity element showing through. What he didn’t know was that Kana had told her closest friends about the discovery that she was supernatural, and while she thought she was alone, surprisingly all of her friends were in similar boats. While they weren’t all Initia, each of them had their own supernatural status to deal with. Opening up about their supernatural status only seemed to bring them closer as a group, and they spent a lot of time talking about their species to each other, but nobody else. It took a year before Kana’s affinity element showed itself, and her affinity element was the same as her father’s, fire. She was in the kitchen trying to make her father some pancakes as a surprise, when her powers entered the scene causing a fire on the stove. “DADDY!!!!!” Kana screamed, and her father wasted no time entering the kitchen. When he saw the fire, and Kana’s eyes glowing red, he knew immediately that the fire was Kana’s doing, and that her affinity element had finally shown itself. Using his own powers over the fire element, he calmed the flames, and then did his best to calm down Kana, and help her to get her powers under control. From that day forward, Kenji helped his daughter personally learn how to control the fire, so that her powers wouldn’t burst freely like that anymore.

A few days before her twelfth birthday, her father informed her that they’d be taking a trip to America, and that he wanted her to pack for the trip. When she asked why, he told her that they were going to the place where his Initia Master was, to undergo the ceremony for her to officially claim her element and begin her training. Kana had heard stories of her father’s Master, Kado Sasori, many times since discovering her supernatural status, and now she was finally going to get to put a face to the name. Before she left, she told her friends about the trip, and her father contacted the school. They would be gone for a week, and she was going to miss her friends, especially since she didn’t know how to speak english. She would most likely be in her house the entire time there with the exception of the ceremony. Together with her father, they made their way to America the day before her twelfth birthday. When the plane touched down, Kado was waiting for them at the airport, and she finally got to meet the man who trained her father. While Kenji spent time catching up with his old teacher, Kana was left to get acquainted with Kado’s wife, Annaisha Sasori. Kana enjoyed the time she spent with Annaisha, and she even learned a little english thanks to her. It wasn’t much, but it was still a start.

When the time finally came for the ceremony, Kana was feeling a little nervous, so she held tight to her father’s hand as the ceremony got underway. Despite being nervous for the ceremony, young Kana performed exactly as she was instructed, and by the time the ceremony was finished, she had officially been claimed by her affinity element Fire. With the ceremony finished, Kana, her father, Kado, and Annaisha all went out for ice cream. That was the best part of the ceremony for Kana, the after ceremony ice cream. The next day, Kenji asked Kado if he would train his daughter in the basics before they headed back to Japan. Kado declined saying that he wouldn’t train a student who couldn’t see his training through to the end. Her father knew he had his own rules for training, but he didn’t think there would be any harm in asking. Kado laughed at Kenji and gave him a rather hard smack to the back, not one of ill will, but rather one of rough playfulness. Kado told her father that if he wanted Kana to be trained by him, he would just move back to Japan and see her training through to the end. Kenji was pleased to hear this, and thanked him for taking on Kana as his new student. Kado warned him that he wouldn’t take it easy on her, and there was a chance of injury during training. Of course, Kenji already knew this given his own training and still agreed to him training her.

Kana’s training began in America under the same Master that had taught her father, and she felt overwhelmed by it at first. Not because of the training, which was hard in its own right, but more so because she had rather large shoes to fill. Her father was quite skilled with the fire element, and she was hoping he would be her teacher, but to be trained by the same Master her father had been trained by, was a blessing. As the days passed by, her skill with the fire element hadn’t shown much improvement, and her father was beginning to wonder if she would be able to even handle the more advanced training once they began. While Kado worked with her to control her fire element, Annaisha worked with her to teach her more english; even if they were going to return to Japan soon. By the week’s end, Kana had improved slightly with her training, and her father was proud of the little that she had accomplished. She knew that she would have to put more work in to increase her skill, but she was determined to make her father truly proud of her Initia powers, and even follow in his footsteps and go for Mastery of the fire element rather than diversity. The first thing she did when they returned to Japan, was go out and meet up with her friends to tell them about her time in America. She spent hours talking about everything she had done in America with her father, his teacher, and Annaisha; and eventually lost track of time. After saying their goodbyes, Kana walked home alone from the park.

