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The Reckoning || Lita & Kaldre ||

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Kaldre Rephaim Frostbourne May 26. 5 Replies

The day thus far had been overcast, the clouds hanging low in the sky were dark grey and wispy. Despite the slight drizzling of rain that clung to the skin and stained the concrete dark the…Continue

Herbs & Arts || Lita & Finley ||

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The transition to Evermore had taken some serious adjustments, from the weather to the more open lifestyle it was no wonder Lita was finding it difficult the function. As a warrior and Elder of her…Continue

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✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Caspian Oakley's discussion The one that got away {Lita & Caspian}
"The looked on the male's face was one of surprise though she wasn't sure if it was because she had shown up or if it was due to her appearance. He seemed to take a moment to assess her before taking her greeting in stride and offering one…"
Jun 12

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Jun 12

✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Daehyun Stormwind's discussion Coming Up For Air (Daehyun and Lita)
"Stepping off the porch her boots made very little sound as they transferred from wood to compact Earth, her dark almond-shaped eyes studied the snowy-haired male. He looked pensive as if the weight of the world were resting upon his shoulders though…"
Jun 8

✓ Kaldre Rephaim Frostbourne replied to ✓ Lita Okada's discussion The Reckoning || Lita & Kaldre ||
"Kal had 40 years of freedom from being seen as Coldren Frostbourne’s son and there was no doubt in his mind that those 4 decades were the best of his life, the make Niveis hadn’t even realized how deprived he had been of control of his…"
May 26

✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Lita Okada's discussion The Reckoning || Lita & Kaldre ||
"The male shook his head at her words though it took him some time to explain why he found such odds with her words. The name Frostbourne had been an adopted surname and Lita remembered painfully the day she had awakened a Niveis, having survived a…"
May 25

✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Caspian Oakley's discussion The one that got away {Lita & Caspian}
"Music blared through the shop, drum beats and musical notes all arranged on a computer deck made for mixing up songs. Current generations had named the music genre dubstep and from the moment Lita had stumbled on the complex arrangements and…"
May 9

✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Daehyun Stormwind's discussion Coming Up For Air (Daehyun and Lita)
"“No, no, no. I don't need any more books. I need my order of tarot cards and the shipment of skirts you promised me.” Lita stood in the middle of the library, pacing around the new area rug that had been acquired by one of the…"
May 8

✓ Kaldre Rephaim Frostbourne replied to ✓ Lita Okada's discussion The Reckoning || Lita & Kaldre ||
"Kaldre remembered Lita from back on Unyak though the two of them had never been particularly close, she had always leaned closer to his sister than him and it was no surprise which side she would take when it came to the topic of the tribe as a…"
May 3

✓ Lita Okada replied to ✓ Lita Okada's discussion The Reckoning || Lita & Kaldre ||
"It had been a few years since Lita had seen Kaldre, though neither of them had changed much in the way of physical attributes they had certainly changed in their baring. Memories of when he was little swarmed her mind, reminding her painfully of her…"
May 3

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"The brunette walked in like most of her first-time customers, wandering in after something in the window caught her eye. For some it was the candles, for others it was the crystals, and for others still, it was the clothing or hangings. Whatever…"
Apr 29

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appearance :||: personality
FC: Li BingBing || Looks: 36 HEIGHT: 5’ 10’’
BUILD: Lean Muscled
HAIR: Midnight Black
EYES: Charcoal Black
Blue Wings (back)
Lotus Flower(hip)

Adventurous :||: Charming
Laid back :||: Perceptive
Realist :||: Smooth
Mellow :||: Competitive
Sly :||: Pretentious
Promiscuous :||: Crass
Likes: TBD


Okada Feng had to endure the best and worst of human experiences all within a matter of hours. For months he and his wife had been anxiously waiting for the arrival of their child, whether boy or girl they were going to love the babe with every fiber of their beings. For years they had been trying and had almost lost hope, when the gods had finally deemed them worthy. Complications during the labor however had put a damper upon the long night, as a storm raged outside the love of Feng’s life passed away carried into the afterlife by the cries of their daughter. The lightning and thunder raged outside as the newly minted father and widower held his squirming little girl, naming her after the terrible bolts of electricity that veined the dark night sky.

Lita was a bright eyed intelligent little girl, within her first year she was walking and babbling and causing trouble everywhere she went. Most within her tribe couldn’t believe their eyes, for Lita was a handful and yet her father, one of the most fearsome warriors in their clan doted on her. No matter what messes the little one made he went along behind her cleaning it up and ensuring that she didn’t harm herself or anyone else. Precocious as she was the little girl idalised her father, copying his every move and expression without a single shred of fear or trepidation.

