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Unexpected Run-ins (Rosalyn and Logan)

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"Into the eternal darkness, Into Fire and Into Ice." -Dante Alighieri

NAME: Scott Grayson Southern
NICKNAMES: Scotty South, Scottish(Davina)
AGE:Looks: 28 | Real: 30
DOB: August 17th
SPECIES: Initia | Rare Deviant
ELEMENTS: Fire and Ice
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Evermore City, Colorado (Living with Rosalyn and her Clan)
HOMETOWN: Alberta, Canada
FACECLAIM: Liam Hemsworth


BUILD: Athletic, Six foot Three, One hundred and Ninety-six pounds
HAIR: Dirty Blonde
EYES:Normal: Blue | Fire: Red | Ice: White
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scuffs along his body from being a ranch hand.
TATTOOS:  Initia Tattoo lower back. inner left bicep "If he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly."

THE GOOD: Charming, Outgoing, Brave
THE BAD: Sarcastic, Secretive, Stubborn
HABITS: Drinking, Fighting, Smoking, Women
HOBBIES: Farming, Horse Back Riding, Axe Throwing, Barrel  Racing, Steer Wrestling, Bull Riding, Roping
SKILLED AT: Skilled in many types of Weapons: Different kinds of guns, Archery, Axe and knife throwing.
TRAINING AT: Initia Powers.

Eye Color: Red

Fire Generation -The ability to generate fire and manipulate it to their will. Using this might dehydrate the Initia if they use too much energy to manipulate fire, and will tire them if they do not have enough stamina to keep up the fire. Initia’s can only use fire with ease when they’re near fire, or else it will deplete their energy at a much quicker rate.

Immunity to Fire - Fire Initias are not susceptible to fire and heat. They can survive even the hottest of temperatures without a single burn. They can engulf themselves in flames without any harm.

Fire Shields -Users can surround themselves with flames that act as shields to protect oneself from enemies. These flames do not harm the person(s) they surround, whatever their species may be, but they burn anyone outside of the circle and close enough to the fire.

Fire Attacks - Users can use the manifestation of fire to attack their enemies causing burns and hindering their abilities. Fire attacks are at their most effective in places where the heat is high and lack effectiveness in areas where it is cold, fire attacks also thrive in closed spaces.

Types Of Fire Attacks

Hand Blasts: Release flames from hands

Fireballs: Users can throw balls of fire over a short distance

Combustion: Users can set any object on fire. Combusting a person, however, requires great deal of concentration and experience and can only be achieved by powerful fire-wielders. 


Eye Color: White

Ice Manipulation - Users can shape, generate and manipulate ice into various objects. They are also able to freeze water into a solid state and make them appear as snow, ice spikes, hail etc. Experienced Initias can also temporarily freeze an object, surface or person, however, it takes a lot of practice and concentration and usually freezing a person leaves the Initia weak.

Weather Manipulation - Users can temporarily change the weather of a place and replace it with a cold atmosphere, usually followed by ice-storms, snowfall, hail etc.

Ice Attacks - Users can create frozen objects of various shapes and sizes for attacking their enemies. Ice attacks are however less effective in heated environments and provide greater damage outdoors.

Types Of Ice Attack

Ice Blast - Release shards of ice over a specific area.

Hand Blast - Release ice/cold blasts from hand

Shattering - Can freeze an object and then shatter them into pieces of ice

Freezing - Can freeze a person’s mind momentarily, stopping their internal and external body activities before leaving them weak. However, this power also leaves the Initia extremely weak

On the outskirts of a small town in southern Alberta Canada lived the Southern family. The property was nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains along the border of British Columbia and the family had lived there for several generations. Running a beef and dairy farm had been the family business forever. Over the generations some of the children and grandchildren had started small businesses on the side such as breeding cutting horses and other small ranch endeavors. The farm was always busy and always full of family and guests that it was sometimes so easy for the Southerns to pretend they were completely normal. But the reality was that they weren’t, at least not all of them.

Scotts parents met when his father travelled to South Africa for a college trip. His father, despite being expected to come and run the family business at the farm, had decided he was going to get a college education and went to school for business. The trip to South Africa was amazing. He met and helped so many people down there and saw so many things. It was an experience he was eternally grateful for. The thing he was most thankful for, however, was meeting Scott’s mother. She was everything a man could ever want in a woman and despite her best efforts to push him away, they quickly fell in love. He brought her back to Canada with him once his time in Africa was done. They were married not long afterwards and it was on their honeymoon that she revealed what she was.

