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The Nightfall (Open to Isaiah Bradford and Rosalyn Sterling)

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(( Continued from The Masquerade Event on Main ))The annoyance in his tone satisfied Rosalyn to great…Continue


Would You Like To Be Frozen, Or Electrocuted?

Or Perhaps Poked With Metal Spikes?



Nicknames: Ros, Lyn, Rosa
Date/Place of Birth: 11th July, 1988, New York
Occupation: Magister of the Privus Initia  
Current Residence: Penthouse in Evermore, Colorado
Relationship Status: Do you have a deathwish?

FC: Megan Fox
Physical Description

Build: Tall, Slim and Athletic
Hair Color: Varies from Brown and Black
Eye Color: Blue 
Skin: Pale; fake-tanned
Elements: Electric, Psychic, Metal, Ice and Gravity
Distinguishing Marks: Tribal Tattoo On Lower Back

Habits | Vices | Treasures

Good: Intelligent | Independant | Understanding 
Bad: Secretive | Untrusting | Sarcastic
Vehicles: Matte Black Audi R8 Spyder | Black Harley Davidson

Rosalyn was born on July 11th 1988 in New York, the first child of James and Marianna Sterling, her parents had welcomed their baby girl to the world with joy and bliss, for with an ever fleeting tribe of Initia battling against the Phoenixes with whom they shared a city, a child was hope towards a future where the Initia would prevail and their legacy would continue to live on. Rosalyn was raised knowing everything about the supernatural, her parents told her everything she could possibly need to know to keep herself safe in a world which was cruel to anyone who was different.

Through her childhood Rosalyn did everything she could to be the daughter her parents wanted, she would listen to everything they asked of her and never question it, her father was the magister of the Initia tribe in New York and that meant that large proportions of expectation were placed on the children he beared. At first this was only Rosalyn however when she was 4 her first sister was born, her parents had decided to name her Davina. Even at such a young age Rosalyn developed an attachment to her sister, she would read her stories from picture books and teach her about everything she knew to help her to follow in her footsteps and a year later her youngest sister Raina was born.

At age 5 Rosalyn was glad to have a full and connected family, they were all close and would go on outings together regularly, a few times they even made trips all the way to the beach. As far as childhoods went, Rosalyn had a good one, her parents had money which meant they didn’t have to struggle to get by and with her siblings by her side she rarely felt the sting of loneliness. As the years went by the siblings remained close, they would continue this all the way through to their school years and despite the pressure being placed on all their backs the girls fared well with their grades.

All through the years the tribe eagerly awaited the news that the three daughters had finally gained their elements and could join them in practice with the others, however as the years ticked by nothing happened for Rosalyn and she reached her teenage years without the appearance of an element tattoo. It was common knowledge that the Initia gene was not 100% and therefore she may not have received it however this was entirely out of her control and yet it didn’t stop her parents from pulling away from her. By her nineteenth year Rosalyn finally accepted that she would never be an Initia, both her sisters had already been claimed by their elements and were learning to control earth and fire and she was still on the sidelines, watching as they gained all of the praise that was meant for her.

It was this year that Rosalyn spiraled off the rails, no longer feeling any need to be any kind of role model she started mixing with the wrong crowds, she refused to come home most evenings and she barely spoke to any of her family except for a few short words, it wasn’t the fact that she wasn’t an Initia that bothered her, it was the fact that she felt like her family blamed her for not having the gene and she had started to despise them for that, she knew she would never be good enough for them now so why bother and eventually she just didn’t come home at all, taking her things with her and leaving to find a place in the world where she belonged.

The night Rosalyn left home it was stormy and when she finally reached the docks to make a trip further towards the south there were apprehension that the boat was even going to leave. A Rosalyn in a better frame of mind would not have boarded the boat that day but with the pain her family's neglect had caused her, she couldn’t stay in New York another day, it was a constant reminder of her not being good enough and so she bought her boarding pass and climbed aboard the boat, knowing in a few hours she would be far away from here and she could start over alone.

