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No hard feelings, yeah? (Open to Gabriel and Maverick)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Gabriel Dimitreu Sep 2. 3 Replies

There was a time in Maverick’s life where he had another friend outside of his life other than the Celestial. When you’re in the mafia, you don’t get to meet people a regular old way like bumping into them on the streets or in a bar.…Continue

A Forgotten Pastime (Open to Jessalyn and Maverick)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Maverick Romanov Aug 27. 4 Replies

When Maverick was younger, he had a certain set of hobbies that acted as a distraction from the training of dark magic along with other training that was set up for him. Hunting, hand to hand combat, and horseback riding was among those set of…Continue

A Stranger from Another Time (Open to Freya and Maverick)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Freya Davenwood Aug 13. 5 Replies

The allure of Evermore, or the reputation that he heard of the place, was that the city didn’t offer many chances for people’s ghosts from their past to show up at their doorstep one day. That aspect sounded perfect to Maverick when he decided to…Continue

Jailbreak (Open to Audrina and Maverick)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Maverick Romanov Jul 15. 4 Replies

Being in the organized crime business back in Russia made him smart not to have a trace that can be lead back to him. So he felt stupid as he sat in the cell that early morning. It must have been about 3 am and Maverick had gotten into a bar fight.…Continue

The Good Side (Open to Sapphire and Maverick)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Sapphire Rizzoli Aug 29. 17 Replies

It was a nice, warm day in Evermore and it seemed that everyone was enjoying it. People opting shorts and T-shirts as the smiles that were found on their expressions showed they were glad to put away their winter clothes. Any other person would have…Continue

Wrong place, wrong time (Open to Zosia and Maverick)

Started Apr 24 0 Replies

The mountains was soon becoming a favorite spot for the Diviner. It reminded him of all the times he spent hiking or horseback riding back in the…Continue

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"I am glad you're enjoying it love <3  Although I was slightly tired when I wrote it to be perfectly honest :P I can't wait to see that familiar Galway girl you spoke about <3 I am curious of the similarities :P Joking~!…"
Sep 7

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✓ Gabriel Dimitreu replied to ✓ Maverick Romanov's discussion No hard feelings, yeah? (Open to Gabriel and Maverick)
"He could remember every moment he had spend with Maverick as it was yesterday. At that time, Maverick seemed like a brother he had never had. That close bond was so strong that at that time he considered him so. It was funny how much a thing can…"
Sep 2

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✓ Sapphire Rizzoli replied to ✓ Maverick Romanov's discussion The Good Side (Open to Sapphire and Maverick)
"Sapphire smiled and nodded. "Well here is my number if you need to call me." She said she wrote down her number on a napkin and smiled as she handed it to him. Sapphire then took another sip of her coffee and looked at him, "Kinda,…"
Aug 29

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✓ Maverick Romanov replied to ✓ Maverick Romanov's discussion The Good Side (Open to Sapphire and Maverick)
"He briefly knew about the guards as he remembered one from his past. A past that he shared wasn't a good one but the young Diviner was different back then. "I think I heard of that then," he said before taking a sip of his coffee. He…"
Aug 29

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Aug 29

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"(Laughing my ass off because I put takes you instead of tackles you but it works so.. xD) -Saves footage for her records before tossing you into Pillow Master hell where my loyal subjects attack.- -Acts like I didn't see anything.- (Thank you,…"
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Aug 27

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Aug 27

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"“I can understand that. Jessie it is then,” Maverick smiled in return as he appreciated the sentiment behind it. He, too, shared the same casualness after growing up in an uptight environment, but for valid reasons. Saying the wrong…"
Aug 27

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"-Shows up looking like this.-"
Aug 25

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“Some princes don't become kings.”

Nicknames/Alias: Mav, Mavy, Mavey, Mavky
Faceclaim: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Age: Looks 23, Actual 34
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Straight
Date of Birth: 2nd March 1991
Place of birth: Ostashkov, Russia
Current place of residence: Evermore City, Colorado
Nationality: Russian
Species: Instar Diviner (Dark)
Occupation: Looking
Rank: Member of the Diviner Community
Relationship: Interested in Someone Special

Build: Muscular 
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Scar along the side of his neck


Positive: Tenacious - Cunning - Resilient
Negative: Secretive - Cold - Distant

Darkness. Darkness was all that Maverick Romanov had ever known for most of his life. Born to one of the oldest and most deadly families in the history of necromancers, the young child had little room in his life for anything other than it. Maverick’s mother had never really been in the picture for the young necromancer’s life as she left before the young boy had a chance to make memories of her, leaving Maverick alone with his father, a man who cared for little more than power and greed whom ran one of the largest mafia organizations in the country.

