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Help from History (Nikolas and Eirik)

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I remember You (Nikolas and Jaesung)

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 Nik Peralta
name.Nikolas Peralta
species.Dhampir (Silver)
age.(Real) 33 (Looks) 26 
date of birth.January 16
face claim.Curren Walters
residence.North West City Corner, Evermore, Colorado
hometown.Somewhere, New Zealand
family.I have a big family.
hair.Dark Brown
Virtues ➠  Intelligent,  Hard-working and  Brave 

Vices ➠  Lacks confidence.  Stubborn,  Temperamental 

status.Accepting Threads
rp style.Forum
plotting.Comments, Inbox, PC
rp length.Multi-para
time zone.PST (GMT-8)
Elle (SL) 
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I may not be perfect but at least I still have the passion to fight for what I believe in with or without your support.”

— Nikolas
The way of a dhampir
  Weapon of Choice: 
Krull Glaive

  • Unlike Vampires, Dhampirs are not affected by: Sunlight or Silver.
  • Unlike Vampires whose bite can take blood or turn a being into a Vampire, a Dhampirs bite will do the opposite. A Dhampir’s bite has the ability to heal another being.
  • Dhampirs are very much human in the sense, this allows them to blend in easily with the human population. However the fact their abilities are stronger, quicker and generally more heightened than a human's, sets them aside from the human race.
  • Dhampir’s have an advanced healing rate, this will them to heal quicker than a human, but not as quickly as a Vampire.
  • Dhampirs have the ability to perceive the presence of other Supernatural beings. However they do not possess the power to identify the exact species of that supernatural being.
  • Dhampirs have an unparalleled affinity for fighting, it is something which is unique to them and cannot be rivaled by another species. This is why they are so fearlessly protective of species, like the human, which are not able to defend them to an extend against stronger species.
  • Dhampirs have the ability to Rune Cast onto their chosen weapon. This Rune Casting  are spells which can cast onto their weapons as required to aid them in defeating or overcoming obstacles.
  • Dhampir’s can be incredibly strong together, this is why they prefer to fight and train in large groups instead of individually.


Nikolas, the youngest of the Peralta siblings was pre-maturely born and was rather weak. From the time he was young, he knew he couldn’t be strong enough to join the protection forces of his family. He would constantly fall sick and was encouraged to take up another profession than his family business as they wouldn’t allow him to be a protector.

Dhampirs have always been there to protect those around them and traditionally it’s been the Humans which Dhampirs have protected, but some Dhampirs have gone into another route of protection - Protecting the supernatural. Nikolas’great great grandfather started off the family business by putting his life on the line to protect a friend, a Vampire friend. After that, the family asked Edmund’s him to become a bodyguard of sorts and to protect members of the family as required. The tradition as such, when a Peralta turned 18, after their claiming ceremony they would be assigned to a member of an influential Vampire family to protect for as long as the Vampire needed them.

Nikolas resented his weakness deeply for while his older siblings would be training in the dojo, he would be forced to watch them from the window. Due to his sense of inferiority, he never developed any close relationship with either of them. His siblings would often sit with him and speak encouraging words, but it all felt useless in his ears.
It was during the night that he would allow himself to really feel and sneak away inside the dojo. There he would spend hours just running his hands lightly through each weapon, hoping against hope that he would someday be strong enough to protect those around him and make his family proud.

His childhood was rather dull and uninteresting compared to his other siblings, but Nikolas had a deep desire to learn and better himself and he would closely watch the training that his siblings received and in the quietness of the night, try to imitate them.

At his 18th birthday, his family had not planned to hold a grand ceremony, fearing that it would tire him out greatly, but Nikolas insisted. All his family and close friends gathered inside the Family's Dojo where he would spend hours handling weapons until he was claimed by one. As he entered the Dojo, Nikolas took a deep breath and held each weapon in his hands, as desperate as a thirsty man. It was just half an hour into the ceremony when it happened. Just as he touched the Krull Glaive, his great grandfather's chosen weapon, he felt a connection and all the runes appeared on its sharp surface. The family congratulated him, but the sadness in the atmosphere was still there for they did not see him fit enough to join the family’s business of protecting the vampires.

While his older brother and sister were off on their first assignments, Nikolas spent his days studying Law. He felt that if he couldn’t protect people physically, he could at least do so legally. Still, he did not give up his nighttime routine and trained with his Krull Glaives.

Just a few months after his 19th birthday, while he was working in New Zealand, he got the news that some vampires, one of whom was being protected by his father, were attacked. He immediately rushed to the spot and using his self-training helped the others to safeguard the vampires. It was then that his father hugged him and broke down asking for forgiveness of being so dismissive of his strengths.

He returned home and his father began training him, polishing all the skills he knew. But despite his father's support, there were still others who constantly doubted him. Wanting a fresh start and a non-judgmental environment, Nikolas left home and finished his studies in the US and became a lawyer. It was there that he heard about Evermore City and being inquisitive decided to visit it. Arriving in the city, he liked the atmosphere and the people there, and the fact that there was a thriving Dhampir community acted as an impetus in his decision to stay. Nikolas decided to start his own practice in the city and introduce himself to the other Dhampirs, hoping they'd accept him and he'd finally be free to train and prove his strengths without his past coming in the way of things.


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"He laughed under his breath, the impression he got from the other male was that he seemed to be a little scatter brained but friendly enough. The younger dhampir was pretty savvy in the city nowadays, had to be if you wanted to get around without…"
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"Life is hard, no matter how to take on your direction. Things always change more then it stays the same. The afternoon with the Dhampir came in, he got word of a case he will be on. Nikols let his blue-green eyes looked at the file and what the case…"
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""Maybe later, I need to feel some warmth so my body wouldn't fail on me," Nikolas said nodded what the male said about the uber, he personally didn't think about that. "I never used an Uber before so might give it a shot…"
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"Family is a complicated subject, it's not everyone's cup of tea. it's either they will stand by you or they will try to force their choices on your life with or without your approval. Nikolas wished his sibling would take to him…"
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"Nikolas laughed a bit knowing the other does not know how he was raised in the world, "If I never had a trainer in my life." he said looking at the other. "The reason I never have done this before is that my family thought I was weak…"
Apr 29

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"He nodded slightly in agreement “Where are you planning to look for one?” he asked with raised brows because they were in the entrance to a building and if he needed to look for one then that implied he needed to get one…"
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"The dhampir nodded with a slight smile knowing what the other male said is true, no matter how much you move around or workout you get warmer faster. That is a fact. Thinking about walking around and get a better jacket might be better than going…"
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"He chuckled and shrugged “Worst comes to worst I can always jog home, that’ll keep me warm enough” he was well trained enough that he could just drop into cardio workout whenever he wanted without too much of struggle “You…"
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"Eirik nodded his head. “Not every trainer opts for this tactic with his students.” he told Nikolas. “But doing something new, is good for you. At least, you’ll learn how to be prepared in case something were to happen outside…"
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