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Chance Encounters (Baptiste & Patrick)

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Patrick had been in evermore nearly a month. He's done his best to keep his head…Continue


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Families will always have their favorites when parents have more than one child: there will always be the favorite child, and there will always be that one that sits on the outskirts, watching what could be if he or she was just a little different. Maybe if they weren’t the eldest; maybe if they weren’t the youngest. Maybe if they weren’t a boy; maybe if they weren’t a girl. Sometimes, the child that’s shunned turns hostile, and very rarely, they turn into someone’s worst nightmare.Nothing could describe Patrick Sommers better.

He was born on a crisp autumn evening to parents Charles and Lindsey Sommers.The year was 1939, and he was their first-born. He was their pride and joy: the continuation of the family legacy. He was rather pampered while growing up, as the first child usually was, and his parents couldn’t help but imagine a pleasant relationship with their son.The Sommers had a reputation: they were Fae, and they took charge of watching over the children of the first: both the Fae and the Necromancers. Many of the latter did not like this, seeing as the Sommers mostly consisted of Fae, but the family justified their argument when the occasional Necromancer being born.

It went without saying that Sommers’ expected their son to follow in their footsteps and be claimed by the sun, and so they raised him as such.Patrick had an ordinary childhood, save for the knowledge of his kind and the supernatural that was drilled in him from birth. He was sent to an all-boy’s private school for both primary and secondary years.His grades weren’t amazing, but they were good enough for his parents. His hobbies included loitering around Wellington with his friends, trying to woo the prettiest girls from their sister school, and causing the usual ruckus that was attributed to the boys of that era.

Still, as much all this seemed pleasant enough, there was something in Patrick that told him he wasn’t like his parents or the majority of the coven. Now he thinks he imagined a majority of the things that happened before he was claimed, but he always more alive when the sun had rest. He felt more powerful when he practiced the spells his elders taught him in the silvery glow of moonlight rather that hot, stuff environment that came with heavy sunlight. Of course, this all explained on the day of his eighteenth year.His parents expected him to be Fae, just like they were and their parents before them. In fact, a majority of the coven lay in wait, expecting the same. Come twilight, they were waiting for the sky to lighten, to show the heir to the coven would be the same as his parents. However, a silence fell over the crowd when the sky darkened, sealing the first-born’s Destiny. Yes, there were the occasional Necromancers in the Sommers’s line, but none had been the first child - none had been set to rule over both covens since the beginning.

Immediately, Patrick saw a difference in how he was treated. People stayed away. They assumed the worst -- that one day he’d kill. They treated him with a much more tamed hostility than how they treated other Necromancers. It was only the fact that he carried the family name ‘Sommers’ that saved him from the true injustice that his darker kin faced. It was a few months after he’d turned the age of twenty-one when the coven’s elders realised what the repercussions of their actions might be: if he saw the inequality for himself - if he felt the inequality for himself - there would be no telling what he’d do when it was Patrick’s turn to rule over the coven. So they decided to ‘blur the details,’ as they liked to put it.

Patrick’s treatment got better, but he was more or less kept away from the Necromancer community. They hoped that if he was treated well and didn’t see the truth, he might carry on ruling in his father’s footsteps, and nothing would change.However, his parents found no certainty in this. Patrick couldn’t be killed: it was out of the question for his parents. But upon a year of thinking, they realised they might be able to talk their son out of wanting the throne, and provide another Heir - this one influenced in every possible way to be Fae.

Three years later, they succeeded.Charlotte Sommers was born when Patrick was twenty-four. He didn’t know the reason for his parents’ trying for a second child -- he just thought perhaps his parents hoped for a child that would turn out differently than he did. He watched as Charlotte was raised, noticing that she observed the way Patrick was shunned, and how she tried to be the exact opposite of him. There was an old saying that one’s upbringing could alter one’s destinies, and it became evident after a while that the Sommers intended to do: they were doing everything possible to try to ensure their daughter was like them.

