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Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.

Aurella Script


~Basic Info~
Name: Isabella Marie Sommers | Nicknames/Alias: Isa, Bella, Issy
Actual Age: 40 | Date of Birth: December 1, 1977 | Age of Appearance: 23
Place of Birth: Outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand | Current Location: Evermore City, Colorado, U.S.A.
Species: Instar Diviner - Light | Eyes When Using Magic: Violet | Occupation: Designer | Gender: Female | Sexuality: Heterosexual | Relationship: Single

Aurella Script

~Physical Description~

Build: Petite, Slender, Athletically toned
Hair Color: Natural blonde, died to light brown
Eye Color: Light Green
Distinguishing Marks: Crescent moon tattoo on right inner wrist
Face Claim: Ana De Armas

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Charles Sommers - Father - Deceased
Lindsey Sommers - Mother - Missing
Patrick Sommers - Older Brother - Estranged
Charlotte Sommers - Older Sister - Complicated

Current partners:
Ex partners: Colin Roberts - Avoiding
Friends: Aviana Evanhart - Fellow Newbie

Aurella Script

~The Good & The Bad~
Honest, Kind, Confident, Charming, Well-spoken, Driven
- Blunt, Selfish, Quiet, Secretive

Aurella Script


Being the youngest sibling can often be a curse more so than a blessing depending on how you look at the situation. Quite often you are the golden child for an amount of time. Even if it is temporary, during that time parents will shower you with love and affection, share their hopes and dreams for you and it can be a lot to handle. This attention can result in bitter older siblings, siblings who were, up until you came along, the one receiving said attention from the parents. Jealousy is a powerful emotion and it can shatter relationships. It takes a strong person to fight the natural flow of things, the change the path that the current is trying to decide for them. That is Isabella's story.

The story of the Sommers isn’t a fairy tale. They were the first Fae to arrive in New Zealand from South Africa, leaving their home country to seek a new life, new lands, and a new home. New Zealand was everything they had hoped for. Hundreds of years ago it was still a quiet island, it’s popularity continuously growing but doing so slowly. The Sommers quickly established themselves as a family of power. Their knowledge of Fae magic and their strong magical abilities making them popular among the few other magical users that already inhabited the island. The Sommers were an old family that had long prided themselves on their knowledge and magical use. Despite being a long lined Fae family, they studied and gathered knowledge on the Necromancer line as well.

This resulted in a coven being formed a few short years after they settled in New Zealand. The capital city of Wellington was a logical choice so they built a compound in the countryside a short drive away from the hub. The faction continued to grow and over the years the running of it was always passed down to the eldest of the Sommers children.

Charles and Lindsey Sommers had a good, happy life. The faction was strong and things were peaceful for the Fae and Necromancers of New Zealand. They were blessed with the birth of their first child, a son who they named Patrick. The pair couldn’t have been happier and loved their son dearly and high hopes for his future. The birth of Patrick was followed 24 years later by his younger sister Charlotte. Patrick had been claimed by the Necromancer line, a shock to the entire faction and, while they kept their true feelings secret, his parents were ashamed and that brought on their decision to try for a second child.

Charlotte was the ideal child. It seemed her main goal in life was to do her parents proud and do everything she could to not end up like her brother. Charles and Lindsey were sure they would finally have the family they and their entire faction hoped for and expected but in spite of those hopes, they still weren’t sure that Charlotte was what the faction needed. It was a huge surprise when Lindsey realized she was pregnant again. At first they weren’t sure how to feel about this third pregnancy but as it progressed they grew more and more excited. Finally, the day came and they were bless with the birth of a beautiful blonde haired daughter who they named Isabella.

From the moment she opened her murky, baby-hued eyes, her parents were both in love. Time passed and Isabella grew into a happy, energetic, blonde haired and green eyes toddler. From the moment she could crawl, she kept her parents on their toes. Always chasing after her and ensuring she stayed out of trouble knowing full well she would somehow manage to find trouble no matter what they did. Her energy was contagious and everyone around her couldn’t help but smile. Even her older sister who couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy towards the child, still loved her to death and kept her feelings of envy hidden. As for the older brother, Isabella barely saw Patrick. He had no interest in her or even their family anymore it seemed. The oldest Sommers child continued to grow more and more distant.

