Name: Declan Oscar Montgomery
Nicknames/Alias: Dec / Monty
Faceclaim: Chris Evans
Age (Age you look & real age. Only if it applies): 32
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date/place of birth: New York | May 12th
Current place of resisdence: Evermore City
Nationality/Species: American Human
Occupation (Only if applies): Member of the Organization
Rank (Only if applies): Head of Intelligence Department
Relationship: Single.

Declan's household was normal. His father worked as a neurosurgeon and his mother a wedding planner, being an only child Declan thought life was pretty good. Each day at school for Declan was a breeze, he excelled in many parts of the academic requirements making his teachers look at him with wonderment. When Declan got to high school even the advanced placement classes couldn't challenge him. His parents were thrilled with their very own golden child, thinking his future was going to be better than their own.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the case for their son, around Declan's senior he began to become more enthralled with technology and shadowed his best friends elder brother who refereed to himself as a hacker. Declan was amazed at the things someone could access with a little digging here and there, soon enough Declan turned his bedroom wall of ribbons and trophies into an at home hacking station. His mother become worried at Declan's new interest and his father would call it a phase, but for Declan it was much more. When Declan graduated High School it was with honours and colleges lined up with offers and scholarships left and right for the boy genius.

For his mother's sake Declan listened to what these people had to offer him, he could be a doctor like his father, a lawyer, an engineer; anything he wanted, but non of it jumped out at him. After a couple months of the summer, Declan had been exploring his found skill and getting into all sorts. It was mainly just small things here and there to see how far his skill would get him, then someone sent him an unknown message asking for help getting into some 'unimportant' government files. Declan accepted knowing very well it would be a breeze for him to do, but when he got the information and began his magic the nineteen-year-old uncovered some mind-blowing information.Videos, images, and files on people began popping up on his screen, the government labelling them as a danger to this or that state. Playing and watching these videos till the next morning Declan saw people his age turning into animals or lifting an object weighing over a ton, turning things into ice or setting things on fire with no machine or lighter fluid.

Declan was in his early twenties when he moved out of his parents when his father had enough of Declan throwing his life away and choosing to not go to college, though if they only knew what he knew about this world they are living in. Living in the city of New York was good to Declan. Declan was a world-class hacker, people knew him and what he was cable of getting into. New York was his playground now, it was also where he met his first love, Meghan. It was a whirlwind romance when Declan wasn't hacking he spent all his time with Meghan, he was madly in love. Three years down the line Declan was ready to settle down and start a life with his love. Declan was on a job when he got an unknown message just like when he was a kid, it had become a rule of his to avoid anything associated with the government knowing the penalty was high.

However, the temptation after all these years to know if these supernatural things and fairy-tales were real, was too high and Declan replied. Declan was in the process of finishing the job and copying files to send back to this anonymous benefactor when he saw a familiar face, Meghan. Declan felt the air being sucked out of his lungs, his heart clenching in his chest and hot tears burning down his face. Declan stopped the process and began hacking further into the file of the woman he loved. The videos of her body turning into a fox-like animal made him numb, clicking on the next video Declan lost all will in him seeing the woman he wanted to marry bite another. He kept digging and digging on Meghan finding the list of people she turned into people like her, there was a rusty taste in his mouth when he realised he was biting his fist and drew his own blood. He heard his phone ring and looked to see the number of missed calls from the devil herself, Declan threw his phone as far as it would go and sent the information to the unknown benefactor with a simple P.S. message, containing further information on girlfriend.

Declan Montgomery became closed off and bitter towards the world, he moved from New York to Denver Colorado. He only returned to New York briefly for his longtime friends wedding, it was a beautiful service and the after party helped Declan forget just a little, until the reminder of why he was wary of going stood just a few feet away. Declan said his goodbyes and best wishes and went to leave, Declan left looking over his shoulder, but it was in front of him he should have been paying attention, stood in his way were two men who clearly weren't to be messed with. Meghan joined the party and turned in to that - creature. That same burn in his chest from the day he found out what she was came creeping back in. "I know it was you. You found out what I am and turned me in? Not just to other packs, but Hunters as well?" Declan just stared at her unsure what to say or do. It was then a flash Declan took a blow to his face, it knocked him to the ground and after he took blow after blow to his body. Then she was just, gone.