It was a huge surprise when, 13 years after Charlottes birth, Ridley, the youngest Sommers sibling was born. Ridley was born when her eldest brother was 37, and Patrick wasted no time in not getting attached to her. It was 5 years later, the night of Charlotte's choosing, when a self-appointed leader of the Necromancers approached Patrick. His name was Rikard, and he told the eldest Sommer child of the whispers concerning his parents’ plans. Rikard told him, if his sister turned out to be Fae, he notice a change in his treatment, along with conversations that would hint at him renouncing his birthright as the firstborn. At once, Patrick rebuffed him. He wasn’t close to his parents, but he figured they wouldn’t stoop to such lows just because of his species. But then, the skies brightened at twilight, signalling that Charlotte was indeed a Fae.

Slowly but steadily, the elders and his parents started to talk to him of the burdens that came with the throne. He noticed Charlotte was invited to more political meetings than he was, and her words carried more than his. Seeing that Rikard’s foreshadowing held some truth, he sought out the older Necromancer one night. Rikard showed him how the Necromancers were treated, the injustice they had to battle. Patrick was stunned upon the revelation, a new anger bubbling through his veins. The Necromancers told them that they knew that the last thing the Fae wanted was a Necromancer to sit upon the throne and to risk usurping the ‘balance’ they’d become to accustomed to. Then and there, Patrick decided that he would fight for his people; to right the wrongs done to them by his forefathers.He decided to play along with the whole scheme the Fae elders planned, letting them think that they were getting to him; that he truly was thinking of forfeiting his right to rule. This pleased them greatly, as they spent many more hours training Charlotte to ascend. However, at the stroke of midnight, Patrick would find his way to the Necromancer’s compound, training both in the physical sense and to use his dark powers to his advantage.

To no one’s surprise, the Fae discouraged the Necromancer’s practice of magic, but that stopped no one.Plans were already in the making -- the Necromancers would riot, but it had to be carefully planned. No one could catch a whisper of it, or they’d be shut down, and all the scheming would be for nothing.

The twilight of Ridley’s 18th birthday revealed that she too was a Fae, much to almost everyone’s delight. During the ceremony, Patrick announced his resignation of his titles, allowing his sister, Charlotte, to be first-in-line for the throne. Of course, this was rejoiced by the Fae, and, just as he expected, he was immediately shunned. They didn’t bother to ‘blur the details’ from him any longer. Spending time with the Fae faction around the compound almost became unbearable. The looks and whisperings that followed him were cold and cruel.People that had, up until his 18th birthday been his friends, now taunted him and told him to leave. His parents were barely civil to him. They refused to the meet the bright baby blue eyes of the son that had failed them so miserably.

Not long after Ridley’s 18th birthday, his little sister decided to leave the faction and start her own life and Patrick couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride in her, and also one of sadness and regret. He wish he could have a relationship with his youngest sister but, with plans in full motion to move against the Fae he couldn’t. It was for the best that she was leaving. With the uproar that resulted from Ridley leaving, Patrick used the commotion to finally leave the faction that had been his home for the past 57 years.

As much as he pushed aside the emotions that leaving made him feel, he couldn’t deny the pain and hurt he felt completely.He arrived at his new home, living with the secret Necromancer faction and his training intensified while him and Rikard slowly but steadily planned their move against the Fae. It wasn’t long before any feelings of love he had for his family were all but completely gone from him. His jealousy and anger towards his sister Charlotte ran rampant at times. Despite the anger that filled him, that Rikard used to control Patrick, the pair were careful and smart.

Planning things and taking every single possible outcome into consideration. It was years before they were finally ready to attack. An attack that they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would win. The day finally arrived for the Necromancers to attack the Fae and take over control of New Zealand. Patrick knew that his old faction had no clue that there was even a threat to them on the continent. They didn’t trust or care for the Necromancers but it also never crossed their mind that the dark magic users would rebel and stand up for themselves. Because of this, they were weak. The plan was beyond simple; they had chosen wait for the night of a lunar eclipse, when the Necromancer’s power would be a full strength and then some, when the Fae couldn’t even draw extra power from the light of the moon.

