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Sword Play (Austin and Mikael)

Started Jun 14 0 Replies

Let's just face it, Austin didn't know jack about weapons. He and his elements were pretty fond of…Continue

Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield Jul 12. 11 Replies

Last night had been a total shit show for the Initia.…Continue

Out Of Control (Nova and Austin)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Nova Rose Cross May 24. 5 Replies

Out of control? That seemed to have been an understatement for Austin Connelly. All his life the…Continue


Profile Under Construction

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NAME: Austin Connelly
NICKNAMES: Comin soon
AGE:  Looks 34, Real Age: 104
GENDER: Male (Initia)
HAIR: Dark Brown (Natural)
EYES: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 6ft (183 cm)
WEIGHT: 75kg (165 lbs)
BUILD: Athletic
RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  Crushing hard - Dakota Mayfield;
SEXUALITY: What do you think? Guess.
OCCUPATION: Gaming Engineer and sometimes helps ECPD with hacking
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore, Colorado - Living with Dakota;
ELEMENT(S):  Water and Fire
FACECLAIM:  Patrick Adams
LIKES:  ✔ The movies Back to the future & Forest Gump / The book 'Into The Wild' / Music / Gaming / Smoking Pot / Computer Software / Creating Software of his own / Thai food / The color baby blue / Late night conversation / Deep or intellectual conversations
DISLIKES: ✘ People who act like they know everything / socializing with big crowds / pineapple on pizza's / Violence / Confrontation (but that don't mean he won't kick your ass)
Virtues ➠ Honest, Brave, Courageous, CharmingVices ➠ Cold, Distant, Short Tempered, Womanizer

The history of the Initia in Ireland was one of oppression at the hands of the Phoenix. For centuries, the factions of Initia were kept small and ruled over by a larger and stronger faction of phoenix. They were never allowed to grow stronger and training in their natural abilities was always strongly monitored and recorded. Families were limited in the number of children they could have and often, if rules were broken, punishment was harsh and even lethal. The ruling phoenix family, the Blakes, controlled all the smaller phoenix factions throughout the small country to ensure that the Initia were always held in check. For the Initia, life was harsh, simple, and often short. It took decades of planning and secret meetings for the initia to come up with a plan. It would start small, families would attempt to have a child in secret, secret relationships with humans would be attempted to try for an intia child, distractions would be created to keep the phoenix busy during all of this. Children would be sent away from their families at a young age to a larger, secret Initia faction, one not yet under the control of the Irish Phoenix covens. Here the children would be trained in their abilities and various fighting skills and styles in preparation to revolt against the phoenix.Nearly 60 years after the plan was first put in to affect the first strike was made against the phoenix rulers. In a small village where one of the main phoenix factions ruled a great massacre happened. In the middle of the night the Initia struck. They selected the village and family for many reasons. The Hallorans were second in command over all and ruled directly under the Blakes. They were strong and powerful and for that reason they were the first to be extinguished by the Initia. The fight was bloody and fierce but the Initia had managed to gather larger numbers and had training equal to that of the phoenix. The phoenix were killed off and the mansion where the Halloran family lived was breached. The family was separated; the mother took her twin children, a boy and a girl, and escaped through secret tunnels only to find several Initia waiting at the end for them. She fought to protect her children until only one Initia was left but he was the one that would end her. As she fell to the ground dead, her daughter ran back in to the tunnels, leaving her brother and hoping to find their father who was still back at the mansion. The boy killed the Initia and was rescued by more of his own kind but his sister, who reached the mansion only to discover her father’s body and her home burning, was found by Initia.For whatever reason, the leader of the Initia war party decided to bring her back with them rather than kill the child. From a young age the girl was introduced to a life of pain, torture, mind games, and manipulation. The initia performed all manner of tests and experiments on her as well as torture to see what information could be retrieved from the girl. This was the life that Daven McIntyre was brought in to. His father was the leader of the Initia rebellion and he was thrown head first in to the life with no choice in the matter.Daven was born Daven William McIntyre and was born in to the underground Phoenix/Initia war. The rebellion was a slow process and could only be fought in small battles with long periods of time in between. The young Initia was born with abilities in water much to the delight of both his parents. His father was proud, happy to have a son to continue his legacy and to teach to be a great warrior. His mother was loving, showing him a softer side to life than just the war and fighting and killing. In spite of the gentle nature of his mother, training started at the tender age of three and soon became Daven's life. He was put in to beginner fighting classes, learning all manners of fighting styles and techniques. Learning mastery of different weapons training began at the age of ten and, once he became a teenager, he began learning driving techniques from master stunt drivers and racers. He was trained to be the perfect weapon, soldier, and leader.The decades seem to fly by and before Daven knew what was happening he was his father’s second in command and leading attacks. As the war progressed, attacks becoming more and more frequent over the years, Daven found less and less down time and he soon noticed the ability to use air was available to him. Training began in the use of his second element and he found he had even less and less time. He began pulling away from his family, growing quiet, sullen, and even bitter. He started to hate the life that had been forced on to him and resented his family for that. There was one person he found some form of solace in speaking to and that was the Phoenix woman that his clan and family had held prisoner for decades. She had been there since before he was born and as a child he had always been curious of the little girl that he was forbidden to see and speak to. As an adult he had been witness to many of the actions performed against the young woman and was surprised to find they revolted him.Serving his parents and fighting this war had been his whole life and yet he found himself feeling pity for the phoenix woman. He found himself visiting and often talking to her when he was actually able to get away from his responsibilities. She never said much to him, her hatred for his kind ran deep and he couldn’t blame her. But he spoke to her and for him it was enough. The visits ended, however, when Daven’s father was killed during a battle. The phoenix believed they had the upper hand with the death of the Initia leader and, in a way, they did. The century old Initia had lost his will for the war. The killing and murder had become tedious and almost boring to him. He knew he should care, that his people were being suppressed by the phoenix but he couldn’t find it in him to care. After decades of fighting he felt empty inside.Not long after his father’s death and several failed attacks on smaller phoenix factions, Daven's mother passed away. Things were going downhill for the Initia and no matter what Daven did his people could see his heart wasn’t in this war anymore and they lost hope. The female phoenix escaped one day and fled, they chased after her but their hearts weren’t in it and she easily made her way out of their reach. Not long after that the phoenix found the Initia rebellion strong hold and a battle ensued. Daven managed to escape with several others but the rest of their faction was wiped out and the rebellion crushed. The phoenix were back in complete control of Ireland.Daven and his fellow Initia fled and managed to escape the small island. Reaching the mainland they went their separate ways. Already over a hundred years old, Daven was lost. He had lived one way his entire life and barely experienced the world. He didn’t know where to go or what he really wanted to do anymore but before one of his companions left him, she mentioned a city in America, a city where supernatural species including Initia and Phoenix lived together in peace.He found it hard to believe at first but using the small fortune he had from his father and the faction, Daven made his way to North America and then to the city of Evermore. He had no idea what he would do here or what was in store for him. The fact that two of the phoenix from Ireland; one the prisoner his people had held for decades, and the other a leader of the Irish phoenix factions; was something that he had never even considered a possibility and yet he soon realized it was true….

