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Full Moon Blues (Arwyn and Nixon)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Arwyn Blaze Valkyrie Dec 16, 2018. 9 Replies

The moon was like a wraith-silver salver hanging in the lonely sky. Tendrils of moonlight, as bright as diamond-flames, turned the sea a-glow like melted platinum. It was as if it was a scene from an…Continue


One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets oneself be tamed...

I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.

Name: Nixon Iris Harley
Age: 27
Species: Therianthrope; Half-blood Kitsune
Birth Place; New York
Childhood home: Nix Ranch, Texas
Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado
Faceclaim: Vanessa Hudgens

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The Beginning;

The cries of a child. The one thing all mothers await after giving birth, the pain, the hard work, everything about labour did not matter when that shriek filled a mother's ears. That was the first moment that Lily Harley fell in love with someone other than her husband, Nathan Harley, the first moment that Lily and Nathan realised, this was real.  

Lily and Nathan were young lovers, they met in high-school and stayed together through college, through university to which they attended at opposite ends of the country and their reconciliation at the end of those three years. They made it with no lies and no misplaced loyalty. Their bubble of love was infection, Nathan was the head of a large bank and Lily was a successful artist, both based in the bustling streets of New York.  

When Lily fell pregnant unplanned, the pair were over the moon, they planned everything, baby showers, gender reveals, the birth, everything and as usual with their life, it all went perfectly and soon they had a beautiful baby girl. Nathan chose the name Angel, but unfortunately when the baby came out, she was less than perfect and screamed for three days straight. Nixon, the name came to Lily in a dream and seemed to fit the girl perfectly.  

Nixon was a miserable baby, she cried a lot and seemed to disrupt the Harleys perfect life, even a baby this small seemed to have some sort of angry streak in her, but the Harleys didn't care, for she was equally perfect to them as she had been that first moment. Lily had little time to paint, but instead chose to dote on her little girl hand and foot, which didn't bode well for Nixon at all.  

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The Harley family moved to Texas when Nixon was ten, she wanted to ride horses and of course, instead of just booking a riding lesson, the Harleys bought a ranch and three horses for their baby girl. This is home things remained for Nixon throughout life. 

Nathan wasn't around much after the move, he worked a long way away from the ranch, but with a mother like Lily, Nixon grew up spoilt, with the spoiltness came a temper too, a temper that raged if Nixon didn't get her own way, which wasn't often, but sometimes the monster within her flared.  

She wanted for nothing, got her own way 100% of the time and went to the best schools with the best tutors Nathans money could buy. Though Nixon had no Idea what to study, she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life at all, in fact, she had the outlook on life that she didn't need to know, that her parent's money and her lifestyle was all she wanted. Nixon was an intelligent girl but had no idea what to do with her time. She didn't know what to specialise in, but that didn't matter to her parents. She studied piano and violin, she rode horses every weekend and grew up to be a beautiful young woman, spoilt, but beautiful. Nixon never had an issue with men, she knew that her face would help her and so she dated the hottest jocks, the most sculpted guys in school, because what came with money in high school? Popularity.   

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That was, however, until one night that changed everything.  

Nixons car had broken down, the services were going to be three hours and no matter how much she said 'Do you know who I am?' They weren't coming any quicker. But she knew that there was only a forest between her and her parent's Ranch. Nixon took a deep breath, knowing she walked that forest path hundreds of time on horseback, it was the same on foot, right?  

Nixon changed her shoes, glancing up at the dark sky as she pulled on her stable boots from the back of her car and made for the beaten track. A large, full moon shone bright, lighting her way through the forest. The tree's nearing the middle became thicker and soon Nixon began to see things, white figures flashing from tree to tree above her head, almost as if it were following her. She narrowed her eyes, wincing as she tried to find the source of the white. Shaking her head at the thing, she put it down to a trick of the moonlight, until however, a white-hot flash of pain hit her shoulder.  