While walking home though, Kana was kidnapped by men that worked for the same man that killed her mother. They tied her up, blindfolded her, and gagged her; before bringing her back to their boss. Kana spent the next 24 hours in a cage, wondering what was going to happen to her, or if she would ever get to see her father again. When Eiji contacted her father, and told him that she had been kidnapped, Kenji snapped. After telling Kado and Annaisha to take care of Kana, he made his way to Eiji’s place and exploded in a rage of flaming fury. He used his powers to make his way through the people blocking his path, and didn’t stop when he got shot in the shoulder. He burned his way through nearly 50 men, before reaching Eiji and demanding the release of Kana. For the first time in their rivalry, Kenji saw Eiji scared, but that wouldn’t stop him from doing whatever it took to rescue Kana. Eiji willingly handed over Kana, and begged for mercy. Kenji was about to kill Eiji, when Kana stepped in front of him and hugged her father begging him to stop. She told him that she was safe now, and that they could leave. He looked Eiji dead in the eyes and warned him that if he told anyone what happened, or came after his family again, Kana wouldn’t be able to save him again. With that, he left with his daughter, not knowing what would happen now.

Despite having many city officials on the payroll, Kenji knew that he wouldn’t be able to pay his way out of this mess should they come for him, so all he could do was wait. As time passed by, he was shocked when nobody came for him. It would seem as though his threats had made enough of an impact that Eiji hadn’t called the police on him, or maybe he did and they didn’t believe him. After all, believing in the supernatural is hard to do unless you witness it first-hand. Either way Kana was happy that her father wasn’t going to have to leave her. As the days passed by, Kana returned to her training of the Fire Element, while making time for her friends as well. It was tough at first, but as she began progressing with her training, everything became much easier to juggle. At the age of sixteen, her flirtatious nature had landed her into something she hadn’t expected. One of her friends had kissed her while she was pretending to kiss them, and it caught her by shock. While she had been attracted to her friend for a while now, she never actually acted upon it, only flirted with her and all of her other friends as well to hide who she was truly crushing on. After talking for a while, they decided to date, with the exception that Kana come out to her father about being a lesbian.

Kana was dreading the talk she’d have to have with her father in order to date her friend, mostly because he seemed to be one of those old fashioned people who didn’t believe in same gender relationships. At least that’s the way it seemed to her, so she hid her lesbian side as best as possible from her father for the longest time, and now she was about to bring it all out in the light. It was hard getting her father alone to talk to him, but she finally managed to get him alone in the living room, and she asked him if she could talk to him. As they sat down, she began to nervously tell him about her sexuality, and to her surprise he smiled at her. He told her that he already knew about her being into girls rather than guys, and that he was just waiting for her to have the courage to come forth and tell him herself. She was shocked that he already knew, but she hugged him tight and said thank you. When he asked her why she thanked him, she said that she thought he would overreact or something, which was why she was nervous to come to him about it. He laughed a little before smiling at her, then he asked her if she was happy, and when she told him yes, he told her that was all that mattered to him. He didn’t care who she loved, within reason of course, as long as she was happy. The next day, she brought her girlfriend home to meet her father, and he greeted her with a smile.

More years passed by, and Kana began to get much better in her elemental training, and Kado was becoming proud of his young student. Her english skills have improved a lot as well thanks to Annaisha, who became a mother-like figure to Kana. Her relationship with her girlfriend had become distant as they both began drifting apart from one another romantically, so they both decided to go their separate ways as lovers, while remaining friends. She got her first car at 16, after successfully obtaining her driver’s license, and was well on her way to prepare for yet another Initia ceremony. When school ended, and they had to begin thinking about college, a lot of her friends had different plans in mind for what they wanted to do, whereas Kana was unsure of what she wanted to do with her life now that she had graduated. All of her friends began moving on, some going to college outside of Japan, others moving to Korea to pursue their dreams, and some moved to America for college, while Kana remained in Japan with her father, and got a job as a waitress to make her own money. Her father told her that she didn’t have to work if she didn’t want to, he would be more than happy to keep providing for her, but she told him that she felt she needed to get out and work for her own money, just so that she wouldn’t have to rely on him all the time.