Declan left New York after being discharged from the hospital, put on a plane and taken home by his newlywed friend. When got back to Denver a blonde was waiting on his doorstep by the Name of Sariah Holloway offering him a position and an explanation. She explained the cause, what it was and what it did. It hit home for him and nodded, he wanted help the human race and protect the supernatural because of Meghan. Declan moved to Evermore and settled more easily than he would have thought. He began his work quickly, updating the intelligence systems and tech to a more a vast set of programs, making the Department of Intelligence more susceptible to gain access to everywhere with no evidence of anything being touched. Declan was in his element, people looked to him as a leader, and he did it well. People came adored him, working past the bitter and harsh exterior as his walls began to lower. Declan became the head of the Intelligence Department, it was a surprise to him but he took it with honour and made sure he protected his people. Evermore became his forever home, and he did his job with pride and a goal to protect.

Reign and Declan grew up together in New York, their families were close and Declan spent just as much time at Reign's home as he did his home. He was heartbroken when his bestfriend moved away to a state unknown to the boy and until recently they had been completely out of touch. After some snooping on the Organisation systems he found her, he also found out that both her parents had been murdered, which felt like another notch in the coffin in his mind of losing people. He tracked Reign down, and for the first time Declan's started to feel more at home in Evermore. 

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At 2:23 on January 6, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Natalie Harte

Thank you for accepting my request. Up for a little roleplay?

At 23:10 on December 24, 2017,
Fluid Role
✘ Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Here's your presents for being good this year xx

~From Santa 

At 15:26 on December 24, 2017,
✓ Zeus McCartney

Merry Christmas human man x)

1. I got you some cologne, not that you don't already smell yummy ;)

2. Something I thought Declan would look very sexy in. a few things for your wardrobe x)

3. An alcohol bouquet

4. And last, movie tickets to go see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, with yours truly x)

Oh ... I couldn't forget this though, we will sneak it into the movie with us and cause some shit xD 

Think we can get this into the theatre though? -rolls around laughing-

IF not, this will work x)

P.S. have an idea for a starter, so it will be posted soon ... anyways!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday <3

~Love Zeus

At 3:29 on December 21, 2017,
✓ Katrina O'Sullivan

Image result for caitriona balfe gifsIf you would like to roleplay sometime let me know. Your character seems very Interesting. We need brainstorm ideas! My mind is blank currently but if you have some shoot away!

At 21:47 on December 19, 2017,
✓ Clarissa Lailah Bradford

Thanks for the friend request Decla halls Declan. x)
I hope we can roleplay sometime.

Rissa <3

At 15:59 on December 19, 2017, ✓ Liam Cole said…

Hope it's not to awful xD

but here's the forum



At 5:05 on December 19, 2017,
✓ Raina Sterling

Oh the trouble we can into! I definitely have some ideas brewing in my mind ;) xDD I need to find you online and tell them all to you!

At 22:39 on December 17, 2017,
✓ Raina Sterling

See the source image

Hello human :) I am all for your offer for a roleplay, hope to see you soon so we can ploy out something wonderful!

Soon to be your favourite supernatural being, Raina 

At 0:44 on December 17, 2017,
✓ Siobhan Xapham Leslie

I think you will be the first human I would role play with :D I am trying to think up some ideas.

She is very new to technology so maybe we could do something like she pops up on one of his missions and because she rushed out taking an angel artifact he sees her wings and shocked he tries to find out more about her but can't find anything on her so he goes looking for her? XD I hope you get what I am trying to lay down I feel like I am not the best at explaining my ideas.

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