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Profile Information

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Ridley Sommers


Name; Song Yu-Ri 
Nickname; Yu, Ri, Yuri, Lily or Pinky
Species: Niveis
Gender: Male
Age: twenty-three
Birth-date: February 26th
Occupation: cashier and baker-in-training
Star Sign: Pisces
Place of Birth: Unyak, Alaska
Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado
Sexuality: pansexual
Relationship status: Single
Partners: No one yet, but open!

Physical Description 

Height: Five feet Five inches
Eye Colour:
 Dark Brown/ Black
Hair Colour:
Naturally black but dyes it different colours every once and a while

Current Hair Colour: Pink
Nationality: Korean 
Clothes: comfortable wear
Icy Blue Phoenix behind left ear, icy blue tribal marks located on his ? and then there are the icy blue wings located on Yu's back. 
one big one along the back of his left leg, from just above his knee to close to his ankle.
Face Claim:
Lee Ji Hoon "Woozi" from Seventeen


Positive Traits: free-spirited, helpful, mischievous, athletic
Negative Traits: 
clumsy, disorganized, annoying, stubborn
 red pandas & foxes | stars | his brothers | animals | helping others
thunderstorms | people panicking over nothing | getting a sore throat | being told to be quiet | blood | being tripped inside
Skilled at:
baking | singing | 
puzzles | hiking | archery
always humming a tone | snorts when laughing | bites/chews lips when nervous or in deep thought
failing to protect those he cares about

Pet(s): Four month old Black Husky puppy named Moony


Twenty-three years old, Song Soo-Wan gave birth to twin Nivei boys who her husband; Jae-Eun and her named Yu-Ri and Min-Hwan. They were welcomed blessings into the Song family by not only their parents but also their older brothers; Mu-Seok and Woo-Jin. At first the family was worried that they wouldn’t be able to tell the twins apart if their marks were in the same spot but the doctors informed the family on how Yu-Ri’s was on the left side behind his ear while Min-Hwan’s was in the same spot but on the right side. Soo-Wan knew that that would make it easier but also knew that she didn’t need to mark to tell the boys apart, for even at a few minutes old she could already see so many differences. It took the other three members of the family to learn those differences which took each of them anywhere from a few days to a couple months, if not a year to tell them apart without using the marks behind their ears.

As the part grew up, they were always around at least one member of their family at any given time but there were some days where they were trusted to behave for the others of their tribe because their parents, and older brothers had to leave the village for a couple hours or care for other matters so couldn’t be there to look after them. That was fine for the most part as the boys didn’t go extremely far from their home. That was until one day when they were five, while the twins were out playing, they had been playing hide-and-seek, which was something they normally played and always used the same hiding spots. That day everything changes, for the game ended up taking them into the forest around their village where Yu-Ri had gotten hurt and Min even though he was scared tried to make it home for help.

Sadly, Min never made it home and Yu was alone for a good part of the day as they sky started getting dark around him before his older brother; Woo-Jin who took him back to the village to get looked over. After many days of their family searching, they could not find where Min-Hwan had gone off to and the search was soon called off. For the first few months, Yu-Ri would try to go into the forest to search for his twin for he still felt that they were alive but was stopped at every turn by his family. They had lost one member of their family and didn’t want that to happen a second time. Which meant that Yu-Ri was never left alone from that moment on, someone much older was always by his side.

For the next year and a half, Yu continued to try and sneak into the forest whenever he thought no one was watching but they were. Just after turning seven years old, Yu just getting his powers along with his wing and from that moment on he started training among the warriors which included his two older brothers. With training and learning his place within the tribe it didn’t leave him much time to try to sneak away as he got old, for he was almost always tired after a long day of hard work. As the years went on, Yu never forgot his brother and wished that wherever the male was that they were doing well, and if they were no longer of this world, he hoped to be able to found his brother again in another life.

Now at the age of twenty-three, Yu has lived in the city of Evermore for about a year after members of his tribe came with their chief Anivia to see if peace would happen. So far it seemed to be going well, and Yu had not been the only one from his family to come as his two older brothers had also volunteered. The three were the only family they had left as their parents has died not to long ago. When Yu arrived in Evermore, it took him a bit to get use to the place but since living there he has started working at a bakery in town and is thinking he might look to see about renting a apartment in the city but isn’t too so about that. Three months ago while out for a walk he had come upon four young puppies in a box just out in the middle of no where, he had brought them all to the vet before doing as he was told for the first few weeks. When Yu had gotten all clear he found three of the four a new home and kept one the puppies that he came to name Moony.


Song Soo-Wan | mother | deceased

Song Jae-Eun |father | deceased
Song Mu-Seok | brother | alive, living in Evermore

Song Woo-Jin | brother | alive, living in Evermore
Song Min-Hwan | brother | unknown, believed by many to be deceased
Spouse: N/A
Ex partners: 

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