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"Carmen diamond optics explored his features as they’d shown little signs of his aging since they met once before. Samson looked the same as ever, still handsome as ever. Anger filled her features as she looked at him with confusion.…"

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Name: Carmen Jaycee Macmillan

Nicknames: Car', C.J & Cara, 

Birthday: March 26, 1994

Age: Twenty-four years old

Species: Human 

Supernatural Status: knows

Birthplace: Appleton, WI

Residence: Evermore City, CO

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship: Taken by Samson


Carmen is a mixture of both her mother and father; she has the build of her mother as her mother was only five feet and four inches tall, along with one hundred and forty-five pounds. Carmen is five foot and four inches tall and weighs about one hundred and forty-seven pounds.However Carmen inherited her blonde hair and blue eyes from her father. Carmen has a blood type of AB+ and her preferred hand is her right hand. However Carmen's pale skin is littered with scars from self harm in attempts to cope with her the loss of her father along with needle marking scars from the street intoxicants she used while being forced to live among the streets. 


Carmen's personality has changed majorly throughout her entire life, however she has always held onto three positive personality traits and three negative personality traits. Even with her Post traumatic stress disorder, she has managed to be attempt to be an independent woman; just like her mother taught her to be. Carmen has always been very tom-boyish. She is always trying to be one with guys, and she is very passionate about things or people she loves. Her three negative traits include being sarcastic just like her daddy. She was rebellious when she was younger and it followed her into adulthood and she is very flirtatious which can get her into trouble if in a committed relationship, but she tries her hardest to resist from flirting once committed

Twenty-four years ago on March 26th 1994; A couple by the name of Jonathan and Lauren Macmillan had been celebrating the arrival of Carmen Jaycee into their lives. The family of two turned into a family of three that day. Throughout her infantancy Carmen’s family resided in the northern part of Wisconsin in a small town. However the small town became part of a larger city and grew too dangerous for their growing daughter. Jonathan and Lauren decided they would relocate away from the one place they once called their home. The Macmillan's uprooted their entire lives for the safety of Carmen.

The family of three relocated to Evermore City, Colorado.

Once Carmen was old enough her parents enrolled her into the Evermore public schools; where she was exposed to many types of people. However her parents at the time didn’t know that the supernatural also riddled the schools with those human children. Once making that shocking discovery that their daughter was going to school with supernatural children; Jonathan and Lauren plucked Carmen from the public schools and forced her into homeschooling for the rest of her schooling career. Her parents didn’t trust that their daughter was safe in a school full of supernatural children. Carmen’s parents vowed to protect their daughter with their lives. Even if that meant secluding her to their home.

However they didn’t realize what problems would arise later in Carmen.

Carmen went from grade school age to high school age with in a couple of years; which meant hell was about to freeze over for her parents. Carmen begged her parents to allow her to go to normal public schools like all the other children, but her parents refused. Which lead to Carmen sneaking away from home every night to explore the big city that was filled with all sorts of secrets. Carmen made friends with multiple supernatural creatures however if her parents knew that she’d been meeting up with supernatural teenagers her parents would lock her away and never allow her out of the house ever again.

One night after finding that their daughter had escaped from her room, Jonathan went looking for Carmen.

Carmen’s life would never ever be the same ever again; Jonathan called out the window of his vehicle as he drove around the entire city. “Carmen! Carmen Jaycee!” He yelled as he watched eyes staring as he went by. He could only think the worse happened to his daughter, as time ticked on Jonathan had been making his way home. A drunk driver crossed over the center median hitting Jonathan head on; the crash killed Jonathan instantly after being ejected from the front of the vehicle. Later that night Carmen returned home and found her mother pacing the front entryway.

Immediately seeing her daughter enter the room Lauren embraced her daughter tightly and broke down into tears. Carmen pulled away to ask her mother what had happened, when her mother broke the news Carmen felt a lump growing her chest. C.J couldn’t stop apologizing as she cried clinging to her mother tightly as she grieved over losing her father. For the next years of her life Carmen would blame herself for her father’s death and her mother did as well.

Carmen was only eighteen years old when Lauren kicked her daughter out of their family home. Carmen was forced to live on the streets of Evermore City, Colorado. Where she was forced to get a job and provide for herself. Once getting herself into a full-time job and into a studio apartment. Carmen forced herself to enroll in college for Cosmetology where she spent the next four years earning her degree.Finally after four years of college and struggling with money; Carmen graduated from Evermore College with her minor degree for Cosmetology. The twenty-four year old opened her own Cosmetology/hairstylist studio, which brought hardships along the way. As of now Carmen is still going strong with her business, but is unaware of what hardships lie ahead.

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