Raised in Russia, Maverick spent the most part of his childhood in private schooling amongst the other Necromancers in their coven, he was shut off from most of society his father deeming that the modern world was nothing but a distraction to his future talent. Maverick learned from a young age to push himself to the limit, to work harder than everyone else worked, to master skill after skill and do it without blinking. Maverick did everything he could to stay on his father’s good graces, his father was the cold kind of man who never showed kindness, he was impossible to please and at times cruel towards his son.

Maverick however excelled in near every challenge that was thrown his direction, his focus on learning was the only positive thing in his life most of the time, the only way that he knew how to prove himself. Throughout the time that he spent at training, he became skilled in dark magic manipulation, hunting, horse riding, trekking and hand to hand combat. There were however skills that he cast aside as unnecessary, like art and dance, he had little use for those in his life and didn’t see the appeal to them.

Throughout his teenage and young adult years, Maverick found himself quite the skilled fighter, much to his father’s delight as the man took advantage of his son’s extensive skill set. The Romanov family were by no means the subtlest family there was, with their darkness came the unspeakable, the family would waste no time striking down those who opposed them, they would never allow themselves to be seen as weak. Men from the Romanov family did not cry, nor did they beg and they most certainly did not betray one another.

When Maverick reached the age of 18 he stood proudly under the moon as the darkness claimed him for its own. There was no question in his mind that the darkness would choose him, dark was all he had ever been allowed to see. His powers only became stronger when he became one with the darkness and he allowed himself to revel in it. Eventually he took up the mantle as a hitman for the mafia, moving through the shadows of the night he would take down anyone who his father wanted off the board.

Despite doing everything he was asked of by his father, Maverick always felt like there was a part of him that didn’t fit in with his family, he had little to no interest in the ins and outs of his father’s organization and he didn’t feel the need for the greed that so many others in his family showed. The young man sometimes wondered if he even had a soul because there was little to nothing that made the man feel at peace, the one small glimmer of light in his world was the ring he wore on his right hand, once owned by his mother.

Maverick felt a small part of him change when he met Talia Petrov. The young woman was the head of a high-profile spokesperson for medical firm which had strong opposition to organized crime in the city. The young woman would hold marches and protests against people like him and so it was little of a surprise when Maverick got orders to take her off the board and he was happy to do so, the woman meant nothing to him and was yet another name to add to the list in his eyes.

But when Maverick found himself looming over her a gun pressed to her forehead, he felt a shake in his hands and something in his mind was stopping him from pulling the trigger. All the people he had killed before then had been guilty of a lot of things but this woman hadn’t done anything but protest against greed and seeing the fear on her face his arm had dropped and he had left without a word. 
The consequences for the young necromancer were sure to follow as his father chewed his son’s ear off the next day when the woman held a press conference to discuss her experience. Maverick was conflicted about the whole thing, a part of him felt guilty for letting his father down but the other felt liberated by the idea that his choices could be his own if he wanted them to be.

Things were tense with his father from there after, he had closed Maverick out of the loop and rarely involved him in the important ongoings anymore. The young man felt frustrated that he was being punished for the decision he made and yet he still couldn’t bring himself to regret it whenever he pictured that young woman’s face in his mind. Something had changed, there were feelings there which he had never felt before, protectiveness, concern and even compassion.

His father shutting him out forced Maverick to have to stand on his own two feet, he took up a job as a bouncer for a local casino, it didn’t pay much but it was enough to allow him to support himself and buy the things he wanted to. Maverick was good at his job and rarely needed company on his shift, the patrons knew better to mess with him and from there an understanding was developed.

To the Necromancer’s shock however one night he saw a familiar face outside the casino. Talia once again in the flesh. The girl was stunningly beautiful, that was easy for the world to see, she glided with an otherworldly beauty that was impossible for him to describe. When she spoke to him it was clear that she didn’t recognize him, he had been wearing a mask the first time they had met. The girl was warm and endearing and he found himself captivated in everything about her.

Maverick found that after that night, Talia would visit the casino more than your usual citizen should and he soon came to realize that the woman was making excuses to see him. Eventually he would find the courage to take the night off to meet her inside the casino and the two played roulette all evening. Talking through the night Maverick would come to realize just how much of the world his father had shut off from him.

Being closed off from the world had caused Maverick to become the cold and soulless person he recognized as himself but with Talia he felt like there was more to him than the face he wore in public, she saw through his bitterness to where he was a son who did everything he could to be the person his father wanted him to be. Talia showed him that there was more to him than the monster he painted himself to be.

Talia one night confessed to Maverick that she was not a human but instead the human embodiment of a fallen star, a celestial. As Talia explained her history, his father’s opposition to this girl made more and more sense, he wanted celestials off the board because he know their power could cause a risk to his empire and change the tides for rival mafia groups. Maverick promised to keep Talia’s secret and vowed to protect her from those who wished her harm.

