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Never lose sight of who you are.

Name: Alexander Damien Hunter
Nicknames/Alias: Alex, Xander
Faceclaim: Finn Wittrock

Age: 26 | 2660
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: Wallachia | Modern Day Romania
Current place of Resisdence: Evermore, Colorado
Nationality/Species: Romanian Vampire
Rank: Nomad
Relationship: Single

Build: Tall, Athletic,
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Blue/Green
Distinguishing marks: Scars on his back.

Alexander Hunter was born in 643 AD he was born in Wallachia (Modern day Romania) to his parents but during that time a lot of people were going missing. Alex’s parents had three other children but Alexander was the oldest of the four kids. But during that time the Ottoman empire was kidnapping kids to put into the armies.

Alexander was on such kid that was taken by force by the king’s men to be thrown into his army. However he was forced to watch his entire family be slaughtered before his eyes no matter what he could do it was useless as the men took sick pleasure in killing the younger ones who couldn’t fight. He wished he had been nicer to his little sister earlier that day since he had been mean to her. The memory came flooding back as he watched them kill his only sister.

~Flashback to 3 hours earlier~

“Alexander give me back my doll!” Mariska shouted at her older brother as he dangled the doll above her. Sure he was only eleven years old but he wanted to make her strong to be a strong woman.

“Why little Mariska you don’t need dolls you are a strong girl and will make a very strong woman once you are of age.” He said mocking her not knowing but in three short hours he would become an orphan and trained to be a ruthless killer.

~Flashback End~

They taught him how to be a ruthless savage, a vicious killing machine. It wasn’t until he saw the error of the teachings that was taught to him did he leave during the night having been sent to the back on the army that was marching onto his homeland once more to capture more children to breed into soldiers. He snuck off into the woods leaving quickly and silently as to hope none had noticed he had stopped aging as to now he was twenty six years old. None knew but he was born a vampire the legends that started to circulate made him laugh some of the info had been true but no all of it was.

After he escaped he made he way around the world by the cover of darkness claiming to be a wayward traveler that was horribly lost that had been attacked by a feral wolf during his travels to cover up why he had so many scars. He didn’t want anyone to find out that he was a wayward soldier from the Ottoman empire that abandoned the cause that was beaten into him since he was young.

After awhile of traveling for well over two thousand years he stopped in what is modern day Romania the land of his birth that has changed in the last two thousand years. He met numerous vampires in his time he heard from one of his friends the vampire king had once more graced them with his presence but was taking residence in a town in the United States called Evermore. So with that he packed what little he had and made his way to the US to meet the new king of the vampires.

Parents: Both Dead
Siblings: Mariska (dead) 3 younger brothers (Dead)
Current partners:
Ex partners:
Enemies: Ottoman Empire

Virtues - Loyal || Kind || Compassionate

Vices - Manipulative || Self Centered || Vindictive


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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
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