As Isabella grew, she was placed in a top notch private school just like her older siblings. After school every day she attended magic training with her faction. Magic came naturally to the young child and before she was even 15 she had become as skilled as those twice her age. She truly was the child her parents had been hoping from the start and so their dreams of her leading the faction some day took form. They began prepping and training her in politics and diplomacy next. Isabella noticed her sister pull away from her, their relationship growing strained for a while. She had no idea what she had done to cause the distance with her sister and she missed her best friend dearly. It wasn’t long before the youngest Sommers realized what her parents were preparing her for and she became torn.

Isabella has been a free spirit since birth. She had always listened willingly to her parents, been happy to please them, but she had always had her own agenda for herself, her own plans. And now she saw all those plans crushed in a moment but she also didn’t want to disappoint her family. Her 18th birthday finally arrived and she was claimed by the Fae as all had known she would be. Her parents were overjoyed but it was at this point that Isabella knew she couldn’t keep her true feelings from them any longer. Pulling her parents and sister away from the party, she finally opened up and revealed to them her plans.

For as long as she could remember, Isabella had loved art, design, fashion, music; anything artsy and she held a passion for it. Unknown to her parents, she had applied to attend design school in London and just a few days before her choosing she had received an acceptance letter. She was going to go. She was going to leave behind the life her parents had set before her and prepped her for her entire life for what her heart and soul desired. She had been granted a full scholarship so money would be no issue and Isabella had also saved her money her entire life. She would be far from wealthy but she would survive. She didn’t want anything from her parents, anything they could hold against her to try and get her back, she wanted no part of.

After revealing her plans to leave, Charlotte opened up to her younger sister. Revealing the envy she had felt at their parents obvious preference towards the youngest sibling but she also explained that she had always loved her sister more than anyone else. She would always be there to help her younger sister with anything she would need. It was only a few days after she revealed her plans that Isabella left. She moved to London, finding a small flat to rent close to her campus, picked up a job at a cafe to help pay bills and began her schooling.

Life in London was everything that Isabella had hoped it was. She felt a new sense of freedom and happiness that she had never felt before. School was amazing and she loved every aspect of it. Her grades were outstanding and she quickly rose to the top of her year, a stand out designer among the other students. She had her designs picked up by several local London businesses and by the time several years had passed, school completed, Isabella had a successful business running. She had clothing sold at boutiques all over the city and her designs were sought after by other popular designers and sold for top dollar.

Isabella was enjoying an amazing life. She still worked part-time at the cafe on weekends since it was a job that she loved, and her design work kept her busy and able to lead a comfortable life. It was as if her family and past in Wellington didn’t even exist. Other than keeping in contact with her sister, who she was still very close with, Isabella didn’t hear from her family and from what her sister said, they didn’t ask after her either. She hated the distance and obvious anger her parents had towards her, but the youngest Sommers knew she had made the right choice for herself and she had no regrets.

Her life was almost normal. The daunting tasks of leading, magic, and factions were all behind her. And things were only getting better. It was one weekend at the coffee shop when, a cup of coffee spilled on a lap, that Isabella met him. Colin Roberts was handsome, kind beyond belief, playful, and charming. The fashion designer was immediately infatuated with him. The pair went on several dates and always enjoyed themselves. It wasn’t long before they were officially dating. Isabella knew from the moment that she met Colin that she was in love. The relationship was starting to get serious on both sides when suddenly Isabella's life was shattered.

Charlotte was suddenly in London. Injured, scared, and alone she explained everything that had happened to Isabella and Colin. Isabella's father was dead, her older brother was assisting a leading Necromancer and his faction took over the New Zealand faction. Her family was completely divided and her father was gone. Isabella was in shock and barely noticed when Colin’s arm wrapped tightly and protectively around her. She didn’t know what to do and was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt. Maybe if she had been there, had began to lead like her father had wanted her to she would have been able to prevent this sudden takeover. Learning about the anger that clearly filled her brothers heart more than anything else. They had never been close, she knew that, unlike Charlotte, her brother resented and maybe even hated her for being their parents favorite but that didn’t stop her from wanting to help him. She didn’t believe he was lost for good.