Maverick fell in love with Talia without even realizing it had happened, she was the only thing on his mind most of the time, he longed for her company when he was away from her and he saw a future with her past the puppet like life he had long been leading. Maverick told himself that he would confess his feelings to her the next time he saw her and then the two of them would run away together, he would leave behind everything he had ever known for her and he would protect her with every breath that came from his lungs.

Those words however would never be spoken to his lover as he approached the steps of the casino he watched as people crowded in a small circle, people were panicking and shouting for help. Confused, Maverick had pushed his way through the crowd to find the center of their attention. Seeing Talia’s lifeless body laying on the steps he felt all sense go from his body as his legs buckled and he collapsed to his knees. Maverick knew that he couldn’t save her, necromancer magic wouldn’t work on the celestials as it could cause a potential time paradox. Blinded with anger Maverick punched his fist into the pavement. Maverick knew exactly who was to blame for this.

Clad once more in his gear, Maverick prepared himself for one last job. One last kill before he would leave Russia for good. Sneaking into the headquarters was easy when you knew every inch of the building like the back of your hand, knew where every guard was stationed and what weapons each held. Maverick had to take out 4 men before he finally managed to get to his father, his gun held steady as the man stood powerless behind his desk.

“Well you never wanted me to be weak father, here’s me keeping my promise” he had spoken coldly before pulling the trigger without hesitation, as his father fell backwards he lowered his arm and dropped the gun in his hand before turning away. Maverick was done being a pawn in anyone’s game and he would never let anyone control him again. His face showed no emotion as he walked away, his boots soaked in the blood of those who had fallen in the fight.

Maverick didn’t wait for anything before he packed up all of his possessions and the little money he had booking a one way trip to America where he would seek a fresh start. Riding his motorcycle far faster than he should have in the direction of the airport he realized that he was being followed. He did his best to shake the black jaguar behind him but it became evident by their distance that he wasn’t going to get out unscathed.

The car managed to push his bike off of the road and he tumbled down several layers of brush before he finally landed in a bloody heap at the bottom.

Maverick awoke in darkness, the pain in the back of his neck telling him that he had been severely wounded. Despite that, the necromancer fought to survive, casting a cloaking spell to prevent himself from being detected in the shadows. He remained there motionless for what seemed like hours before he had been found, by then his body was ice cold and his fingers starting to blacken from frostbite.

Maverick found himself in a small shack in the middle of the woods. When he opened his eyes he met the eyes of a man he recognized, his name was Igoris and he had been a member of his father’s crime organization for years before he had mysteriously disappeared. Igoris explained to Maverick how he had made a decision to go against his father and had been living in exile since that day.

Igoris was kind to Maverick and allowed him to stay until his wounds had healed. By now, Maverick was considered dead to the world, much like his father. He had no doubts that the man’s sick empire would continue long past his death however, there were a thousand men ready to take up the mantle his father had left. Maverick cared little for that anymore, he wanted out of Russia and onto somewhere else as quickly as possible.

Months later Maverick would find himself in Detroit, Michigan, the necromancer now aged 29 and still alone, Maverick found it hard to fit into a world which was so different to the one he was raised, it was hard to see past all the things he had gone through and lead a normal live but he tried his best to make the best of a hard situation. Knowing little else, Maverick worked security for several different bars around the city, earning just about enough to keep the flat he left in paid and put enough food on the table to keep him alive.

He stayed in Detroit for several more years before he felt a calling elsewhere. It was the night that the comet hit Evermore City, Maverick had watched as the ball of fire and ice had crashed into the city on the news but he could have never fathomed the strange sensation that washed over him hours later as a result of it. For the first time in a long time, the diviner felt a sense of light wash over him, a presence that had been all too foreign to him since Talia had been taken from him.

The feeling stayed with him for weeks after the comet had landed and he noticed that small things had changed in regards to his magic too. Confused and intrigued the diviner had packed up the small city life had made for himself in Detroit and started his journey to Evermore City where he hoped he would find answers to the many questions spinning around in his head. He was sure that the comet was the cause of all of this and he wanted to know why.


Father: Nikolaj Romanov - Deceased
Maverick has always known that his father was a cold man and was sure he had no soul. He grew up learning the cold ways of this man and when he saw potential in Maverick, he took him to be his own personal weapon. Until the night where his father order a hit on Talia Petrov and Maverick in turn took his father's life for taking away the only innocent and light Maverick's ever known. 

Mother: Olesya Romanov - Unknown 
Olesya, Maverick's mother, left the young Diviner when he was just a baby so Maverick doesn't know much about his mother, whether she was a Diviner like himself or a human. However, the only thing he has to remember her by is the ring that sits itself on his right hand.