A select few would sneak right into the Sommer’s home, Patricks old home, and kill the family, ending the line of leadership. Patrick was so far gone at this point, all he could think about was taking his own fathers life.Everything went smoothly. Patrick and Rikard made their way into the house. Patrick’s sister Charlotte had been up late and sensed his presence. Already cut off from her parents, the middle Sommer’s child, made her silent escape but not before seeing the other Necromancers that were sneaking among the small faction houses, preparing to attack. The blue-eyed Necromancer had eyes for only his father though. By the time they reached the door to his parents room, screams had broken out from outside the mansion as Fae and Necromancers fought outside.

As they opened the door, Rikard and Patrick were met with a blast of pure magical energy. Rikard was knocked unconscious, completely taken by surprise by the pure power.Patrick faced off against his father as his mother sobbed and pleaded with her son to come to his senses. Whimpering apologies and how this was never what they wanted, that they had never meant to hurt him and push him away, that the entire time he had been gone they had wanted him back, they never wanted him to leave. As he killed his father, Rikard finally regained consciousness and watched. When it came time to move against his mother, Patrick knew he couldn’t do it. Looking into her tear-stained face, her eyes filled with pain and sorrow, he turned away and told Rikard he would go and find his sister. In those few moments Lindsey escaped, collecting herself enough to teleport away. To a place no one in her family had heard of before, to a place she had lived a completely different life long ago.

Discovering his sister was gone, Patrick returned to Rikard who greeted him with a wicked smirk. “We did it brother,” the other Necromancer said. As they met their people outside, they looked upon all the Fae that had surrendered and made things perfectly clear. From that moment on they were led by the Necromancers. They would obey and no longer look down on the other magical species. Life would go on much as it had for now but they were under new leadership and things would change. Patrick took up the position of second and handled most of the training. Dark magic was the main magic taught and those unable to use it were used as sparring partners or given other, menial tasks.

This was the life for the New Zealand faction for several years. When the comet struck, however, everything changed again. It seemed everyone was knocked unconscious after several moments of blinding pain, Patrick and Rikard were no exception to this. When the faction gathered, panic was obvious among the people. They all felt different but none of them could really pinpoint what it was. The species presence around each other no longer appeared to weaken them. Many saw it as a blessing but they were still unsure what it all meant. Only Rikard and Patrick knew the the truth. After researching, they discovered that the comet, with it’s history must have made the species one. They were no longer two separate magic using species, they were one. Fae could use dark magic and Necromancers could use light.They kept this a secret from their faction and Rikard grew more and more angry, furious even at the thought that he was no longer pure dark. It became clear after several claimings, that at the age of 18 they were still claimed by one side or the other which helped the pair maintain that there were no real changes after the comet, but they knew the truth.

Rikard suddenly had it in his head that Patricks family would be coming back any time to reclaim their faction and home now that they had the powerful ability of dark magic. He decided that they needed to track down Patricks mother and sisters, to end them once and for all. That they wouldn’t be safe to lead until they were gone. He also began talking about making all those claimed by the Light to perform a pure dark act, something that would cause them to change from the light to the dark.Patrick was starting to question Rickard, to worry about the safety of the people of the faction. He was starting to consider taking out the other man, the one who had been like a brother to him for so long. But before his plans could take fruition Rikard came to him, his eyes dancing with the madness of a hunt and a cold smile on his lips. “We’ve found her, your mother. Evermore City,” he said before ordering his friend to pack. They arrived in Evermore City, Colorado only a few short days later…….

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Chance Encounters (Baptiste & Patrick)

Patrick had been in evermore nearly a month. He's done his best to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself, so far so good. At least on that front, his reasoning for traveling to Colorado, however, has brought him no such luck. The male hadn't gotten any new leads as to where his mother would be. And in such a short amount of time, he was running out of places to…See More

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