When she reached the age of 18, the time came for her second Initia ceremony, where she would get to decide whether she would become a Master of a single element, or Diversify herself and learn multiple elements. Before heading to America again for the ceremony, her father sat down with her to discuss the choice of Master or Diverse. Kana told her father that she would like to become a Master of the Fire element, like he had chosen to do, but her father had other plans. He told her that he’d like for her to choose the path of the Diverse Initia, and take on the Earth element as her secondary Element, in honor of her mother. While she had wanted to go on the path of Mastery, Kana smiled at her father and told him that she would be honored to follow the path of the Diverse Initia. By choosing the Diverse path, she could be closer to her Mother Kiyomi, even if she never had the chance to meet her. After heading back to America for the ceremony, Kana felt more at ease having already gone through one ceremony, and also the fact that she was older now; however she still held her father’s hand as the ceremony began. When the time came for her to choose her future path in the Initia, she spoke with a bright smile and said Diverse, then chose the Earth element as her next Element to learn.

At the end of their trip to America, Kana spoke with her father and told him that she wouldn’t be going back to Japan with him. When he asked her why, she told him that she wanted to explore her possibilities here in America, and that she would stay in touch with him. While he didn’t like the idea of her being in America alone, he knew that she was old enough now to make her own decisions, and he didn’t want to be the one to hold her back. He told her that she could stay, but that there were a few conditions. The first being that she calls him three times everyday: breakfast, supper, and before bed. Secondly, she takes money with her from him, however much he wants to give her, that way she’d never be stuck for cash while she searches for a job. Lastly, she let him assign a bodyguard with her, since he wouldn’t be here to protect her himself. Kana willingly agreed to the first two conditions, however she refused his third condition without hesitation. She told him that she didn’t need a bodyguard, that she could take care of herself. Although he was very hesitant, her father agreed to not leaving a bodyguard with her, and left her in America to return to Japan. Before he left, he told her that he would get her paperwork all ready for her when he returned, and all she needed to do was tell him where to send it once she got settled down.

For the first couple of weeks she was in America, she stayed with Kado and Annaisha, until she figured out where to go next. She also needed to find a suitable teacher for her Earth element as well, so that she could begin her training. After talking with Kado, he told her about the city of Evermore, and how it was a city full of supernatural beings. He was sure that she would find a teacher in Evermore, so that was where she decided to begin her journey. Kana wasn’t exactly sure where this path would take her, but surely she would find what she was meant to do if she kept searching. When she arrived in Evermore, she spent a few nights in a hotel, getting to know the area before purchasing a small house in the Initia Territory with her father’s money. The house wasn’t huge, but it was more than enough space for her, and if she ever had anyone over, or if her father came to visit, there was a spare bedroom in the house as well. Now that she was all settled into her new home, she contacted her father and gave him her new mailing address, and given his reach with the government; he had her American Citizenship papers waiting for her. Instead of mailing the papers to her though, her father came by her house in person to surprise his daughter, and she was very surprised. They spent the whole day together getting caught up on the time they were apart, even if she did call him everyday, and had ice cream in the city.

As time passed on Kana found herself an Initia Master for the Earth Element, and she trained hard to learn the element of her deceased Mother. She found the Earth Element much easier to learn than the Fire Element she began with, so she turned out to be quite the quick study. Now at the age of twenty-three, Kana continues to reside in the Initia Territory, and has become the parent of a Shiba Inu dog, which she un-originally named Shiba; a cat that she named Whiskers, and most recently, a bunny which she named Thumper. Her training in the Earth Element is still undergoing, but she has made great progress since the beginning of her training. As for work, she is currently a waitress at a local cafe during the day, and finishes work about 9:00 PM.

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