When Isabella was finally able to string two thoughts together again she looked at her sister and told her she would stay with her. After long nights and maybe discussions between the three of them, they decided that Colin, who was also Fae, would move in as extra protection (Isabella was very excited about this), and they would research options to see what they could do for their faction back home. From the sounds of it, the Necromancer leader wasn’t just interested in leading. He wanted to exterminate the Fae, seeing their light as a weakness and a joke of magic users. Isabella and Charlotte knew they would need help if they were to get their faction and brother back.

With the presence of her sister, life continued on almost normally for Isabella. She went to work every single day and came home. The only difference now was she came home to her sister and the love of her life. Charlotte and Colin seemed to immediately click and she was glad to see that her sister and boyfriend got along so well. She never thought anything else of it even though she should have. Unknown to her, Colin and Charlotte had immediate chemistry. From the moment their eyes had first locked it was like something had clicked for both of them and, while they didn’t do anything to betray Isabella, they both knew she had to tell her soon and that she would be devastated. They agreed to wait until they had a lead on something or someone who could help the New Zealand faction and would tell her after.

It wasn’t long after her sister first appeared that something strange happened one night. The three of them were sitting around the flat, watching a movie when all three of them were suddenly curled over in pain. Isabella couldn’t take it anymore and blacked out. When she awoke, it was the next day. Her sister was sitting over her holding her hand tightly, her expression easing when she saw her sister was finally awoke. None of them had any idea what had happened but all of them knew they felt slightly different but they weren’t sure what it was. It wouldn’t be until after arriving in Evermore that Isabella learned of the changes that had occurred and that they were now Instar Diviners.

It was one night, as the three of them sat around the table after dinner that Colin got a message. “Evermore City in Colorado apparently has a strong Fae and Necromancer presence. They live in the same city together in peace. Maybe this is what we need? A strong faction that can stand up to the NZ one AND that can show that both species can live together in peace,” he said looking at the two women across from him. Isabella immediately nodded, jumping to her feet excitedly. “We need to pack right now! Maybe this is where mom headed too. If she got the same news about this city we did I bet you she went there,” she said looking at her older sister. Charlotte and Colin exchanged a look before nodding.

Isabella frowned, confused at the look they had shared. It was then that the pair revealed they were in love with each other. More in love than they could have ever thought possible since they had never done anything remotely like dating. They had even kept their distance as friends for Isabella's sake, until they could tell her the truth. Colin’s green eyes met hers and he took both her hands in his and apologized profusely. But there was no denying the feelings they had for each other and even though Isabella felt her heart breaking, tears streaming down her face, she couldn’t blame them. In that moment she hated them but she couldn’t blame them. She didn’t say anything and simply turned and went into her room. Within a few minutes she had a bag packed and was out the door despite her sister and Colin’s attempts to stop her.

Isabella didn’t know what she was doing or where she was going. She sent a hasty email to her employer saying that she needed to change her availability and start working remotely, that she would send them designs over email and not be able to work out of office. That done, she walked to the nearest bus station and bought a ticket on the next bus out. The drive to Munich didn’t seem long enough at all but through it all she simply stared out the window. She felt nothing inside other than her heart breaking away piece by piece. She didn’t cry yet. The tears didn’t come until she reached Munich. She stayed in Munich for several months, working and showing her employers that working remotely could work before she bought a plane ticket.

The airport was packed and busy that day, people bumped into her as she stood before the gate and stared at her ticket. Colorado was a long way from home. But, then again, what was home for her anymore? Wellington? London? Munich? They were all just blips on her radar. Evermore might very well just be the next blip but that was fine with her. Boarding her flight, the blonde Diviner headed towards Evermore City to see if she could find her mother, save her faction, and forget her sister and her ex-boyfriend for just a little while….

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Aiden Hale ~ Plotting ~ Active
Aviana Evanhart - On The Hunt - Active
Brenton Malek - Knowledge is Power - Active
Olivia King - Helping Hand - Active

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At 6:14 on March 17, 2018,
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No worries! Absolutely loved the starter, by the way! :D I'll be replying very soon!

At 14:40 on March 15, 2018,
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Hey Isabella! Thanks for accepting it and I'd love to roleplay sometime. Don't be afraid to message me if you'd want to plot! ^.^


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