It came as no surprise the power she held, being a child of two of the clans most deadly warriors it served to be only right and proper that her abilities manifest before she was barely 5. Little fires popped up everywhere she went, with a wave of her little hand she could catch a hut on fire and scatter flames over anything and anyone she was near. God's help anyone that was near her when that temper flared, for the young Phoenix had nearly burned down a forest in a fit of rage. Lita's undisciplined outbursts led her father to take extraordinary strides, drawing her into intensive training at the tender age of 7. Some in the clan frowned upon the practice, insisting that the little Okada needed to be allowed to be a child before she was thrown into the battlegrounds of the war. Feng however knew that if his daughter didn't learn control and discretion early it would only be harder the older she became.

Lita rose to the challenge, meeting each morning with the vibrancy of youth and yet held a distinguished and focused attention of the wholly engaged. Every word and move her father made she absorbed like a sponge, mastering the art of combat at speeds that baffled even Feng. Her father had to work to keep up with her, even learning some new techniques together in order to keep the little girl committed. It shouldn't have come as such a surprise, as both of her parents had been charged with protecting their clan for many years. With her body she learned to fight with her mind she learned control over the fire that coursed through her veins and with her heart she learned the history of her people.

Her clan was one of the few Phoenix communities that valued peace, struggling hard to stand apart from the wars that engulfed other Phoenix clans and the Initia. Her parents had been charged with ensuring that the war stayed away from them, guarding their people and their way of life with a ferocity that was well known throughout the Phoenix communities. Despite the war that raged all around them her people were committed to living in peace, staying neutral amid the power struggles between the Fire Lords and the Elementalists. Which took a fair bit of sacrifice on her father’s part for he took the brunt of the violence in order to keep their people safe. For that reason alone Lita wanted to be just like him, to fight alongside him and help him bear the weight of his responsibility.

Follow in his footsteps she did, by the time the young lady had reached her teenage years she was going on missions with her old man. Together they stood as guardians and warriors for their clan, keeping those who wished to continue the wars out. Some of the job surprised her, her mind had only registered defending and yet taking up her position as a fellow Guardian also meant eliminating threats before they became actual threats. It was a grisly job, drenching her hands in the blood of many Phoenix and Initia and even the occasional human all in the name of keeping her own people safe. The killing might have consumed her, darkened her heart as she reached full maturity however fate gave her a respite.

Kaede white was a diplomat from a neighboring clan, a handsome and soft spoken young man with a piercing gaze that seemed to gazed straight into her soul. He visited Lita's clan many times over the course of a year, brokering a treaty that would bring their two clans together under the flag of peace. United they would present a stronger bid for armistice yet become a bigger target. At first Lita and Kaede butted heads quite a bit, his seeming disdain for what she was and the job she had willingly taken on seemed a heated point of contention. The young woman could only conclude that the male hated her, hated the blood she had spilled in order to keep her people safe. It rankled on her nerves to think he would judge her so harshly when he was all but begging for his clan to fall under that same umbrella of protection.

One night however she learned the truth, heart heavy and world weary after a particularly grueling mission she came home to find Kaede waiting for her. Too tired both physically and emotionally to fight with him, covered in blood that wasn’t hers and disheveled beyond recognition she found herself pulled into his strong and steady arms. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, confusion and an angry dysphoria settled within her heart over the loss of so many lives because of differences that should be celebrated. Regretting the need for such rash action she insisted she didn’t need his condemnation, surprised when he held fast to her. It was in the circle of his strength he told her that her admired all that she did for her people and only hated that it was necessary.

The pair were married a month later, Kaede becoming a permanent fixture in her life as the two clans melded into one. Being at home soothed her restless soul and made her job more bearable, but as predicted the merge brought about more violence. The Okada's and many other Guardians were called into duty far more often as the war seemed without end. Lita was forced to take a breather as she had become pregnant, welcoming a pair of twin boys into her family. Her father was ecstatic to be a grandfather, doting on both infants with the indulgence of the parents. Lita was never more happy than in the few months following the birth of her children, her family was complete and even with the absence of her mother they were content.

The lull could not last however, as the world intruded on their happiness bringing reality crashing down on them. Shortly after the twins turned 2 the violence within their world erupted into all out chaos. Word that a clan of Phoenix were keeping out of the conflict incited the ire of other Fire Lords and Elementalists. The hostilities drew ever closed and in a single night of blood and sorrow Lita's world crumbled around her ears. A large force of Initia attacked in the cover of darkness, taking the Phoenix clan by surprise. The battle that ensued was fierce and brutal, the warrior within her fought hard to allow her clan to escape taking to the skies in droves of panic and fear. At dawn the golden rays of the sun revealed hundreds of dead and among them was every member of her family. Beloved husband, darling twin boys, and warrior father had all been slain. Distraught and heart sick the female Firebird had to push aside her grief, bury it down deep as she burned the body and destroyed all evidence that a battle had taken place there. The hardest thing she had ever had to do was watched the small little bodies of her body be eaten by her own flames, reduced to nothing by ashes and memories.