She explained to her husband about Initia and what they were. She showed him her abilities with fire and informed him because of what she was she had a prolonged life expectancy. Taking everything in stride they worked with it and it soon became no big deal for her to use her gifts around the entire family. When they found out she was pregnant with a child everyone was so happy and supportive. Scott was born on August 17, 1987 at the family farm and he was immediately spoiled and loved by his entire family.

Scott had a normal childhood. His mother stayed home to raise him while his father would head out for a day on the range checking cattle and the sort. At the age of five he was sent to school where he was a start student. He joined the school hockey team when he was able to and played hockey straight through until graduation. He received several small scholarships when he graduated and used them to attend the local college and take business like his father. He wanted to make sure he would always be able to run the farm and family business the best way possible to keep it afloat.

Scott was always a kind person, warm and caring he made friends easily. He had been dating a girl since highschool when she tragically passed away in a car accident. After that, the now 25 year old devoted himself to work on the farm and spending time with his aging grandparents and mother and father. His mother had been growing more and more distant with his father, fights breaking out more often than not and his father usually sleeping on the couch in the family room rather than with his wife. Finally, one day, she took her son aside and revealed she was going back to South Africa. He already knew what his mother was and the family had simply assumed since a tattoo hadn’t yet appeared, that he hadn’t inherited her Initia abilities. His mother said he had nothing to worry about and he would be fine without her.

She had only been gone several months when the family received a letter that she had passed away. No details were provided so Scott and his father had to accept it as it was. Scott grew more quiet during the time they worked on the farm and when the day was done often headed straight back to his room where he tried to decide if this was really what he wanted to do with his life. It was then that he decided he needed to get away and travel, just do something to help him clear his head and figure out what he wanted to do.

Heading down south, Scott made his way through the United States until he ended up in South Carolina. He spent some time there working at a ranch under the table and one night while he was out at the bar he met a woman who immediately interested him. It was such a quick and fleeting meeting, something she would probably barely remember but he certainly did. She had been sitting there and her beauty had immediately drawn him in. He walked over to her, a napkin with his phone number on it in his hands. He reached her, his blue eyes meeting her hers, and he handed her the napkin with some corny pick up line. Their hands had brushed only for a moment before he turned away, a feeling like electricity coursed through him as they touched but he brushed it off, unaware his eyes had also flashed white.

He didn’t stay in South Carolina long and as he started to head up to Alaska it was then that he started to notice strange things happening. A tattoo had formed on his lower hip but no matter what he tried he couldn’t get any of the four elements to work for him. He finally noticed water was seemingly starting to freeze around him for no reason. It was Alaska but it wasn’t cold enough for things to freeze around him in a few seconds. He tried something then, touching water and watching as it froze in moments. It was then he knew that he must have control over ice somehow. A new element that hadn’t been realized yet. He had no idea how it had happened or what to do.

Confused and alone, Scott returned home after being gone and asked for his father’s help. The pair did their research, asked around, and tried to see what they could find. Soon enough word reached them of a town in Colorado, Evermore. Supposedly many supernatural species called the city their home, including a faction of powerful Initia. Scott hoped he could go there and seek out their help so he left the next day. It wasn’t too far of a trip and he reached the city right when the comet struck.

Waking up, Scott looked around his hotel room, his eyes trying to pierce through the darkness. Suddenly all the candles in the room were lit and he discovered his second, and probably the natural gift he had been born with, fire. He knew he needed the help of the Initia faction now, more than ever….

Rosalyn Sterling Initia Privus | Privus Magister
Nicknames/Titles: Rose, Rosa
Relationship: Friend | Magister he is loyal too
Tale: Rosalyn and Scott meet in a bar and while Scott attempts failed to hit on her, with a single touch she unlocked something that was buried in his genes. Now years later they are reconnected... Tale to come.
Zandra Smoke

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At 7:06 on July 16, 2018,
✓ Zandra Hollyn Smoke

Hey there Scott, sorry for the long wait. I hope the starter is good!
~| Some air would be nice |~
~ Zandra

At 1:12 on March 24, 2018,
Instar Diviner
✓ Taylor Birsch

I might be able to come up with a plot idea. Can you tell me a bit about your character? I'll tell you a bit about mine and we can go from there.

At 23:32 on March 23, 2018,
✓ Heath Carvos

"Let me win at least once in our lives"
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