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Name: Westen 'Wes' Harte 
Faceclaim: Tom Austen
Age: Looks - 27, Real - 46
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Pansexual 
Species: Instar Diviner


Physical Description: 

Build: Slim
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour:  Blue
Distinguishing marks: None


Personality Traits: 

Positive: Considerate, Intelligent, Caring.

Negative: Unorganized, Lives in the moment, Speaks before he thinks



Weston was born in Evermore where the Diviner community had raised him as an orphan. He had never known either of his parents as he had been given up immediately and not many remembered who they might have even been. He had been left without a name or even a note so the community that raised him and named him. That being said, Weston never really asked about it, he didn't feel as though he was missing anything because the Coven had provided him with everything he would ever need. He was made to feel included, cared for and normal which helped him develop into the solid person he was that day. When he was still very young a sister appeared. This time with a note explaining she was the full sibling of the boy previously left with the Diviners. Once again, the faction took in the baby girl and raised her with her brother.

Weston attended school locally like all the other children up until the age of ten, when some of the Coven Elders were called in for a meeting by the school. Their they discussed how he was falling behind in class and seemed to hold little to no interest in his education, often drifting off to sleep or simply not paying attention whatsoever. When brought into the office, Weston grew very nervous and began fidgeting uncontrollably. His guardians spoke to him, trying to settle him but he was quite anxious and didn’t handle pressured situations like this well. They ended up cutting the meeting short, simply talking to him and saying he needed to step up his game and put some effort into learning.

Throughout the hard times, Weston’s sister, Nailah, was a huge ray of sunshine for him. The beautiful little girl already managed to make him laugh and brought a smile to his face. When she was old enough she did her best to support her struggling older brother. Weston did his best to be the best big brother he could be to his only family. It wasn’t always easy but he would try so hard for her sometimes but would quickly fall back into his old, slacker routines and struggle at school. Through it all though, the ups and downs, she never turned against him or showed any frustration.

A few more years passed and nothing changed for the young diviner. Even with his sister he rarely paid attention in school and was barely passing. He was steadily developing more and more attitude problems, getting kicked out of classes, and even fighting. Eventually the decision was made by the Diviner community to bring Weston out of public school and homeschool him. There were instant improvements but it was noticeable that what he lacked in academic skill or enthusiasm, he made up for in other ways. Nailah would tell him about her adventures at public school and for him that was all he needed. He was content with homeschooling and was actually managing to pass his classes now.

Years went by and even though there were struggles along the way, Weston managed to finally pass his high school education at the age of 17, only a few short months before his 18th birthday. Weeks passed and Weston simply hung out around the compound and didn’t do much. While he appeared lazy to all his faction-mates, in reality the young diviner was at war inside himself. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life now and confusion and fear controlled his emotions. He began drinking in secret to try and calm his nerves which his sister quickly discovered and did her best to stop him from doing.

Finally, his 18th birthday arrived and, much to his surprise, his adoptive family help a surprise party for him. As he socialized with all his friends he felt, for the first time in a long time, at ease. He realized he would always have a home here with the Diviner Faction of Evermore and that he didn’t need to worry about his future too much. If he wanted something, he needed to pursue it and not simply waste his life away. If he wanted to stay here he could, he just couldn’t be as lazy as he had been. He needed to change and only he could do that. Sitting around and worrying wouldn’t get anything done. As the time arrived, the sky darkened as Weston was claimed by the Necromancer side. He worried for a few moments that his faction would reject him now that he had been claimed by the dark but that fear soon passed as they all congratulated him.

Years passed and Weston remained in the city. He helped out around the Diviner faction and even took up a few extra activities such as archery and some fighting classes. He worked full time at a local theatre and developed a passion for screenwriting. He was looking into and considering taking a course when the comet struck. The pain that Wes felt that evening, was like nothing he had felt before. It  knocked him out and when he awoke, everything was different, not physically; but mentally and magically. He immediately found his sister to make sure she was okay and was delighted to see that she was.The powers he had once had control over, seem to run wild on occasion and his connection with the Fae and Necromancers, changed. It didn’t take him long to realize the change was for the better though.  

He didn’t feel weak around the faes any more, if anything he felt stronger. It was a strange but also wonderful feeling and he didn’t know how to handle it well. Meeting the Ambassador Quinn Hunt, he learned of the change the comet brought. Weston made the choice to remain within the city. He continued his training with a new energy and began classes to learn how to control his new abilities as well. His plans for working in the movie industry never died, but it got put on the back burner until things settled within Evermore. Despite caring greatly for his faction, Weston knew he wanted more. He didn’t know what exactly, but he knew his career would be a way to start his journey.

All his plans came to halt when he received a call from the hospital. His sister had been in an accident. She had survived but was in a coma. The days passed and Wes went and visited her several times but she still hadn’t woken up. Finally he received a call from the hospital that she was awake. There was just one problem though...she only remembered her own name. His little sister had complete amnesia….


Natalie Harte ~ Sister 

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"Was it too late to back out? They’ll never know he even ventured out in the first place right? Or could they? Something that the Instar Diviner was starting to wonder now. Getting second thoughts. That maybe it weren’t a good idea to…"
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"He would probably make the worst security guard to be honest. Not even able to notice someone walking straight through his door right under his nose. Seeing as Rowan has walked through already making himself at home like he always does. It’s…"
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"Wes’s day to day was pretty much the same really. Going to and from the hospital to visit his sister who was still in a coma after several months. Still no sign of her waking, the doctors and nurses kept telling him that she’ll wake up…"
Oct 15

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"Time never passed so slow when waiting around. In his case it was the constant waiting for his sister to wake up. At her bedside at the hospital, waiting her to come around from the coma. Soon after the accident happened they said it wouldn’t…"
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