Talia Petrov: The One That Got Away
How Maverick came across Ms. Petrov was a bit unorthodox to say the least. He was ordered to take a hit out on the Celestial but when he was standing before her with the gun pressed to her, he couldn't find himself to pull the trigger. He let her go and his father kicked him out after not doing the job. He found himself working security at the casino where he ran into her again but soon realized that the visits were because of her doing. She wanted to see him again and found excuses to talk to him. After they started to hang out, Maverick found himself falling in love with Talia and the night he was going to confess it all, she was murdered outside the casino for all to see. She brought light into his world that only made it seem darker when she was taken from him.

Svetlana Vasilyev - This Isn't How The Story Ends
All before he knew what love really was with Talia, there was Svetlana. Maverick and Svetlana were lovers from the start. It was an odd sensation for the young man to find something he never knew growing up but he knew when he met Svet that his feelings were something stronger than a friendship. He cared for her more than anything and always snuck around Ostashkov to be around her. It was young love. While he knew that he cared for her, he never really got to explore that side that loved her. She went away from him without a word and the distance between them and not knowing where she went made him grow bitter and colder as he divulged into his work. Now that he's moved to Evermore, he ran into her again. All he can say is that he wants to get back on good terms with her and maybe build their relationship back up by starting a friendship with her. Especially with what she has been through, he will also protect her from whatever may come crashing down.

Aurelia Ivakov - Blast from Not Even His Past
Maverick knew he was a dead ringer for Ulric Romanov, the man who set the bar for the Romanov's reputation and how it became a household among the necromancers. Mav always detested the fact he looked like him. However, he didn't expect to meet Aurelia Ivakov, a woman that Ulric betrayed. He couldn't blame the revenge she wanted but her presence caused the young Diviner confusion and now he wants to know more about the vampire as he he can't help the curiosity tug him closer and closer.

Malia Rosenberg - Unexpected Friend/Good in the World 
When they say 'curiosity killed the cat', sometimes they don't expect the curious person to bring the sentence full circle of 'but satisfaction brought it back' with their findings. That's Malia did when she interviewed Maverick. Though when the story of him being alive and well in Evermore, it put a target on Malia's back. After taking her under his protection and a few scraps and bruises, he helped Malia get away without harm. Though, Maverick didn't expect to find a friend in the young journalist. He saw the tragedy and pain she's been through but her ambition and purely good trait that she has helps Maverick remember the good in the world. 
{More to be added}

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One Last Kill? - Cecilia

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At 21:40 on September 7, 2018,
✓ Jasper Abdiel Trevini

Hey, Rick!

Thanks for the add!

If you would like to plot

Send me a PC or inbox!

At 21:34 on August 29, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Bellamy Romano

I am glad you're enjoying it love <3 

Although I was slightly tired when I wrote it to be perfectly honest :P I can't wait to see that familiar Galway girl you spoke about <3 I am curious of the similarities :P Joking~! ^-^

Don't worry about it ! You know I will always wait for you. Just hang in there, do your best, take care of yourself and I will surely see you soon enough <3

I will be around here for you~!

Bells~! ❤

At 22:52 on August 28, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Bellamy Romano

Hello ~!❤

I am soooo sorry for the wait but I had finally replied to our forum~! <3 I promise is the first and the last time this will ever happen~! 

Hope to see you soon, I miss you Mavky! <3

Bells~! ❤

(P.S - Check my page when you can! ^-^ )

At 8:18 on August 27, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Taylor Birsch

(Laughing my ass off because I put takes you instead of tackles you but it works so.. xD)

-Saves footage for her records before tossing you into Pillow Master hell where my loyal subjects attack.-

-Acts like I didn't see anything.-

(Thank you, thank you. I would like to thank google images for the help. -Bows.-)

At 7:56 on August 27, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Taylor Birsch

My final form as pillow master is gorgeous, for your information. I'm blessing people with it.

-Takes you.-

At 7:38 on August 27, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Taylor Birsch

-Yells after you.- WAIT! Come back, I KNOW I'M BEAUTIFUL!

At 5:49 on August 25, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Taylor Birsch

-Shows up looking like this.-

At 20:46 on August 24, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Paige Danielle Hale

Hey love!

I have a character and I can't wait to plot with you once again. 

~Paige (Was Zo) 

At 0:38 on August 23, 2018,
✓ Madeleine LeBlanc

We Meet Again

Just like I promised, even if it's not 100% , starters are my weak point but I have tried!

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At 20:14 on August 18, 2018,
✓ Madeleine LeBlanc

Good afternoon! I just wanted to come and say thank you for accepting my add last night, I apologize for just coming to leave this now. But Thank you!

Looking forward to chatting with you and plotting if that's something you'd like to do!

xxx Madeleine xxx

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