 Roleplay tracker 
Relationships With Others 
Austin and Dakota met through her ex; Bradyn, who also happens to be Austin's best friend. One of the many nights Austin had returned home late from a gaming convention, he had returned to the house being in dismay and Dakota sobbing. Confused, he began asking questions, stunned at the realization that he doesn't know Bradyn much at all. After the news that Bradyn had slept with another woman, Austin tried to comfort Dakota, which only led to her powers being revealed in a scary light for Austin. But, a  few months later - - Dakota and Austin have became close friends, and Austin hasn't kept his feelings for her a secret, but given everything she's been through, Austin has decided to be whatever she needs him to be, meanwhile, the two of them spend their nights awake late, laughing and talking about everything under the sun. Austin had helped Dakota gain a little control over her powers, and Dakota has started helping Austin find himself in ways he never knew he was lost; their friendship means the world to him, from cooking together, to messing up the apartment in their feeble attempts at doing projects together. He's happily awaiting the day that they take their first road trip, but first, he has to get over the presentation hurdle he's found himself terrified  by as Dakota escorts him there as a means of support


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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"It was fun, the way they both teased one another and joked around, she hadn’t laughed so much in a pretty long time but the things he came out with often had her scrunching up her face and fully laughing “My hero” she responded to…"
Jul 12

✓ Austin Connelly replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"Austin shrugged, giving back the same genuine smile that painted her own lips. "Wishful thinking or not, at least you're  in the right head-space about it" he expressed, grinning from ear to ear. She loved her work as much as…"
Jul 11

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"She gave a shy laugh when he complimented her work and she bowed her head a little “I hope so, I like to feel like we can all do a little to change the world for the better if we try” she admitted with a nod of her head “Or maybe…"
Jul 7

✓ Austin Connelly replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"Austin could listen to her voice for hours. They'd be in the most simple conversations ever, and still, Dakota found way's to make Austin's day so much brighter just by the things she said; even the way she spoke about the students…"
Jun 28

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"Kota smiled softly, she loved being a teacher, it was one of those things that really gave her purpose in life and made her feel like she was having some kind of positive effect on the world “I hope they do, all those kids deserve the best in…"
Jun 21

✓ Austin Connelly replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"Austin chuckled, finding it amusing to hear about how things worked when being a teacher. But he smiled, it was sweet how invested Kota seemed. "Well from how i'm hearing it, even if you can't give one more attention than another,…"
Jun 15

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Sword Play (Austin and Mikael)

Let's just face it, Austin didn't know jack about weapons. He and his elements were pretty fond of each other, but the Initia had never in his life branched out or stepped out of his comfort zone to try anything new, or anything thrilling. And to him, that was exactly what handling a sword as flawlessly as those who were good at archery, meant to him. He watched videos on it some days, from sun up…See More
Jun 14

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"Kota laughed, a lot of people how she managed to work with kids and not go insane, she wasn’t really sure of the answer but she found herself quite a patient person, kids just needed the right kind of support and then they were usually pretty…"
Jun 4

✓ Austin Connelly replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"If not for Kota's calm personality, Austin was sure he'd be laid out in her bedroom floor right now  with a heart attack. He was shocked to see her even attempt to make out what was on his long gone speech paper. As she sat there…"
Jun 3

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Austin Connelly's discussion Dancing With Adrenaline (Austin and Dakota)
"The brunette ran a hand through her hair as she blinked a few times and headed over to her bathroom just to splash some water on her face and attempt to wake herself up, by the time Austin came back with the paper she looked down at it and pursed…"
May 24

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