Once her task was complete she took flight, tracking her clan across the wide expanse of the ocean. They race across the waters toward a cold and remote part of the world. Many from their clan had been lost including the Chief’s lover, the loss hitting him hard. Exhausted and scattered the clan settled in the frozen tundras, picking up the shredded pieces of their lives. As Lita settled into a small hut all on her own her grief consumed her, flames manifesting in response to her extreme pain burning away the vestiges of who she had been in what would be her last and final rebirth.

It was in the frozen tundra that the fire of their clan ebbed, the bitterness a palpable presence that banked the passion of their once proud and vibrant flock. race into a mere shadow of who they had once been. Slowly but surely their mastery over fire diminished, the ability of even their strongest fire wielders to produce a simple flame dwindled down to nothing. The Chief’s healthy declined, his mind slipping down a dark hole of mourning and despair until he was a mere wisp of himself and before they knew it he was on death’s door. Together the clan gathered around their leader, waiting through the dark day and night for the flames of rebirth to consume him. Instead he seemed to slip away, the will to live gone from his heart and leaving behind an empty shell.

Lita was among those who were tasked with burying him, preparing his body to en entombed as soon as the snowstorm that raged outside abated. Somewhere in the early hours of the morning his body caught fire, though unlike the golden red blaze they were used to the flames that engulfed his body were a brilliant blue. The Guardian within her had the woman shielding the others, distrusting of this new found power that devoured the man who had once lead them so successfully. As she had been standing sentry for hours since the Chief had fallen ill Lita was given a respite, retiring to her own hut to get some rest. Physically and emotionally exhausted the female lay in bed for some time, as the realization that they were all mortal sank in.

She wasn’t as distraught about losing her fire as she thought she might be, the idea that she might be able to join her family one that eventually allowed her to slip into a dreamless sleep. Screams awakened her, jolting her body upright just as the Chief entered her small hut. Dumb struck and somewhat terrified that a man she thought was dead had just entered her home, her movement were sluggish as the male attacked her. After a brief struggle, his icy cold touch disgusting her and causing her to faint at the wrong time resulting in a knife plunged straight into her heart. Her death was painful, and her murderer stared deep into her eyes as she drew in her last ragged breath, a crazed smile upon his face.

Lita awoke different. Stumbling out into the frigid air she found the cold didn’t even faze her, the chilly winds brushed against her skin much like a summer breeze. Other in the village were stirring, ranting about the horrible death their own Chief had dealt them. The realization that they had been forever changed came upon them all at once, the change in their markings and command of the ice and snow were discoveries that their Chief revealed to them in a tone that was insane and at the same time almost magnanimous. He dubbed them all Niveis, the polar opposite what they had all once been and all due to his grand mercy that had been bestowed upon them in all his wisdom.

Despite the horrific things he had done the Chief was their leader, this second life and all the powers that came with it were surely worth the struggles. Things seemed to degrade from there, the male who had once espoused peace with every inch of his being now ordered Lita to being training the entire clan. Combat was the new way of life for every member of their community, and because of her long standing loyalty and the loyalty her father had sworn to the man Lita obeyed. At first she thought it was in order to help them all master the new abilities and powers inherent to them, a task that she readily threw herself into. As time passed however the Chief made his true intentions be known, and revenge was the only recourse in his broken mind.

Eventually his madness reached a tipping point, and Lita was not just a witness but an supporting impetus to the shift in power. The Chief accused his own wife of deceit, their shouted argument filtering through the walls of their home where Lita was waiting for an audience. The sounds of a scuffle drifted to her, the scent of blood reaching her nose as she plunged inside to find Anivia and the Chief in a power struggle. In a split second decision Lita threw her strength and allegiance behind Anivia and assisted in the assassination of a tyrant and madman.

The future of the Niveis was placed solely on the shoulders of Anivia, and Lita was her most loyal and staunch supporter. As a member of the Elders Council she pushed hard to have Anivia appointed as Chief, having every confidence that the female could rise to the challenge of leadership. The move to Evermore was a smart one, immersing their kind back into the world at large and fully presently themselves as a formidable yet peace loving species. Lita has high hopes for the future, welcoming the chance to put her best foot forward and plunge into a new chapter in her life.

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