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“Because love is dangerous. It weakens … It rots. It destroys order. And without order, what is left? Chaos.”

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Name: Tatiana Ivakov
Face claim: Lily James
Age: Visually 23 - Actually 895
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: 13th February
Current place of resisdence: Ailward faction
Nationality/Species: Dhampir
Occupation: Ailward Guard
Relationship: Single

: 5'7" and feminine
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Chocolate brown
Distinguishing marks: N/A

Family: Oh gosh.

Positive: Creative - Independent - Responsible

Negative:Loner - Withdrawn - Hot tempered

Tatiana Ivakov was born the only child of Aurelia Ivakov, she never knew who her father was, her mother had always insisted that he was never important and that the only person who mattered was her. Despite that, it was clear that Tatiana had gained most of her physical traits from her father as she had dark eyes and hair and her mother sported blonde hair and light eyes. Despite not looking like her mother, Tatiana did inherit her mother’s resilience which she required as she grew up, as a young child it was hard to understand that you would need to drink the blood of others to survive properly. Growing up a Dhampir was a challenge for Tatiana, as her mother was a vampire she couldn’t venture into the sun and therefore relied on Tatia to help them both get by, the young girl learned to become an adult far before she should have needed to.

Tatiana and her mother lived a ghostly existence through life, they never stayed in one place for long and every time that Tatiana thought it was okay to get attached to something or someone it would be ripped from her as they moved from place to place, she couldn’t understand what her mother was so afraid of that she felt the need to up and leave their lives every time she got a whisper from one of her contacts but Tatia respected her mother’s wishes, she could often see the pain behind her mother’s eyes and she could tell that she had lived a long and difficult life and Tatia by no means wanted to jeopardize what her mother had sacrificed for their life together.


As a child Tatia was an artistic person, whenever they went to a new place her mother would buy her a new thing she could use for her art, whether it be a new set of charcoals or even the one time she was gifted with a set of watercolors, she would put her pen or paintbrush to the paper and magic would happen, at first she sold her paintings and drawings to the locals to help earn her and her mother more money which they could use to help them get safe passage to the next place they were headed or to pay for a better meal that evening but her art which she signed anonymously slowly became more and more famous and she made more and more money from her sales, in fact some of her artwork still hangs in famous galleries across the world even now. The money the two gained from selling the paintings eventually allowed them to stop moving so much and the two settled into a nice house in the countryside.


As Tatia grew older her mother eventually revealed her past story to her, how she had been born a Nephilim and was taken from her family, forced to endure years of torture and was eventually turned into a vampire and escaped the clutches of the Dragonkin, Tatia could finally understand why her mother was so afraid, the Dragonkin would no doubts still want her dead and being her daughter meant that Tatia was also on that hit list. Understanding the situation made the need to move easier for Tatia, she even helped to choose the places they went as she got older and by the time she was in her late teens she had the moving game down to a tee.


Which is why it came as a shock to her when her aunt Octavia came crashing into her life, she didn’t know her aunt, she had never known any family other than her mother but the idea of having other people she could care for was a scary thought for the girl who had only ever really known solitude her whole life. Regardless she had agreed to follow her mother to the Isle of Skye and joined the guard, it was a foreign transition to go from barely scraping by to suddenly living in a castle and having endless opportunities at her fingertips but she took it in her stride using her usual methods to adapt to the change.


It was after Tatia joined the guard that she really found herself, she first got to train with the other guards in any subject she wanted to know about, being unable to try most things when she was young she took advantage of all of the options offered to her, she learned to ride horses, she practiced archery like her mother had when she was younger, she participated in water sports on the ocean surrounding and even learned the ways of martial arts and how to protect herself from threats that may surround her. She also continued with her passion for art and many pieces of artwork that hang upon the walls in the castle on the Isle of Skye were created by here. The freedom of this new life was exactly what Tatia needed to become her own person and she was happy to protect the island from anyone who sought its harm.

Stay tuned. 

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