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The pain was excruciating, like a vice clamping over her shoulder, it felt like...Jaws. She screamed, Nixon screamed louder than she ever had before, her throat hurt instantly with the sound, but shrieked she did, on and on until it felt like her lungs were going to burst, and then she merely took another breath and screamed again. The biting, tearing, ragging, that continued, it continued on for what felt like hours until finally the world darkened down and Nixon passed out.  

The dark seemed to stretch forever. Nixon didn't know if she would wake up, it was like being trapped in the dark, she couldn't see or hear or touch or smell, but she was aware. Aware of the suffocating darkness that surrounded, aware of every beat her heart took and every breath she sucked in to her rattling lungs.  

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Then, there was light. Her eyes fluttered open to the surroundings of a hospital room, slowly, her vision cleared and she began to hear. Her father was arguing with the doctor, her mother crying by her bedside, Nixon could feel a tight grasp on her hand, her gaze shifted to her father and faint smile lilted her features. "Daddy." She whispered, her mixed New York/Texan accent hard to miss, her father spun round at once and approached the bed with a 'Baby girl, you're awake, you're okay' almost singing from his lips.  

Nixon shuffled up in the white hospital bed, she was about to ask her questions but a pain in her shoulder silenced her. She frowned, not remembering the events from that night, her gaze turned back to her parents. "What happened? It hurts...Why does it hurt?" Her voice was timid and fearful and the wide eyes of fear remained as Nathan spoke.  

'It was a wolf they think, must have been near the Ranch for the horses...But it attacked you on your way home, you nearly didn't make it sweetie.'  

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Nixon regained her strengths over the next few days and was taken home. She postponed her 18th birthday which was supposed to happen a few days after the incident, because she could bare her friends to see her injury. She prayed it wouldn't scar, even with her parents reassuring words that surgery could fix the scar itself, she didn't want to be that ugly for any length of time.  

She stayed inside for most of the healing process, of course, that was until the next full moon. Past her 18th birthday and amidst her favourite spot, something unsettled the dark haired girl, something Nixon could never have imagined.

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By chance, she happened to be in the field, watching her horses run laps around the perimeter fencing, whinnying as they went. Her body had felt tense all day, and it wasn't until the full moon shone high and bright in the sky that she finally figured out why.  

A pain radiated from Nixons core, she wrapped her arms around herself as she curled up on the ground. She could hear the blood pumping through her, she could sense that something was wrong but when she tried to call out, to shout for parents, she couldn't. Her body tensed before finally, she began to change... 

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Every bone in Nixons body seemed to bow, to bend or break by some unseen force, the girl screamed and writhed on the ground, the horses loud in the distance, but Nixon couldn't focus on them, her insides were writhing, her hands clawed at the dirt as her body jerked to and fro, back and forth...Her legs begun to bend, to shrink, her femurs curving and shrinking. Her arms shrunk too, her hands balling up and almost melting together until all resemblance of human was gone.  

This painful episode lingered, her body shifting and shaking until it felt as if her skin literally tore from her muscles, un-shelling her new form in amidst the tassels and tears of what used to be her outfit. In Nixons place stood a pure white fox, its chocolate hues a stark contrast to the almost glowing white fur.  

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The fox looked around, its ears twitching to every sound, its nose smelling new smells that a human could never pick up on. It stayed still, until of course, a gunshot flashed at its feet. Nixon jumped, the Kitsune flying high into the air and landing, its two tails fanning out, ears pinned straight back to her skull. The voice of her father filled her ears.  

'What have you done to her?!' He shouted at the fox, but Nixon merely shook her head. She couldn't speak, she tried but all that left her new muzzle was squeaks and growls. Her father shot again, this time skimming her furry cheek. The Kitsune jumped again, this time further back, her feet splaying as she landed, her tails curling protectively around her.  

'Get away beast!! Away!'  

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Of course, Nixon thought as she looked to her new four paws, she was a monster now. Running back to the forest, the white fox sped through the undergrowth, skidding to a halt before another, darker fox. This fox was grey and as it saw Nixon, its heckles shot up and it snarled menacingly at her. This exchange happened suddenly, Nixon was at a loss of what to do until finally the fox before her stopped snarling, its head cocked to the side as it noticed her dark chocolate hued orbs.  