That night the boat started its journey north through the rough seas towards Florida, experts would say the trip was unnecessarily dangerous but an oblivious Rosalyn stood atop the boat her hands resting against the barriers as she watched the city she was raised float away into the distance, the lightning striking over it like a flash of the past. As she closed her eyes she thought about how she would miss her sisters, it wasn’t their fault that they had the gene and she didn’t, she knew she had shut them out over the past few years but she would always care about them and knew they would see one another again, even if it was a while. As she let a single tear escape from her eye she heard the bang and then everything went black.

The newspaper by the side of the bed would read “Boat capsizes after being struck by lightning” but it would be a good 5 months before Rosalyn would awake to read it in a hospital in South Carolina. As the breath rushed to the girl’s lungs she would open her eyes to unfamiliar surroundings and in her panic cause all of the doctors and nurses nearby to rush into the room. Rosalyn had no idea what was happening but with kind explanation she would come to discover that the boat she had boarded had been in an accident, she had been holding onto the metal of the boat when the lightning struck and it had electrocuted her, she had been laying in a coma since then.

Throughout her stay in the hospital Rosalyn stayed silent about who she was, she didn’t want her family to come here and find her, it may have been 5 months for everyone else but for her it was but a mere day and she wasn’t ready to explain any of her decisions to them. It was here that she met the mysteriously handsome male, Slade Grimm. The two hit it off as fast friends, Rosalyn seeing him as the only being she could open up to at that point of time. He was not judgemental, and she loved that about him, especially after being subjected to years of silent criticism from everyone back home. He seemed to accept her for whoever she was, whatever she was meant to be and that comforted her more than anything.

Eventually she had been discharged from the hospital and allowed to return to her life. Rosalyn decided to stay in South Carolina for a while, her decision influenced by the good-looking Slade. She also liked the atmosphere she found in the state and her trust fund was enough to support her life while she looked for work. Slade suggested the two moved in together till Rosalyn had a stable life once again and surprisingly enough, she couldn't resist the offer. It was however the day she left hospital that the impossible started happening.

The first night she slept after the accident brought terrible nightmares for the young girl and several times she awoke after dreaming of lightning. As she awoke she crossed the room to turn on the light but would discover that it wouldn’t turn on, cursing she had made her way to grab a torch from the side only to discover that her eyes were almost luminous in a dark blue shade, not like the bright blue her father had when he was practising his water element  but by no means her usual shade of blue either, with a few blinks of her eyes the color faded back to it’s normal shade. That night she also discovered that she was not the only Initia inhabiting the house. She had more in common with Slade than she realised. 

Mere days after this first occurrence Rosalyn would come to discover that she had control over electricity, at will she would make the electronics in her house stop and start working and she could cut the lights in her entire house with a blink of an eye. She had never heard of anyone being able to do that before. The strangeness continued with time, with each detail she remembered of her accident the eye colors kept coming.

Silver, as she remembered how her hands had curled around the metal bar of the boat she would come to learn was the manipulation of metal, she would craft and change metal like it was plasticine in her hands.

White, as she remembered the chill that took over her body from the freezing cold water she had fallen into, this would eventually come to manifest itself as the control over ice, her hand gripping around her glass turning into a solid block of ice before her eyes.

Pink, as she remembered the kind words of in her ear of the rescuer who had swam out to save her, she had discovered that this was a much more complex ability than she could have even fathom, she could quite literally see the auras of people before her.

And the final piece of the puzzle had been gold, months after the first color had shown itself she had found the final color, remembering how she had been lifted through the air into the air ambulance which later her flew her to the hospital. The gold represented gravity and Rosalyn could use it to jump distances unfathomable, almost like a weightlessness has been inset in her and with time she found that she could step through the air almost like she was flying through the air without wings, though this skill took her several years to master.

Upon the appearance of gold Rosalyn finally got what she had been waiting for, her Initia tattoo finally manifested on her lower back, but it wasn’t like all the ones she had seen before, this one was entirely new to her, she was an Initia but she definitely wasn’t like any Initia she had seen before, part of her wanted to go home and ask questions and figure things out but the part of her who remembered the rejection she had suffered stopped her and so she spent the next few years figuring out her abilities with the help of Slade, using them to better herself and to understand these new elements that had been gifted to her.