Then the pair waited, Nixon laid down, her new tails wrapped around her small form, the grey one circling her, waiting for something, Nixon didn't know what.  

Turning back was just as painful as becoming the fox, but soon, Nixon was back in her original body. Her frame was covered in mud and... Naked. She gasped and tried to cover herself with her hands, glancing around until before her stood a large, muscled man. His hair was long and his beard shaggy and wild, all grey, but his eyes are what threw Nixon. "You." She whispered, her accent heavy "You're the one that attacked me...What did you do to me?" The man before her shrugged. 'You wandered into my territory, I had to protect it, you trampled in all heavy footed and stumpy, if it wasn't me that attacked you something else would have.' His accent wasn't familiar to Nixon, but she continued to listen. 'I guess I should explain. You should have died from that bite, but you didn't, so I guess now you're a Kitsune and after last night...I suppose part of my pack?'  

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With that the man, Rockheart, told her all about what she had now become. He told her about Kitsunes and what they could do, he told her about who she now was and what it all meant. The detail he brought regarding this species Nixon had never heard of before was inspiring for her, but she listened intently and before long, she had asked everything she needed.  

Nixon knew she couldn't go home, not now, her parents would think she was a freak, and so the spoilt girl from her home of pure bliss now had to rough it in the world with Rockheart by her side, a man she'd only just met and somehow...Already trusted so entirely. The pair became fast friends and Rockheart taught the spoilt girl how to manage on her own, how to rely on no one but herself. 

Rockheart and Nixon went through the world side by side, Rockheart taught her everything about being a Kitsune, he taught her to fight both in human and fox form, he taught her to scavenge and fend for herself, he taught her to lie so perfectly and taught her how to track, though it seemed she already had a knack for tracking. Rockheart taught her how to live in a world that wasn't handed to her, she became tough and thick-skinned, her spoilt Barbie lifestyle truly behind her/ The pair travelled together for a few years until finally, at the age of 27, Nixon found Evermore.  

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The city was huge, busy and loud. It reminded her of New York a lot, but her and Rockheart found other Kitsunes, and soon met Orion who introduced himself as a 'faction Ambassador' Orion told the pair of the city and what it would mean for them if they chose to move into the Therian' faction. Nixon was ready to settle down, Rockheart had uprooted her every two weeks like clockwork and she grew tired of it. She wanted to settle, but the grey-haired male shook his head.  

The pair parted on polite terms, she could see the betrayal on Rockhearts face, but it was time. He had taught her everything, she had begun to find her own way to do the things he'd taught her, sometimes better ways. Her agility was outstanding, even for a Kitsune, and with a first (and last) kiss, the pair bid fairwell and Nixon began her new chapter within Evermore.   

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Evermore was a big place, Nixon had new friends to make, alliances to build and probably a few enemies to make...But she was looking forward to every second of it. 
Keeping some of her parents money, credit cards and such, she was able to purchase a nice little apartment and was able to set herself up before finding a job. 

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At 9:19 on September 16, 2018,
✓ David Budsworth

Sorry for the long wait, but here we are...

victims of the night; Nixon and David

At 8:48 on August 18, 2018,
✓ Arwyn Blaze Valkyrie


Arwyn is pretty experienced with turning and it seems like your character isn't so maybe he could help to talk her through it (cause his experience means he can hold on longer on a full moon).

At 21:39 on August 6, 2018,
✓ Arwyn Blaze Valkyrie


Sure I'd love to! My character is super disconnected from the pack right now so some RPs is just what he needs.


At 4:24 on August 3, 2018,
✓ David Budsworth

Greatings Nixon,

I'm glad you asked to plot with you. It'd be a pleasure, please get back to me as soon as possible. It's nice to meet you fellow therian, and kitsune at that.

At 20:38 on July 29, 2018,
✓ Harper Adler

Hello Nixon,

It's nice to meet you and I would love to plot with you!

- Harper

At 20:30 on July 29, 2018,
✓ Ryker Miles

Hey! I'm always open for plots and forums. Any ideas?

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