Things seemed to settle down since then. Rosalyn and Slade soon started growing feelings for each other and one night, on impulse, the two shared a kiss which was not as ordinary as the two would have thought. As soon as their lips touched, a surge of power coursed through her body, shooting through his body instantly followed by metal objects jumping at the couple. The Privus realised she was not only a Magister, but that she had also shared a bit of her unique powers with her surfer lover, for he could not only control water, but also metal. 

For three years, Slade and Rosalyn lived together, indulging themselves in romance while building a bright future together. She had fallen deeply in love with him and soon he would get down on his knees and finally ask her to marry him. Things were beginning to look perfect for the two.

It wasn’t until Rosalyn was 25 that she was jolted back into her previous life when both of her sisters showed up on her doorstep, she had no idea how they had found her or what they wanted but she let them in regardless, they were and would always be family. It was after this that Rosalyn was told her father had been killed by the Phoenixes and the New York tribe had been forced to scatter for their own safety, her sisters had lost their mother while fleeing and they hadn’t known who else to turn to.

Deciding that she couldn’t turn her back on Raina and Davina, Rosalyn had reached a hand out to both of her sisters, promising them that she would help them to find their mother, however upon their hands touching Rosalyn would watch in shock as both her sisters eyes flashed new colors, Davina the same shade of silver that could only mean metal and Raina the deep shade of gold that she knew would mean the element of gravity. After some confusion Rosalyn shared her story of the past few years with her sisters and each learned to control the new element. 

However, a new rage built in Rosalyn as she blamed them for her father's death and possibly her mother's too. A thirst for vengeance drove a wedge between Slade and Rosalyn, his wanderlust slowly beginning to make things sour for the two. Eventually, the two decided to part ways. With hopes of being friends, Rosalyn ventured into a path of revenge and bringing back her mother, with her sisters while Slade roamed the country to find a place to belong in.

Through their trip to search for their mother Rosalyn found 3 more Initia who were tapped with the strange elements and she came to decide that she needed to seek help to work out what was happening, the Initia weren’t exactly accepting of change and she needed to take action now before they were outcast the same way as the phoenixes were. Months later, she was contaced by Slade once again and this time with a piece of information on her mother's whereabouts. Upon hearing a lead on their mother in Evermore city the girls made the journey across from South Carolina to Colorado and unbeknownst to her sisters Rosalyn started her own quest to find the magister of Evermore city.


Davina is the perfectionist of the family. She is the one Rosalyn goes to, to make her plans perfect. She has always been the one who keeps the sisters together, the bridge between the oldest and the youngest and Rosalyn will gladly take a bullet for her.


Raina, the fun one out of the three. She is the one lights up the room with her bubbly presence. Rosalyn admires the woman she has transformed to. And although she loves both her sisters equally, she will always be a tad bit more over protective over Raina.


Rowan is the one person who is not afraid to oppose Rosalyn's decision and have rational reasons behind it. The two bicker over their different views more often than most but she respects his opinions nonetheless and often goes to him to smooth her plans over.


Scott and Rosalyn first met at a bar couple of years back where the former received his elements after coming in contact with the Privus Magister. However, after the two met again, Rosalyn felt responsible for his condition and decided to take him in, helping him out in the best way possible. The two are now somewhat close through their constant sarcastic comebacks and whatnot. Scott is a loyal member of the clan and Rosalyn will do anything to keep him safe.


Davis and Rosa go way, way back. He has always been her sort of protector, and despite all her protests and frustrations, he is the one person that Rosalyn can put her blind faith in, no questions. She's no stranger to the kind of relationship their parents had intended them to have, and for a long time she had hoped for things to work in their favour. Now however, the dynamics are different, their situation is different and no matter what, she is not going to ruin the friendship the two of them have managed to keep despite the odds thrown at them. 









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